IPhone data transfer to iPhone

It happens that IveStore service centers are not nearby or not present in your city, but you must quickly transfer data from the iPhone to the iPhone, while maintain valuable information. I don’t really want to contact incomprehensible centers, since they can make a copy of all your data there and arrange a transfer with losses or mistakes, and at the same time they will still take a tidy amount for the entire procedure. For example, some centers, not only for the repair of Apple equipment, but also for sale, on transferring data from the iPhone to the iPhone, take 5000, which looks predatory in relation to the client. In the IveStore center, such a service costs from 500 to 1000, the price varies from shares, moreover, very often for regular customers, this service costs nothing. Therefore, we are happy to share with you about how to independently transfer all the data from one iPhone to another.

Data transfer to new iPhone

First you need to figure out which iPhone in your hands, if you want to transfer data from the old iPhone to a new model, then provided that on the old smartphone you have a version of iOS at least 11, the procedure is simplified to madness, you just need to bring two devices to each other and voila, magic:

  • As mentioned earlier, we put both iPhone with each other.
  • Choosing a language on a new device.
  • Get to the window with Apple ID and press further, you will be offered to use Apple ID at this stage.
  • Make sure you have chosen the desired Apple ID and click “Continue”.
  • In this case, Bluetooth should be turned on.
  • An animation ball will appear on the new device.
  • Take the old iPhone and get it on the ball on the screen of the new.
  • The message “Completion on the new device” will appear.
  • The new iPhone will be asked to enter the code-paralle from the old, enter.
  • Tune the Face ID and Touch ID functions on the new iPhone.
  • Next, enter the password from Apple ID on the new smartphone.
  • After that, a request will appear to restore programs and other settings, select.
  • In this case, it is necessary to be connected to Wi-Fi.
  • Everything, just wait.

By the way, starting from 12.4 versions of iOS, this procedure can be performed even faster, just choosing the transfer of data on the cable, for this you will have to connect the iPhones of each other-k-two. The only thing for this method will require Lightning adapter with USB and USB-Lightning cable, which comes with the new iPhone. By the way, we advise you to buy a Lightning adapter with a USB for iPhone in IveStore, since this accessory is indispensable, you can connect flash drives and other accessories to it, and in our Apple network, the price for it is very good.

IPhone data transfer using iCloud

This method is one of the most inconvenient, especially if you use Apple technique by 100%. Когда у вас очень много приложений, данных, фотографий и так далее, в «облако» резервная копия просто может и не влезть. Typically, unknowingly, some, without suspecting, activate a paid subscription to the cloud and they have a tidy amount for using an additional place only for storing backups, since this very cloud few people use it every month. But if suddenly, you do not have much data and everything gets into the free ICLUD tariff, then we do the following:

  • We open the settings on the old iPhone.
  • We go to Apple ID and go to icloud there.
  • Next, just select icloud backup.
  • Click “Create a copy”.
  • After the backup copy was created and loaded into the “cloud” take a new iPhone, choose a tongue, set up Wi-Fi and press “restore from the backup of icloud”.
  • Next, enter the iCloud account and select a backup there, which was recently created on the old iPhone.
  • Then you wait, the process can occupy several hours and depends entirely on the Internet connection and the volume of the copy itself.
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Data transfer using iTunes

This is one of the most reliable and stable methods for transferring data, since the intermediary device is used here, on which we will save a backup and can not lose 100% of it. The truth will have to install iTunes if you have not used it before:

  • Download the latest version of the “tuna” and install it
  • Run ITUNES, then connect the old iPhone to the computer via cable
  • At the top of iTunes you will have a small iPhone icon, click on it and choose “encrypt a backup”, and then click the “Run backup” button
  • The copying process will be displayed at the top of the iTunes window with a blue strip or on the right in the menu will give you % of copied data
  • After all the data has been copied, turn off the old iPhone from the computer
  • We turn on the new iPhone on the computer and you will be immediately offered to conduct an initial setting. Here we select “Restoration from the backup of iTunes”
  • After that, select the recently created backup (it will be in the drop.down list and is called as your iPhone is called)
  • Click “Restore from a backup”
  • Enter the password from the backup (if you encrypted it)
  • We wait for the end of the process and voila, magic!

As you can see, transferring data from iPhone to iPhone. it is very simple and it makes no sense to rely on someone when you can do everything at home in the shortest time. Therefore, do not overpay for the service in obscure companies for 5000. If it turned out to be difficult for you, then come to the network of Apple centers. IveStore, where you will be transferred to data at a symbolic price during the work of the master, no more. over, we will tell you how to handle the iPhone correctly, pick up useful accessories and give discounts on them. Thank you for your attention.

Transfer all the data from the old iPhone to iPhone via iTunes

If for some reason to use the method of transferring data from iPhone to iPhone from iCloud you cannot, you will have to use iTunes. However, to use it, you need to connect devices to a computer.

Connect your old iPhone to a computer and run itunes. Make a backup with iTunes.

Turn on your iPhone 7, and choose these things:

Your language and country is dependent on turning on the Location ServiceSt Wi-Fi

When you are offered to configure the device, select “Restore from the backup of iTunes”.

Connect the iPhone to iTunes, and make a backup of the new iPhone using the same computer that you used to back up your old iPhone.

Itunes will ask you to restore from a backup or configure you as a new. And select a backup copy of your old iPhone and select “Continue”.

Transfer all data from the old iPhone to iPhone via Tenorshare icarefone

It is easy for you to transfer files from iPhone, iPad and iPod to PC via Tenorshare icarefone. Connect your device to PC and you can start managing your data, including videos, photos, music, contacts, notes, calendars, applications, bookmarks, etc.D.

This is a very simple way to transfer your data from iPhone to iPhone.

Select the type of file that you need to import.

Press the Import button and find the files that were previously saved on the computer. Wait for the completion of the process and you will find these files on your iPhone currently.

much, data, transferred, iphone

When using Tenorshare icarefone, you can transfer all the contents like videos, notes, contacts, photos, music. Messages, calendar, etc.D. On your new iPhone, regardless of what your old iPhone is 4s, 5, 5s, 6, 6s, 6 Plus, 7.8, X.

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Transfer data from the old iPhone to the new iPhone 11 via a backup iCloud

This method is easy and convenient, since data transfer is carried out due to the creation of a backup of one iPhone and transfer data to another gadget.

Note: a very important point is-installing a SIM card to the new device before transferring data from an old device to a new. If you have already set up your new iPhone, then you will leave you all its data.

Check if your device is connected to the Wi-Fi network, if not, then be sure to connect.

In the settings go to the ICLOUD section, then to the “Reserve Copy”

Next, you need to create a backup copy. Check also whether the “Reserve Copy in ICLOD” is activated.

After starting the process, wait for the completion of the creation of a backup copy.

How to Transfer Everything from Your Old iPhone to iPhone 12 and 12 Pro

Turn on the device and follow the instructions until the program screen appears and data.

Now you need to click on “restore from a copy of iCloud”. You need to enter icloud.To do this, enter the data from the Apple ID account.

It is necessary to find the last backup and choose it, since relevant files and settings will be uploaded in this way. It is important to choose the last copy. Only in this case, current content and settings will be loaded on the device.

Wait until the process of recovery from the icloud backup is completed.

Move all the data to the iPhone 11/11 Pro through the backup iTunes

To transfer all the content from the old phone to a new one using the ITUNES backup, you will need to first create a backup copy.

Connect the old iPhone to the computer using a USB cable. Launch iTunes on your PC and make a backup copy.

Wait for the completion of the creation of a backup copy. As soon as the action is completed, connect the new device. If the new device is already configured, then you will need to delete the data on it.

Select “Restore a copy” on a new device. Then select a backup copy. Next, transfer a backup to your new iPhone.

much, data, transferred, iphone

Send all the photos of the new iPhone 11 via Airdrop

Airdrop. One of the famous Apple applications for data transmission that allows users to transmit data from the iPhone to iPhone or Macintosh. Here’s how to find out how to postpone photos and other data from the old iPhone to the new iPhone.

Open the settings on both iPhone, find Airdrop and open

Open the old iPhone for which you want to transfer data, select “Share” Airdrop, select the new iPhone and click on it.

The transmitted photos will be displayed on the new iPhone, select to receive

Transfer all your data from iPhone to iPhone without pc or icloud | Mohit Balani

In addition to photographs, Airdrop can also transmit data such as music and files from the old iPhone to the new iPhone.

In this article, we have analyzed 5 solutions that will help you transfer data from the old iPhone to the new iPhone 11 or iPhone 11 Pro.

In conclusion, I would like to once again mention the Tenorshare icarefone program, this is a convenient and simple iOS file manager to transmit data between iOS, PC and iTunes, as well as backup and restore the contents and restoration of the iOS system. You just need to go to the Tenorshare website and install this program on your PC, so that at any time you can independently and easily correct the bugs, problems and errors in a short time.

There is no backup? We suggest you return the data until it became too late

Sometimes we forget to create a backup, which can cause problems if your device breaks or you lose important information. But do not worry, you can use Ultdata, an iPhone recovery application. Using it, you can easily create backups and view data. It also helps to restore files without loss of data.

We have listed various methods that you can use to transmit data from the old iPhone to a new. You can easily try any of these solutions and make the recovery process easier. over, you can download Tenorshare icarefone if it is difficult for you to restore data using other applications.

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How to automatically transfer data from the old iPhone to a new

In iOS 11 and more new versions, it is possible to quickly transfer data from one iPhone to another. The only condition is both smartphones should be next to each other. So, let’s begin:

1: Turn on the new iPhone or iPad and put it next to the old device (IOS 11 or newer should be on both devices).

2: A “quick start” window will appear on the new iPhone, where it will offer to configure the new device and enter its Apple ID.

3: After that, the image should appear on the new iPhone, scan it with the old iPhone.

4: When a password request appears, enter a password from the old iPhone on the new.

5: Touch ID on the new iPhone or iPad.

6: Now the question should arise about restoring data in the new iPhone from your last compatible backup copy.

7: Choose that you want to restore a backup of iCloud or iTunes on a new device, configure as a new iPhone or iPad, or transfer data from Android device.

8: Agree with the conditions.

9: Choose whether you want to endure some settings associated with Siri, Find My iPhone, Apple Pay, Geosition and Privacy.

10: Complete the process of setting up your new iPhone or iPad.

How to remove information from the old phone

IPhone immediately after setting up the purchased iPhone, the question arises with the cleaning of the obsolete apparatus from important information.

Two actions are performed to delete the information:

  • ICLOUD equipment unholations. you need to go to the main menu and enter your profile, then scroll down the page and click on the “exit” unit. The action helps to throw off the locking of equipment activation.
  • Resetting of equipment. is carried out through the menu with the transition to the “main” and “reset”. Activation of the “Esking Content” subsection will lead to complete cleansing.

Correctly performed operation completes the preparation of equipment before transferring it to extraneous hands.

Make a backup with iTunes

  • Make sure you have established the latest version of iTunes. You can update it through software updating or downloaded from the Apple website.
  • Connect the iPhone to a computer with the installed latest version of iTunes.
  • Select your old iPhone in iTunes in the “Devices” section.
  • Press the “file” “devices” “transfer purchases” to save content loaded from iTunes Store or App Store.
  • If you also want to transfer passwords, state and activity data to your new iPhone, you need to encrypt a backup iPhone. This will create a backup copy of your ligament of the keys, which includes passwords of email accounts, Wi-Fi passwords and passwords that you enter on websites, as well as data on state and activity. Install the “Highlight [device] backup” check box and select password. You have not forgotten this password, you cannot restore a backup on your iPhone.
  • Click “Create a backup now”.
  • To make sure that the backup was successful, go to the “ITNES settings” “Devices”. You should see the name of your old iPhone, as well as the date and time of the last backup.

Now you can transfer the backup iTunes to the new iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 Pro.

Copying with “quick transfer”.

Until the 11th version of the iPhone, these two options remained the only information available for postponing information. But Apple would not be considered a beloved users if I had not come up with something new.

In the 11th version, the company added a fast start function “. The goal is to simplify the transfer of data to new models. In the new version, you no longer need a copy of the cloud storage. In general, the connection with the server will not be needed. Information is transmitted directly. At the same time, the function also works on the iPad.