Criteria for choosing a mini camera for covert surveillance

How The Surveillance Camera Works

In order to purchase the camera that is optimal for specific conditions, you need to know its main characteristics. These will be the selection criteria.

  • The size. Depends on the place where the device will be installed, as well as on the specifics of shooting.
  • Shooting quality. For tracking in an apartment, this parameter does not have to be the maximum.
  • Recording in the dark.
  • Viewing angle. Sometimes one wide-angle camera can replace a couple of narrow-focus.
  • Remote access. Allows you to control what is happening online. Not all wireless cameras have this feature.
  • Built-in memory capacity.
  • Is there a motion sensor.
  • Color options (color or black and white picture). Color provides more information but is more expensive, black and white is cheaper and gives better low light images.
  • Is there protection.
  • Price. Directly depends on the quality of functions, available “bells and whistles” and brand awareness.

However, it should be noted that these are only basic, “basic” selection criteria.

How to connect a Wi-Fi camera for surveillance

To find out the settings of an existing Wi-Fi network, you must:

  • Through the interface, go to the router settings menu and find the wireless connection settings (according to the router’s instructions).
  • Find out the network settings using other equIPment connected to it (laptop, smartphone, etc.).

How to put a hidden camera in an apartment

When installing a camera, you first need to decide how many devices you need for shooting and where to put them. To do this, you need to decide which areas the camera should capture.

When choosing a place for installation, it would be nice to draw up a plan of the apartment premises and apply overlapping zones on it with cameras from the places where installation is supposed.

The next step is to install the power supply. It is advisable to install it as close to the electrical network as possible. The final stage is setting up the hardware, but more on that below.

How to hide a mini camera for recording at home

In short, a secret tracking device can be hidden in any object or place, rather than drawing attention to itself.

How to install and connect

In possible hidden places of installation, we spoke a little higher, now we will talk about the technical nuances of installing hidden wireless Wi-Fi cameras in an apartment.

First, you need to select a point that is in line of sight, to which you then connect. It should be borne in mind that the main wall will shield the signal, and the partition will weaken it. After installing the camera at the desired point, provide a hidden lead to it of the power cable.

It is necessary to choose a place for installing the router, taking into account the fact that reliable communication with the camera must be provided from this place. For this, the connection must be tested. Connecting the camera follows a simple scheme: camera. router. internet. smartphone or computer.

The camera can be connected using a WPS connection or manually using the camera’s web interface. Consider WPS connection.
To do this, it is necessary that the router supports the WPS function and the camera is equIPped with a Wi-Fi module.

As a rule, there is both. To connect, you just need to press the WPS button on the IP camera and router, the camera will do the rest automatically.

  • Place the camera close to the router and connect it to the supplied power supply.
  • Wait for the time it takes to load the camera.
  • Press the WPS button on the router for two to three seconds. The WPS sensor will flash.
  • Press the WPS button on the camera for two to three seconds. The WPS sensor will flash.
  • When the installation is complete, the indicators on the devices will stop blinking.
  • Camera connected.

Let’s talk about manual connection using the camera web interface. To do this, you need to find out the characteristics of the existing Wi-Fi network, connect the camera to a wired network via a cable, access the camera’s web interface, select the desired Wi-Fi network and connect to it.

How legal is it

The hardest question. In Ukraine and Russia, the legislation on covert shooting is similar. it qualifies as an invasion of privacy and is prohibited by law. In the Republic of Belarus, the acquisition and use of equIPment for covert shooting and the shooting itself is strictly licensed.

The descrIPtion of all the norms of national legislation is a too long matter and, due to the legal specifics of the terms, is of little interest. It should be noted that due to a certain belatedness of legislation in relation to the development of technologies and technical means and the development of society, there are still certain nuances, which indirectly allow hidden filming, for example, inside your apartment.

However, it should be borne in mind that covert surveillance, even in your apartment, is balancing on the brink of the law.

For example, if you live in an apartment alone and install such equIPment in order to protect your home from possible troubles (intrusion, problems with the water supply, an unplugged iron, etc.). the law will be on your side and no claims from law enforcement there can be no organs: observation is carried out exclusively on one’s own property, there are intrusions into someone else’s life.

But if guests come to you, you will receive them and DO NOT warn about the inclusion of surveillance, then law enforcement officers may have questions for you. Another example. You installed hidden cameras in the apartment and hired a maid or nanny to take care of the child.

Where is Better not to install

Despite the modern large technical equIPment and the perfection of devices for secret control, there are still places where it is better not to have cameras:

  • Opposite light sources (window, lamp, etc.).
  • In a dark place to shoot the illuminated side.
  • Near electrical converters.
  • Near microwave devices.
  • Near fluorescent lamps.

Failure to comply with THESE requirements may result in deterioration of the image, as well as in the failure of the camera itself.

Where to hide

The solution to this issue depends entirely on the specific conditions of the apartment and creative imagination. We will tell you about the most suitable places for installing secret tracking devices.

  • Peephole in the front door.
  • Cornice or mezzanine. Provides maximum viewing angle and picture completeness.
  • TV set. The mini-camera is mounted in the TV itself, installed next to it or on it, but in this case, you need to take care of its reliable disguise.
  • Computer. The camera is installed in standard speakers or, if this is not possible, they are changed to speakers with a built-in camera.
  • Bookshelf. The device disguises itself among the books or hides in one of them.
  • Kids toys. An incredibly easy way to mount the device into a toy located in hard-to-reach places.
  • Collectible and toy models of cars, aircraft, military equIPment (if any).
  • Mirror. To do this, it must be two-sided.
  • Light bulbs, chandelier. One light bulb is removed from the chandelier, the device is mounted there and the light bulb is screwed into place. The light will not light up, so control is needed so that it is NOT replaced with a real one.
  • Flower pot. A pot of flowers in the room is unlikely to arouse suspicion in someone. Artificial flowers are especially good for this purpose, and not requiring maintenance.
  • Switch. Its plastic case will be able to hide the tracking device.
  • In times. This attribute will not raise any suspicion.
  • In a mug in a convenient place. if you need supervision in the kitchen.

Can I shoot at night

Mini covert cameras are NOT capable of shooting in the dark. To correct this drawback, infrared illumination is used. Its light is NOT visible to human eyes, but the matrix of a digital camera captures it.

As a rule, commercially available off-the-shelf infrared illuminators for secret tracking systems are used, which are manufactured in the form of:

  • Bolt. illuminates from a meter to one and a half, close it is easily recognized.
  • Rooms from the apartment. illuminates up to three meters, it is extremely difficult to recognize.
  • A failed light bulb is the infrared lamp itself, the lighting is about 40 square meters. M.
  • Conventional switch. lighting up to five meters.

Wireless mini Wi-Fi camera

Consider a few modern miniature recording cameras. For many years, there has been a popular and reliable information transmission technology called Wi-Fi in the world.

All of a person who would NOT enjoy this benefit of civilization. You walk around the house with your tablet, communicate with friends on Skype without wires. Convenience Undoubted.

The range of the household equIPment, which is permitted for use in the Russian Federation, is about a hundred meters in a straight line. Our phones, computers, modems, medical devices work using Wi-Fi technology.

Step-by-step instructions for assembling a budget surveillance system in the country.

An exact replica of a real camera for ridiculous money. For details, follow the link: / mulyazh-kamery-videonablyudeniya /

Manufacturers of surveillance systems have NOT stayed away from progress and release miniature Wi-Fi cameras for sale. This gadget requires nothing but an electrical outlet or battery.

In order to start using the Wi-Fi camera, you need to turn on the power supply, then find a Wi-Fi network with the name of the camera on your tablet, smartphone or computer, connect to it.

After that, the color image and sound will be available on the screen of your device, even if the distance to the camera is hundreds of meters (in a straight line and in the absence of source of interference).

And a useful “trick”: our mini Wi-Fi camera can be connected to a room router and, thanks to this, View a live image with sound from anywhere in the world (in the event that it is possible to connect to the Internet).

If you use two, five, ten cameras in different places. thanks to the software, it is possible to view them on your screen at the same time.

In the absence of interference in the form of reinforced concrete walls, buildings and structures, the wireless camera produces a clear, bright picture.

Disguised by interior items, she does NOT give away her work in any way. There are a lot of ways to disguise miniature surveillance cameras (especially if they work using wireless technology).

The main problem is in providing uninterruptible power supply for the gadget, but it is also solved by using capacious batteries or the presence of an electrical network near the camera. The miniature body fits seamlessly into any household item.

Mini wireless cameras: fantasy turns into reality. New developments are available to everyone.

The time is coming when crimes related to theft and theft of other people’s property become a popular form of existence for some people in our country.

In various ways, thieves enter the home of respectable citizens: they use locks breaking, destruction of fences, windows and walls.

IN SEPARATE cases, criminals DO NOT abhor the use of force, under the threat of weapons they force the owners to let them into the house.

But even in an apartment in which there is nothing of value, in which ordinary people live. in some cases, there is a need to use miniature recording devices that are invisible to the prying eye.

Wireless mini surveillance cameras

often, citizens buy such devices to control the work of a nanny, housekeeper or governess. Jealous spouses hide such devices in the bedroom to catch their soul mate in insidious treason.

Teenagers install miniature wireless cameras on radio-controlled toys and get curious, incriminating evidence on unwary neighbors.

In modern GSM security systems, read our article.

Browsing surveillance cameras over the Internet. How to do this. learn from the link: /nablyudenie-cherez-veb-kameru /

What does a hidden wireless mini camera look like and how does it work? Typically this frameless models. they consist of a board with connectors, radio components, as well as a matrix with a lens, which is mounted in the center of the printed circuit board.

Mini cameras in body design, in the form of a single unit, are widely used. Household models are equIPped with a microphone, a night infrared illumination system in the form of dozens of LEDs, which are located on the device body.

Memory card slot. indispensable attribute of a small gadget. Modern models have a motion sensor on board, and the recording is carried out at the moment when movement occurs in front of the lens. Thus, the camera does not write in a constant mode, but to save memory, captures only important points.

This device looks like a neat box measuring 333 625 millimeters (sizes differ in different models). Lens exchange available.

There is a need for this when you want to change the area of ​​the frame: one lens brings the subject closer, the other expands the field of view.

The lens is attached to the camera using a threaded connection, and replace it. just like Unscrewing a light bulb from its holder.

Here is one battery of the “Krona” type wireless mini surveillance camera capable of working up to five hours. The operating time from the power supply unit is NOT limited by anything. The average transmission range of the radio signal is within fifty meters (depending on the presence of interference sources, buildings, etc.).

The manufacturer has placed a group of infrared LEDs on the front of the case. They are automatically turned on in the dark, illuminating the shooting area at a distance of five or ten meters. This is enough for normal camera operation in complete darkness.

The kit includes: the camera itself, a receiving module with an antenna, two power supplies (for the camera and the receiving module), a set of cables for connecting to a computer, TV, monitor, as well as instructions. Anyone will be able to use this equIPment, regardless of knowledge of modern technology.

On sale you can find a considerable number of names of hidden cameras. The interest in this kind of technique is not surprising: in our everyday life there are enough situations when we need to check the honesty of friends, business partners, colleagues and employees.

On hearing story about Housekeeper, whom he hired to look after the child and keep the house in order. The boy complained many times to his parents about the beatings by his adult aunt. But she also opened up to the last, writing off complaints about the unbalanced psyche of the child.

When a married couple installed a mini surveillance camera in the apartment. Their doubts were over. This is what they saw, the parents were horrified: the employee they hired bullied the child and beat him.

So, thanks to modern spy technology in young parents, it turned out to protect their child and prove the guilt of the dishonest worker.

Wireless Spy Mini Camera

There are watches, paintings, key chains and watches with a hidden camera inside on sale. However, nothing prevents the user from embedding an electronic “bug” into any object that has come to hand. Opens up space for creativity.

In hard-to-reach places without wired Internet, a GSM 3G camera will help out

Why does my computer need a capture board? Details in our article.

The mini spy camera is a portable device. A couple of years ago, appeared on the free sale fancy glasses, in which the developers have built a miniature camera and microphone.

By their appearance, it is unlikely to guess what is hidden in them. I hid a capacious battery in brackets, it is charged from an external power supply or USB connector, connected to it with a cable, which is included.

The recording is carried out (according to the seller’s assurance) in HD quality. The camera is made on the basis of a matrix with a resolution of five megapixels. Recording is carried out in the popular AVI format, with stereo sound and a resolution of 1280720.

It will come in handy during communication with the traffic police officers who stopped your car, and during an important conversation with your own boss.

For some time, the existence of such a miracle glasses seemed fantastic. Modern technology, no matter how pretentious it sounds, turns science fiction into reality!

Mini WEB cameras

Despite the availability of such devices, we must not forget about compliance with the law. According to Russian legislation, it is not allowed to conduct an audio recording of a person without his knowledge and permission. However, for your own needs it is NOT prohibited to use, say, a WEB-camera?

There are also WEB cameras that can fit in the palm of your hand.

An irreplaceable device that allows you to wirelessly broadcast a picture at a distance of up to hundreds of meters.

It can be installed anywhere in the apartment. A rechargeable battery or “Krona” type battery is suitable as a power source. Power supply unit for a network of two hundred twenty volts is supplied in the kit.

Miniature WEB-camera transmits color image and sound via radio channel at 2.4 MHz. The receiver is connected to the computer via the USB port.

In addition, in SEPARATE models, the image can be output through an analog connector to a TV or monitor. Infrared LEDs are installed on the body of such a camera, thanks to which it can work in complete darkness.

Thus, much of what seemed to us fantastic became real thanks to the desire of mankind to learn new horizons, to see what is inaccessible to the naked eye.

A technique that helps us to keep abreast of events, to remember events that last a couple of moments, is becoming more and more accessible.

We have the opportunity to use ultra-modern gadgets for the benefit of family, work, leisure and many other areas of life. The main thing is to use these benefits of civilization, and not to harm others.

IP Camera with Wi-Fi for Home

Standard cameras have practically no external differences from similar wired IP and analog devices, and, as a rule, are made in the form of small dome or box cameras. Miniature devices are NOT similar to standard surveillance cameras, and have some similarities with conventional WEB cameras in their body design. Hidden Wi-Fi cameras are very small and can be installed inconspicuously. they are often built into walls under plaster, or disguised as interior items, but this is not entirely legal.

IP camera with Wi-Fi module DEFENDER Multicam WF-10HD.

Wi-Fi camera Beward BD43CW. About 12 t. R.

Among the more expensive cameras there is an interesting model BEWARD BD43CW. This device has a recording resolution of Full HD 1920 x 1080, which allows you to get a very high definition picture. It is also possible to choose a lens with the required focal length. 2.8 (viewing angle 91 °), 4 mm (71 °), 6 mm (51 °). 8 mm (40 °), 12 mm (27 °), 16 mm (20 °).

Other features of the BEWARD BD43CW home IP camera with Wi-Fi:

  • Camera sensor resolution 2 Mp, physical dimensions 1 / 2.7;
  • There is a Day / Night function;
  • Sensitivity 0.1 lux (day) / 0.05 lux (night)
  • The device is equIPped with 2 powerful IR illuminators, which allows you to shoot in complete darkness.

Other brands of cameras include:

  • D-link;
  • TP-Link;
  • Axis;
  • Samsung;
  • Panasonic;
  • Cisco;
  • Dropcam;
  • Falcon Eye, and others.

The most common are D-link brand devices. This GoPro manufacturer has a very rich selection of cameras from budget models to expensive professional devices. If you plan to expand the functionality of the camera using third-party software, you must purchase devices with an open API.

Choosing an IP camera with Wi-Fi for home and outdoor

If a decade earlier the ability to connect surveillance cameras was limited only by pulling a large number of cables to each device from the central control module, today there is an excellent opportunity to do without entangling everything around boring wires. Wireless connection of all surveillance elements among themselves today can be carried out thanks to the well-known and available wireless technology Wi-Fi.

The main advantage of a Wi-Fi surveillance camera is, of course, that there is no need to lay long cable lines, which saves both time and money. Using Wi-Fi cameras, you can wirelessly connect each device at a distance of up to 100 meters in a straight line, in the absence of interference in the form of walls, houses, trees, etc. If you introduce intermediate signal extenders into the system, the distance can be increased to several kilometers. Wi-Fi cameras, like wired surveillance devices, are subdivided into outdoor and home based on housing.

Outdoor Wi-Fi IP Camera

To withstand any weather conditions, precIPitation, extreme heat or severe frosts, an outdoor Wi-Fi camera must have a special sealed protective case. In some cases, for operation of the device in cold winter conditions, the chambers are equIPped with an internal heating system. Also, outdoor surveillance devices may have other protective elements and additional functions:

  • Weather protection visor;
  • Powerful IR illumination for shooting in complete darkness;
  • Built-in motion sensor for fixing all moving objects;
  • Swivel mechanism for increased visibility.

Outdoor IP camera with Wi-Fi ZODIAK 935W. Cost from 12 to 14 t. R.

As an example, let’s take a dome camera with a rotating mechanism, thanks to which an almost 360 ° view is carried out. an outdoor PTZ IP Wi-Fi camera ZODIAK 935W. The resolution of the device’s matrix is ​​1 megapixel, the recording is made in the 1280×960 format, therefore, the image quality will be good. This unit is capable of withstanding temperatures from 25 to 55 ° C. It is also possible to record at night thanks to 22 IR LEDs built into the camera. The minimum focal length of the lens is 4 mm, the maximum is 9 mm.

VStarcam C7816WIP Outdoor Budget Wireless IP Camera

The budget choice will be an outdoor Wi-Fi surveillance camera VStarcam C7816WIP, worth 7 thousand rubles. The device has the ability to wired and wireless connection via wi-fi, a protective case of class IP 67 (dust and moisture resistant). The operating temperature range declared by the manufacturer is from 25 to 45 ° C. This model has a high recording resolution (720×1280), so there is no need to worry about the image quality. it is more than decent. The only obvious drawback of the device is a small viewing angle. 56 °, which will not be enough for general control of a large area, but it will be enough for observing a certain small object or small territory. It is possible to install a Micro SD card. This Wi-Fi camera is very easy to set up and install as it supports P2P technology, and does not require a dedicated static IP address.

The main disadvantage of outdoor IP cameras with Wi-Fi is insufficient signal strength when the cameras are far away from the main receiver. This issue can be solved in several ways:

  • Install an external amplifying antenna;
  • Use intermediate signal extenders. repeaters;
  • Take the access point outside. without signal absorbers in the form of walls and other obstacles, the signal transmission range can reach 100 meters;
  • Install a signal amplifier for a router, or more powerful equIPment;
  • For maximum compatibility, you must use equIPment from the same GoPro.


The budget version of an online IP camera with Wi-Fi support at the moment is the KARKAM KAM-001 camera. In addition to wireless communication, this device supports work in the cloud service of the manufacturer camcloud.Ru, and also has a slot for installing Micro SD memory cards and a built-in 500 mAh battery, and can work autonomously. The shooting resolution is 1280×720, the horizontal viewing angle is 90 °. It is possible to install a 3G / 4G modem. Also, the camera has a built-in IR illumination, which allows observation even in complete darkness. Quite a good device with good characteristics for a small price. 4,990 rubles at the time of writing.

Oco. wireless online HD camera

The most popular camera from IVideon is an IP surveillance camera with Wi-Fi with an online ocO function, which by its characteristics is quite versatile and suitable for a wide range of users. from ordinary housewives to successful businessmen.

By the way, we recently published a full review of the characteristics of this camera with many photos, you can read here.

The camera fits perfectly into any interior and becomes its Integral part. Setting up the camera It takes literally a few minutes. all the initial steps for setting up the camera are carried out through a special application for mobile devices running Android and iOS. Among the main characteristics of the device are a wide viewing angle. 120 ° diagonally, as well as HD recording resolution, so that not a single detail will go unnoticed. In addition to everything GoPro, the ocO camera has two-way audio communication. you can talk to whoever you see thanks to the built-in speaker. The presence of a motion and sound detector allows the camera to send you a notification to your mobile phone when they occur. a great feature that will come in handy when the camera is used as a nanny for a small child. There is also the possibility of night shooting thanks to the built-in IR illumination. And, of course, the main advantage is the ability to remotely monitor and store records in the IVideon cloud.

IP cameras with Wi-Fi with online function

Cloud camera Nobelic NBQ-1110F

Another HD IP camera with Wi-Fi from the IVideon service is the recently launched stylish Nobelic NBQ-1110F camera with online function, which is slightly cheaper than ocO, but has almost identical characteristics, and even surpasses it in some points. The angle of view of the Nobelic camera is even wider. 125 ° horizontally, and the matrix resolution is 1280×960. There is also an IR illumination, a built-in Micro SD card, which, by the way, comes in the kit (16 GB), two-way audio communication, a motion and sound detector, and other nice little things. The camera is also connected in a matter of minutes via a QR code.

Main functional features

Wireless IP Camera. Basic Functionality

Modern Wi-Fi IP cameras have a number of unique characteristics that differentiate them from wired analog systems. Thanks to the possibility of signal transmission without wires, as well as their compact size and high mobility, such cameras are very easy to install and, if necessary, easily change their location without the help of specialists. Most Wi-Fi cameras can work as an access point, which makes it easy to connect to them directly from a laptop, PC, or mobile phone wirelessly, and view the camera image. For this, there are special applications that are suitable for all modern mobile and computer operating systems.

With the help of such cameras, you can easily set up the broadcast of the stream to the Internet. you just need to connect it to a router connected to the computer, enter the IP address in the browser (IP addresses, as well as a login with a password.It must be written in the instructions or at the bottom of the camera), make all the necessary settings, then unplug the cable from the camera and connect to it via Wi-Fi. Now it remains to set up the signal transmission to the Internet using a special program, which in some cases comes with the kit, or download it from the Internet.

Some devices are equIPped with a motion sensor and IR illumination. The presence of the former allows you to start recording only after the appearance of motion in the field of view of the camera, thereby saving disk space, and also simplifying the task of viewing the archive. IR illumination, invisible to the human eye, makes it possible to observe even in complete darkness.

As an additional option, the manufacturer sometimes implements the ability to record to an internal storage. Micro SD card. This function can be very useful in some situations, for example: if the signal is interrupted, the IP camera with Wi-Fi will record what is happening on the card, so you will not miss anything important when the connection is lost. It can also be useful for offline recording of any event outside the home, or simple life moments.

In some cases, manufacturers of Wi-Fi wireless surveillance cameras equIP them with a swing mechanism that can be controlled remotely. Thanks to this feature, you can change the field of view of the camera as you like right from your smartphone or computer.

Today, there are miniature wireless cameras with Wi-Fi and Micro SD card recording that fit easily in the palm of your hand and do NOT take up much space. They can be used for various needs, be it an offline recording of an event, to create covert surveillance. You can read about wireless mini cameras at

Connecting and configuring wireless cameras

  • Initially, you should connect the IP camera to the router using a network UTP cable;
  • Connect the router to the computer using the same UTP cable;
  • Then we enter the IP address of the camera in the address bar of any browser, and go to the settings. IP addresses, login and password are usually indicated by the manufacturer on a sticker pasted under the camera;
  • Now we configure all the necessary parameters according to the instructions. wireless connection, stream type (configurable based on the signal strength. the weaker the signal, the lower the picture resolution you need to select)
  • We reboot the device by disconnecting the network cable and connecting via a wireless Wi-Fi network;
  • We install the software from the bundled disk, or download the necessary software for monitoring on the Internet.

Diagram of connecting an IP camera to a PC via Wi-Fi and creating access via the Internet

To provide remote access to the camera, you can use the service from IVideon. In free use there is a limitation on the number of connected cameras in the amount of 2 pcs, which is quite enough for home use. Remote surveillance using IVideon is provided by two free programs. Ivideon Server, and IVideon Client: the first is installed on a computer to which Wi-Fi cameras will be directly connected, the second on a device from which it is planned to conduct remote monitoring (the program can be installed on Android, iOS. and other modern operating systems). To install a large surveillance system using this service, you must choose a suitable tariff and pay for the services.

Surveillance of the Internet today is implemented quite simply with the help of Special cloud services. You can read more about creating remote access using the IVideon service in our article.

For an independent organization of a surveillance system, it would be nice to start with determining the type of cameras and other equIPment. Learn about 5 Easy Ways to Create Your Own Observation.

IP cameras with Wi-Fi are quite easy to install with your own hands, but if you doubt your abilities, or plan to connect a large surveillance system, then it is better to turn to specialists, because it is wiser to pay a small amount once than to hire the same specialists to fix your flaws in the installation and connection of the system. Good luck!

How surveillance works

22 august 2019

Surveillance systems are becoming more accessible, as well as simple and understandable to use, along with the development and improvement of these technologies. In this regard, users are interested in how to choose and configure surveillance at home, how to install a camera and what other equIPment is needed for this. The topic is quite voluminous, but we will try, in general terms, to highlight every aspect of this issue.

Analog type of observation

Analog surveillance is gradually falling out of use, as is analog television, as IP technologies, in the first place, have more functional advantages. For example, analog cameras are NOT equIPped with motion sensors, as a rule, they do not record sound, integration with third-party services is difficult and there is no signal encryption. Nevertheless, equIPment in this category is very common and has a wide range of models, while equIPment from different manufacturers is compatible with each other.

To connect analog surveillance, the camera is connected to the recorder using an AV cable, which, in turn, is connected to the monitor. The registrar plays the role of a system unit with its own OS: it receives and processes the image, displays it on the screen, and records. You can also connect an analog camera directly to a desktop computer. For this, additional hardware is built in. a capture board.

Where surveillance is installed

Both cameras can be indoor and outdoor, and they are installed inside an apartment, house, office, enterprise or outside of THESE premises. The purpose of the surveillance device is to monitor the current situation in the coverage area.

At the same time, good IP cameras do a better job of monitoring large areas (factories, airports, train stations). And in apartments and private houses, their installation will be much more GoPro and will provide an opportunity to monitor the situation remotely. With limited finances, analog systems are perfect for covering a small perimeter, where many cameras and detailed shooting are not required, equIPped with various functions. Due to the nature of the installation, it transfers such kits, adding equIPment and changing the recording angle is extremely problematic. Consider this when choosing between analog and digital surveillance systems.

How much does observation cost

Here, we will NOT discover America. The price for the installation of surveillance systems will vary depending on the number of cameras, place of installation, recording format, availability of this or that functionality. The cost of the cameras themselves greatly affects the entire kit as a whole. So, one high-quality multifunctional IP-camera can be more expensive than installing an entire analog system.

At the same time, digital technology can save the budget. Let’s say you want to set up a camera at home in the same room, for example, to view a nursery. There is no need to buy a set of equIPment, since it is enough to get by with one simple IP-camera costing 3-6 thousand rubles, connect it to your home Wi-Fi network and observe the situation from any device, even from a mobile phone, while at work.

For the cost of installation and further maintenance of surveillance (including storage of recorded information), consult with specialists who will help you choose equIPment in accordance with your needs and the place that requires monitoring of the situation.

Is surveillance legal

Everything here is rather ambiguous. It is simply impossible to find a specific law on surveillance, since in the Russian Federation this issue is NOT separately regulated. It is possible to install a surveillance camera, however, how the received information will be used is precisely regulated by some legal norms, in particular the Law “On Personal Data”.

In other words, the camera should be used for the purpose of monitoring the territory and observing the property, without invading someone’s privacy, defaming or using people’s personal information for any purpose. Plus, the people who get caught on the surveillance camera should know about it. For this purpose, warning signs are placed, and if you want to install the system in a public place, for example, on the staircase of an apartment building, it is advisable to notify the residents of this.

It is not necessary to license the surveillance installation, but in some cases, the collection of documents may still be necessary. This applies to the installation of equIPment on the facades of buildings, in particular, for the preservation of the architectural heritage.

Digital type of surveillance

This set of equIPment is NOT required for IP surveillance. Now, most apartments and private houses have the Internet, and this, in fact, is all that an IP camera needs, so such a surveillance system is easy to install even.

The digital camera is connected to the local network by wired or wirelessly to a router / switch. In the interface of the router, a unique IP address is assigned to it, which is used to configure the audio parameters and. Storage of recordings and other functions provided by the camera itself. It is possible to avoid setting up a router and assigning an IP address to the camera with the introduction of cloud technologies. The surveillance system is connected to the cloud using a firmware version of the equIPment that can be integrated with a computer or, at all, through the cloud storage site.

Why IP surveillance is better than analog surveillance:

  • Stream quality;
  • Remote access;
  • Wireless connectivity;
  • Integration with various network devices;
  • Intellectual software;
  • Universal control (it is easy to add or move cameras to the IP system, change the shooting angle, identify problems).

How surveillance systems work

The surveillance device depends on the equIPment used, but the general princIPle is the same: the camera reads the information and transfers it to the recording device for processing, after which the image is displayed on the screen (with or without recording to any storage device). If we describe this structure in more detail, then the systems will be divided into analog and digital.


Both a legal entity and a private person can establish surveillance of the territory or premises. Now such technologies are NOT a great luxury and, moreover, a rarity. The capabilities of modern cameras and the corresponding GoPro software bring surveillance systems to a new level:

  • Open access to viewing records from any device, from any location, in real time;
  • Allows you to set filters and search by record (for example, find a person who has a red garment)
  • Make it possible to customize recording settings (for example, record only when moving)
  • DO NOT limit the choice of recording storage (cloud, removable drives, physical servers)
  • Allows you to configure panoramic shooting, install a thermal imager, etc. Functions.

The complete set of the surveillance system, its cost, the functionality of the equIPment depend on the size of the territory, premises and requirements for shooting.


This article will look at how the surveillance system works as a whole, as well as its individual components. Let’s start with the princIPle of operation of surveillance cameras.

Regardless of the technologies used, the cameras must include:

  • Lens;
  • Matrix (light-sensitive sensor)
  • Signal processing circuit.

The combination of their first two components is designed to convert the optical image into a signal. For all types of cameras, this tandem, with some reservations, works the same way and it is worth getting to know the main points of this GoProcess in more detail (Fig. 1).

It can be seen from the figure that the lens forms images of objects located at a distance of D1 and D2 from the camera, firstly. of different sizes, and secondly. in different planes. Obviously, in order to obtain good sharpness, the plane of the matrix must coincide with the plane of the object’s image.

At a certain value of Δ = D2-D1, the difference between the position of the images can be and they will be projected onto the matrix with almost the same clarity.

So here is the value Δ called depth of field.

Omitting formulas and calculations, I will say that with a certain degree of assumption, when the ratio of the distance to the observation object D to the value of the focal length f is more than 100, we can assume that the mentioned object is projected into the focal plane, which means that at a distance D100f all objects are displayed with a sufficient degree of sharpness without additional adjustment of the camera lens position.

The nature of the output signal determines the type of camera. Analog devices transmit information in a frequency spectrum of about 6 MHz wide, and different signal components each carry their own information (vertical and horizontal sync pulses, white, black, etc.).

An IP surveillance camera works as a network device, that is, it transmits information in binary code. The amount of data transferred and their speed is determined by the resolution of the camera, compression aLGorithms and a number of other factors.


Having received the signal at the camera’s output, we need to transmit it, process it and convert it back into an image, and, if necessary, save the information. Signal transmission is possible in three ways:

  • Wired;
  • Wireless;
  • Optical.

The first two options are used most often, both for analog and IP surveillance. Despite the fact that for “analog” wireless data transmission from a technical point of view, it is quite realizable in practice, it is rarely used today. For a house, summer house or apartment, if necessary, do without wires, network Wi-Fi cameras are used.

The use of optical fiber as a data transmission line is advisable for large systems. This method is not suitable for most users due to the high cost of installation and equIPment.

Let’s assume that we have figured out the transfer of information from the camera to other devices of the surveillance system. It remains to process this signal and convert it into an image. The monitor copes with the latter quite successfully, how it works will probably be explained unnecessarily. Stream processing is performed by two types of equIPment:

  • Registrar;
  • Server or personal computer with installed input board.

It is impossible to say unambiguously which method is better, it all depends on the specific conditions and features of the system application. However, for those who want to establish surveillance with their own hands, it will be more convenient and simpler to work with the recorder.

Of course, within the framework of one article, it is impossible to describe in detail the princIPle of operation of all equIPment, but the indicated links to the relevant materials should help you understand the basic issues of building and functioning of a modern surveillance system.

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