Phone software

Arbitrary turn-ons and shutdowns are more likely to occur due to software failure. The problem is being treated by changing the firmware. Experienced users will be able to change the firmware on their own. If you are not sure of yourself, then it is better to contact the service center.

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Phone battery problem

Another reason is battery problems. The first thing to do is to put the phone on a long charge, for 12-24 hours. If after such a cardinal charge the phone continues to be naughty, then we take a screwdriver and open the back cover. We check the contacts of the phone and battery. The contact between the battery and the phone may have loosened. As an option. damaged by moisture or shock. We check for damage, carry out prophylaxis (clean the contacts with alcohol) and assemble the phone. Is the problem gone? Read on.

reasons why the phone turns off spontaneously

Things tend to break. Mobile phones are no exception in this regard. Sometimes the phone starts to show independence. turned off and does not turn on. The main reasons for this behavior of the phone are as follows:

  • battery malfunction;
  • software failure;
  • mechanical damage.

For details on what to do if the phone turns itself off. read below.

Damage to the phone

Rough handling, drops and shocks lead to mechanical damage to the board and other elements of the phone. This can also be checked. It is enough to bend the phone with your hands. If after such a procedure, the phone freezes or turns off, it means that the reason has been found for a solution, it is best to contact the service center.

It is possible that the power amplifier is damaged in the device, which often happens after a fall. Such a malfunction leads to an increase in the amount of energy consumed, which results in the constant switching off of the phone.

honor, phone, turns

Arbitrary switching on more often occurs due to the “sinking” of the power button (mainly in Nokia and Sony Ericsson models). As in the previous case, mechanical damage or leaked water can be the cause of the breakdown. In any case, with such a problem it is better to go to the service center.

If you can’t get your phone repaired, buy a new one. Watch the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 review

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If the phone accidentally falls into water and does not turn on

The case of immersing an Honor phone in water is a very common breakdown. Water is the main element that contributes to the breakdown of our electronic friends.

Therefore, you must know the first steps to resuscitate a wet smartphone:

  • Remove the battery immediately.
  • Remove from it all the parts that you can. battery, SIM-cards, USB flash drive, case, back cover. And blow it well with a hairdryer.
  • Leave for a few hours in a dry place to evaporate all moisture from the microcircuits inside the case.
  • Ventilate it periodically with warm air from a hair dryer, but do not turn it on.

There are also popular ways to dry your Honor smartphone quickly. For example, place it in a bowl of rice. It perfectly absorbs water and can rid your mobile device of it. Use a blow-out vacuum cleaner if you have one in your apartment. If it’s summer outside, a window sill with warm sun rays will do. The phone should be left in a warm place for at least 12 hours. Only then try to build and run it.

If your Honor 9 fails to turn on, try removing the battery again. Clean the contacts that adjoin the battery contacts. Insert the battery back and try turning on the gadget again. If you can’t do this, you still have to visit the service. Perhaps some of the internal parts nevertheless burned out due to a short circuit.

Why won’t my Honor phone turn on

If your mobile device for some reason does not turn on, this is not a reason to carry it to the service and pay a lot of money for dubious services. Perhaps such failures are an isolated case. And you can solve them yourself. In this article, you will find out why your Honor smartphone won’t start. What are the reasons for this. And what can we do about it.

Why Honor smartphone does not respond to the Power button

Often our smartphones scare us when they run out of battery. If you do not have time to get home to recharge your mobile, then after it turns off it may behave strangely. For example, do not respond to the “Power” button even when the charger is connected. This is because almost no one imagines the process of charging the battery of the Honor 10 mobile phone correctly. The current manipulation circuit is very interesting. For example, immediately after connecting a discharged device to the power supply (charging), the smartphone consumes a small current.

Then he goes to the indicators that are indicated in the instructions for Honor.

You need to wait a little until the device reaches the minimum charge threshold for its operation. 10-15 minutes is enough and you can turn it on again. If the device does not show a charge indicator after connecting it to charging, try removing the battery for a few seconds, disconnecting it from charging. And put it on recharge again. If there is no charging indicator, check again if the charger is working. Today they are universal. they have a microUSB plug. Connect it to another phone or tablet.

Check the socket on your Honor smartphone where the charger plug is inserted. Over time, a lot of litter, dust and other foreign particles are deposited in it, which churn into a solid mass. This could prevent contact between the charging plug and the phone jack. Clean the port with a toothpick or fine steel needle. but gently.

Clean the charging slot on your smartphone

In order not to disrupt its internal structure.

You can check the charging with a multimeter. If you don’t know how to use it, ask your friends.

What to do if Honor 7 won’t turn on

Are the cases above not one of yours? Then let’s move on. Quite rarely, but it happens that the smartphone can freeze and turn off. Or freeze and show you one picture on the screen for a long time. At the same time, no matter what you press, it does not react at all.

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Method: Features:
Open engineering menu This option can only be used if the device is turned on but freezes.
Perform a factory reset Instructions for a specific model can be found on the forum.

Before following this instruction, you should know that all your data will be deleted. And also you will need a password from your account (Google, Mi) to log into the device. Without them, you will have another problem. with logging into your account.

    If the Honor 7A smartphone does not start, try holding down two buttons on its body at the same time. the Power button and the volume down button;

Press 2 buttons together to enter the Recovery menu

  • You need to hold them for about 10 seconds. If nothing happens, try changing the buttons. Hold down the power button and the volume up button;
  • There is another option. hold all three buttons. to get to the Recovery menu;
  • If the vibration is triggered, then in a few seconds you will see several items on the screen;
  • The submenus in different models and brands of Honor smartphones may differ. To navigate through the items, the volume keys are usually used. You need to select certain menu items with the power button. You should see items in blue letters. If the menu looks like the screenshot above, select the line with Recovery;
  • Now, when we get to the menu we need, find the line called “Wipe Data / Factory Reset” and click it to reset the smartphone to factory settings;
  • The next window should contain one item with the “Yes” status. The rest are with “No”. Select the item with “Yes”;
  • The factory data recovery process for your Honor phone will begin immediately. You will determine this from the lines that will change at the bottom of the screen according to the currently running processes;
  • Displaying the statuses of the recovery process

  • When you see “Data wipe Complete” in the last line, the smartphone has completed the reset. You can reload it and log in with your account details.
  • Popular Chinese smartphones have protection against the Mi system. This means that you must enter the data from the Mi-account that you created earlier when logging in. To exit the Recovery menu, press the power button. After these steps, all third-party files and applications from the smartphone are deleted. If your Honor 4 (or another model) had a problem at the software level, resetting the settings you can solve it with a high probability.

    Mechanical damage to the Honor 9 smartphone

    If your smartphone was subjected to mechanical stress: you accidentally let it fall on the floor, stepped on it, hit it on the door jamb. the situation is more serious. And in most cases it ends with a trip to the service. Since important internal parts and modules of the phone could fail. All you can do is try to remove the battery, reboot it, or do a factory reset. You may be able to make it work again.

    Try one more thing. pressing the power button harder than usual. In some cases of damage to smartphones, their contacts sink deeper. Because of this, the button has to sink much more. If you manage to turn on the smartphone with a strong press, you can go to the service and indicate a breakdown. The repair will be cheaper, since you yourself have found the cause. In case of other damage to your gadget, if it does not turn on, you should also visit the service. Do not disassemble the mobile device yourself. You can only harm him if you don’t understand anything about it. Thus, we have sorted out why the mobile phone of the Chinese brand Honor does not turn on.

    Why Huawei / Honor phone won’t turn on: reasons and what to do?

    Why Huawei does not turn on is a question that interests many owners of smartphones from this manufacturer. Huawei phones have gained popularity lately, with more and more users preferring the Honor line. But no technique can be perfect, every system is prone to malfunctions and errors. In the article, we will look at the reasons explaining why the phone suddenly stopped giving signs of life, as well as ways to solve the problem.

    Program error

    System errors are a popular reason why your phone may not start. Exit. reinstall the operating system.

    After fully charged

    Can’t turn on your smartphone after it’s been charging? Device diagnostics will be required, perhaps the problem lies in the battery, or the system has experienced a serious failure, which will require a flashing.

    Flashing red light

    If your Huawei phone does not turn on and the red light is on, then the battery is most likely completely discharged. Users who have recently switched from regular phones to smartphones sometimes do not know that the red indicator indicates a low or zero charge. If the power connection did not help, then the battery may be out of order.

    OS problem

    The Android operating system that is built into all Huawei smartphones is not perfect, like any OS. Sometimes there are software errors. To fix the problem, you will have to reinstall the system.

    Lack of charge

    If the phone does not charge, then first of all check the serviceability of the cable, check it for mechanical damage. Try replacing the charger with another one. Also check the integrity of the contacts and connector on the phone. Perhaps the socket is clogged or the contacts on the charging itself are damaged.

    Phone does not turn on after update

    Honor phone won’t turn on after update, what should i do? If it was installed from the settings and downloaded from an official source, then if an error occurs, you can apply for warranty. You will need to reinstall the operating system.

    If the user independently changed the firmware downloaded from third-party resources, and after the update cannot turn on the phone, then the only solution is to reinstall the firmware, and ideally install the official.

    Possible reasons

    We will try to figure out why there are problems in the operation of devices, and how to cope with them on phones of different models, including Samsung, Honor, Xiaomi. The algorithm for solving the problem on different brands is approximately the same, but there are still differences in the names of settings and items. We hope our article will help you, and you will solve the issue without the need to purchase a new device.

    Memory problems

    Sometimes the memory is loaded to the last megabyte, and the phone stops working quickly, turns off and reboots on its own.

    Check for free memory on your Android device, and if necessary, remove unused programs and files:

    All Huawei Phone auto Restart Problem Solved 100% Without Softwere 100% working

    • in the “Memory” section, check the availability of free space;
    • periodically clear the cache;
    • uninstall apps you don’t use that you doubt are safe.

    There are also problems with the memory card. The phone restarts when you start to take videos and photos, launch the gallery and view photos. The card is also overflowing, and it needs to be cleaned of user files. It is most convenient to view files from a memory card on a computer, it is faster, and you will definitely not delete anything superfluous and really necessary.

    The phone constantly reboots and does not turn on. why and what to do

    Gadgets of different brands, be it Samsung, Xiaomi or any other models, sooner or later begin to fail gradually. There are many reasons. the device is outdated, overheated, exposed to negative external influences. The first reason is the launch of malware, which causes the phone to reboot itself for no reason and stop turning on altogether.

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    Reboots after flashing

    The firmware is often not the most correct in its code, which is why immediately after the performed technical manipulations the device stops loading normally.

    • move all necessary files and documents from the device to the USB flash drive, and then remove it from the device;
    • in the settings, select “Restore and reset”;
    • confirm once again that you intend to reset the settings to the factory settings;
    • wait until the end of the procedure.

    Restoring the original settings allows you to completely clean the phone from files and documents, but they will be saved on your memory card. But if the reset did not help, then we recommend contacting the service center, because there is a high probability that the whole thing is not only in the operating system and firmware, but also in technical problems of the phone.

    How to Fix Huawei Honor Phones Stuck On Boot Start Screen Problem

    Battery problems

    The battery overheats in the same way as the processor. The phone is forcibly overloaded because too much overheating interferes with programs and applications. Want to help your Android device yourself? Then we recommend turning off your smartphone and taking out the battery for about half an hour. During this time, the cell will cool slightly, then reinsert the battery and turn on the phone. If you have a non-removable battery, just turn off your phone and leave it on for 30-40 minutes. By the way, overheating of the smartphone while charging also leads to battery wear.

    Batteries can often be defective, and there are several reasons for this:

    • non-original charger;
    • damaged USB cable. through which the phone is charged;
    • using the device at subzero temperatures;
    • ingress of moisture into connectors, oxidation of contacts.

    If one of the above reasons is confirmed, immediately contact the service center. So you increase the chances of saving the phone and not waste material resources on buying a new one.


    The virus can be downloaded to the phone along with documents, third-party applications. Often you find yourself on a website, and while you are studying its information, malware is unexpectedly downloaded to your smartphone. This leads to the fact that the device not only constantly reboots and works rather slowly, but as a result, it stops turning on and functioning altogether. Another danger of viruses is that your data is no longer 100% protected, which entails the loss of important personal information, finances and other types of data.

    To check your smartphone for viruses, you can download one of the following free antiviruses:

    • Avast Mobile Security;
    • Bitdefender Mobile Security;
    • AVG AntiVirus Free;
    • G-Data Internet Security;
    • McAfee Mobile Security.

    Update the database. the developers are constantly adding new antiviruses to the database. Next, run a deep scan. You can use an online scanner, the most popular is Dr.Web Light. After you find viruses, immediately remove them from your phone. Next, restart the device and check the functionality of the applications. As a preventive measure, we recommend that you periodically run an anti-virus scan and monitor programs and applications downloaded to the phone.

    Overheating processor

    CPU overheating is a common problem. This is not surprising, because smartphones regularly perform a large number of tasks, which is why they overheat and fail. The more programs are running and functioning, the more intensively the device’s resources are used, in particular its processor. Work is accompanied by heating, and if you do not close several programs in time and leave only the necessary ones in operation, the processor will overheat and the gadget will start to reboot.

    Do not load your smartphone to the limit, adequately assess the capabilities of the device, starting from the information about how long ago the phone was purchased, whether it belongs to a new generation of devices. If you have an old smartphone, then we do not recommend downloading games with heavy graphics and running several software-complex applications at the same time.

    The first reason why the phone turns off is hardware malfunction

    Problems in the hardware most often occur in the places of contacts. these are the battery, SIM card, keys, detachable connection of the screen with the circuit board.

    Sometimes this can happen due to overheating of the processor, but then a specialist is needed, and we will consider the terminals of the battery. Oxidation often occurs there.

    Especially if there was contact with water. for example, you kept your phone in your and walked in the rain. What can be done? Remove the battery and clean all the battery terminals and connector in the phone.

    In addition to cleaning, slightly bend the hold-down contacts so that they are firmly pressed against the battery terminals.

    If the battery is non-removable, then you do not need to disassemble the phone. it is soldered there and you can only cause the device even more harm.

    I also recommend putting the phone on charge. for 24 hours and see if the power button is “stuck”.

    What to do if Android phone turns off and turns on immediately

    That the phone is Lenovo, Nokia, LG, Xiaomi, Samsung Galaxy, Sony xperia, meizu, Alcatel, zte blade, fly, huawei, dexp, Philips, lumia, prestige, htc, micromax, Asus, bq, texet and any other constantly. sometimes or periodically the problem is not new.

    There are several reasons, because the phone can turn off spontaneously in different situations: when you turn it on, when you call, when charging, when watching a video, during a call, after a call, when you turn on the Internet, in sleep mode, on the screensaver, when you flash, when you just call. when the screen is locked, when photographing, in games, when the camera is turned on, when you insert a SIM card, you go to the Internet, after replacing the battery, when you insert a flash drive and all this for no apparent reason.

    over, this can happen when fully charged. at 100 percent, at 60 percent, at 50 percent of the battery, at 40, at 30 percent, at 20 percent of the battery, at 15 or 10.

    The whole difficulty is that there is no universal recipe for what to do to solve the problem if a charged Android phone suddenly started abruptly just like that, they will not turn off on their own. here you need an integrated approach and often you cannot do without going to the service.

    Let’s take a look at some options on how to keep the phone from turning off. There are three main reasons why the phone shuts down spontaneously: battery, software, and hardware damage.

    • You can check (and fix) your Android phone for problems and errors using dedicated apps. here they are.
    • If there is no way to install the application on the phone, then I recommend using the computer program for restoring the phone’s performance.

    The second reason why the phone immediately turns off after switching on is software errors

    A very effective way to solve such a problem is to manually flush the android. not through a standard update.

    Only this method will not solve the problem if you got into the preinstalled applications, operating system or deleted system files with ROOT access.

    honor, phone, turns

    Then only the installation of licensed Android OS will help. At the very beginning, I recommend doing a reset, or even better, a hard reset, called a Hard Reset.

    This procedure in most cases fixes the problem where the phone turns off by itself. I will not describe the process now. you can find it on this site in the Android section or through the search.

    Other reasons why the mobile phone turns off although there is charging

    If it heats up and turns off, even a new phone or a new battery with a charged battery, then this is most likely a factory defect. there is no point in describing what to do (the new one is under warranty and I do not recommend using it).

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    If it hangs and turns off, then the problem is most often in the flash memory. it needs to be changed (it costs about 40 on average)

    If it glitches and turns off, then the matter may be in the processor. it cannot withstand the load (usually then it gets very hot).

    [TREASURE MAP] EP.56 ☕️ 카페 프린스 OPEN ☕️ 내 아이돌이 카페 알바생이라면?

    It happens that the phone blinks, ripples or flickers and turns off. Then the reason is most often in the battery. it does not hold the required voltage (the charge level drops sharply).

    Another reason may be a virus. most do not have security features in the form of antivirus programs, and new viruses can bypass built-in protection. You can check with a thorough scan. How to check see here.

    Phone shutdown can be caused not only by the above factors. One of the worst and most expensive reasons for damage to the board, when there are no options other than replacing.

    In conclusion, I will just say a lot of reasons, as well as phones: Lenovo, Sony Xperia, Samsung Galaxy, nokia, Sony, Meizu, Xiaomi, micromax, LG, Asus zenfon, fly, DEXP, Asus, Lumia and so on, but if you take it exactly the name, then as I noticed the Androids Meizu m3 s, Samsung a3, Lenovo a319, Samsung gt c3520, LG g2, fs518, Xiaomi Mi 4c, Huawei p9, siemens cx 70, huawei cun 129 are most susceptible to this.


    The update did not work correctly. Need a flashing


    Good afternoon. About 3 months ago, we bought a Howey Novo lite 2017 phone. And 2 weeks ago, the phone itself began to turn off. (It does not turn off by itself, but the screen lights up the inscription “Emergency calls only”. Last time we rebooted the phone and it worked. Today a similar situation occurred, but the reboot did not help.) Please help me figure it out. We bought this phone as a gift, and there are problems with it. Thanks in advance.

    Good afternoon! The surest solution is to contact the seller for warranty service. If this, for some reason, is impossible, then to the nearest SC for diagnostics. If the phone has an emergency call message, then this is a problem with the modem module. Perhaps a software repair will help. In any case, it will not work to solve this at home, on your own. Thanks!

    Why Huawei does not turn on is a question that interests many owners of smartphones from this manufacturer. Huawei phones have gained popularity lately, with more and more users preferring the Honor line. But no technique can be perfect, every system is prone to malfunctions and errors. In the article, we will look at the reasons explaining why the phone suddenly stopped giving signs of life, as well as ways to solve the problem.


    Hello, I need diagnostics, but most likely something with software. Need a flashing device

    Other solutions

    When the phone is constantly restarting, turning off or turning on by itself, this indicates first of all that there is a software failure. Also, the reasons can be hidden in mechanical damage after a fall or shock. In these cases, you can go to the master to determine the breakdown.

    But often the reason why a smartphone or tablet turns on and off immediately can be a trifle and it is possible to fix the problem yourself by flashing the device or resetting to factory settings.


    Hello, you need to watch, maybe you haven’t fully connected it, bring it in, we’ll see


    Hello, most likely you need a flashing of the device, or you already have problems with flash memory, you need diagnostics, bring

    Water ingress

    Did you accidentally drop your smartphone into the water? The main thing is to react quickly and immediately take out the device, turn it off, disassemble and leave to dry. Experts recommend resorting to cereals in such situations. That is, just shove your switched off phone into a bag of rice. Keep the device in this position until tomorrow.

    If you have any questions or complaints. let us know

    If the gadget has been in liquid for a long time, then most likely it cannot be repaired and it is wiser to purchase a new smartphone.


    Hello, most likely you have something with the firmware, so to speak, with the software. You’d better go to the place where you bought it, because it is under warranty

    Charging or battery problems

    Most of the mobiles found to be out of order were exposed to water. The oxidation process takes a very long time and it is impossible to predict how the device will behave another time. There are several ways to dry: hair dryer, leave on a battery overnight, or move to a warm place.

    Hardware faults

    Iron problems often affect phone power. There may be several reasons:

    • Overheating of the processor or other parts of the gadget. In this case, you need to pull out the battery and let the phone lie down disassembled.
    • Control element malfunctions. various controllers can fail. For example, in case of failure, the charge controller can always inform the smartphone that there is no charge on the battery, so the phone will immediately turn off. Only contacting the service center will help here.
    • Oxidation of terminals and contacts. This usually happens if the phone was “drowned” in water, or it was in a damp room for a long time. You can remove the battery, check and gently clean its contacts, it will also not be superfluous to check the terminals on the phone.

    The solution is simple. remove the battery and clean the terminals, or leave the smartphone to charge for a day.

    Software problems

    • Not enough memory. In this case, you need to free up space.
    • Restart the phone. Do not clog the device with unnecessary programs.
    • Virus. It is necessary to detect and eliminate the pest.

    System crash

    The phone may turn off even when fully charged. The reason may be a failure in the OS of the device, most often due to incorrect firmware. It is required to repeat the firmware procedure or contact the service. If the problem persists as a result, it’s time to update. The device may be defective by itself.

    What to do if the phone turns on and off immediately, or turns off by itself

    A mobile phone is considered a huge multifunctional system equipped with a powerful processor, large built-in memory and great functionality.

    But sometimes the equipment malfunctions and the phone starts to “glitch”, for example, turn on and off immediately. Not in all cases it is worth contacting a specialist, often you can fix the malfunction yourself.

    Low battery

    This can happen at any time, even when the charge is full, and maybe at 40 percent, 15 or even 5. If the phone turns off at 5/15/25 percent of the charge, you need to do a full reset and clean the device. Then the battery should be recalibrated. If the situation has not changed within 2 days, you should contact the master.

    Software errors

    The spontaneous switching on and off of the phone or tablet is also affected by software failures and violations.

    • installation of incompatible software. reset and reboot will help;
    • parallel loading of several applications;
    • software malfunctions. flashing the gadget can help.
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