What to do if the bracelet is completely dead

All instructions and recommendations inform about the inadmissibility of a complete discharge of the battery of the fitness tracker, but if this happened, you can solve the problem as follows:

  • The first thing you need to do is to connect your device to the charging station, supply power to it and keep it in this state for 2-3 hours. Most likely, in about an hour the device will show signs of life.
  • If after the specified time nothing happens, it is very likely that the station simply does not charge the bracelet. We will consider the causes and methods of solving this problem in a separate section.
  • Unfortunately it is not uncommon that a full discharge of the battery means a battery failure, which can only be solved by replacing. At home it is quite difficult to perform such an operation, so the best way out would be a visit to the service center.

The first question users ask after purchase is how to turn on the Honor Band 5. The lack of buttons complicates the task. In fact, the wristband does not have a key responsible for power.

The device cannot be turned on by software. If the charge level is normal, the watch will always be active, so you won’t miss a notification from your smartphone or an important reminder.

Immediately after purchase, the Honor Band 5 needs to be plugged into a power source. It comes with a micro-USB cable that plugs into the side of the tracker. USB port on your computer or laptop is ideal for recharging. Standard outlets are too powerful for a wearable device. Fully Bend charges in 2 hours. You can tell a low charge by a dim screen.


Honor isn’t looking to increase the usable area on the front of the fitness tracker. The display frame is wide. Much of this is due to the presence of a digital button on the front panel.

Colors are saturated. Brightness is adjustable. At the maximum value is comfortable to use on a clear day, at the minimum. in low light. Supports adaptive brightness, with which the bracelet sets the optimal value automatically.

How to remove the bracelet from the honor band 5

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The full functionality of the Honor Band 5 is available after connecting to your smartphone. We have a detailed guide that will help you properly connect the devices. In a nutshell:

  • Download and install the Huawei Health app.
  • Open the tab “Devices” and click “Add”.

Setting up the Honor Band 5 fitness bracelet

Immediately after purchase, the device in question is likely to be turned off to save power. There is no dedicated power button, so many users simply do not know how to start the gadget. It’s really simple: you just connect the bracelet to the wristband cradle and plug it into a power source.

The screen should light up at once and show the settings. Charge indicator here is its brightness: if it shines enough, you can disconnect it from external power, if it is dim. better to leave for 1-1.5 hours.

In the future, you won’t need a separate power-up procedure for the Honor Band 5: it’s always active by default, and simply turns off the screen to save power. To make it available, you need to press the touch button below or twist it with your wrist (requires customization).

Answers to the most common questions about the Honor Band 5 smart bracelet

Right now the bracelet costs 2,990 in the Honor online store and most retailers.

The bracelet comes with a charging clip, a USBMicro-USB cable and a manual. No power adapter is included (to charge the flash drive you will need any charger with USB or a computer with a USB connector).

What is new in it compared to the previous model?

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Honor Band 5 has a better screen, support for several new workout modes, other strap color options, new dials and a function to determine blood oxygen saturation. And it can also control the camera of the Honor smartphone.

Does the Russian version has an oxygen sensor?

At the time of the start of sales in Russia in August, Honor Band 5 did not support blood oxygen saturation detection, but the corresponding sensor in the bracelet actually had. At the end of September, the manufacturer was able to get the necessary certifications and released a firmware update adding this feature.

A version of the bracelet without NFC support is on sale in Russia. But even from China you can only order a modification that supports only one payment system Alipay, and it is not used by stores in Russia.

Why the Honor Band 5 is cheaper than the Band 4?

Honor optimizes production and takes into account the market situation to make new products competitive. Fears that Band 5 worsened, we are ready to dispel: the new model has all the features of the previous one, the materials are not worse, the screen is not reduced, the package is the same. On the contrary, there are additional features.

What smartphones the Band 5 is compatible with? What app do I need to install?

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Honor Band 5 can be connected to Android and iOS devices. At any time the bracelet can be paired with only one smartphone or tablet. The device synchronizes via Bluetooth with the Huawei Health app (Huawei Health)

What are the bracelet’s controls? There are buttons?

the bracelet does not have any mechanical buttons. It uses a touch screen and a touch button underneath to control it.

No. But the Honor Band 5 can be used while jogging together with your smartphone, then the Huawei Health app will record the track.

Yes, the Honor Band 5 can include both regular alarms that go off at exactly the right time, as well as one smart. Bracelet by sleep phases will determine the optimal time to wake up within the interval selected in the settings.

Is it possible from the bracelet to control the music on your smartphone?

Honor Band 5. How to Remove Strap

Yes. This feature came with a firmware update at the end of September.

What types of workouts the bracelet supports?

  • jogging on the street
  • treadmill running
  • walking
  • Walking on a treadmill
  • cycling
  • exercise on the exercise bike
  • swimming (4 styles are recognized: freestyle, butterfly, breaststroke and backstroke)
  • rowing machine
  • elliptical trainer
  • free exercise

The main module of the bracelet is black in all versions, but the color of the strap can be chosen from three options: black, blue, and pink.

Any of the strap halves can be disconnected and replaced, no tools required.

How long the battery lasts?

The battery (its capacity is 100 mAh) is enough for 14 days of work in a gentle mode. We tried to enable continuous monitoring of heart rate, TruSleep function and generally use the bracelet to the maximum and the bracelet ran out of battery for 6 days.

How long does the battery take to charge?

It takes about 60-75 minutes to fully charge.

The charging clip is different from previous models?

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Band 5’s charging clip is the same as previous models. The name on the body may be different, but they are all compatible.

The bracelet is protected from water? Can you swim with it?

Honor Band 5 has water resistance to a depth of 50 meters. You can take a shower with it and even bathe, but after that you should rinse the device to wash off the salt and similar substances that can ruin the protection.

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Activate the menu on the fitness bracelet and select “”, then press “System”, then “Reset” and press the check mark to confirm.

You can also reset the fitness bracelet using the Huawei Health mobile app. In this case, the fitness bracelet should be connected to the phone.To reset, start the app, press the “Me” button, select HONOR Band 5, scroll down, select “Restore factory settings” and press “confirm”.