Heart rate monitoring for effective and safe exercise

Even if you work out in the gym with a trainer and he follows the technique of the exercises, there is one thing that is critically important for the effectiveness of training. It’s about the heart rate and the zone in which it falls. Each type of exercise — cardio, strength, and so on — has its own preferred heart rate range. Getting out of the right thing is not only bad for the heart, but also pointless from the point of view of the purpose of training. The app for Band 5 calculates all zones for your age and weight by itself, and during the lesson the bracelet will show if everything is in order or if you need to speed up or, conversely, slow down.

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chips of the new smart bracelet Honor Band 5

Find and manage your smartphone

The smartphone does not just send information to the bracelet. no, the connection is two-way. Firstly, if you lose your smartphone indoors, you can send a search signal to it. and it will start making sounds (if only the TV remote control could do that!).

Secondly, you can control the smartphone camera from the bracelet. Taking group photos from a distance is definitely easier.

Twenty days on a single charge

Smart gadgets are good, but if one thing. a smartphone. can still be put on charge every night (everyone has already come to terms with this), then any other device will quickly send such gluttony to the box.

The Honor Band 5 needs to be charged approximately every 20 days. The bracelet uses an economical Bluetooth 4.2 communication standard, and its screen consumes electricity only when it shows information. In general, half an hour of charging is enough for the bracelet once every couple of weeks.

Of course, monitoring sleep and heart rate takes extra energy, but even if they are both on, you will need to charge the Band 5 every six days.

Ten types of workouts

The new bracelet received several more sports modes, now the list looks like this:

  • running on the street
  • running on a treadmill
  • walking in the street
  • bicycle
  • exercise bike
  • swimming in the pool
  • free workout
  • indoor walking
  • rowing machine
  • ellipse

As you can see, the Honor Band 5 is suitable for both outdoor sports and gym workouts, and all major cardiovascular equipment is supported, among other things.

Eight dials to choose from

There are eight watch faces to choose from on the Honor Band 5. Some of them show only the time and number of steps taken, others complement the picture of the day with distance traveled and calories burned. Everything is individual and everything changes at any moment.

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Bright color screen

The Honor Band 5 has an AMOLED True Color display. It is bright, it is juicy and it only consumes energy when you raise your hand to watch it. Screen protected by 2.5D curved scratch-resistant glass.

At the same time, the screen is touch-sensitive, to control the bracelet you do not need to navigate the menu using the buttons. everything is intuitive.

Sleep monitoring and smart alarm

TruSleep is Honor‘s proprietary sleep and sleep tracking technology. By the way, you can read about each of the stages of sleep, why it is needed and what it affects, right in the mobile application. It will also give an assessment of the quality of sleep and recommendations on how to make it better. Do not think that sleep duration is the only important indicator. Deep, light and REM sleep are important individually. Honor developed its monitoring technology with Harvard University School of Medicine, and those guys know how to sleep properly.

The Band 5 also has a smart alarm function: the bracelet, based on the approximate set wake-up time, will select the optimal moment in terms of sleep phases. Waking up with a smart alarm clock is much easier, besides, after that it does not pull you back into bed.


In addition to the already mentioned pulse oximeter, Honor Band 5 can count steps, track sleep quality and display notifications about messages and incoming calls. Additional functions include a stopwatch, timer and smartphone search. Vibration strength is average, with incoming notifications it is felt well.

Sports features include running, swimming, elliptical trainer and exercise bike. There is no GPS and barometric altimeter in the bracelet, so you will not see the track on the map after training outdoors or in open water.

While running, you can see your pace, distance, heart rate, time. Surprisingly, the wristband without GPS tracked the pace and distance quite accurately. The discrepancy was within a few hundred meters at a distance of 3 to 4 km, which is more than satisfactory for an inexpensive amateur device.

Unlike the older bracelet in the HUAWEI lineup. Band 3 Pro, Honor Band 5 does not know how to track the training effect from sports and the indicators of the maximum oxygen consumption VO2Max.

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The fitness tracker Honor Band 4 at one time turned out to be a pretty good alternative to another very famous bracelet from the Chinese company, and now HUAWEI has released its updated version. Honor Band 5. There are few new functions, the design has not changed, and the price has remained at an acceptable level. Let’s see what the fifth generation of inexpensive fitness tracker has to offer new.


As I said above, the bracelet is equipped with an AMOLED-matrix with a diagonal of 0.95 inches and a resolution of 240×120. In terms of specifications, this is the same display as in the Honor Band 4, but, in my opinion, the maximum brightness level has become higher. The image is seen better on a sunny day. The display is covered with a protective glass with a good oleophobic coating, the finger easily glides on its surface.

Sleep tracking

As with other HUAWEI / Honor bracelets, the Band 5 supports TruSleep advanced sleep tracking, now with version 3. After sleep, you can see a sleep chart in the Huawei Health app, which will display the time spent in deep and light sleep phases, as well as tips for improving it. The bracelet can also track daytime sleep. Unfortunately, the time to fall asleep both during the day and at night is not always accurately tracked. For example, sometimes the bracelet thought that I was sleeping, although I just lay there and rested, and accordingly counted longer sleep times in the statistics. The same problem applies to both Band 4 and HUAWEI Band 3 Pro.

There is a smart alarm function, it does not always work correctly and accurately. They’re afraid that the bracelet won’t wake you up, it’s not worth it, but, as a rule, the smart alarm went off after I opened my eyes before getting up, or the bracelet just woke up at the appointed time.

Huawei Health

There are no changes in the application, which is used to save all the data collected by the wearable devices. In the application, you can see statistics of physical activity, customize the bracelet in a wide range and track your workouts. For example, if you start running mode in the application on your smartphone, then GPS will be used, and heart rate data will come from the bracelet.

As for localization, the situation is as follows: if the interface of your smartphone is in Russian, then the bracelet menu will also be Russian. If the smartphone uses Ukrainian, the bracelet will be in English. There are no problems with the text of the notifications, the Russian and Ukrainian languages ​​are displayed correctly, the font is small, but readable.


The bracelet meets its user in a compact box, which also comes with a short microUSB cable and a cradle for charging. The same is used for Honor Band 4 and HUAWEI Band 3 Pro. You can use any charging cable, but it’s better not to lose the cradle.

Honor Band 5 menu and options

Setting up Honor Band 5 can be divided into two stages: setting up the functions of the bracelet and the owner’s personal profile, in which you need to enter your personal data (age, gender, height and weight). You can then set the desired number of steps taken per day. The following options are also configured there: notification when the goal is reached for the steps and distance traveled, the heart rate is exceeded.

The bracelet is controlled through the touch screen and the Home button. Commands are made by swiping or touching the screen, as well as pressing a button.

The user can customize all these functions for his convenience. If desired, some of them can be disabled.

Setting the language, date and time

After connecting to a smartphone, the date, time and language will be detected automatically. This cannot be done without pairing with a smartphone. Sometimes, after updating the application on a smartphone, the tracker may default to Chinese. You can fix it in Russian in the application settings.

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You can also turn off the bracelet settings. To do this, go to the “” section, select the “System” menu and click on “Shutdown”. There you can also reset the settings to the factory settings or reboot the fitness tracker.

Description Honor Band 5

The bracelet has six main attractive features:

  • color AMOLED screen;
  • a variety of stylish dials;
  • intelligent sleep monitoring;
  • real-time heart rate tracking;
  • water resistance up to 50 meters deep and recognition of swimming styles.

Honor Band 5 smart bracelet screen can display up to 45 color characters, call icons for communication.

Dial design is presented from 8 options, you can choose your display for home, walking, office or gym.

The new TruSeen 3.0 heart rate tracking technology is now even more accurate. The infrared sensor does not stop monitoring the heart rate at night. To understand the state of the body in intense training, there is an option for saturating blood with oxygen.

The function of monitoring, analyzing the pulse and breathing during sleep recognizes 6 common types of sleep problems, evaluates the quality of sleep and has about 200 recommendations for improving it.

The built-in 6-axis sensor automatically recognizes 4 main swimming styles: freestyle, butterfly, breaststroke and backstroke. It also records your swimming speed, distance traveled, calories burned, and calculates your SWOLF1 value — the lower your SWOLF value, the more efficient your swim is. The HONOR Band 5 is ready for immersion in water up to 50 m.It can be kept on while swimming, washing hands or in the rain.

How to connect Honor Band 5 to a smartphone

To activate the full range of options, you need to install the Huawei Health mobile app. You can download this application to any smartphone for free, regardless of the operating system of the gadget via GooglePlay or AppStore. For owners of Huawei Honor smartphones, this application is included in the list of basic.

Huawei Health updates must be installed as the fitness tracker only works with the latest version of the app. Otherwise, the smartphone simply will not find the Honor Band 5 in the list of devices to connect.

After installing the application (or updating to the current version), the program will require logging into the account, if the user has an account in this service, or register a new one. Next, the application will familiarize the owner with the terms of use, privacy notices, agreement and ask for access to calls and the location of the device in order to be able to use all the functions.

After marking all the permissions, you can proceed to pairing the Honor Band 5 with your smartphone. To do this, you need to perform the following actions:

  • Click on the “Plus” sign in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Find in the list of available devices “Smart bracelet”, click on it.
  • Select “Honor Band”.
  • Click on the “Pairing” menu, then accept the connection.
  • In a new window that opens, select Honor Band 5, click on it, thereby confirming the pairing of the smartphone with the tracker.
  • Click on the “Done” button. Then you can go to further settings.

Fitness bracelet Honor Band 5. instructions in Russian, answers to questions about Honor Band 5

Honor band 5 is a bracelet from the famous Chinese brand Huawei Honor. It is an easy-to-use device. We offer detailed instructions for Honor Band 5, which contains a guide for setting up a fitness tracker and tips for proper use.