Why different sites have different speed requirements for viewing the same resolution?

There is such a concept as bitrate. the amount of information that encodes an image per unit of time, and, accordingly, a conditional indicator of the quality of the picture and sound. The higher the bitrate, the generally better the picture. That is why you can find versions of the same movie with the same resolution but different sizes on torrents.

In addition, there are super smooth 60 frames per second. They weigh more and require faster internet.

What to do if the Internet is used on two or more devices at once?

Let’s say you are watching streaming Full HD on a smart TV, your wife is surfing YouTube at a laptop with an HD screen, and your child is watching something from a smartphone or tablet in HD quality too. Does this mean that the numbers from the table need to be summed?

Yes, that’s right. In this case, you will need about 20 megabits per second.

What home internet speed do you really need

How many megabits per second is required for. Games and second content.

Very good and, last but not least, affordable home internet. Seriously! In villages and very deep provinces, things are, of course, worse, but take any, even a small town in the European part of the country and look at the tariffs. For 300-400 rubles a month, you can connect to an apartment with the Internet at a speed of 25-50 megabits per second, and for some promotion all 100 megabits.

For comparison: in “civilized” countries, fast Internet (both home and mobile) is much more expensive. And also the concept of “monthly data limit” still lives there. We only have this left in mobile operators.

However, the cheapness. this does not lead to pays for what you DO NOT use. Even a hundred saved rubles heats up the wallet, and then you need to choose the tariff for home Internet based on real needs for speed. Let’s figure out how many megabits per second are required in different situations, and start with basic concepts.

Why, during calls, the picture and sound from the interlocutors go to me normally, but me comments to them?

In this case, not only incoming, but also outgoing Internet speed becomes important. Often, providers do NOT indicate the outgoing speed in the tariff at all, but you can check it yourself using the same Speedtest.Net.

For broadcasting through a webcam, an outgoing speed of 1 megabits per second is sufficient. In the case of HD cameras (and even more so Full HD), the requirements for the outgoing speed increase.

Is it true that online games are so undemanding to internet speed??

Yes, for most toys like CS, Dota 2, WoT, WoW and even GTA 5, just one megabit per second is more than enough for multIPlayer, but in this case ping becomes decisive. the time it takes for the signal to go from you to the game server and back. The lower the ping, the lower the latency in the game.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to find out in advance even the Approximate ping in a particular game through a specific GoProvider, since its value is not constant and depends on many factors.

Questions and answers. What internet speed is really needed

Kind of activity Recommended speed (with a margin), megabits per second
Browsing, mail, social (without large pictures) 2
Online Games 2
conferences 3
SD- (360p, 480p) 3
HD- (720p) five
Full-HD- (1,080p) 8
2K- (1 440p) ten
4K- (2 160p) 25 and up

Obviously the above table needs clarification.

Megabits, megabytes and real speeds

Data size is usually measured in bytes. For example, an HD movie weighs from 700 megabytes (megs) to 1.4 gigabytes (gigabytes), and a Full HD movie weighs from 4 to 14 gigabytes.

It is customary to indicate the data transfer rate in bits (not bytes!) Per second, and sometimes this causes confusion.

1 megabyte = 8 megabits.

1 megabyte per second = 8 megabits per second.

If the user does NOT distinguish between bytes and bits, then it can easily be confused or mistaken for the same thing. In this case, he will calculate the Estimated time to download an HD movie via torrent like this:

  • The film weighs 1400 “megs”.
  • Internet speed 30 “megs” per second.
  • Movie downloads in 1400/30 = 46.6 seconds.

In fact, the internet speed is 30 megabits per second = 3.75 megabytes per second. Accordingly, 1400 megabytes should be divided not by 30, but by 3.75. In this case, the download time will be 1400 / 3.75 = 373 seconds.

In practice, the speed will be even lower, because Internet providers indicate the speed “to”, that is, the maximum possible, and not working. In addition, interference, especially when transmitting over Wi-Fi, network congestion, and limitations and peculiarities of the user equIPment and the equIPment of the service provider, contribute. You can check your speed with the help of Special Services, and increase it with the help of THESE tIPs.

Often the resource from which you download something becomes the bottleneck. For example, your internet speed is 100 megabits per second, and the site sends data at 10 megabits per second. In this case, downloading will occur at a speed of NOT more than 10 megabits per second, and nothing can be done about it.

Why in Internet providers the rates in tariffs start from 20-30 megabits per second or more?

Because the higher the speed, the more money you can charge. Providers could keep tariffs “from the past” at a speed of 2-10 megabits per second and lower their cost to 50-100 rubles, but why? It is much more profitable to increase minimum speeds and prices.


A 4K editing computer must have a good supply of RAM. The system works like this: as long as there is RAM, it deals with programs, if it is not enough, the paging file is turned on. This is the allocated space on the system drive that is used to store temporary files. Considering the speed of the HHD and SSD is not even close to the speed of the RAM, you will see terrible lags. But that’s not the worst thing.

If you use HDD, the system will stop responding when it uses the paging file. There will be fewer lags with an SSD, but constant overwriting can kill it in a few months, this drive is designed for such bullying.

A professional computer for 4K editing must have at least 32GB of RAM.


A quad-core processor can be considered the minimum for normal operation during rendering, but it is not enough for comfortable work. EGoPro performance is enough for you only for gluing or cutting a file, and applying effects and color correction will take a lot of time.

A 4K editing computer can be built with the latest generation Intel Core i7-9700K processor. Pebble has 8 overclocking cores and will cope with minimal tasks for processing 4K files. It is these processors that are best used when working with. Overclocking allows you to increase the power for a time consuming rendering, and in idle, its frequencies will decrease. Any other processor also Reduces frequencies, but not all allow you to increase the multIPlier.

The professional station can be made more productive. It is better to build a powerful computer for 4K editing based on an Intel Core i9-9900K processor. Unlike the previous model, it has 16 streams instead of 8. This means that each core can perform 2 tasks. Despite the same frequencies and the number of physical cores, it is much more productive in rendering

It should be noted that the top-end Intel processors are equIPped with integrated graphics chIPs. You can connect an additional monitor instead of loading the main map. Such a tandem will allow you to use the system unit even when it is loaded with a serious task. For example, on the main map you can put it on rendering, and on the built-in one you can play or continue working.

System requirements for 4K editing software

CPU RAM map Disk space Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Elements

Adobe After Effects

Sony Vegas Pro



Movavi Editor


CorelStudio Pro

Avid Media Composer

Intel Core i7 32 GB 4 GB 20 GB (SSD)
Intel Core i7 16 GB DX 9-10 support 16 GB (SSD or HDD)
4х3 GHz 16 GB DX 9 support 5 GB (SSD)
8×2 GHz 16 GB 1 GB or more, OpenGL support 1 GB (SSD)
4×3 GHz 8 GB 512 MB 1 GB
4х3 GHz 8 GB 512 MB 8 GB (SSD)
4х2.8 GHz 8 GB OpenGL 2.1 support 2 GB
Intel Core i7 8 GB 1 GB, Support DX 9 200 MB
4х2.8 GHz 8 GB 256 MB 3 GB
Intel Core i7, Intel Xeon 32 GB NVIDIA Quadro SSDHDD from 100 GB

But not all system requirements are taken from the developers’ sites. For some small programs like Avidemux, the hardware requirements for 4K are NOT specified. Adobe editing software is tested with top-end special cards: NVIDIA Quadro, NVIDIA GeForce Titan, NVIDIA GeForce GTX, AMD Radeon FirePro, AMD Radeon Vega PRO, AMD Radeon PRO. Small studios cannot afford such expensive tests, especially when it comes to free software.


A free program that can work with 4K format, but there are a number of drawbacks. for example, you can overlay only one audio and track. Exclusively amateur software with a minimum of effects and settings. Suitable for simple gluing and creating slideshows. Russian language is supported, but localization is NOT official.

Choosing a Computer Configuration for 4K Editing

To work with files of this format, you will need top-end hardware. It cannot be divided into the categories of semi-professional and professional, but we will try to pick up several options for system units with a minimum occurrence.

In general terms, a workstation of this power should be built on a processor with 4 cores and a frequency of at least 3.0 GHz. This is the minimum for rendering, and besides, you will have to wait a long time if you assign the task to the processor. the card can handle it better. Offset rendering with NVIDIA CUDA technology.

RAM size makes a huge difference, 4K bitrate is 4x that of regular FHD. When working with a file, it must be fully loaded into RAM, if this is not possible, the program will use the paging file or load it in parts.

The hard drive must be fast. see how much one minute weighs in different resolutions:

  • HD 30 fps. 60 MB / min;
  • FHD 30 fps. 130 MB / min;
  • FHD 60 fps. 200 MB / min;
  • UHD 30 fps. 375 MB / min;
  • UHD 60 fps. 600 MB / min.

Of course, this data is approximate, the bit rate may differ (above we examined the reasons that affect this). But in any case, a 15-minute clIP will weigh up to 10 GB, it is very difficult and time-consuming to work with such large files from a regular hard drive.

4K Editing Computers

Sony Vegas Pro

Many YouTube bloggers love the program. Suitable for creating TV series and short films. A special advantage is the ability to work with “living”. Supports recording and streaming editing from multIPle cameras at once. Like all professional instruments, Sony Vegas Pro allows you to work with a large number of tracks.

How Much Does 4k Weigh


The program of a domestic developer is positioned as a professional software, but it is NOT. A limited number of tracks, a small set of effects and settings do not allow it to reach the professional level. But for a beginner with simple tasks, the utilities will do. Here’s a very simple interface with Official Localization. The product is actively promoted by developers, there are many lessons on the network.

4K editing software

Not all programs can run at UHD resolution. Most of the free utilities are NOT updated and only support FHD files. However, all paid products have been working with files of this size for a long time.


How much space does each species take

To find out how much you can burn, you need to know how much space it will take. The IPhone camera can record in different resolutions. Lower resolutions result in smaller files (which means you can store more. Filmed at a lower resolution).

All modern IPhones can record at 720p and 1080p HD, while the IPhone 6 series and up adds 1080p HD at 60fps, and the IPhone 6S and newer adds 4K HD. Slow motion at 120fps and 240fps is available on THESE models.

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How to quickly reduce weight on IPhone and IPad

Shooting with IPhone and IPad is very convenient, but the resulting files are often too heavy. We will tell you how to reduce the size ofs in a few seconds with minimal loss of quality.

The first step is to download a suitable application.

All necessary functions are available in the free version, upgrade to Pro allows you to remove ads.

1. Open the application and go to the “Settings” tab. Here you need to select the desired quality and sound output. If you want the new to appear at the end of the film, select the result date “current”.

2. In the “” tab, select the desired. The app shows how long each one lasts and weighs. And also how long ago it was filmed.

3. Click on the ⊕ icon to compress. You can follow the process in the “Status” tab.

Done! Saved in film. You can click on the “Share” icon to immediately send it to the messenger or social network.

Find the available capacity of your IPhone

To find out how much free space you have on your IPhone, follow these steps:

Click Settings.

Click General.

Click About.

Find the Term Available. This shows how much unused GoPro space you have to store. Which you wrote down.

See also # 129488;

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How much can you record on IPhone?

By Gleb Zakharov Reading 5 min. Views 39 Published on 27.07.2019

With a world-class camera and great editing apps, the IPhone is a powerful mobile device (some of the main directors’ feature films have even been filmed). But what good is it if you don’t have enough memory to store it? The question IPhone owners who record a lot must ask: how much can you record on an IPhone?

Answer Not quite usual. The answer depends on many factors, such as the total storage capacity of your device, the amount of second data on your phone, and the resolution. Which you are filming. To figure out the answer, let’s look at how each of THESE problems affects quantity. Which you can record on your IPhone.

How much does the photo weigh??

Measuring the quality of a photo in megabytes is like measuring a person’s attractiveness in a kilogram.

There is, of course, an indirect connection. But this is not at all the way of evaluation. There is an optimal range. There are deviations, there is too much.

The tendency to consider a good photo. having the maximum “weight” available at this moment, which the technique can give. this is too much.

Whyuu? You will say. The bigger, the better! Then definitely high quality.

1. Technique does not stand still. The numbers on the packaging Should grow, something should change every year. and more megapixels are squeezing everything into a smaller sensor. This affects the maximum possible file weight, but neither the quality, nor the resolution of the optics, nor the ability to photograph are affected. Recently a good photo weighed 2.5-5 mb. Then she crawled to 10 mb. And now? 20 MB is not the limit. It’s tin. Nothing has changed. there is as much useful information in the photos. Everything else is matrix noise or smeared something.

2. False assumption that if the photo does not weigh as much as possible, it is bad (the concept of “good weight” is constantly growing). Lack of understanding of the optimal weight and the quality corresponding to it. Lack of understanding of photo requirements for specific purposes.

3. There are real criteria for evaluating the quality of a photo, and this is not “weight”:

  • Size in pixels. This is what defines photography in the first place. A photo is made up of pixels. Their number is the main parameter for photography. There is also an optimal range here, there may be too many of them. How to understand how much you need?
  • Resolution in DPI (PPI) if the photo is to be printed (but only in this case). This allows you to determine whether there are enough points (Points, Dots) for a stamp of a certain size (Inches) with those. Requirements for this type of printing (usually 300 dpi). We calculate. and understand how many points we need! It’s simple, damn it.
  • Effective resolution, optics resolution. Megapixels grew, but optics did not change for decades, and they could not. Good optics are like a good car. But it also has a limit. Now, as a rule, the resolution of the matrix significantly exceeds the capabilities of optics. At a scale of 1: 1, there are no clear details in the photo, they are blurry, a separate pixel does not carry useful information. As a result, photography has a lot of room for size optimization. both in pixels and in compression ratio.
  • Noises, blurring. In addition to the maximum possibilities of optics in real life, there are other difficulties, which further limit the actual resolution of photography. Photos with maximum optical resolution are rare, rather an exception. In the case of medium or insufficient illumination, the matrix noise interferes (which is the larger, the more pixels are crammed into a unit area, that is, there are a lot of them), as well as a blurry image both when the object is moving, and due to camera shake, as well as optical stabilization, which also “lathers”. Throw in software-based noise reduction aLGorithms built into many cameras for a cruel soap.
  • Compression ratio. This is the biggest problem. At the word “compression”, “jpeg”, and especially when they are together, a terrible photo from the Internet rises before your eyes. I would like to say “no, no, no, there is,” and twist the “quality” to the maximum. No. The golden mean, remember? Jpeg is a destructive compression aLGorithm. It sounds scary, but. in the compression quality range from 0 to 50%, you can notice artifacts with the eye, especially if there are few pixels (as with a photo on the Internet). With “quality” there is 100% destructive compression at all. It’s like saving a photo to tiff. It weighs a lot, yes. Do you need it? In the range of quality 60-90%. most often it is impossible to notice any difference With an uncompressed photo, even if you study every pixel under the dandruff. And if you remember that each pixel is most likely a hoopla or porridge. such “quality” is useless in princIPle. You will keep the hype clearer, so what? The jpeg aLGorithms operate on an 8×8 pixel area. If the size of the parts is larger, the aLGorithm can hardly harm them. And the inclusion of completely invisible to the eye optimization reduces the weight of the photo by 2-4 times. From 20 mb it becomes 5, from 10. 3. and this is still a high-quality photo.