Where to find your favorites: Open your “Me” account at the bottom right. Tap the favorites icon below your avatar

  • Open the file manager.
  • Go to the Android directory.
  • Find data/clipboard folder. Here you can see the clipboard on Android.
  • Clean the specified document from unnecessary files.
  • Go to Settings, then to Applications.
  • Go to the All tab.
  • Tap the Stop and Clear buttons.
  • Restart your phone.

And also how to add a contact to Favorites, just some have a star and others do not?What does it depend on??

In Favorites you can add only those contacts which are in the phone memory, i.e. there are asterisks on contacts which are saved on the phone (not on the SIM card). transfer the necessary contacts to your phone and add them to your favorites)

It’s nothing, but how do you know this to a laborer, just from the card to the phone, really at least one person has chewed up.

Thank you very much for the sensible response, and then the smart people write “in the menu select contacts in Favorites,” if such a point was, we would not have looked for an answer on the Internet. Thanks again.

That’s bullshit! All contacts on the phone memory, the filter only displays contacts on the device and still some have a star on others do not

Tip shit, Android 6, no stars anywhere, how to add to favorites.

Thank you very much! I have all my contacts on my sim card. I transferred them to my phone and they automatically went to “favorites“.

It is necessary to remove all contacts from the sim card or vyber and leave only on the device. Only then an asterisk appears on the desired contacts. I did it by trial and error.)

In Android 7.0, in contacts, settings, manage united contacts, select the phone, and press the back key. Then that contact gets a star, t.е. ability to add to favorites.

Thank you so much for the only correct answer that you need to delete all contacts from the SIM card and only then appears

Hello, I add a number to the contacts. I get 2 saved names) one I delete, and deleted all) how to fix?

On my Android 6, even those that were on the phone for some reason not all were able to add to favorites. Found an alternative method. Open contact. change. phone (there is also Google, SIM Card, Viber). Groups. Check the box for Starred in Android. It worked!

Absolutely and correctly the only solution is Started in Android. Thank you man.

I have no idea how to use it. It is necessary to stupidly delete a contact from the SIM card.

In Android 7.0, in contacts, settings, manage united contacts, select the phone, and press back. Then this contact has a star, t.е. the ability to add to favorites.

For example on the LG p880 4xDH only from the phone memory. And do not need any asterisks just click on the desired contact and hold for a while and that’s it

How to add a number to favorites if the number on the SIM card

How to add the number to favorites if the number on the SIM card

How to add the number to favorites if the number on the SIM card

How to add a number to favorites if the number is on SIM card

If the number is on the SIM card. Delete it. And make a new contact, but not on the SIM or phone, but to the Samsung account. And there when you choose a group. select starred in Android. (Favorites). Everything. Greetings from Katyushka from St. Petersburg)

Thank you so much! Because my wife stuck in my hands this ZTE, but that it and how she does not know and no one will prompt.

J5. transferred contacts to the device via “import-export”, do not delete numbers on the SIM card. In the phone I selected the desired number, and at the bottom it says: Connect through and two icons. SIM card and device (phone), pressed them, showed two entries: on the SIM card and on the device, pressed the minus right on the device, thereby separate the two number entries, returned to the phone in contacts, there were two entries, open the record from the device and pressed the star, on a SIM card record asterisk does not appear. then merged the two records into one. This is for those who do not want to delete a number from the SIM. it is possible to insert a SIM card with all the numbers into another phone.

In J5, after updating the software lost the icon “star”. I had to tinker with it and hooray! I transferred contacts to the device through “import-export” without deleting the numbers on the SIM card. On the phone, I selected the desired number and pressed, from the bottom of the 4 options: call, message, video call, details. Pressed “info”, contact appeared. Pressed the three dots in the upper right. Manage linked contacts. Clicked. Contacts appeared in different places. Pressed the minus on the right side of the device, thereby disconnected on two number entries, returned to the phone in contacts, two number entries appeared, opened the record from the device, pressed “information” appeared “asterisk”, pressed the asterisk, the record from the SIM card asterisk does not appear. then merge the two entries into one. This is for those who do not want to delete the number from the SIM card. You can insert a SIM card with all the numbers on it.

On your smartphone’s home screen, locate the Contacts icon and tap on it. Next, on this page, bottom right, click on the round button with a plus. On the contact creation page, you can specify: You can add a photo of the person (click on the camera icon at the top);

  • Open the Chrome app. On your Android phone or tablet.
  • At the top right of the screen, click the “” Bookmarks icon. If the address bar is at the bottom, swipe up. Tap on a star.
  • Select the desired tab.
  • On your Android phone or tablet, open the Contacts app.
  • In the bottom right corner of the screen, click the Add icon.
  • Enter a name, email address or phone number. To select the account where you want to save the contact, tap on the down arrow
  • Click Save.

How to add contacts to favorites on your iPhone

  • Open the Phone app on your iPhone.
  • At the bottom, select Contacts and choose the contact you want to add to Favorites.
  • Swipe down and tap Add to Favorites.
  • A menu with several options will appear.

The Favorites tab contains contacts that have been marked as favorites. This is followed by a list of the contacts you’ve contacted most often. Contacts added to favorites are also added to the “Marked in Android” group in contacts posted online.

  • Open the Phone app on your iPhone.
  • At the bottom, select Contacts and choose the contact you want to add as a Favourite.
  • Swipe down and tap Add to Favorites.
  • A menu with several options will appear.

How to turn off favorite contacts on Android. How to delete and restore contacts in Android OS

If in ordinary phones, to clear the directory does not need to take any complicated steps and have difficulties in this matter, but with the Android device will be much harder to do this. Therefore, the question of how to delete a contact on Android e is a popular one, and we will answer it, today.

Standard deletion of a contact in Android

First of all, let’s try to delete one or more entries. In order to delete a contact on Android, we need to do the following manipulations:

  • Open your own phone book.
  • Press the button, which brings up the management menu, and then click on the icon “Delete contact”.

How to Add or Remove contacts From Favorite Samsung S9 S10 A10 A20s A50 S20 A50 A70

  • In the phone book next to each entry will be lit a small square through which you will be able to mark the contact. Select all the entries you want to delete and press “Ok” (in the upper menu).

If you need to completely clear your phone book, you should not select all the contacts one by one. Click on the special arrow in the field “0 Selected”, you will see a line “Select All”, click on it, and then click “OK”. As a result of such actions the entire phone list is cleared.

In Play Market there are a huge number of applications through which you can manage your phone book.If you need to work with the records recorded in the SIM card memory, then in this case a great option would be to use the free program SIM Card Manager. It will allow you to delete, edit or add numbers of your friends, create different backups, and do other useful things.

Can’t delete contacts in Android

In some cases, on Android-devices it happens that a deleted contact after a while appears again in the phone book. There is nothing mystical in this case. the usual auto-synchronization.

If the settings will be turned on the option to synchronize with the existing accounts on the device, all of your contacts from. Skype, e-mail and other similar applications will be added to your phone directory again. In order to get rid of this synchronization, you will just need to go to the menu and disable this option.

You can delete a contact from your phone through the Contacts function. The user also has the ability to cancel synchronization for the account to erase all numbers associated with it. If your contacts are stored in your Google account, it is recommended that you use the Contacts website to exercise control over them.

To delete a contact from Android, you need to enter the “Contacts” application. This program may have a different name, and it will depend on the mobile device you are using. Click on the entry you want to erase. As a result, the contact information should be displayed. If you want to erase several items, you can tap on 1 of them and hold your finger for a while, which will activate the selection mode, and then specify additional names to be cleared. The process can vary noticeably on some models of devices.

Now you can click on “Delete”. The location and design of this button will vary from device to device, but it can usually be found in the top half of the screen. Sometimes it looks like the inscription “Delete”, and in other cases as an icon in the form of a trash garbage can. In some cases, the user will first need to click the 3 vertical dots button and then select the “Delete” option. It is necessary to press “Yes” to confirm that you want to erase the selected items. The user will be asked if he understands that contacts will be permanently deleted from the mobile device. You need to confirm the operation.

Deactivate Account

To disable an account, you need to go to “Settings”. When you disconnect, all numbers that have been synced will be deleted. This can be useful for erasing a large number of items at once. You should select the option “Accounts” in the section “Personal data. Now you should select the account for which you want to disable synchronization. Any numbers from that account will be deleted from your device.

If you are interested in how to delete a phone number, you should keep in mind that by turning off the contacts, you can stop their synchronization, so that the list is not automatically updated along with the account. If you don’t see the “Contacts” option, you need to turn off sync completely for the account you’re using. Then you need to press the button with 3 vertical dots. It is usually located in the upper right corner. A small menu should open in which you should press the “Synchronize” button. This will activate the interaction with the account. Since the contacts have been disabled, all items for this account will be erased from your device.

How to add a contact to Favorites on Samsung

For a long time of using the phone, we put a lot of different numbers in contacts.

contact, favorites, samsung

Most of them are subscribers, acquaintances, distant relatives, employees, etc.т.д.

Also in this list there are people with whom we often communicate, so to speak, always in touch.

To make it easier to find the necessary subscribers, the developers have provided a section “Favorites”, it is at the top of the list of contacts.

To put a number in it, it is necessary to do the following.

Attention to favorites you can add contacts saved in the telephone memory, if they are on the SIM card, it will not work.

How to add a contact to Favorites on your phone Samsung

Method one

We enter the dialer.

We open the section we need.

At the top of the list is the line we need, click on it.

Select the numbers.

Press “Done” button.

The second way

Go to a contact’s page by clicking on their name.

Activate the star in the bottom left corner.

To delete, you need to deactivate the asterisk.

For even faster access, you can add the number to your desktop.

How to Add to Favorites on the Galaxy Note 9 (Guide)

On the other hand, if you, like most Android users, have hundreds of contacts on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, you can simplify for yourself every time you need access to certain contacts in the phonebook. How you can highlight your frequent contacts in the Phone app? Answering with your favorite option!

In this guide, we’ll show you how to highlight certain contacts as favorites in the Galaxy Note 9 to set up a list of favorites. This will make it easier to find and recall your important contacts.

You don’t have to worry about looking through your contact list every time you need to contact an important person in your contact list. You also don’t need to delete the contact information of people you don’t communicate with too often to reduce the size of your contact list.

Set the switch next to “In the Share function” under the “Siri Suggestions” heading to “OFF” to disable the row with contacts from the Share menu.

How to delete the number if the Android version is 9

  • Open the Messages app.
  • Press “Options.”.
  • Select “Settings”.
  • Select “Lock numbers and messages.”.
  • Select the “Blocked Numbers” item.
  • Press “-” next to the number you want to delete.
  • Done, the number is removed from the blacklist.