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To kill a request for Google access, flash any, albeit unsuccessful, custom firmware, and then. fill in any original.

Just approach the choice of firmware carefully, completely “left” can “demolish” IMEI. And this. fraught with new haemorrhoids

Normal people have synchronization with PC and Google, with all the desire you can not forget.

For 15 years I’ve been sitting on a custom, my assembly, nothing bothers, opera, as the main browser, sometimes, asks, maybe we’ll update.

Better ask how many thieves will watch your video or want to steal it after watching.

I may not have it often, but there will be a hundred cunning guys in the country, which means that a hundred people will “lose” their phones.

The world is so arranged that every day, every minute, every second someone loses something and someone finds something.

Honor 10 lite Hard Reset / Huwaie honor Hry-AL00 Pattern and password how to reset

And all the same, specifically, your phone was stolen at least once in your life.?

My Xiaomi. I screwed it up twice, rubbed it in the station square (or. stupidly pulled it out) and a statement to the police. does not solve

“How to unlock a collection of porn”. And the thief will be able to do a full flashing.

You do not seem to be aware that this protection is bypassed.

And I did not write that the data can be accessed. Bores.

honor, lite, forgot, password

This is not the first time I have come across the arrogance of individual terry Enikeys. In 16 years you could learn to google.

@egortyrin, and if you know Google account, you just forgot the code. Can I somehow unblock it? The latest firmware is worth (always updated). The bootloader (and it seems to be not there at all) and the tabs on yusbi are not included. Can save data.

Press and hold the Power and Volume Up buttons to enter recovery mode. When the logo appears, release the power button. Keep the volume up button pressed until the recovery mode menu appears.

Use the power, volume up and down buttons (and in newer versions of EMUI. by touching the screen) select “wipe data / factory reset”.

Confirm your decision by clicking on the “Yes” option.

Wait for the process to complete and then select the “reboot system now” option from the main menu.

After restarting the phone, the password will be deleted, and you can set a new password or use the phone without it.

Unlink FRP at (C10E4R2P2) / (C10E5R2P2)

FRP (bypass Google Account without computer and OTG cable)

Did you read the post? Secondly, I wrote a proposal about it. FACTORY RESET WILL NOT HELP.

Watch the video, it’s not for nothing that they wrote so many BUKES :)))

before you copy-paste something. as old as the world googled something fresher

Honor 10 Lite (HRY-LX1). reset pattern and Google account (FRP)

Another patient. The phone is locked. you have a Google account pattern set. Resetting to factory settings naturally does not help, because after the reset, the phone also asks you to enter the key, or the account data that was standing before the settings were reset. How to be? That’s how:


Reset FRP (bypass Google account) on Samsung A51 (SM-A515F) Android 10 with firmware A515FXXU3BTF4

On this firmware version, there are at least two relatively simple ways to bypass the account:

The essence of the method is to cause a Gmail application error.

All now you can run any application. browser, my files, etc.

Download the FRP ADD ROM application through the browser or write it down to the MicroSD flash drive in advance, launch it, disable Google applications, Google play services and Google play itself. We give admin rights to the FRP ADD ROM application.

Method N2. the essence is the same as in the first one, it is carried out through a curtain that can be lowered during a black screen before the “Start” button appears

I did not reveal the regularity of the appearance of this opportunity, I did it every other time

Forgot the password for the personal folder Huawei and Honor. Secret questions don’t work

There is a reason to always write down logins and passwords somewhere. Unfortunately, not all people use this recommendation. Therefore, you can often find questions on the Internet, what to do if you have forgotten this particular information? In this article, we will consider the situation when a person has forgotten the password from the personal folder Huawei and Honor.

  • Is there any way to restore access to this section?
  • Can the folder be accessed even if the security questions do not fit?

We will try to give answers to these questions.

The only possible solution to this problem

So, there is only one solution to this problem:

  • If attempts to remember did not bring any result, then you need to click on a special button called “Forgot your password?”;
  • The mobile system will transfer you to a new page, where you will be offered to use one of two options;
  • The first involves receiving an answer from the user to the so-called secret question. If it is given correctly, it will be possible to change the password;
  • The second option is suitable for those who have forgotten the answers to these most secret questions. However, in order to take advantage of the proposed opportunity, you will need to verify your Huawei account. That is, remember the password from it. If this does not cause problems, then you can go on to the settings of the “personal” folder and easily change the access data.

These are the only solutions. If a person does not know the answers to secret questions, cannot log into a personal account from Huawei, then it will not work to restore access to the above folder.

If you have just such a situation, then the daddy can be deleted, because otherwise it will take up space in the phone’s memory, representing in fact a “dead weight”. This is done as follows:

  • Activate the “Files” application and use the “” button;
  • Go to “settings”, where you will need to switch to active mode the item that allows you to display system files;
  • We return to the “Files” application. Now we select “phone memory”. We pass through it to “Internal memory”;
  • In the list, look for a daddy called “.File_SafeBox”. We just delete it.

Naturally, it is advisable to do this only in cases where the user is one hundred percent sure that he will not be able to restore access to the “personal” folder.

Encrypted and password protected Private folder on Honor phone

For privacy purposes, the Private folder on Honor allows you to encrypt photos, videos, audio and other files on your phone. In this article, we will show you how to enable a private encrypted and password-protected folder on your Honor phone, how to delete it if you forgot your password, how to find a hidden private folder on your phone.

You can enable the Personal folder on your Honor phone and transfer photos, videos, audio and other files there, which will be encrypted and password protected. In another article we showed you how to hide a photo album with photos and videos, and in this article we will show you how to create a Private folder on Honor in which you can hide any files and which will be reliably protected with a password. You can also configure the protection of the folder with a fingerprint, that is, you do not need to enter the password every time, you can unlock the protected folder by placing your finger on the fingerprint scanner. For example, we use Honor 9 Lite, I hope the info will work with your smartphone or tablet as well. Also see the Комментарии и мнения владельцев below, perhaps someone has already shared useful information about a personal folder specifically for your phone.

How to enable the Private folder on Honor :. Open “Settings”. and go to the item “Security and privacy”. You can also open the file manager “Files” on your phone and in it “Personal” Next, you need the item “Personal” and go to “Create Personal” Select the place where the Personal folder on Honor will be saved “Memory card (recommended)” or “Internal memory “Now you need to enter the password for the protected folder and re-confirm the password. (Attention! Set a memorable password or be sure to save the Personal password on your Honor phone so that you don’t forget or have to look for ways to reset the password from the protected folder.). Next, you will be asked to enter the answers to security questions. this is in case you still forget the password for the encrypted folder on your phone. I think this is a good way to reset a forgotten folder password if you have forgotten it. Now you will be asked “Link Huawei account” or not. this is another option that allows you to reset your personal password if you forget it and forget the answer to the secret question. The Personal folder is ready, now you can “Add” to this folder images, audio, video and other files that will be encrypted and password protected.

To delete your personal folder, change your password, create a new protected folder, move the folder to another location, click on “Settings”.

Where is the secure folder on Honor phone, how to find it. The “Personal” folder is saved on the phone memory or on a memory card, depending on the choice when creating it, and the encrypted folder / File_SafeBox / is usually located on the memory card. Look at the picture below.

Since the folder is encrypted, corrupted and hidden, you will not be able to find it without turning on the visibility of hidden folders and files. You can remove the memory card from your phone and view hidden files on the USB flash drive on your computer. You can also download a free file manager application “ES Explorer” from the Play Store, which allows you to enable the display of hidden folders. The “ES File Explorer” application will help you find the hidden protected folder both on the memory card and in the phone memory. If you have forgotten your Personal password and there are no important files in it, then simply delete this folder and then you can create a new protected folder. Unfortunately, we could not find a way to reset the password from the Personal folder on Honor, if you know how to do this, then be sure to share in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев below.

How To Unlock Honor 10 lite 3 / 64GB Black.

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How to Remove Graphics Lock Honor 10 lite 3 / 64GB Black from Android Smartphone? If you have locked your Android smartphone with a pattern and forgot it, then you shouldn’t be upset. You have at least a couple of ways to unlock your smartphone.

The first way. Enter the pattern until the system prompts you to enter the login and password for the Google account with which the smartphone was activated. Enter them, but remember that you only need to enter your username before the @ symbol, that is, you do not need to enter @ If you have forgotten your username, connect your smartphone to your computer and run the proprietary utility on it. For example, for Samsung it is Kies, for HTC. HTC Sync. By clicking on the “About device” menu item, you will find your username, and you can recover your password using standard password recovery tools from your Google account. Recovering your Google account. “.

Second way. If you do not know the login and password for the account that was activated by the smartphone, you will have to do a factory reset, but keep in mind that all your information from the phone will be lost. Turn off your smartphone. Press the buttons: “Enable” “Volume up”. After turning on the smartphone, release the “Enable” button, and continue to hold the “Volume up” button. As a result, the smartphone will boot into Recovery mode (engineering recovery menu). Use the volume control buttons to navigate the menus, and select with the left touch button (sometimes the Home button). Find and execute the “Wipe data / factory reset” and “Wipe cache partition” items, and then the “Reboot system now” item. The smartphone will reboot and you will have it in the form in which you purchased it.

How to unlock Honor 10 lite 3 / 64GB Black phone locked by operator? Before we start unlocking Android phones, let’s briefly explain what network / SIM unlocking is.

It is simply the process of entering a specially generated code through the keypad of your phone to remove the restriction imposed by the distributor of the device. This will allow you to insert compatible SIM cards from any other operators and use their services.

Unlocking to use other SIM cards does not give you full access to your phone. Unlocking the bootloader or rooting. this is a completely different matter. Both of these types of unlocking are legal, but unlocking the SIM often requires operator assistance.

Ask your carrier to unlock your device Beginning in February 2015, mobile phone owners in America can ask their cellular networks to unblock their devices in order to switch to another carrier. This puts the United States on a par with the European Union (and repeals an unpopular law passed in 2013). In addition to this, operators are obliged to inform their customers about the possibility of unlocking the device by means of a note on the monthly invoice.

First, find out if your phone can be unlocked. If the smartphone was purchased under a contract, it contains the unlocking conditions. If the original two years have not yet passed, you will have to pay an early termination penalty. After that, you will receive an unlock code and you can safely use another SIM card.

People who bought their phones outright usually need to wait 12 full months from the time of purchase and make sure all bills are paid. Then the network will provide you with the unlock code.

To unlock the network / SIM card, you will need to confirm the IMEI “IMEI”. it is a unique serial number that is stitched into every GSM phone. IMEI consists of 15 digits. The abbreviation “IMEI” stands for “International Mobile Equipment Identifier” (ie “International Mobile Equipment Identifier”). (international mobile equipment identifier.a unique code used to identify your phone on any network) your phone or tablet.

On Android, the IMEI number can be found quickly by dialing # or by opening Settings About phone Status IMEI information. After sending this 15-digit number, the operator must provide you with a PIN code that allows you to use a SIM card from another network.

(This process may differ depending on the cellular network. For example, a new operator may require you to enter a special code to work with their network.)

This is especially useful if you are traveling to another country and your device does not support dual SIM cards at the same time.

Although carriers in America are not allowed to charge for this service, in the UK and Europe there is sometimes a small administration fee required to unlock a phone.

How to unlock SIM card Honor 10 lite 3 / 64GB Black? To unblock, use PUK-code PUK (from English Personal unblocking code) is required in order to unblock the SIM-card. So, if you enter the wrong PIN code 3 times, the SIM card will be blocked. To unblock it, you either need to contact the nearest mobile operator’s salon with your passport, or use the PUK code, which, in fact, allows you to unblock your SIM card without leaving your home. (indicated on the plastic base to which the SIM card was attached before activation, under a protective layer). To unblock PIN1, dial the command: 05PUK1-code new PIN1-code repeat new PIN1-code #. To unblock PIN2, dial: 052PUK2-code new PIN2 repeat new PIN2 #

Honor 10 lite 3 / 64GB Black unlock questions

petr 11/21/2019
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To answer

How to Hard Reset Honor 10 Lite. Bypass Screen Lock

Ask a question regarding unlocking Honor 10 lite 3 / 64GB Black

How to unblock Honor by logging into your Gmail account (playmarket)

Enter the wrong password or pattern within five times

After the fifth error, the “Forgotten password” option will appear in the lower right part of the screen. click on it

honor, lite, forgot, password

Sign in with your Google username and password associated with the corresponding Android phone.

Now you can draw a new pattern and confirm the change.

How to unlock Honor password if you forgot it on your smartphone?

If you have forgotten the password for your phone, you can do it in several ways. Although there are many solutions on the Internet on how to unlock Honor password, only a few of them actually work. Some of the suggested solutions require you to download apps and install them on your Android phone. In other ways, you need to log into your playmarket account, and finally, the most radical way resets and erases all your data from your Android phone, returning it to factory settings.

We will tell you how to unlock Honor password if you forgot it. Depending on your situation, you can choose a specific method to bypass the password. If you’ve just bought an Android phone and haven’t had time to save any information on it, deleting all of your data will of course not be a problem.

But if you had an Android phone for a long time and had a lot of contacts and personal information, you can try other ways. Especially if you haven’t saved your information anywhere. Here are three easy Android phone unlock solutions that will work for most brands like Samsung, HTC, LG as well as Chinese brands like ZTE, Lenovo, Huawei, ThL and others. :

How to Reset Huawei Honor If Forgot Password

First, press and hold the Power key to turn off the cell phone. 2. Then press and hold the Volume Up Power button until the Adnroid logo appears on the screen. 3. Use the volume buttons to select the option “wipe data / reset factory settings” and confirm this with the power button.

Then select “Yes” from the menu and accept it with the “Power” key.

Now select the option “reboot system now” with the power button. 6. Everything worked out! Hard reset just done.

Second method for newer versions of Huawei Honor:

First, press and hold the power button to turn off your cell phone. 2. Then press and hold the Power Volume Up buttons until the screen lights up. 3. Then release the power key, and continue to hold the volume key.

In the next step, tap “Wipe dats / factory reset” and select “Wipe dats / factory reset” to confirm. (Attention, all data will be deleted!)

Great job! The device is ready to use.

A few notes on unlocking phones when you forgot your password

Be careful, if you want to use hard reset to bypass the password of your Huawei Honor phone, you will really lose all information including contacts, videos and photos. Only choose this method if you have a backup of your personal or important information. The first option has been known to not work for some users, but others have managed to use it successfully.

The second option is optimal for most users, but by itself it is not a solution, as it never changes the password, but it just bypasses it every time you open your Android phone.

If you liked the article: how to unlock Honor, leave your Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

How to unlock Huawei Honor 10 Lite if you forgot your password or pattern

There are many reasons why you will need to unlock your Huawei Honor 10 Lite. The graphic key is an auxiliary tool for locking Android smartphones. The operating system offers to install it for joint work with a fingerprint sensor or means for unlocking in the face. The exception is the budget versions of smartphones, in which the pattern is offered as an alternative to the usual digital password. Composing a graphic combination that is too complex can lead to problems. multiple incorrect entries automatically lead to device blocking. It will be possible to figure out how to unlock Huawei Honor 10 Lite if you forgot your password or pattern (whichever you prefer to lock your phone), knowing some of the tricks of modern versions of Android.

Usually, after entering the key incorrectly, the phone displays information about the lock. Here, the operating system offers the user several solutions. Among the main ones is the SOS function, which is necessary to call the rescue services, as well as a means to restore access. The last option will be considered first.

Unlock Huawei Honor 10 Lite via Google Account

It should be noted right away that this method is not relevant for all devices. The list of tested models includes models on “pure” Android, Samsung, Huawei, Honor, as well as some Xiaomi.

If you enter the wrong key 5 times in a row, but the display will show a blocking notification with a timer. Below. the button “Forgot your pattern?”, Which should be clicked. The system will automatically offer authorization to the Google account to which the phone is linked. It will be possible to enter your own mail and password only if you have a Wi-Fi or mobile Internet connection. If there is a network, and authorization was successful, the smartphone will be unlocked and all data will remain in place.

Factory reset

The problem can overtake the user at the wrong moment. in the absence of the Internet. In this case, authorization with Google is not possible. There are two ways to deal with this circumstance:

  • find a place with Wi-Fi, which is saved in the device (relevant if the automatic connection option is activated in the settings) and perform the steps described above;
  • reset to factory settings through a special smartphone menu.

The last option deserves more detailed consideration. Almost every Android model comes with a stock Recovery utility preinstalled for performing service settings. It is through it that you will have to unlock. Before performing the actions, you should understand that after resetting through Recovery, all files are deleted from the device’s memory. The fate of the elements on the MicroSD card depends on the manufacturer. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you back up your phone data before taking any action.

  • Turn off the phone completely.
  • Press the mechanical buttons “volume up” and “on / unlock”.
  • After the phone emits vibration. release the power button, while holding the “volume up” until the engineering menu appears.
  • After opening Recovery, release the button and select Wipe data / factory reset.

Most often, the menu in the Recovery is touch-sensitive, respectively, clicking on Wipe data will turn out as in the usual control of the device. However, on older models, the menu may not display normal sensor operation. In this case, control is implemented as follows:

  • selection of menu items. with volume keys;
  • confirmation of action. with the power button.

After the reset, the phone will reboot and prompt for initial system setup. Once again, it is worth recalling. a factory reset will delete all user files saved in the smartphone’s memory.

How to reset data on Honor or Huawei?

Tap on the “Settings” icon on the desktop.

Important! If your system interface is different, use the menu search by the word “reset” (without quotes).

Tap on the item “Restore factory settings”.

Read the information on this page, and if you agree, click on the “Reset phone settings”.

If desktop protection is installed, you will be prompted for a password. After that, all that remains is to confirm the reset.

The device will be rebooted and cleared, then reboot again and you will receive the smartphone as from the factory. Remember that it cannot be rebooted by itself during cleaning, and also make sure that the battery is sufficiently charged so that the smartphone does not turn off when the data is reset.

How to factory reset Honor or Huawei?

There is nothing difficult in doing a data reset on your Huawei or Honor smartphone, but you should understand that if you reset, all information from the device will be deleted, so take care of transferring data to another device in advance. If you are ready then let’s get started.

Resetting data with buttons

The best option if, for example, the sensor does not work and there is a suspicion that the problem will be solved by resetting the data.

honor, lite, forgot, password

Turn off your smartphone by pressing the shutdown button. On the screen, press “Shutdown”.

After turning off the smartphone, simultaneously press the power and volume keys.

When the smartphone turns on, release the power key, but hold the volume up button until the recovery menu loads. The menu is loaded. Using the sound adjustment keys, select the Wipe data / factory reset item and confirm the action by pressing the power key.

On the next page, select Wipe data / factory reset again and, if necessary, enter the words yes.

Data reset starts. Wait for the end. Then select Reboot System Now.

Smartphone will restart normally like new.

By the way, if you do not untie the device from your Google account, the next time you turn on the device after resetting, you need to enter the password from it. Make sure to remember the password.

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Through router settings

Using this method, you can find out the password from the network even if there are no devices connected to it. In this case, you will need the router itself.

  • Connect the router to a computer or laptop using a special cord (included with the router).
  • Enter the command in the search browser.
  • The fields that appear with the requirement for a username and password will need to be filled in. Most often, the admin / admin pairing is suitable. Click “Send”.
  • Then you need to find the access code itself. To do this, select the “Wireless Mode” line and go to the “Wireless Security” tab. In the window that appears, you will see the Wi-Fi password.

It may happen that the above IP address will not work. Then you need to try to carefully inspect the device (as a rule, the necessary information is placed on a sticker on the back of the router).

If it was not possible to find the IP address of the router, the command line will help. To do this, press the WindowsR (for Windows 7) or WindowsX (for Windows 8/10) keys, enter CMD in the window that appears and click OK. Selecting the command line item in the menu that appears, you need to enter ipconfig. In the information that appears, you should find the data of the main gateway, which will be the desired IP address.

What to do if you forgot your Huawei router password?

What to do if you forgot your router password?

Login and password may be needed to enter the settings of the router. The page for entering data for authorization looks like this:

To go through the data recovery procedure via Wi-fi, you will need a device that is connected earlier: it can be a laptop or a computer.

  • If someone has forgotten the password for the router, you should click on the Wi-Fi connection sign at the bottom of the desktop. After that, the general access will appear, where you will need to select network control.
  • Next, the mouse clicks on “Manage wireless networks”.
  • An additional connection window appears, where the “Properties” key will be visible.
  • The Security panel appears, which is attached to the network security key. A hidden password will be revealed there. In order for it to appear, open the “Display entered characters” checkbox.

This method is suitable only if the device was previously connected to the computer, and the password has been saved.

If there is no laptop or computer that previously connected to the network, the password is obtained using a router.

  • Connect the router to the device with a wire.
  • Then any browser opens: Opera, Mozilla and others, where the following data should be entered in the search engine.
  • At the next stage, information about the login and password is filled in to open the settings. If the router belongs to TP-LINK, the login and password are the same. admin. In other cases, it is recommended to check the data with the provider.
  • Next, Wireless and Wireless Security opens. The PSK Password column opens with a password related to a specific network. But specifying the password depends on what type of router.

But it is not always possible to view your password. Therefore, resetting the settings according to the instructions will help.

Factory password

Login and password are indicated on the router box, for example, as in the picture:

If a person cannot remember and find the data of the router, it is possible to try entering the factory values. If this option is not suitable, it is recommended to reset the settings. This is done in a few minutes.

Each router on the box itself has a small button located near the power lever. This button stands out from others. You need to press and hold it for a few seconds.

About 15 seconds is enough for all the information to be reset to the factory one, and then you can reuse the device. But in this case, you will need to go to the router settings in order to enter new data with a different password.


Experts recommend saving logins and passwords for accessing the network in a separate text file, in extreme cases, rewrite them in your notebook. This will allow you to avoid many difficulties and perform completely optional actions that will take quite a lot of time.

Also, in order not to bother with logs and passwords, you can save a log of setting the settings (this can be when configuring the router using a CD) and this data will be collected in one text file.


To view the W-Fi password on your Android device, you should use the “WI-FI Password Recovery” application. The disadvantage of this method is that you must have Root rights to Android.

What to do if you forgot the password from the Wi-Fi router?

After setting up the router, all home gadgets connect to it via Wi-Fi automatically and you do not need to enter data every time. If guests come and ask for permission to connect to your Internet, or you need to connect a new home device over the network that works wirelessly, you need it. It is usually written on the back of the device, but the standard is often changed. What to do if you forgot the password from the Wi-Fi router, how to view it on a computer and on an Android phone. useful recommendations for users.

What to do if you forgot your router password

Photo by Misha Feschak on Unsplash

I have repeatedly come across a situation when somewhere on a visit, when trying to connect to a Wi-Fi network, the owner said that he did not remember the password from the router (router). In response to “go to the settings and see” he looked at me in bewilderment, not understanding how to do it. And such cases are not uncommon.

People who are far from IT often do not understand the situation. We spent the Internet, installed a router, wrote down the network password somewhere on a piece of paper. and then there is no need to remember it. After all, smartphones, tablets, laptops of all households are connected to the network automatically, and you do not need to enter anything every time. And many people do not even know about the existence of the web interface of settings.

But what should you do if you find yourself in a situation where you have forgotten your router password and you need to connect to the network? This happens, for example, after buying a new smartphone or laptop, resetting an old device to factory settings, etc. There are several ways to remember the router password, recover it or change it.

Unblocking via Google account

This method is available on smartphones manufactured before 2014. On modern models, be it Honor 8a or Honor 20 Pro, it no longer works. In order to unlock your Honor phone in this way, you need to do the following:

  • Turn on the gadget and enter the wrong code or pattern until the “Forgot your password?” Button appears on the screen.
  • Click on it and enter the login and password for your Google account. The login field contains part of the email address. You do not need to enter the @ domain.
  • Confirm them.

For your information! The presence of an Internet connection on the smartphone is a prerequisite for the functionality of this method.

What to do if you forgot your password (pin code) from your Honor phone

Honor smartphones are equipped with several protection methods: from standard PIN code entry (digital password) to smart unlocking.

Entering a pin code is a mandatory way to unlock, and all others (face recognition, fingerprint scanner) are optional. That is, access to them becomes available only after setting a digital password, which must be entered every few days to unlock the screen.

If the PIN-code is lost or forgotten, it cannot be restored. Therefore, it is very important to always install additional methods of identifying and unlocking the phone. a fingerprint scanner or face recognition.

Unlocking methods

If you forgot your Honor password, you can unlock it through:

  • Google account;
  • Hard Reset.

Unlocking via Hard Reset (factory reset)

This method is suitable for all models of Honor smartphones.

Please note that after using it, the phone is completely reset to zero. All stored information disappears from it: photos, videos, music, documents, applications, all accounts except Google. Therefore, when using a smartphone, it is very important to make a backup to your Google account in order to restore everything later.

To unlock your phone using this method, do the following:

  • Turn off your smartphone
  • Hold and hold the power and volume up buttons
  • Wait for the Honor logo to appear on the smartphone display, then release the power button. Continue to hold the volume key until the recovery mode menu is displayed
  • Using the sensor or volume buttons, select “Wipe data / factory reset”
  • Confirm the selection with the power button or by entering the word “Yes” in the corresponding window
  • Wait until the end of the reset process and restart your phone.

In the event that a Google account has been linked to the smartphone after the reboot, you will need to enter its data. Please note that only the account that was linked to the phone at the time of its initial setup will work.

For your information! If your Google Account password is lost or forgotten, you can recover it via a PC using your phone number, security question, or backup mail.

If you know of other legal ways to unlock your Honor smartphone, please write about them in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.