How to write in WhatsApp without adding a new contact

Today, almost every smartphone owner has an installed messenger. At least one! After all, these applications have become truly popular all over the world, since they combine multimedia and social opportunities. As the most striking example, one can be given by WhatsApp. the most common messenger in the world, which makes it possible for its users:

At the same time, registration is not required from users. It is enough to have your own phone number, as well as Internet access. The value of the application in its convenience, as well as the ability to save on phone calls, especially when communicating with users living in other countries (roaming is a very costly service).

To start using it, you should download and install it. And then add the user number of the Vatsapa or by selecting the number from the list of contacts. In addition, to write to an unfamiliar number in Votsap is quite real, without even adding it to contacts. Such situations are often found, for example, if it is necessary to once exchange certain information with the user, while the need for further communication with him is not. In order to find out how to write to a person in WhatsApp without adding a contact, you should familiarize yourself with three ways below, which has not lost their relevance for 2020 and are successfully used by people.

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How to write a person in WA without adding a number to contacts on a smartphone

How to write a person in WhatsApp without adding a contact using a smartphone? Very simple! To do this, you need to make only a few simple manipulations, while not adding contact to the address book of contacts. This is necessary:

  • Get your smartphone and make sure that it is connected to the Internet.
  • Launch any browser (although it is more advisable to use Google Chrome or other popular browsers).
  • And enter the following in the address bar: https: // Instead of “Number of_ Telephone_bonent” we indicate a new number by the Code of the country. It should turn out like this: https: // wa.Me/7-917-975-43-62.
  • If the number was introduced correctly and the user is registered in the WA, then in the next window it will be proposed to go to the chat with the user without saving his contact. Click on the Message key and send him a message (or something else).

A simple way to add a WhatsApp number on the phone

This mobile application is originally synchronized with the phone book of your mobile device. The only moment when this does not happen is at the installation stage, you did not give permission to access the contacts. But usually, all conditions and permits are accepted. You can communicate in the messenger only after the contact is added to your list of numbers. To do this, use the usual technique:

  • Open your smartphone desktop.
  • Click on the icon “Telephone”.
  • Open the “Contacts” tab, and slip to the icon next to the search line “” “.
  • The data entry form will open: enter the phone number, and set the name to the contact.

There is another option for entering a new subscriber to the phone book. Just open the virtual keyboard, dial the number, and immediately click on the saving button. It remains only to give him a name. After you entered the new user to the telephone directory, open the WhatsApp application.

  • On the main screen in the lower right side, slip on “Start chat”. A list of all contact numbers will open.
  • If you do not see in the list of the subscriber, slip through three points and in the menu that opens, click “Update”.
  • Synchronization will occur, and the number will be added to the messenger.

note! Contact made to the phone book will appear in the list only if it uses the WhatsApp application.

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How to add a number if the subscriber does not use WhatsApp

You entered the phone to the directory of your mobile device, updated the contact list, and did not find a new subscriber in this sheet. This most often happens in a situation where the WhatsApp application has not been installed in the interlocutor. You can offer this using a convenient software option:

  • In the messenger, open the tab “Chats”.
  • Tap on the icon “New Chat”, And the list of contacts will open.
  • Scroll the page down to the point “Invite friends”.
  • Click on this inscription, a list of numbers will open.
  • Select the right subscriber from it, and slip on it.
  • You will be transferred to the section “Messages” your mobile device.
  • The recipient has already been installed automatically. In the text field, a link to the messenger to install it.
  • You can add your text here, or send a message right away.

It should be borne in mind that sending such an invitation through SMS can be paid. It all depends on the tariff plan that you use with your mobile operator.

Adding a new Vastap number in the application itself

Such an opportunity in the software provides for. However, unlike, for example, Telegram. data will be written without fail to the notebook of the mobile device itself. You will transfer you to it during the adding added. Use instructions that will help easily solve the task:

  • Open the application, and on the main page where the tab with chats, slip a button to go to contacts. On Android it is located below on the right, on the iPhone on the right, but already at the top of the screen.
  • On the screen, select the item “New contact”.
  • The system automatically will send you to the phone book of a mobile device.
  • Here, enter the data in the usual way: number, name, and save the number.
  • If the user has an installed WhatsApp. then on the screen a line with the icons of connected messengers will be displayed. Including WhatsApp.
  • Tap “To write a message”, And you will put you into the application chat.

If for some reason the number made did not appear in the contacts of the software, then you need to update the data. To do this, in the section with the contacts of the application, click on three points, and select the item “Update”.

How to add to WhatsApp foreign number correctly. All you need to know!

How to add a foreign number to WhatsApp, which does not start with “7”? It’s easy if you remember a few basic rules that we will teach!

You can add new contact to the phone book using the functionality of the smartphone. The algorithm may vary depending on the operating system of the device, brand and model.

We will talk about how to save in WhatsApp phone number of another country through the application. It’s easy. just follow our instructions!

  • Enter the name of the user under which you want to save the card;
  • Choose a country. if you need to add a Turkish number to WhatsApp, scroll the list and find Turkey (hereinafter with other countries by analogy) or simply immediately enter the desired number (on different smartphones, the entry form is different);

A foreign phone has its own prefix. it will be affixed automatically (for example, 61 in Australia or 994 from Azerbaijan);

  • Enter the numbers remaining after the prefix;
  • If necessary, fill out other lines. indicate email, address and other information at your discretion;
  • Click on the “Save” button.

Important to remember

What you need to know and remember about foreign contacts:

Simple example: we want to record the American number in WhatsApp. It consists of the prefix “1” and the code of the city of New York “212”, then follows the unique phone number of the subscriber. Enter the numbers in this way: 1 212 xxx-xxxx

  • Argentine phones (54) should begin with the number 9 after the prefix, while the code 15 should be deleted. You need to save thirteen digits;
  • Mexican contacts (52) should contain the number “1” in front of a foreign number, even if they belong to the NEXTEL operator.

Now you will not doubt how to add the Ukrainian number in WhatsApp or call a foreign friend to any other country. Consider the features. then everything will work out!

Possible problems

Users may encounter difficulties due to the fact that contact may not be a worker or it is not visible in Watsap’s notebook.

First of all, the problem may be that the user has not installed this application or has already managed to delete it. In such a situation, being in the note book WhatsApp, we prescribe the right name in the search bar. We see that next to the user there is a “invite” button. Click on it.

We are automatically transferred to SMS-ki. Send a message with an invitation to Messenger.

Another situation is also possible when a person has an application, you know about this, however, when you enter WhatsApp, do not find this contact. Although often people who first installed this application come across a similar situation and do not see any contacts at all.

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In such a situation, you need to enter the “Chat” tab. Select the “Settings” button.

In the opening window, press the line “Permission”.

It remains only to translate the switch, which is located next to the line “contacts”, to the active position. This must be done in order to allow the WhatsApp application access to the contacts that are stored in the smartphone’s notebook.

Now you know how to add new contacts to the WhatsApp messenger on Android. As you can see, you can do this in two ways. You choose more convenient for yourself. You can also use both the first and second option. Remember the possible problems in this matter, skillfully bypass them.

How to add contact to WhatsApp

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From this article you will learn how to add contacts in WhatsApp. In WhatsApp, you will not be able to send a message to a person on the device of which there is no this application, but such a person can send a link for download WhatsApp.

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Touch a new contact. This option is at the top of the screen (below the search line). You will go to the page of creating a new contact.

Touch ready. You will find this option in the upper left corner. The new phone number will be saved in the Contacts Appendix.If a person uses WhatsApp, the new number will also be made in the contacts of this application.

  • If you are asked to choose the application, click “Contacts” “Always”.
  • If the device has several Google accounts, select the one to which you want to add contact.

Enter the phone number. If the contact is abroad, also enter the country’s code (for example, “44” for the UK or “1” for the United States).

Touch ready. You will find this option in the upper left corner. The new phone number will be saved in the Contacts Appendix. If a person uses WhatsApp, the new number will also be made in the contacts of this application.

How to synchronize contacts from a phone book with WhatsApp

Synchronization of contacts in the messenger is automatically.

If this is not the case, then check the smartphone settings as follows:

  • Go to the “Settings” section.
  • Open the “General” tab.
  • Typ through the “Accounts” menu item.
  • The WhatsApp profile should be present with the original application icon.
  • At the top, the switch should activate the function “Car Sinchronization of accounts”.

If problems arise and you do not see when adding people who have exactly been installed by the application, then follow the recommendations given below:

Why does the Contact are not added to WhatsApp

If you can’t add a contact, you should:

  • Check the Internet connection.
  • Check the correctness and format of the phone number.
  • Find out if the subscriber’s application has been installed on a smartphone.
  • View permit access to the phone contact book.

How to allow WhatsApp access to a phone address book To do this, go to the “Settings” of your smartphone Further. “Applications”. Find whatsApp in the list. Open it and see a list of permits Make permission active by clicking on the switch Now WhatsApp has access to the list of contacts of your smartphone.

How to add contact in WhatsApp by phone number on Android

We will begin, perhaps, with the instructions for those who have a phone on the Android platform at their disposal.

But before you understand how to add contact on Android smartphones in WhatsApp, you need to mention one fact To correctly add new contacts in WhatsApp, when installing the application, you needed to allow him to access your contact list. If for some reason you have not done this, then you can correct this misunderstanding at any time.

  • Open your smartphone settings.
  • Find a section with applications.
  • In the proposed list, find WhatsApp.
  • Then find the “Applications Resolution” tab on the new page.
  • Mark the graph “Contacts” by bird.

Now that you have opened access to your contacts, you can start adding a new subscriber. This is how it is done:

As soon as you finish, the new contact will be added to your WhatsApp. To see it, click on three points in the upper right corner, and then select the “update” item.

It is worth noting that when adding new contacts in the WhatsApp application, you also automatically make them to the list of contacts of your phone. On the contrary, this also works, but only if the owner of the number was already registered in the messenger.

To make a separate instruction on how to add contact from the phone on the Android platform in WhatsApp, we will not, as it is extremely simple. You add new contact to yourself to the notebook, and it automatically appears in your application.

Adding contact in WhatsApp to iPhone

If you are the owner of the smartphone based on iOS, then for you the instructions for adding a new user to the WhatsApp messenger will be even easier. Here’s what you have to do to add new contacts to iOS:

After that, the owner of the number you entered must automatically appear in the list of your contacts and in the application. However, he will appear there only if he was already registered in the application.

Now you know how to add contact in WhatsApp by phone number on iPhone and Android. Regardless of which of the devices you use, the above instructions will work only if the person whom you are trying to add is already registered in the application.

If not so, you can still add contact in WhatsApp on iPhone or Android. the phone, but to fully communicate with it through the application. no. You will be available exclusively calls and at the same time paid, but their cost will be calculated at the internal tariff WhatsApp.

How to import contacts in WhatsApp on Android device

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From this article you will learn how to update the list of WhatsApp contacts, that is, import new contacts with Android devices into it.

Launch the WhatsApp application. Click on an icon in the form of a green speech cloud with a white telephone tube inside it.

  • If another page (and not “chats”) open in WhatsApp, click “Back” in the upper left corner, and then touch the “Chat” tab, on which all your correspondence will be displayed.

Click on the icon in the form of three points located vertically. This icon is in the upper right corner of the screen. The menu will open.

Select update the menu. Your contacts in WhatsApp will be updated, that is, new contacts will be added to them from the list of contacts of a smartphone or tablet.