Mi Band 3 Bracelet: Instructions for connecting, using, Russification, synchronization and flexing, solving problems

Mi Band 3 fitness tracker model is one of the most anticipated Xiaomi devices that published in 2018. His predecessor Mi Band 2 was and remains quite popular, but the third version due to improved characteristics has become a real hit. There are several reasons:

  • The display is larger. a diagonal of 0.7 inches, a resolution of 128 at 80 points, improved clarity;
  • The built.in function of the weather forecast for 3 days;
  • optimized notifications;
  • Increased water resistance. IP68 instead of the previous level of IP67, which in practice means the ability to dive by more than 1 meter or more than half an hour;
  • strap. more convenient and stronger, more available in default colors than the second model.

Those who have already acquired Mi Band 3 or plan to get it in the near future, definitely should figure out in advance how the new product interacts with the phone and how to configure it.

Characteristics of the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 fitness bracelet

General characteristics of Xiaomi Mi Band 4 watches

Mi Band 4 Smart Bracelet is suitable for any phone on which the Android operating system is worth.4 and above or iOS 9 and above. The built.in memory of the Bracelet ROM is 16 MB, and RAM 512 KB. Fitness tracker has a number of sensors that turn it into a smart gadget. This is an accelerometer, gyroscope, approaching sensor and heart rate sensor. There is also a vibrationototor in it, and in the version with the NFC there is a microphone (more about versions).

Mi Smart Band 4 display characteristics

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 bracelet can boast of a touch-colored LCD display made using AMOLED technology. Its diagonal is 0.95 inches, a resolution of 240×120, the depth of the color 24 BIT, which adds comfort when managing the gadget.

Parameters of the case and strap

A feature of the Xiaomi bracelet is a waterproof body made of polycarbonate, capable of withstanding pressure up to 5 bar and having an IP68 moisture protection degree. This allows you to use a Smart bracelet in the pool, collecting all the necessary information during swimming. Due to hardened glass 2.5D gadget can also resist scratches, chips, temperature changes and other adverse effects (details in our tests). Its strap is made of silicone, although if you wish, you can purchase classic leather or metal accessories.

The functionality of the bracelet

We talked about the functions in detail higher. Here we only add that the functions depend not only on the Mi Band 4 itself, but also the applications working with it. For example, in the standard Mi Fit application there is no way to analyze a daytime dream or set a smart alarm clock, but with other applications you can do this. The Smart Alarm application adds a bracelet to a smart alarm clock, an extension for Mi Fit called Mi Bandage will display calls, name and photo of the subscriber and much more, and the Tools Mi application is sharpened under the configuration of notifications. There are many applications for every taste, so after mastering the main functions, you can safely take up experiments with new ones.

Autonomy of a fitness tracker

The Mi Band 4 model has a lithium-polymer battery, which is charged for about two hours. The usual version of the bracelet is equipped with a battery with a capacity of 135 mAh and will be able to continuously work up to 20 days. In the version with the NFC, the battery is slightly weaker: its capacity is 125 mAh, which is enough for up to 15 days. But keep in mind that if you turn on all resource.intensive functions like constant pulse monitoring, the gadget will be discharged much faster. It is charged from its own charger with a USB port, which can be connected to a computer, an adapter of a smartphone, an external battery and other devices.

Communication with the phone

Bluetooth version 5 is used to connect with the phone in Mi Band 4.0, which provides a larger range of action and a greater speed of data transmission compared to the previous generation Bluetooth. But the advantages will be visible provided that the phone also on the Bluetooth version 5.0.

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The dimensions of the Smart brace

The gadget has small dimensions and light weight. Its height is 46.8 mm, the width is 17.8 mm, the depth is 12.6 mm, and it weighs 22.1 g. The width of the strap is 18 mm, and the length is 155-216 mm, which allows you to wear it on the wrist with a circle from 14 cm to 20.5 cm.

The functionality of the fitness tracker

To receive notifications for the bracelet, it is necessary to give permission in the application, in the settings of the bracelet about notification. Next, add applications to the list of those from whom to receive alerts. This was not clear to me the first time, but everything later worked. I didn’t like the basic vibration about events. In the application you can configure your vibration for each event (about inaction, calendar, incoming call, from the application, about achieving the goal). Standard vibration is too loud, that is, the vibrationotor is well worked out. Examples of warning from Mi Band 6: In the photograph in the lower right corner, you can notice that the measurements of indicators in inanimate objects are not produced (boiled egg). Chinese bracelets already in most cases mastered this function (example. Rogbid GT), but it was worth checking it. The elongated shape of the bracelet and the screen over the entire length allow you to accommodate long alerts:

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Restrictions in the number of characters are not felt that you can’t say, according to my reviews of fitness devices (see. A selection of reviews to Комментарии и мнения владельцев), about other devices in which the text of the notification was not fully included. This is the plus of Mi Band 6, but with a reservation that perceiving such a form factor is not very convenient. As can be seen from the animation above, the bracelet does not display all the characters. If there are several warning (and the same long), then access to them goes in turn through leafing through the top-up. In any tracker, the quality and number of interchangeable dials is considered important. You can configure them, or rather, from three built into the tracker, and also change from the “store” through the Mi Fit application. To assess the level of stress, you need to press the lower part of the screen on the corresponding bracelet icon and wait for the process to complete:

Time until the measurement is completed. 40 seconds, no more. For example, the measurement of the indicator in Ticwatch Pro 3 GPS takes 3-4 times longer. Similarly, the level of blood saturation is measured by oxygen:

This was an unsuccessful example of measurement of SPO2, since the recommendations say that there should be two fingers from the wrist for an accurate measurement. Also, for accurate measurement (that is, as for medical devices), the surface between the skin and sensors should be filled with special liquid, but in reality there may be shortcomings, errors. On the given gif. the situation of improper measurement. The animation shows how the red and infrared bulbs “work”. Measurement time. about 30 seconds. The Xiaomi product reacts normally to the wrists, including the amoled-screen backlight:

On not very obvious turns of the wrist, the screen does not light up:

The case depicted above was an exception, most likely, since at the next attempt to get a similar situation there were problems. the screen was turned on on all devices:

The above option is partly also an infrequent phenomenon, since the Ticwatch Pro 3 GPS screen has always been the first to light up (review here). The main condition for turning on the screen backlight not only to turn the wrist, but also to raise it up. The bracelet is charged in 73 minutes by 128.4MAH: the charge is enough for 7 days with the post.included functions and many notifications per day.

Contactly payment Mi Pay

The main features of the novelty are NFC support and the Mi Pay payment system. The bracelet only works with MasterCard cards Tinkoff, Raiffeisen, VTB, Otkritie, Russian Standard, Moscow Credit Bank, Rosselkhozbank, Credituropabank and Yandex Service.Money”. Sberbank and Alfa.Bank also work on integration with Mi Pay.

It was not possible to add a card in the application not the first time because of an incomprehensible error. After short torment, the service sent an SMS code of activation, and everything finally worked. To pay for the purchase, just go to the “Cards” section, select the right one and bring the bracelet to the terminal for a minute.

It is convenient to pay for purchases from the bracelet: you can not take a smartphone when going to the nearest store. However, there are questions for security. The only way to protect is a four.digit unlock code from numbers 1–4. It can be compiled in the Mi Fit section “Laboratory”.

The tracker is automatically blocked if you remove it from the hand. But the number of attempts to unlock is not limited, and to choose the right combination of 256 possible is not so difficult. So when losing a bracelet, it is better to immediately reset data about maps in the Mi Fit application.


Built.in accelerometer in the mobile device no longer surprise anyone. However, not every gadget is able to distinguish a walk from running. Dressing the speed of movement, froze the distance traveled, the calculation of the burned calories. with all useful user the functions is the smart bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band. Reviews of the owners of the gadget come down to the fact that the device knows how to measure the pulse, however, nobody succeeded in obtaining heartbeat data.

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Xiaomi Mi Band throughout the day considers the number of steps passed and distance. 100% accuracy should not be expected from it. It also fixes the waves with his hand. But which fitness tracker does not sin now?!

In the application, you set your daily step rate.

Covered on the module will help you control the level of progress, if you do not want to go into the phone for information. But it will be very conditional. Let me remind you, only 3 LEDs, respectively. 3 degrees. 1 LED burns. it means that you have passed 1/3 steps from the target. See 2 burning indicator. took 2/3 steps. When all the LEDs burn, this suggests that you have fulfilled your daily norm, and you need to look at the phone for details.

By the way, the indicators on the module are very small and dull. They are practically not visible in the sun.

The tracker is sensitive to all changes in daily activity and can distinguish a step from running. In the application, he will break these indications and provide advanced information.

Calorius counter

The bracelet also knows how to consider calories on the basis of your growth, weight and age. And in the application, he will even show ingenuity and share with you information about what the calories spent correspond to. For example, 27 kcal is eaten broccoli. 30 kcal is strawberries.

For losing weight, such tips will serve as additional motivation. Like, I walked, walked all day, and burned only a chocolate bar.

Smart alarm clock

Bracelet notes any change in your activity. When you go to bed, the tracker does not need to be translated into sleep mode (as it should now be done with many). He independently defines this and enters the data to the application. Mi Band will analyze your sleep, highlight deep and light sleep phases, consider how many times you woke up and how much you slept.

over, this bracelet, like Jawbone, is equipped with a smart alarm clock. He will determine the phase of easy sleep by your movements and wake up at the ideal time for you with a light, but tangible vibration.


Xiaomi Mi Band also knows how to notify the incoming vibration calls (no dynamics here). But does this not immediately, but after a while (it sets up in the application). Minimum. 3 seconds. That is, if a call comes to your smartphone, then the bracelet will begin to vibrate after 3 seconds. It is convenient and inconvenient at the same time. When the phone is in my hands, I would not want the bracelet to vibrate at that moment, I see everything. But when the smartphone is in the bag and I don’t hear it, someone calls me as many as 3 seconds, then waits a little while I react to the vibration of the bracelet and climb my phone. It turns out for a long time.


On the first day I started wearing a bracelet, I saw the result. more than 8 thousand steps per day. Did not believe. I thought that 2-3 times exaggerated, and began to count. The application shall indicate information about what distance has passed. And this distance is true. Error. 30–40 meters per 1 kilometer. One step on average is 70 centimeters, which is also true. So I can say that the bracelet considers at least approximately true. Can trust.

If you want to see how much you have already passed today, you have two options. The first is to open the phone, wait for synchronization and see a clear number of steps passed. The second is to make a gesture, as if you look at the watch on your hand (if you are lucky and you can do it quickly). And then the bracelet will begin to blink. One flashing indicator means that you have not yet passed and 1/3 of the planned. Two flashing diodes. 1/3 already passed, and you are approaching 2/3 of the target. When you achieve the goal, the bracelet will delight you with vibration and turning.



The clock looks more solid and respectable. I think this is obvious to everyone. You go with a bracelet like a schoolboy, it is not very appropriate at work (only if you are not a janitor or a loader). I immediately ordered several straps with AliExpress, since I did not like the type of fastening of the standard.

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GTS custom solutions look exactly like Apple Watch:


The advantage is or the lack. here decide for yourself. I will show the other straps that Uncle Lao sent me. At the cost cost in the region of 150-200 apiece.


This is not to say that the design of Mi Band 4 has been updated, for example, the color of the strap in the standard version is the same as in the previous model. For those who want to stand out, Xiaomi has released special straps with the original theme of design.

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The menu in the fitness bracelet and looks very colorful, each menu item is made in its original color. You can put all the menu items in the order that is convenient for you. The menu itself is very convenient, even the child will easily figure it out with it.

does, fitness, bracelet, xiaomi, band

Mi Smart Band 4 Bracelet has become more convenient and functional, now in addition to standard fitness functions, such as: analysis of physical activity, counting steps spent calories, monitoring of sleep phases, obtaining notifications about incoming messages, searching for a phone, alarm clock, a rejection of a call, etc.D., Mi Band 4 has the opportunity to manage music. You can run the track, pause it, adjust the volume, etc.D. To go to the player, you need to swap on the main screen to the left or right. Fitness bracelet works with all applications, such as: Yandex Music, Google Play and T.D. I would like to note: switching music instant.

Mi Band 4 monitors your activity very carefully in order to expand the functionality of the fitness bracelet should be installed on the Smartphone Corporate application from Xiaomi Mi Fit. The Mi Band 4 is connected to the smartphone via Bluetooth 5 wireless connection.0. In the Mi Fit application, you can not only monitor your training, but also turn on or off the alarm clock, use the stopwatch, timer, start the search function and other.

Mi Band 5. Full Review. vs. Mi band 4 [Xiaomify]

Now Mi Band 4 supports colorful topics, the appearance of which is just related to the new color display. At the moment, about 50 colorful topics that you can find in the application are available. To install a new theme in Mi Band 4, you need to select the “screen settings” item in the application menu, you will see many different topics on the smartphone screen for every taste, choosing your favorite topic, click on the “Synchronize watch topic” button. The whole process will take a few seconds.


Fitness bracelet received a new heart rate monitor, which more accurately measures the heart rate. When comparing the novelty with the previous model, the results of the pulse measurement are almost the same.

Mi Band 4 monitors your activity and reports your records and achievements. In the menu you will find several training modes that include: running, walking (steps are calculated, taking into account the pace of movement), swimming (distinguishes five different swimming styles), riding a bicycle with tracing on GPS, as well as training with burden. If the readings of your pulse exceed the normative indications, the fitness bracelet will immediately inform you of this.

It is convenient to monitor your success in the application in the “My Training” section both during training and after its completion.

The novelty received a new more massive charger in the form of a docking station. Unfortunately, to charge Mi Band 4, you will have to remove the capsule from the bracelet. The capsule of the fitness tracker into the charger is inserted with a click. Mi Band 4, compared with the third generation model, has grown slightly in dimensions, their difference is noticeable in comparison. The capsule of the novelty compared to the third.generation model has become much thicker, the length of the charger cable has also increased.

Mi Band 3 on the left, Mi Band 4 on the right

The container of the built.in battery was increased to 135 mAh, in the third.generation model it is 110 mAh. According to the declared characteristics, Fintes-Bravelet is able to work for 20 days without recharging with notifications and rare training. It should be borne in mind that you will have to turn off the pulsometer and sleep monitoring. If you actively use all the functions, then on one charge of the Mi Band 4 battery will work for about 10 days. It is charged by Mi Band 4 from 0 to 100% in about 1.5 hours.

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Mi Smart Band 4. This is a really good fitness bracelet, which can be purchased in order to switch to a new generation of fitness scraps and have a full-fledged fitness bracelet with all the necessary functions. Xiaomi has created a really good product at an affordable price. Compared to the third generation model, Mi Band 4 received a color screen and has become more functional. You get used to fitness bracelet very quickly, it is very convenient to sleep, play sports and swim in it. over, even if you accidentally lose a fitness bracelet, then it is inexpensive, when compared with Smart hours, it will not be so offensive. The fitness bracelet looks on both the male and women’s hand stylishly, and Mi Band can be an original gift.