Honor 20. frequently asked questions and all information about the smartphone

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Honor 20 is a chic mid-range smartphone, so we have collected the most popular questions and answers for you, by reading this FAQ you will learn much more about this smartphone. Does this phone support Face Unlock, USB OTG, NFC, Fast charging, Slow video recording, VR apps and more? Are you interested in answers to a number of similar questions, then keep reading to learn more.

Battery for Huawei Honor 20 HB386589ECW

This battery is fully compatible with your Huawei Honor 20. Manufacturer: China.

After purchase, the new battery should be charged to the maximum mark, then use up to 10-15% charge (a higher discharge will only hurt). Then do a few more full cycles: charging to full and discharging: a new battery will regain its operational parameters only after two or three cycles of charging and discharging. Further the battery should not be discharged and charged to 100%. The optimum is to keep the charge at 20 to 90%

P.S. It happens that the new battery does not charge or does not fully charge from the standard charger of the phone, and does not hold a charge at the proper level. In this case it is necessary to charge the battery from a power source or with a universal charger (frog). After that everything will fall into place.

Battery for your Huawei smartphone. it is the heart of it and without it it is impossible to use the Gadget.

There are times when the battery malfunction is visible to the naked eye. The faulty battery begins to discharge quickly, as well as slowly charging or charging not fully, the bloating of the battery contributes to the gas that accumulates under its shell.

If you find that your battery is “bursting” outward, you should immediately stop using it and dispose of it, as blown batteries can ignite and cause irreversible damage not only to your smartphone and you, but also to those around you.

Traces of corrosion and white-green stains also indicate a bad battery.

Today our smartphones can almost all at once show video and picture on a huge display, take pictures with flash, shoot video at night, upload to your smartphone or from your smartphone to various resources any content, as well as show the way with GPS. And with all this the battery every day.

As a consequence, their service life is significantly reduced, and often after a year of active use, the battery ceases to carry the burden of complex HI-Tech technology.

If the battery is not removable. It is difficult to detect the symptoms of imminent death. At the same time the case may begin to swell and the display is detached from it. Not uncommon cases where the untimely replacement of the battery spoils the expensive display on the smartphone, the source of the expensive repair of two important components of the smartphone.

Observe the performance of the battery.

Honor 20 Full Review ⚡ Software Updates, Camera, Performance, Battery

Most gadgets allow you to watch the history of battery discharge and charge, and there are special programs to monitor this action.

The battery should not be discharged in standby mode at a time, more than 1-2%, if the gadget in standby mode discharges catastrophically fast, the battery should be replaced.

Battery for Huawei Honor 20S HB356687ECW

This battery is fully compatible with your Huawei Honor 20S. Manufacturer: China.

After purchase, the new battery should be charged to the maximum mark, then use up to 10-15% of the charge (more discharge will only harm). Then do a few more full cycles: charge to full and discharge: a new battery will regain its performance parameters only after two or three cycles of charging and discharging. The battery should not be further discharged and charged to 100%. The optimum is to keep the charge at 20 to 90%

P.S. It happens that the new battery does not charge or does not fully charge from the standard charger of the phone, and does not hold a charge at the proper level. In this case, charge the battery with a power source or universal charger (frog). After that everything will fall into place.

Battery for your Huawei smartphone. it’s his heart and without him you can’t use the Gadget.

There are times when the malfunction of the battery is visible to the naked eye. A faulty battery will quickly drain and charge slowly or not fully charge, bloating is caused by gas that collects under the battery jacket.

If you find that your battery is “bursting” outside, you should immediately stop using it and dispose of it, as blown batteries can ignite and cause irreversible damage not only to your smartphone and you, but also to others.

Traces of corrosion and white-green stains are also indicative of a dead battery.

Today our smartphones can almost all simultaneously show video and picture on a huge display, take photos with flash, shoot video at night, upload any content to or from your smartphone to various resources, and show you the way with GPS. And with all this the battery copes every day.

As a consequence, their life is significantly reduced, and often after a year of active use, the battery ceases to carry the complex burden of HI-Tech technology.

If the battery is not removable. it is difficult to detect the symptoms of imminent death. The case may begin to swell and the display may detach from it. Not infrequent cases where the untimely replacement of the battery spoiled expensive display on your smartphone, the source of expensive repair of two important components of the smartphone.

Watch the battery performance.

Most gadgets, allow you to monitor the history of battery discharge and charge, and there are special programs to monitor this action.

The battery should not be discharged in standby mode at a time, more than 1-2%, if the gadget is discharging catastrophically fast, then the battery should be replaced.

Battery replacement Huawei Honor 20

Honor 20 battery is not eternal and tends to lose capacity. As a rule, the owner of the cell phone does not want to search for a new battery and immediately buy a new smartphone. And in vain! If only because it is much cheaper to replace the battery of Honor 20. Do not spend money on a new gadget, and contact the service center, where a specialist will quickly find the original battery for your model. Order a service in the Service Center is easy. Traditionally, you can visit the reception point in person. If there is no such opportunity in the near future, contact a hot mowing line operator, who will answer the phone at any time, working without interruption and weekends. An employee of the call-center not only accepts your request, but also answers all your questions about the price and replacement time. As an option, on the site you can order a free call with feedback by entering in the form of a contact phone number. In that case, in 5 minutes the manager himself will call back.

Honor 20 128GB cell phone

Flagship from Honor

Huawei Honor 20 has a long-suffering fate: the smartphone was presented at the height of the conflict between the U.S. and China, which made its future very questionable. Fortunately, the conflict is partially resolved and the smartphone finally reached the shelves.

Full stuffing

Why to happiness? Because for a little less than 500 the potential buyer was offered actually full stuffing, which is usually found in much more expensive smartphones Huawei. The device got the top-of-the-line Kirin 980 processor, 6GB of RAM, 128GB of built-in storage, plenty of cameras for all occasions, a high-capacity battery, fast charging and a high-quality IPS screen with a diagonal and 2340×1080 resolution.

An unusual fingerprint scanner

At the same time it has two original chips: a front camera in the display, an additional camera for macro photography and an unusual fingerprint scanner, which is built into the power button on the side edge. At the moment, the latter seems to be the ideal solution: it is always at hand, you do not need to fumble around on the back cover in search of it, and at the same time it works much faster scanners built right into the screen.

Quadro camera with macro photography

The Honor 20 camera was made according to the principle that the more modules the better. There are four of them: normal, wide-angle, blur and macro modules.

The quadro camera takes great pictures, which are slightly below the level of the Huawei P30. The only criticisms are not the best quality of night shots, HDR and macro mode. The 2 MP sensor resolution is not enough at all, so cropped shots from the main camera usually look better than photos taken with a macro lens. As for HDR and night mode, these problems are likely to be eliminated with a firmware update.

Blurring the lines

When it comes to additional features, we found no compromises: there’s NFC, fast charging, modern wireless interfaces, and a high-quality metal and glass case with a fashionable gradient fill. You could say that with the release of models like the Honor 20 and Xiaomi Mi 9T in 2019, the line between smartphones for 400 and 1000 has blurred to barely visible outlines and buying an expensive flagship is only reasonable if you need some specific things like the Galaxy Note10 stylus, wireless charging or a top-end camera.

Honor 20 5-camera smartphone review

Honor’s long-suffering smartphone revealed in London in the midst of U.S. sanctions against China. These days, Huawei’s mobile division couldn’t even get its bearings: show the Honor 20 along with the Honor 20 Pro or keep just one. In the end it was decided to present both devices, but in Russia to bring exactly Honor 20. I will not even joke about how many times I had to rewrite the text about the first look at new items.

Nevertheless, despite all the difficulties of the Chinese company, the device will still get to our country. Already now on the official site hangs a prepared page with the start of pre-order on June 14.

A little offtop to briefly explain the situation on the devices Huawei/Honor: all current devices will interact with the store applications Google Play, the only nuance. they do not get new versions of Google Android. However, as you know, smartphones are equipped with their own proprietary shell, so the “android” versions, by and large, do not play a special role. According to statistics from Google itself (May 7, 2019), the operating system Android 9.0 Pie is installed on only 10.4% of devices. “Ten” other vendors will get at best by the end of this year, and realistically by the middle of next year. So, sorry for the slang, I would not sweat about a fresh version of the OS for Huawei/Honor.

One way or another, there will be an EMUI/Magic update, which will include all the tricks Android Q.

Returning to the Honor 20 smartphone. At the moment it will be the flagship model of the Honor brand. The device got the top processor Kirin 980, a lot of cameras for all occasions, high-capacity battery and fast charging, high-quality screen with IPS-matrix. It has two original features: a front camera in the display and an additional camera for shooting macro subjects.

When buying the Honor 20 as a gift come True Wireless headphones Honor FlyPods lite (itself they cost 8 000).


There are no big changes relative to the Honor View 20 in the Honor 20. Tactically it is the same relatively thick body, large size and weight. The back panel has a new design called Dynamic Holographic Design. Recall that the View 20 had a mirror pattern on the lid in the shape of the Latin letter “V”. In the case of the Honor 20 there is no pattern as such: in the reflection of the rear panel you see a slightly distorted reality with a volume “curved mirror” effect: Triple 3D Mesh is a compression method that combines three layers of materials, including glass, a color layer and a layer of depth.

“Our RD team was not only able to compress these three thin layers into one, but also to place them on top of the curved surface of the case. After much trial and error, the developers applied a special pump to make the layers touch each other more tightly. Because of this complex process, only 20 out of 100 panels meet our quality standards. This indicates a technological breakdown of the fusion of three layers of varying density on an uneven surface. We end up with a better look and feel and a better grip.

Words are difficult to describe. I can’t say it’s cool, but it’s pretty original. In photos and videos to convey the impression in full because of the optical characteristics of camera lenses. At our review there was a black version of “twenty”. Visually. it’s just a black glass bar. Blue looks much more impressive. Oleophobic coating is applied to both sides of the smartphone. That is why you should not worry about fingerprints.

In the upper, thin plate on the front panel is a light sensor, an indicator of events, the speaker under the metal mesh. The speaker is loud, the caller can be heard clearly, the timbre is shifted to the middle frequencies. Since the speaker is at the very edge, we occasionally had to position the phone near the ear so that we could hear comfortably. Sometimes the smartphone had to be held almost sideways. another problem of modern Frameless phones: no place for an adequate speaker location, so they twist as they can. A sad tendency, in my opinion.

Despite its size, the Honor 20 is great in the hand, it wants to use.

On the bottom. the microphone, USB-C and speaker. Here they call it “Virtual 9″.1 surround sound.”. Yes, the sound is rich and rich, loud and clear, but without using multiple speakers to achieve surround sound is impossible.

On the left side are slides for two SIM cards. On the right is the mechanical power button, which has a built-in fingerprint scanner (I wonder how the Sony Mobile division reacted to this)?). The idea is good. The button has sharp edges. This does not interfere with the unit, just a statement of fact. Just above is the volume rocker key.

On the top end. proximity sensor (originally I thought it was an IR transmitter) and the second microphone.

And on the back of the smartphone is such a story: a very large module with three lenses with a flash, and next built another camera, in my subjective opinion. a real rudiment.


The device got a display, which has a diagonal of 6.26 inch. In the smartphone View 20 diagonal screen 6.4 inches. The resolution of the new display is FullHD, that is 2340×1080 pixels. Note that manufacturers have dramatically abandoned high resolutions in almost all of their products. The Honor 20 matrix is made on IPS-technology. This is probably a big plus for some users. I did not notice any difference between the Honor 20 and View 20 screens.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about this phone is the display with a hole for the front camera. The appearance of this design variant itself is quite logical: it is necessary to make thin screen frames without cutouts, but somewhere to squeeze in a camera for selfies. As far as I know, there are already working prototypes where the camera for selfies is located under the screen.

By the way, at the presentation we were told that the dark space around the eye of the selfie camera in the Honor 20 was slightly reduced. Compared to the View 20, I didn’t notice that.

You can hide the dark circle! However, in this case, the entire top notification bar is filled with black. I think it’s a completely pointless idea.

The brightness of white is 380 cd/m2, the brightness of black. 0.5 cd/m2, contrast. 750:1. In fact, these figures are quite standard. At certain angles the screen goes to a pinkish tint. In light, the Honor 20 display behaves decently, the picture almost does not fade.

Bottom line: a good option for those who prefer IPS matrix. high brightness, nice colors, excellent sensitivity.


The smartphone has a battery capacity of 3750 mAh. Let me remind you that the View 20 has 4000 mAh battery.

The Honor 20’s battery life is impressive. up to 7 hours of screen glow on auto brightness and about 30 hours without recharging. Dry numbers: video playback at maximum brightness. 10.5 hours (up to 13 hours in the View 20), games. 5 hours (up to 5.5 hours in View 20).

Battery is charged by SuperCharge AC adapter (5V/2A, 4.5V/5A, 5V/4.5А): 10 minutes. 10%, 30 minutes. 50%, 60 minutes. 65%, 1 hour 35 minutes. 100%.

Communication Features

Of course, the smartphone works with 4G LTE (B2/B2/B3/B4/B5/B7/B8/B18/B19/B20/B26/B28). There are two SIM cards in nano format. The device supports Wi-Fi ac and dual band (MIMO), there is Bluetooth version 5.0 with support for BLE, SBC, AAC, aptX and aptX HD, LDAC HD and HWA Audio. Smartphone works with GPS and GLONASS, BeiDou and Galileo satellite navigation system. In this case, the device gets a confident A, as the accuracy is really very high. The speed of determining the coordinates is not a question. Of course, there is an NFC chip. It works for both payment and data recording on Troika cards.

Oddly, the Honor 20 was deprived of the IR transmitter. So if you need it, go ahead for View 20. Especially now it is decently dropped in price.

Memory, processor and performance

As far as I know, for now the device will be on sale with 6 GB RAM and 128 GB of internal memory. View 20 smartphone with Moschino brand collaboration has 8/256 GB.

The Honor 20 RAM speed is 21,000 MB/s, a high value, the built-in memory is 630/200 MB, not bad! These parameters are a little short of the more productive solutions.

Honor 20 processor got from the flagship devices. HiSilicon Kirin 980. It is built on 7nm process and has 3 clusters: ARM 2xCortex-A76 2.6 GHz 2xCortex-A76 1.92GHz 4xCortex-A55 1.58 GHz. You can read more about it here.

An important test I’ve been doing lately. Trottling. In case of Honor 20 it’s just awful: the first minute is a normal flight, but starting from the second minute the performance drops by 40% and stays there until the processor load is removed.

In the game PUBG you can choose the maximum graphics parameters. The game does not slow down, and trotlining in PUBG is not felt. Or maybe this particular game doesn’t have one. Other games were fine. That is, in theory there is trottling, but in practice I was not able to achieve it.

At the moment, the phone runs on Google Android OS version 9 and the branded Magic UI version 2.1.0, which is almost indistinguishable from EMUI 9.


Honor brand developers decided to play marketing: the more cameras, the more noise around them. That’s why in the new Honor 20 they installed as many as 5 cameras! One frontal, one wide-angle, one normal, the fourth blurs the background (digital bokeh), and the fifth is for shooting macro subjects. In order:

  • 48 MP main camera. Sony IMX586 sensor, f/1 aperture.8, 1/2 inch size, Ai-stabilization
  • 16 MP wide-angle camera. Aperture f/2.2, a viewing angle of 117 degrees with support for distortion correction
  • 2 MP camera for digital bokeh
  • 2 MP camera for macro. Fixed focal length, f/2 aperture.4, distance to subject 4 cm
  • 32 MP front camera. Aperture f/2.0

All in all, it all makes sense enough, until you get to a separate 2 MP camera to take macro photos. The thing is that the Mate 20/20 Pro and P30/P30 Pro have a wide-angle lens that can focus from 2cm. Whereas the Honor 20 offers a separate lens, a sensor of only 2 MP and fixed Focus at 4 cm. Why such complications with cameras? I’m sure it’s pure marketing to mention a large number of cameras in the ads.

And the proof is very simple: take a picture with the macro lens and the regular 48 MP lens, cut the picture and see that it looks much better with the cropped shot of the main camera than with the special macro lens. In principle, it was possible to get out of this situation qualitatively, if the resolution of the sensor for macro shooting was increased at least to 8 MP. Otherwise it turns out that the aperture is small and the sensor is weak.

In the settings of the phone when choosing a resolution there are three options (the main working): 12 MP, 48 MP and 48 MP high definition with artificial intelligence. However, the Ai photo is created a few seconds and only for stationary objects! The difference between the frames on the screen is impossible to see, but on the PC it is noticeable: the frames with 48 MP Ai more details, but also a little more digital noise.

I liked the pictures on the Honor 20. Their level is comparable to Honor View 20, Huawei Mate 20 and a little short of Huawei P30.

Front camera is great. Video writes in FullHD with electronic stabilization, and quite effective.

The main cameras create video up to 4K resolution at 30 f / s. During the day the videos look good, but when the light level goes down, wild artifacts come out, and the electronic “stab” severely spoils the image. In the evening on the wide angle is better not to shoot. noise and artifacts. In addition, the lack of optical stabilization makes the picture very “sprinkled”. In the end there is nothing left of the wide angle.

The camera interface is exactly the same as in any other device from Huawei.


In this phone model uses only one speaker on the bottom face. For watching movies and toys, of course, you need two speakers: the effect is definitely nice. The speaker is a little quieter than on the View 20. Bass notes are almost absent, mostly high and medium. The quality is good, at high volume no overloading.

Volume in headphones seemed to me a little low, especially on the Bluetooth channel (Meizu POP and Huawei FreeBuds lite). However, with the Bose QC35 everything is more or less fine, in no small part due to the built-in equalizer. In wired headphones Flow from Meizu sound is not bad, but the bass is clearly not enough.

Fans of “iron” radio will have to look out for something else, as the Honor 20 has no FM radio.


After a long “communication” smartphone Honor 20 I liked (the first impression was not very). Despite the impressive size, it lies quite well in the hand, it is pleasant to use. The display is of high quality, IPS matrix many will appreciate (accurate color, brightness, no PWM), operating time is not a record for Huawei/Honor devices, but no connection you will not stay away even after 10-12 hours of active work with the gadget.

I liked the decision to use the fingerprint scanner in the power button on the side. Did not like the lack of 3.5 mm audio output to headphones. Fortunately, the kit has an adapter. As you’ve already figured out from the review, the extra macro lens is completely useless.

, start of sales. As of June 21, 2019 (as of the 14th. pre-order).

To sum up: a very good smartphone without notches in the screen, with a large diagonal display, decent camera and battery life, but not without the nuances associated with system updates. For my money Honor 20. An extremely curious device with top-end parameters.

Rating the best Honor phone models by price and features

Honor company produces high-quality and affordable smartphones, which allows it to occupy a leading position in sales in Russia. The phones of the manufacturer attract users with their bright design, advanced technology and reasonable price.

Today let’s take a look at the best Honor phones. The selection includes models in all price categories: from “budget” to flagships.

It’s time to change my phone, because my previous one was starting to glitch in terms of no one hearing me when I called, even though the camera was just amazing. But since I have had some problems with Xiaomi for the second time, I decided this time to change the manufacturer of mobile equipment. After talking with my husband it was decided to take HONOR. Before deciding on a particular model, we looked a lot of reviews on YouTube and of course reviews, including on this site. According to Комментарии и мнения владельцев and what people say it is just a great phone: budget, but at the same time has everything you need.

I will say right away that the main thing that I care about now, besides the quality of communication, of course, is the camera. I have a kid, who wants to take pictures all the time, and I don’t know what to do without pictures for our Irecommend.

Where did I buy: not the first time I order a smartphone on Aliexpress, it is much cheaper from there.

The price: I bought it for about 19 thousand, now it is about 21 thousand. Depends on where to look.

The package of a smartphone is standard:

☑ Headphones and a special adapter for them

The features of the smartphone:

Honor 20 has a built-in memory of 128 GB and 6 GB of RAM. I personally, these parameters are more than enough and the lack of a slot for a flash drive does not bother me at all.

I like the look of my smartphone very much. It is presented in different color variations, I liked this icy shade. Very stylish and beautiful.

In the front there are almost no “bangs”, but only a thin border on the edges of the screen, also in the upper corner there is a front camera. Nothing unnecessary and interfering.

The screen itself is huge, is 6.26 inches. I’m used to using the phone with one hand, here I have to use two. No oleophobic coating on the screen, so that all fingerprints and dust will be visible, but since I always use a special protective glass I do not particularly care.

Color reproduction and brightness is basically satisfying. Can’t really go wrong with it. The viewing angle is very large.

On the back we see 4 cameras and the company logo. The cameras almost merge with the body and do not stick out, what often sins other devices. (Like today my Poco X3).

Information about the parameters of the cameras:

  • 48 megapixel main camera with Sony IMX586 sensor. This matrix is used in many smartphones Xiaomi, Honor View 20, Oppo Reno and others. It measures 1/2 inch. F1.8 aperture ratio and 28 mm equivalent focal length. This camera has phase autofocus.
  • 16-megapixel camera with an ultra-wide-angle lens of 13 mm (Eq.) with an aperture value of F2.2.
  • 2-megapixel sensor for depth of scene with an aperture of F2.4.
  • 2-megapixel camera with 27 mm macro lens (Eq.) and an aperture of F2.4. It allows you to take pictures from a distance of a few centimeters.

On the side there are “knobs” to adjust the volume and fingerprint scanner. Who is comfortable with this arrangement, who is not. I’m more used to it on the back.

The phone is heavy because it is made of glass instead of plastic. I personally don’t care what material I hold in my hands, but many people prefer glass, though it may break more quickly than plastic. Metal frame.

The connectivity on the smartphone is excellent. I hear everyone, everyone hears me without any interference.

The speaker is good, the music plays back in excellent quality, there are no complaints about it at all.

Another big advantage is the battery. The charge is kept almost two days of active “usa”, so it charges almost instantly, even before you miss miss your smartphone.

There is NFC. For me, this feature is useless, but most people can not see themselves without it, I’m still wary of paying through a smartphone.

As I said, the Honor 20 has no slot for a flash drive, but in principle it is not necessary with such built-in memory. But there are two slots for SIM cards, although it’s now a surprise to very few people.

The headphones are inserted only through a special adapter, there is no special jack for them, but I do not think this is a big problem, but my husband does not like it.

In terms of performance the smartphone does not fail, all applications and open pages fly, the response is almost instantaneous.

What I didn’t like about the Honor 20 smartphone?

What I didn’t like was the camera. accurately, the camera. There are 4 of them and I don’t like any of them! You can still put up with photos of landscapes and shots in bright light, but everything else.

Especially portraits, macro (by the way, there is a special super macro mode, for whom it is not clear at all). ).

The photos are blurry, and it’s impossible to focus the subject at all., Here’s an indoor photo:

The phone has no macro at all, especially at night or in cloudy weather.

I have tried so many different tricks to get more or less normal pictures, but I do not succeed!

Frontalka terrible blur, I’m not one of those who likes to embellish reality, I need a real image, but HONOR thinks otherwise. Even if you remove the option to improve, it still does not convey the real picture.

There are a lot of modes for photos, but for me they are useless.

The phone declares the Ultra 4K video mode, but I personally did not see something special in it too.

There is a photo editor, but I miss the “eraser” function in it.

TOTAL: The beautiful and stylish Honor 20 smartphone is very good at everything but photography. For me, it is extremely important, so I will not recommend it. It is strange that in all the reviews on it pics are really cool, maybe I’m just unlucky with a particular machine? I can’t tell for sure.