Smart TV function on TV: yes or not how to check

What televisions support Smart TV. Smart TV function on TV: yes or not how to check? Resistance up to 3 weeks;.

I have already written a number of different articles about Smart TVs, and judging by the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, do not understand everything, is there a Smart TV in their TV. And as for connecting to the Internet, so there is generally a dark forest. I decided to tell in a separate article in detail how you can check and find out if the SMART TV function is on TV. I am confident that most users do not even occur this question, since many already in the process of selecting the TV are targeted for the presence, or the absence of the SMART TV function. But since the people ask, it means that someone this information can be useful. I think it will be especially relevant for owners regarding old TVs (which is 5-8 years). It happens that the boxes from the TV are no longer there, the documents are also, the model of the TV is unknown, and is there a Smart TV on TV. it is not clear. In any case, if you have a modern TV, and you want to know if there is a Smart TV function in it, then this article will help you.

Tips are suitable for TVs of all manufacturers: LG, Samsung, Sharp, Sony, Philips, Toshiba, Dexp, Tcl, Hisense, Panasonic and T. D. For a start, a few words about the SMART TV function itself. This is an operating system (program). which is installed on the TV and expands its functionality. Roughly speaking, TV with Smart TV is like a big tablet. You can install applications, access the Internet, watch YouTube, watch videos through other applications or browser and T. D.

To date, Samsung TVs work on the TIZEN OS system. LG also establishes the branded WebOS branded system, and TVs of the rest of manufacturers (Toshiba, Tcl, Philips, Sony and T. D.) Work on the Android TV operating system. Important moment: if there is a Smart TV on the TV, then it is sure to connect to the Internet. On a network cable and / or Wi-Fi. If the TV is not Smart, then it does not connect it to the Internet. This is also very often asked about. But the presence of the LAN port on the TV does not mean that there is a Smart TV and the ability to connect to the Internet. information about this in a separate article: Why Lan connector on TV.

What are the possibilities of Smart TV?

Smart TV can offer the user inaccessible for ordinary TV TVs:

  • Access to the Internet. You can watch the transfer, TV shows and movies in online cinemas. Many models provide a recording function, such as a flash drive.
  • Access to social network. Special applications for Smart TV provide this feature.
  • Some SMART TV features successfully replace the game consoles. Many models have built-in games and provides for the possibility of downloading them from app stores.
  • The ability to learn the weather forecast, the latest news, currency rate and even order pizza and the mass of other functions making our life easier.
  • Smart TV makes photo and video from external devices easier and more convenient: Special applications allow you to create catalogs and albums and even help make the author’s screensaver from your favorite photos.
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It is worth understanding that different brands of TVs with SMART TV have their own special characteristics and functions. Let’s consider them more.

How to use chromecast on my smart TV?

Translate video to your Android TV

  • Connect the device to the same Wi-Fi network as your Android TV.
  • Open the application in which there is the content you want to broadcast.
  • In the application, find and select Broadcast.
  • On your device, select the name of your TV.
  • When Cast. Changes color, you have successfully connected.


With a huge amount of advantages, the SMART TV feature has disadvantages. They are primarily related to the features of the program and equipment.

  • outdated games;
  • uncomfortable panel;
  • non-standard video playback format;
  • Limited viewing options for content and cinema in the browser;
  • uncomfortable login;
  • high sensitivity to signal quality;
  • Not all models with Skype are equipped with webcams;
  • High Cost SMART TV.

Gamers complain that manageting the game from the remote is inconvenient. In addition, games that are downloaded to the gadget by the manufacturer, all old, they are more than 5 years.

SAMSUNG models have a netflix application with lots of video. Many users do not like movies that distribute the American company by streaming broadcasting. In addition, for the application, subscribers have every month to pay extra 8. Often there are sound problems, because the video is played in MKV format. During the viewing, many different messages pop up.

often than others are notifications about the absence of support for codecs. How to use in such cases SMART function. Fix the drawback is easy to download on a computer or smartphone the desired video and view it through the connection to the TV on the large monitor. Or use Android box for storing information and play from it video on the screen. Entrance to the Internet is possible only through the television remote control. Letters have to be scored on a virtual keyboard, which is inconvenient.

know, smart, select

With a weak Internet signal, telephones, computers and other gadgets work. SMART TV in this case will not connect to the network, especially old models connected by cable.

Built-in camcorder in Skype models often no. Purchase and configuration of video equipment presents additional costs of money and time.

How to find out if I have a LG Bluetooth TV?

Locate the Bluetooth settings. Run in the quick settings menu and go to the “Sound output” parameter in the middle of the list of icons. In this menu you will find several sound parameters, including Bluetooth.

If you have an Android TV, press the Help button on the remote control to access your settings. Then you want to go to the “Status and Diagnostics” section or “Troubleshooting and System Information” and select “System Information”.

Does Samsung have its own OS?

TIZEN (/ TAɪZɛN /). This mobile operating system based on Linux is supported by Linux Foundation, but is developed and used mainly by Samsung Electronics. Samsung combined its previous development OS based on Linux, Bada, with Tizen and since then uses it mainly on platforms such as wearable devices and Smart TVs.

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Tizen on Maudda Learn Wear OS! Tizen will still be used for Samsung TVs, but the company’s own OS will no longer be used in new smart clock. and it has not been working on smartphones for a long time.

How to put an antenna for digital TV

Properly installed antenna. the key to high quality reception. Make sure it is directed towards the repeater. Members can be diagnosed with interactive cards. For high-quality reception of the digital signal of the TV, you need to position the antenna on the windowsill, and then send it to the side of the TV.

In apartments and houses in which plastic windows are installed, you need to fix the antenna above the window profile.

The specificity of the outdoor antenna mounting is significantly different. This is a more diverse and multifaceted process. Before finally fix the device, you need to check. Connect the antenna to the TV, and then evaluate the quality of the reception. If there is no interference, you need to change the position of Teleantenna.

In the process of testing, pay attention not only to the quality of the signal, but also the number of channel found. Essential TV is over 20 free channels. The signal quality is above 50%. a satisfactory result. It is imperative that the reception is stable, that is, values ​​must have a minimum amplitude of oscillations. If the TV does not support the digital signal, you will have to buy a console.

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Signal instability and constant broadcast breaks indicate an invalid antenna location. Alarns with amplifier remote from televases are used. This device will require a separate power supply. It is desirable to install external antennas at a high-point, for example, on the roof. Take into account that trees, buildings are obstacles that reduce the quality of the signal.

When the antenna is not needed

Reception quality. priority when configuring digital and satellite broadcasting. Not in all cases it is necessary to buy an antenna. In many ways, the relevance of using this device depends on the distance to the repeater. For example, in the zones of confident reception you can use ordinary room antennas without amplifier.

In remote areas from TVs, you need to use amplifiers and external decimeter range antennas. If the quality of the signal is still unsatisfactory, you need to raise the device on the mast. Do without an antenna, even on a TV with a digital receiver, it will not work anyway.


In essence, Smart TVs are similar to smartphones. In addition to their main features, they also have a huge number of additional features, such as Internet access, work with various applications and not only. In fact, such a TV will be able to replace your computer.

You can install any games and play them on the big screen, as well as record programs, matches and movies from the TV. They will be preserved either on internal memory, or on external carrier. You can only watch them on TV. Other recording devices do not recognize.

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You can connect to the Internet using an Internet cable or Wi-Fi adapter. Also in Smart TV there are several Internet browsers to access sites and special programs using which you can go to various social networks or YouTube. In addition, a webcam is built into your TV, you can communicate with your friends through Skype.

Smart TV TV You can connect your phone, laptop or any other external carrier from which you want to view photos, movies or listen to music. With this smartphone you can use as a remote control panel. However, for this you need to establish a special phone application. You can control the TV with voice commands.

Some modern TVs with SMART TV feature can recognize gestures with which there is also the ability to manage programs. Sometimes special gyroscopic consoles are used for this. They are much more convenient than gesturing management.

know, smart, select

Advantages and disadvantages

Criteria comparison Smart-TV Android TV
Control Wide Control Opportunities: Unified Remote, Smartphone, Voice and T.D. The need to search for the desired console and the use of two remote controls for managing a bundle “TV-prefix.
Inteeis Comfortable, intuitive inteeis. Inteeis depends on the specific model.
The possibility of upgrades The preset feature set remains for all time Opportunity to change the prefix to more relevant.
Overheating opportunity Work stably, without overheating and other problems. There are models that are very hot.
Price High price Available for a wide range of consumers Price

All the pros and cons of these devices cannot be summarized. For example, what is SMART TV Samsung in old models. These are problems with a connection with the Internet, very limited functions, often problems with the quality of the broadcast of the network media system. These same factors also apply to the first TV prefixes.

Compare these two devices is extremely difficult. It all depends on what tasks consumer puts. At the same time, it is necessary to understand that the development of teletechnics occurs very quickly, changes per unit of time a lot and what is relevant today in a couple of years may remain unclaimed. In the ideal case, of course, you can buy the most expensive smart-TV model with all the top smart functions, and in a few years it is purchased up to date android console at that time. If the TV is already already “in the years”, then when buying a console, you should carefully examine its functionality so as not to overpay, for example, for 3D or 4K-resolution that does not support TV.

Conclusion simple. Currently, there was such a situation that when buying a TV, the main thing is to pay attention to the quality of the screen and, as a result, the image, and the SMART TV functions set manufacturers and so set the maximum. But even if it is missing, you can always buy a compatible TV BOX. With this approach, you can organize a view of the TV at home using all the latest achievements of technical progress and getting maximum pleasure.