Instructions for turning on the camera on a laptop

Often we need a camera to communicate in Skype or other messenger, but, as luck would have it, it does not turn on. It may not be configured or even enabled. We offer you several effective methods for checking the connection and configuration, which should help out at such an important moment.

Checking the connection

If you are using a USB camera, it is worth checking all the connectors and cables initially. Sometimes you need to additionally press the power button on the gadget itself. The built-in camera in a laptop requires certain programs.

Look online

The easiest way. checking the camera online. You just need to go to the site that provides such a service, click “Allow” in the drop-down window, and you will be on the screen.

toshiba, enable, web-camera

There are many such checks online. We recommend It’s easy to use.

Refer to Device Manager

You can check the operation of the camera using the “Device Manager”.

  • Go to the “Control Panel”;
  • Select “Device Manager”;
  • At the very bottom, find and click on “Imaging Devices”. The name of the camera should be displayed if it is connected.

A question mark or exclamation mark next to the name indicates the need to install the driver. They are located on the operating system disk. If there is such a comment, they can be found on the official website of the gadget manufacturer.

Choose drivers exclusively for the model of your laptop or USB-camera.

With an arrow drawn down opposite the name, you need to press the right mouse button and select the “activate” item in the context menu.

Turn on the camera

You can turn on the camera using standard programs and Special utilities.

Take advantage of special programs

You can turn on the camera using Windows Movie Maker (film studio) or Skype. If they are not on your laptop, install.

Everything is clear from the film studio. you just need to open it to start the camera.

Skype is a little more complicated:

  • Go to the “Settings” menu item;
  • Select “Video Settings”;
  • If desired, you can check the properties of the camera with the button of the same name right below the screen.

You can also turn on the device using any utility or special program for creating photos and videos on your computer. There are a lot of them on the Internet, just download wisely. will not introduce viruses. To do this, check files through trusted antiviruses.

The most difficult situations

In the most difficult cases, you can restart the laptop, rearrange the portable camera to a different connector, update or reinstall the official drivers.

When all else fails, you should contact the wizard or take the gadget (USB camera or the entire laptop) to a service center.

If you have Windows 8, 10

On Windows 8 and 10, if the camera is functioning normally, it can be turned on in three clicks: click “Start”, then the down arrow and the “Camera” program.

All programs are listed in alphabetical order, so problems should not arise.

How to turn on the webcam on a laptop?

One of the most requested parts of a laptop is the webcam. It allows you to make video calls via Skype or other web applications. One of the questions that may arise after purchasing a laptop. how to turn on the webcam on it?

Where is the webcam in the laptop and how to turn it on?

First of all, you should find out if the camera is built into this laptop model? If not, then it is possible to connect it as a separate device via a USB connector. However, the camera will be inactive. Therefore, many users are wondering: where to turn on the camera on a laptop?

Most laptops have a set of special software utilities, including a program for working with the camera. Its launch is carried out using the “Start” menu, as well as a combination of shortcuts. At the same time, for laptops on which Windows 7 and Windows 8 are installed, a similar sequence of actions is provided to turn on the device.

Instructions for turning on a webcam on a laptop

To turn on the webcam, do the following:

  • Check if the camera is working. For this, a program is launched, which is responsible for managing its work. An alternative option would be to launch the test, which is done by clicking the menu in the client program window. If the image does NOT appear and the menu items are not available, the camera is connected as a device.
  • To control the operation of the webcam, use the simultaneous pressing of the Fn key and the second keys. Let’s make such manipulations, you will see on the desktop a picture with a camera containing the inscription On. This will indicate that the camera is ready for further use.
  • A similar result can be achieved using the tools of the Windows operating system. To do this, click the “Start” button, go to the “Control Panel” section and find the “Administrative Tools” tab. Then, by double-clicking on this tab, a window with the “Computer Management” icon is displayed. Then a console window opens. On the window that appears on the left, you need to click “Hardware Manager” and launch the webcam.
  • The screen should display a list listing the laptop devices. You will need to go to the line with the name “Imaging device” and open the nested list, which is located under the “plus” sign. You will see the name of the webcam. You need to click on it twice and select “Enable” from the menu that appears. Then you need to confirm the activation process, for which we press “OK”. If you DO NOT find the webcam icon, you will need to reinstall the driver or configure the webcam.

The following are examples of how to enable the front camera on a particular laptop model.

How to turn on the camera on the Asus laptop?

The Asus laptop contains a software and driver package with three programs, which regulate the operation of the built-in camera. These include:

  • Virtual Camera Utility;
  • Life Frame Utility;
  • Ecap camera.

To launch the webcam, use the FnV key combination. Then, with the help of these programs, its parameters are adjusted.

How to turn on the camera on a Lenovo laptop?

On a Lenovo laptop, the FnESC key combination is usually used to turn on the camera. To carry out further settings and manipulations use the EasyCapture program. It can be included in the standard delivery set. If it is not available, the program can be downloaded from the Lenovo technical support website.

Thus, using a certain algorithm of actions, you can figure out how to turn on the webcam on a laptop.

How to turn on the camera on an asus laptop

If you are here, then you cannot, more precisely, you do not know how to turn on the camera on an asus or acer laptop. And it does not depend on the model, whether it be x53u, k53s? Eee PС or x54h.

Do not be surprised, in many cases this is simply not possible. Why and in which ones? To do this, you need a special program and drivers (to enable with the keys also).

If you yourself installed windows 7, vista or XP on your asus, then they are simply not there. Microsoft does not integrate these utilities and drivers into its operating systems.

You need to do this yourself. If you bought a pre-installed system, then they should be (although there are exceptions), moreover, along with a laptop or netbook, there should be a disk.

Drivers and program There should be native (standard) ones. The first will be required, but the program can be downloaded and installed another. Link below. suitable for all models.

For now, we will assume that you have them (the program and drivers) already installed, and you just do not know how to turn on the built-in WEB-camera on an asus laptop.

Look on the keyboard for the fn key and a picture with a camera or WEB-camera. It is the combination of THESE two buttons that quickly turns on the internal WEB-camera. By clicking here you can find out more about where the camera is located in the laptop.

Also keep in mind that in order to turn on the camera on an asus laptop, the program must be installed on it for this purpose.

Otherwise, you will never do it. If you install the operating system yourself, then they are not there and you can install it yourself (optional).

Also note that you may not always be able to turn on with the keys. Asus developers (ASUS) do not develop drivers for new operating systems of old versions of laptops.

In other words, if you bought a laptop, and at that time Windows 7 or 8 was not yet available, then do not look for drivers for them, they are not there today, And there will be no tomorrow (in most cases).

Also remember that you will almost always turn on the built-in WEB-camera on an asus laptop with the keys, you will NOT be able to, if it was originally developed for the operating system. 64, not 32 (86).

Find out about it and DO NOT waste your time. Sometimes they help to eliminate the driver problem from whist, but always. Also in this case (if you have operating 32), in many cases you will NOT be able to turn on Bluetooth. just there are drivers. If you really need, then reinstall on. 64.

How to enable built-in WEB-camera on asus laptop

But then what about the video camera? You can always turn on the WEB-camera on an asus laptop, regardless of the operating system, but the keys may not work. What do I need to do. Download the program and launch.

A direct download link with a detailed description of the free software for laptop WEB-camera is here.

It is for such purposes in itself. Paste it into any download manager. program for downloading files “or in the address bar of the browser, then install and run from the shortcut on the desktop.

You can also admire yourself using Skype, Mail. agent, Miranda, QIP, Windows studio life or ICQ.

There are many other programs to enable the WEB-camera on an asus laptop, which have much more functionality (a large number of effects).

For example “WebCamMax”. With it, you can take a photo of yourself on the beach, in the cinema, 3D and much more. Special effects will not seem enough.

I just want to say that you no longer search on the Internet: if you have programs for a WEB-camera on your laptop (netbook), you will not turn it on.

Download the application from the link above, it is distributed free of charge, and run it manually. Then you will no longer look for the answer how to turn on the camera on an asus laptop.

If there are drivers available, then see how to download them for ASUS Bluetooth. For the camera. identically. Good luck, but if you have problems, write in the comments.

How to turn on the camera on a good laptop

Before proceeding with the procedure for turning on the webcam, you need to make sure that it is present on your laptop at all. If it is not there, and this is extremely rare, you can always connect an external USB camera.

So how to turn on the camera on a Toshiba Satellite laptop? Let’s look at 5 main ways that help in most cases.

Key combination

Mostly on laptops, a good satellite problem is solved by pressing Special keys on the keyboard.

So, let’s take a look at what needs to be done in order:

  • We find the Fn button on the keyboard, most often it is located in the lower left corner of the panel, next to the Ctrl key.
  • Then, in the top row among the F1-F12 keys, you need to find the desired button with the camera icon (sometimes it is highlighted in color).
  • Press these two buttons at the same time, after which a picture of a webcam with the inscription “ON” will be displayed on the desktop, which reports that the webcam is turned on.

Standard tools

This is a method for Windows owners who did not like the previous “key combination”.

  • Click “Start-Control Panel-Image Processing Device”
  • Find the name of the webcam, right-click and activate it.
  • I confirm our actions.

After our actions, a window will appear on the desktop with a proposal to activate the built-in camera. Click “enable“. If nothing is displayed on your desktop and the second method does not bring the desired effect, and it still does not work, then you should check if the drivers are installed.


Quite often, when turning on the web camera on Toshiba laptops with Windows OS, the following problem is encountered: NOT a suitable driver is installed, installed with errors, or is completely missing. But don’t be alarmed, we will help you fix it.

First, we check the driver installation:

  • To do this, go to “Start = Control Panel = Device Manager”.
  • We are looking for the camera icon among the list of devices. If you cannot find it or there is a yellow exclamation mark next to the name of the webcam, then you should uninstall the driver and download it again.

Installation procedure:

  • We go to the manufacturer’s website. We find our laptop model (you can find it on the box or on the bottom panel), download the driver, and install.
  • After successful installation, restart the PC.
  • At this stage, the procedure for turning on the WEB-camera on a laptop can be said to be good. It remains only to repeat all the steps from the “Standard Tools”.

In most cases, the manufacturer provides a proprietary utility for working with the webcam, the icon of which can be found on the desktop or in the Start menu, but it may not be there. If you have NOT found such a utility, then third-party applications come to the rescue, such as:


A very popular online service in RuNet. With its help on a toshiba satellite laptop you will turn on the WEB-camera (built-in) in a matter of seconds and create your first photograph.

Its main advantages are:

  • Russian interface, easy to use and free.
  • No need to download and install anything.
  • Works on all devices on Windows 8, 10 and older.
  • Various photo effects, creating animated gifs.

Do not look at the large number of advantages, the service has one drawback. no ability to record video.

Live WebCam

Multifunctional free application that helps you take photos with your camera in a few clicks.

Main advantages:

  • The program is light and fast, in Russian, works on both Windows 7 and XP.
  • Duplication function (excludes storage of the same pictures).
  • Low light image enhancement module.
  • Works regardless of network connection.
  • Video surveillance system.
  • Motion sensor and auto-capture function.

Therefore, feel free to download the program suitable for your version of Windows, Install and use.

Monoblock setup: camera, wi-fi, Bluetooth, BIOS

After purchasing an all-in-one computer when you turn it on for the first time, most often there are questions about setting up certain components. This can be setting up an Internet connection via WI-FI or connecting a microphone via bluetooth and many more different preparation and configuration operations for the best computer performance. Below we will consider the most common cases and solutions of certain tasks when setting up a monoblock computer.

How to turn on the camera on a monoblock?

In normal operation, the camera should be enabled by default, that is, launched any application for working with a WEB-camera, for example skype, everything should work. If the camera does not work, most likely you do not have a driver installed on it, to check it you need to go to the Task Manager. In the list with equipment there will be an unknown device marked with a question mark or exclamation mark, the name should contain “camera” or something similar. To solve the problem, download the driver from the monoblock manufacturer’s website and install it, the camera will turn on.

Task Manager. Image processing devices. WEB-camera, this is how the camera with the installed driver is displayed in the list

If the list of devices contains cameras or unknown devices, then the webcam is not visible to the operating system, it may be faulty, in this case only diagnostics by a specialist, repair or replacement.

How to turn on Wi-Fi?

First of all, you need to make sure that the drivers for the Wi-Fi adapter are installed. For this we open. “Device Manager”. “Network adapters”, there should be a device with the word “Wireless” in the name in the list, this is your Wi-Fi. If a network device is marked with an exclamation mark in the list or unknown devices are found, then most likely the driver is not installed. Download the drivers from the website of the manufacturer of your monoblock computer and install them. It is also possible that there are drivers, but the device is disabled, then it will be marked as either, in this case, right-click on it and select “Enable“, “Enable” and the like.

Wi-Fi adapter in the list of devices in Task Manager

After we made sure that everything is in order with the driver, it is necessary to enable the Wi-Fi adapter. To do this, go to “Network and Internet”. “Network Connections”, find there “Wireless Network Connection”, press the right mouse button and select “Enable“. The Wi-Fi icon will appear in the lower right corner, click on it, select our network and click “Connect”.

How to turn on Bluetooth on a monoblock?

First, we check for the presence of drivers for the Bluetooth adapter, this is done by analogy with a Wi-Fi adapter. If the drivers are not installed, then download them from the website of the monoblock computer manufacturer and install them. After installing the drivers, you should see a Bluetooth icon in the lower right corner.

Bluetooth icon in the system tray, context menu

In order for other devices to see your Bluetooth adapter, you need to check the box in the settings in the “Allow devices by finding this computer”

How to enter BIOS?

In order to enter the BIOS, you need to press a certain button when you turn on the monoblock computer, even before loading windows. Usually, when booting, the screen will say what exactly you need to press to get into the BIOS menu. Usually this is the Delete, Esc, or F2 key, but other options are possible: CtrlAltEsc, Del, F10, F3, F1.