12 top aim cards for CS: GO training.

Installing aim card CS: GO

Before we know what CS: GO aim cards can be used, we’ll show you how to install them.

  • Go to Steam, “Community” and select the “Workshop” section

In the search engine, enter “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive”

Go to “View” and select the “Maps” section

We see a large number of recommended maps. In the search, enter the name of the map that we were looking for. And we click on “” thereby adding a card to our workshop.

We go into the game and select the section “Maps from the workshop” and we can already start training.

Prepaid cards

Link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?ID=1106345777
There are 6 maps available (overpass, inferno, cobblestone, dust2, cache, mirage). As previously said, this regime contributes to your training process, because you not only train aim, but also study in detail the default locations of opponents.

Shooting types

There are several shooting techniques in cs go:

  • One-shot is instant killing of a target with one shot. They can be trained on training_aim_csgo2 and aim_botz
  • Flick shots are accurate shots after instantly aiming at a target that suddenly appears. For example, it could be an opponent coming out of a smok. This type of shooting is mainly used by AWP snipers.
  • Sprays are a squeeze into the opponent’s hitbox. How many bullets hit the target depends on your spray control. You can train the spray on any map that has bots.
  • Prefire is a shot in advance at a position where the enemy is not yet visible. This occurs at higher ranks and in the pro scene. They know about the possible position of the opponent who controls them and can reach it by aiming their sight in advance, thereby making a quick kill.

Aim Challenge

Link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?ID=1534658496
Thanks to this map, in this special course you will learn how fast you can aim versus pro players or your friends! Three main weapons to choose from: AK47, M4A1, and M4A1S. Restart with R chat command or buttons scattered around the map.

Training. Strafeway

Link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?ID=1334309800
The card is intended for strafe training. Bots run forward and you shoot them to train using the various options available on the map. This map trains quick reflexes and aiming in general, including the infamous Dust2 double door. Strafeway also includes a mode in which striking enemies will push them up, allowing aerial shots to be fired, which was a very effective workout in Walkway.

Endgame Aim Challenge

Link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?ID=1791287988
There is only one mode. Objective: to get a large number of points. The slightest miss and you start the round all over again. The map is suitable for advanced and experienced users.

Other useful binds

Players usually use several more useful binds that also improve the game process, we will also share our experience with you, since those that could be divided by conditional divisions have already been written.

How to use CS: GO binds

This article will look at useful bindings for the Counter Strike Global Offensive game. We will consider binds and commands that are often used by players during the game, which allows you to quickly and easily lay an explosive device on a convenient key, or, conversely, find it. Without wasting time on chat, and passing commands or information to the team. This is, first of all, very important for the whole team. Therefore, CS: GO binds are always popular in order not to torment the keys unnecessarily.

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Eye-pleasing commands

1) bind “key” “toggle cl_crosshairsize 1-100” (cl crosshairsize). changes the length of the sight you have chosen from 1-100;

2) bind “key” “cl_righthand 0” (cl righthand 0). move the weapon to the left hand;

3) bind “key” “cl_righthand 1” (cl righthand 1). move the weapon to the right hand.


For a long time, everyone knows about this technique, when players throw a grenade from a jump for a smoother or longer flight. In fact, for this you just need to jump while jumping out, but not always everyone succeeds. To avoid this, it is necessary to use a bind, manually there is a chance, but it does not always say “Stable”, we will use essentially 2 binds, their meaning will be the same, but the principle is literally slightly different, for this you need the following:

1) Bind “desired key” “jump;.attack;.jump” (jumpthrow jump attack alias);

2) alias “-jumpthrow” “-jump” (jump attack alias jumpthrow);

3) bind “the desired key” “jumpthrow” (alias jumpthrow jump bind);

4) bind mwheelup (for super high jump).

After that, it only remains to choose the angle and the grenades fly along the same trajectory. After that, no one will bomb the chat because you “dropped in” the wrong place.

What is the purpose of CS GO players using binds?

Many players use the usually useful CS: GO bindings. This is necessary to facilitate the completion of the task on the map. As a rule, a player performing a particular stratum for a team tries to focus on the execution. Even the smallest details depend on its success to save time. Not only should you have a fairly good computer, screen, sound equipment, but also in the CS GO match itself you should be useful.

Clear map from details

To clear the map of details, use the following commands:

  • bind “for example L” ”r_cleardecals” (r cleardecals);
  • w forward r cleardecals.

Binds associated with C4 (bombs)

Double Jumping (DJ)

Now that we know what a double jump is for, we can talk about how to put this bind. To do this, you need to write:

After that, by pressing the space bar, you will automatically jump higher, you also need to enter the commands in turn. After that, it will be possible to use many places without replanting, as in a jar or on a box on a dast. This will undoubtedly be your clear advantage. Although for some reason many players do not look there so often.

How to view the statistics of your personal CS: GO profile

Any type of eSports provides personal statistics, and CS: GO: GO is no exception. This section allows you to view the level of gaming skill by various parameters. Specifically, win percentage, kills, shot accuracy, time in play, MVP in rounds, and headshots.

CS: GO statistics also provide the ability to track bans, compare gamers, view the statuses of tournaments, matches and maps, as well as the titles of players and determine clear favorites. Also, the personal statistics of CS: GO: GoPro is an excellent motivating factor that makes you improve your playing skills.

How to view your CS GO account statistics: the complete guide

Easy ways to view statistics in CS: GO

Valve has opened access to statistics on Steam. which a few years ago was not available in CS: GO player profiles. The European Union prompted the developer of computer games to take such a step, since a new decree “on strengthening the protection of personal information in the EU” came into force. Immediately, we note that CS: GO statistics are displayed online and for free.

To find out your CS: GO statistics through the application, you need to: download a custom client, install the program on a mobile phone or tablet and keep a nickname. To view detailed information, click on the active “Menu” button and select one of 4 sections. Just keep in mind that CS: GO: GO stats are displayed in English.

Stats for CS: GO app lobby

You don’t even need to have a Steam profile to view your CS: GO: GO account statistics using third-party sites. It is enough to enter a link to a specific player, SteamID or sharecode of the match in a special line. The resource will quickly find and display all available information on the monitor screen.

Profile statistics for CS: GO: GO on convars.com

Through the website csgo-stats.com, you can view the status in CS: GO: GO for matches, but only after their completion or the status of titles in CS: GO. In the first option, if you need more detailed statistics, you should take your own match sharecode.

To do this, you need to log into your matches on the game server. select any from the list and click on the “Copy link” icon. Then on the website csgo-stats.com go to the section “Match analizer” and enter the copied link. This page contains detailed information on the following game parameters:

  • General table of participants.
  • Weapon data used in each fight.
  • Teams’ economic performance.
  • CS: GO statistics: GO clutches and team exits.
  • Personal performance, hit details, and the effectiveness of each gamer in a particular round.

Statistics of CS: GO: GO matches on the website csgo-stats.com

Also, this site allows you to view the status in CS: GO: GO titles. You just need to go to the “Ranks Data” section. Depending on the choice, here are provided: a table of favorites, statistical information of all users and the number of victories at each rank in percentage. CS: GO stats by rank are displayed for the last 30 days.

CS: GO: GO rank statistics on csgo-stats.com

Today it is not easy to find and track the status of pro players in CS: GO: GO, since professionals have several accounts and are constantly hiding under different nicknames. Everything that is published on popular resources is the statistics of the game of a particular esports player. In particular, the site csgo-stats.com in the section “Pro Stats” publishes data on the best players.

Status Pro players in CS: GO: GO on the website csgo-stats.com

In addition, you can find CS: GO: GO statistics for Pro-players on the organizer’s official portal. For example, the professional team NaVi maintains the status of its roster in CS: GO.

Detailed statistics on CS: GO: GO tournaments can be found on another popular resource escharts.com in the “Tournaments” section. Just keep in mind that all information here is in English. The tab contains information on the following important indicators:

  • Participant teams.
  • Tournament prize pool.
  • Date and time of views.
  • Peak visitors.

Statistics on CS: GO tournaments on escharts.com

At the same time, all such events keep their own statistics for CS: GO: GO tournaments.

Note that CS: GO statistics online is one of the few game parameters that can be viewed on the official Steam website. Information on the number of gamers in the CS: GO: GO game can be found in the “Games” tab in the “Statistics” section. The information is updated daily, there is also a filter where you can sort the data and see CS: GO stats for 30 days, one day and in Live mode, or see the statistics of other games and make comparisons between them.

For using these resources, you will not receive a ban, since you do not receive any advantage in relation to other players. If you wish, you can post your CS: GO: GoPro file stats on popular social networks:. and.

What DPI is better for CS GO. do the setting

In most modern computer games, the quality of the gameplay, on which the result of the confrontation with the enemy largely depends, is influenced by the peripheral equipment of a computer or laptop. Among the important parameters, dpi for cs go can be noted, since a computer mouse is very important in the game.

DPI (Dots Per Inch) is the sensitivity of a computer mouse and it depends on how accurately it reflects your actions performed by your hand. Asking the question. how many dpi is needed for cs go, it is impossible to unequivocally answer it, since with certain settings you need to select a certain value of mouse sensitivity.

How to adjust DPI in CS: GO

It is impossible to argue that a certain value of mouse sensitivity is suitable for all gamers without exception. Each gamer chooses for himself the DPI parameter that is convenient for him and allows him to perform combat operations with the best performance. Most often, professional gamers use a low value of mouse sensitivity, since they do not want to calculate the millimeters necessary for accurate aiming while playing with their hand.

So the dpi for cs go players has low rates, at which they would rather move the cursor in the right direction once more than pull their hand back and forth. But in the event that you are used to playing with high sensitivity, then you will take time to get used to the new DPI settings. And it’s best to spend it on training so that your hand gets used to certain movements.

Most professional players use 400 dpi or 800 dpi in cs go for serious competition and are not going to exhibit large numbers. You also try to apply such data, and over time it will allow you to get used to and achieve better results. It’s not for nothing that CS: GO pro players have so much dpi and they achieve significant performance in the game.

Before using the dpi calculator in cs go, it is recommended that you first select a quality gaming mouse that will allow you to achieve the best results in the game. Solid gaming mice not only have increased sensitivity and the ability to use macros, but they are also practical and ergonomic.

The Sitting Styles of Professional Gamers

A large number of buttons on the mouse makes the gameplay more convenient, you will always have time to press the desired button and will have less fuss and make mistakes. When buying a cheap mouse, you will need to get used to it, and since it can break quickly, you will need a new mouse, which also needs to be used again.

So it is better to buy a solid gaming mouse once, get used to its sensitivity indicators and then respond normally to its actions. Unlike professional gamers, ordinary players set from a thousand to two dpi for their mice in cs go. It should be remembered that manufacturers of high-quality peripheral devices produce products with a DRI equal to four thousand.

CS:GO Pro Player Setups: ScreaM, n0thing, adreN, swag & !

But dpi for CS: GO with such a level is not required at all, since this is not a super-complicated simulator, when you board an aircraft carrier on a fast plane and do not participate in Formula 1 races. Perhaps such high-speed games require such sensitivity for the mouse, but in Counter Strike is quite enough dpi in CS: GO from 500 to 1000 units.

How many DPI is needed for CS: GO

A gaming mouse is an important element of gaming equipment on which it depends whether you win or lose in a certain situation. Practical players, before the start of important competitions, perform mouse settings and use the dpi calculator for this. By setting the sensitivity of the mouse, you can ensure that the cursor will accurately reflect the actions that you are doing with your hand.

By using in-game settings to change mouse sensitivity, you can achieve better results in the gameplay. If we take technical parameters, then DPI is a measure of the number of dots per inch of the screen. One inch equals 2.54 centimeters and you need to know the parameters of your monitor so that the properties of the mouse match the characteristics of the screen.

For example, if your monitor has a DPI of 1000 dots per inch, and the speed of your computer mouse is 800 DPI, then when you move the mouse one inch, the cursor on the screen will also move one inch. But at the same time, the cursor will skip two hundred points, and this is much more important for a multiplayer shooter, which is Counter Strike.

In the game episode, when you participate in the competitive mode, every millimeter is important to you, because it is the accuracy of the hit and the opportunity to win. If you incorrectly configure your mouse, then you will constantly die due to inaccuracy of shooting, and no one will like this game.

How to change DPI in CS: GO

The ratio of dpi to sensa in CS: GO goes one to two, and in order to play normally, you need to set just such a ratio. In order for the sensitivity of a compound mouse. effective Dots Per Inch (eDPI) to be in order, you need to multiply the DPI by the sensetivity.

For example, your computer mouse has a sensitivity of 500 DPI, but in a game the sensitivity is two. You just need to multiply five hundred by two and you get the real sensitivity. eDPI. At a small-format screen resolution, a sensitivity from 400 to 800 is applied, and at a higher resolution of a monitor, a DPI from a thousand and higher can be used.

The dpi sensitivity for cs go can be configured using the console command, and it is selected individually. For this purpose, you go to the console and type the command:

Where the symbol needs to be replaced by a number, which you will subsequently multiply to get the real eDPI sensitivity. In addition, you can use the console to adjust the sensitivity of the mouse when zooming (when using a weapon with a telescopic sight). To do this, you need to enter the command in the console:

In this team, you also need to replace the asterisk with a number at which it will be convenient and comfortable for you to play. It should be remembered that the dpi of pro players in CS: GO is equal to one and this is a standard value that suits most gamers.

Team Astralis players

Patrik ‘f0rest’ Lindberg

Let’s consider the settings and configs about the player. Patrick Lindbergh aka f0rest.

cl_crosshairalpha “255”; cl_crosshaircolor “5”; cl_crosshaircolor_b “50”; cl_crosshaircolor_r “250”; cl_crosshaircolor_g “250”; cl_crosshairdot “0”; cl_crosshair_t “0”; cl_crosshairgap “-1”;

Egor ‘flamie’ Vasiliev

Let’s consider the settings and configs about the player. Egor Vasiliev, aka flamie.

cl_crosshairalpha “255”; cl_crosshaircolor “2”; cl_crosshaircolor_b “50”; cl_crosshaircolor_r “250”; cl_crosshaircolor_g “250”; cl_crosshairdot “0”; cl_crosshair_t “0”; cl_crosshairgap “-2”;

Jonathan ‘EliGE’ Jablonowski

Let’s consider the settings and configs about the player. Jonathan Jablonovski aka EliGE.

exec autoexec.cfg.novid.freq 240.tickrate 128 mat_queue_mode 2.nojoy rate 128000.high

cl_crosshairalpha “255”; cl_crosshaircolor “5”; cl_crosshaircolor_b “200”; cl_crosshaircolor_r “255”; cl_crosshaircolor_g “255”; cl_crosshairdot “0”; cl_crosshair_t “0”; cl_crosshairgap “0”;

FaZe Clan Team

Simon ‘twist’ Eliasson

Let’s consider the settings and configs about the player. Simon Eliasson aka twist.

-novid.freq 144.refresh 144 cl_interp_ratio 1 cl_cmdrate 128 cl_updaterate 128.tickrate 128

cl_crosshairalpha “255”; cl_crosshaircolor “1”; cl_crosshaircolor_b “50”; cl_crosshaircolor_r “250”; cl_crosshaircolor_g “250”; cl_crosshairdot “0”; cl_crosshair_t “0”; cl_crosshairgap “-2”;

Team BIG players

Shoot like a pro CS: GO player

Today we will analyze a very important topic of high-quality shooting in CS: GO. It should be noted right away that any skill can only be pumped through long and persistent training.

This article was created just so that you know what to do and how to do it.

It’s the same as in the gym, if you come to the gym, then you understand that you need to pump up muscles, but if you do not familiarize yourself with the exercise technique, at least you will not pump anything up, and perhaps, which happens more often, you will get injured.

It is important!

Shoot like a pro player. Useful tips for developing CS: GO shooting

The first step is to pump up shooting in CS: GO

Here I would recommend that you either run one of the aim cards in the game, or go to the game workshop and find the most legendary card there, AIM Botz.
After you put the card into the game and go to it, immediately keep in mind that the most working method is a systematic increase in the load, so start your training as follows:

The second step is to pump up shooting in CS: GO

In the second step, after such a tough warm-up, you need to start the Deathmath mode, in which you will practice some game situations.

Take a certain point and defend it. You try to fulfill the task set for yourself to protect this point as efficiently as possible.

Also spend about 30 minutes here. Next, I recommend that you take a short break, literally in a few minutes, and immediately enter the competitive mode in the game.

If you did everything correctly, after such a hard overclocking, you will be able to beat the MM mode without any problems.

Deathmath server for CS: GO shooting training

In order for you not to look for a DM server, I suggest you use the following server lists. Just copy the IP and go to the servers G2. HSMOD DeathMatch
hsmod.verygames.net. HSmod DM Titan HSmod DM FFA BrutalCS.nu (d2 / mrg) HSmod DM FFA BrutalCS.nu (d2 / mrg / inf / cach) [NO AWP] HSmod DM FFA BrutalCS.nu [Rotation] Army | Duck Server DM Only HS HSmod DM Titan HSmod DM FFA drops CSportal.sk
csgo.fpskill.com:28015. HSmod DM FPSKill.com HS: DM: FFA 128Tick AIM HSDM BrutalCS.nu AIM HSDM StrikeArena.ru AIM HSDM @ VseamTeam AIM HSDM Exeorb.com Moscow 101 G2. FFA DeathMatch
dm.verygames.net. DM FFA Titan StrikeArena.ru DM FFA DM Na`Vi DM Na`Vi
csgo.fpskill.com:28016. Deathmatch FFA
csgo.fpskill.com:28018. Deathmatch Classic AIM DM GO-CS.ru AIM DM WCFAN NO RUSH AIM DM AimShot AIM [DK] EpicFail.dk 2vs2 ARENA SURFBURKEN.se ARENA Union 1v1 Aim ARENA FM.GG Moscow ARENA FM.GG Moscow ARENA RU 1v1 ARENA 1v1 ARENA GoreGame.net ARENA CSL DM 1v1 G2. PISTOLS DeathMatch
pistols.verygames.net. DM Pistols Titan DM FPSkill.com DM FFA SpartaGaming.ru

The general idea is as follows. Continuously improve and develop your shooting skills in the game. Don’t take long breaks. For training, use dynamic modes in which you will be in constant motion. Develop hand motor skills, your reaction, do not overeat too much, fatigue will make itself felt and it will not all end well. It takes 5,000 hours of continuous improvement to become a master in any business. Think about it. Good luck with the game!