Connection schemes and comparison of the cost of inexpensive sets of video surveillance hiwatch

How much video surveillance costs? In order to give the correct answer, you need to understand what elements the system consists of, what brands are used, how much is the installation in the cost. In the article I provide schemes for inexpensive analog and digital video surveillance, calculate the cost of video surveillance sets.

Analog video surveillance consists of 5 elements, digital of 6. In the digital 6th element is the switch.

Scheme of digital video surveillance

Digital video surveillance consists of a DVR, IP camera, switch, uninterrupted power source. Data is powerful and transmitting one cable.

The composition of the video surveillance kit

The table in accordance with the above scheme indicates the manufacturers and brands of equipment (excluding cables and connectors):

EZVIZ настройка приложения для просмотра видео регистратора HiWatch на смартфоне 2021

Digital video surveillance setting, cost of total
one. DVR Hiwatch DS-N104 65 1 PC. 65
2. HDD Seagate Surveillance 2TB 75 1 PC. 75
3. Source of uninterrupted nutrition with battery INELT ALPHA LCD 51 1 PC. 47
four. Box 70x70x40 1.2 4 things. 4.8
5. Digital camera Hiwatch DS-I200 (C) 65 4 things. 260
6. Switch TL-SF1008P 42 1 PC. 42
Total: 493.8

Below the video in which I show how the digital video surveillance kit is connected and launched.

Overview IP CCTV cameras Hiwatch DS-I200 (C) here. advanced Hikvision Colorvu DS-2CD2T27G3E-L here.

An example of what the DS-I200 camera sees on the cottage wall.

Hiwatch password by default DVR

This table may be useful when commissioning and repairing video surveillance systems.

Each IP camera has default (Default) or by default installation. With these installations, the camera comes from the manufacturer. IP cameras have a special button “reset”, pressing and holding this button for a certain time leads to the reloading of the camera and resetting all installations in “Default”.

The table below indicates default IP cameras from different manufacturers. Basically, each individual manufacturer applies data from the entire line of goods produced. For example, Hikvision by default (Default) sets the password (Password) 12345 and login (Login) Admin not only on IP cameras, but also for DVR.

Pay attention to the “address” column. Some cameras, by default, are located in DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol. a protocol of the dynamic configuration of the node), which allows them to receive an IP address and other installations automatically. It also means that by connecting such a camera, directly, you will not find it to your computer. It must be connected to the device that has a DHCP server. Such a device, for example, can be a router.

Password reset on Hiwatch and Hikvision devices

This article describes a password for Hiwatch and Hikvision devices using the SADP utility. You can also download pdf instructions.

Install SADP Launch SADP. The program will scan the local network and display the list of found devices

We put a checkmark opposite the device, the password of which should be dropped and click on the Forgot Password link

A window opens, the view of which depends on the firmware version installed in the device (rice. 2, 3).

Password reset on devices with firmware: Cameras 5.2.0 and below; registrar 3.0.9 and below

Figure 2: if the firmware of the camera is 5.2.0 and below; registrar 3.0.9 and below

In this case, it is necessary to get “Security Code”. To do this, send an email to Support@Hikvision.SU or

In the letter we indicate: the full serial number of the device value of the field “Start Time”, which can be found on the right side of the table

You can also just put a checkplace opposite the necessary devices and press Export, send the received stout table to the email indicated above.

We will receive Security Code with a response letter for the device, which we enter into the corresponding field. Now the password has dropped into the factory 12345.

Password reset on devices with firmware: Cameras 5.3.0 and above; registrar 3.0.10 and above

Figure 3: If camera firmware 5.3.0 and above; registrar 3.0.10 and above

In this case, click “Export”, and select the folder to save the XML special file. The original file name is better not to change. We send the file to the email to Support@Hikvision.SU or in the response letter we will get a XML reset file, which we select in the still open program and set a new password. Attention should not be reloaded after sending data, otherwise the data will have to be sent again. Reset file and discharge code act only within two days. The settings and archive of the device will not be lost.

Possible problems

If SADP does not find the device, then download and install the WinPAP network scanner (off. site), then reboot the computer. If, when exporting the XML file, the Get Key Error window appears to be sent, you need to reinstall the program, turn off all antiviruses and firewalls, restart the device and PC. If this did not help, try to repeat on another computer.

Password reset on Hikvision (Hiwatch) devices

Hik-connect регистрация, настройка

The average processing time of requests for a password reset from 30 minutes to an hour, on weekdays during working hours (UTC3)

To get started, install the latest version by SADP by the link Launch SADP on behalf of the administrator

After the opening of the SADP, the program will scan your local network and display the list of found devices.

Then you need to install the flag opposite the device, the password of which should be dropped and click on the Forgot Password link

After clicking on the “Forgot Password” link, a window will open, the view of which depends on the firmware version installed in the device

For new firmware (5.3 for cameras, 3.0.10 for registrars)

It is necessary to export.XML File (for each device your file) click on the Export button

Next, select the catalog for the export of the file. The illustration below as an example indicates the desktop

A file with the extension will appear in this directory.XML and the name in the form of a full serial number of the device. This file must be sent to the mail this email address is protected from spam bots. You must have javaScript to view. and follow the further instructions of experts

Do not reboot the device after sending the file of the file and the discharge code act only within two days of the settings and the archive of the device will not change

In response, a letter with a file with an extension will come.XML, this file must be substituted in this window. Then you come up with a new password and confirm it.

Method number 2 for old firmware (5.2 for cameras, 3.0.9 for registrars and earlier)

If the old version of the firmware is installed, the system will ask to enter the code for resetting the password at the factory (12345) as in the illustration below.

To receive code, you need to send this email address to the post office from spam bots. You must have javaScript to view. or this email address is protected from spam bots. You must have javaScript to view. File with information about the device:

Install the box opposite the necessary devices and press the Export key, the resulting stamp file (.Xls) Send us by mail with the theme “Password Reset”

You can also send information in this form:

Appendix for Android

The Hik-Connect application for some reason disappeared from Google Play and now it can only be downloaded in the form of an APK file. For installation on a smartphone, respectively, you will need to allow installation from APK files, they are also unverified sources.


Download, allow, install, launch. On the first screen we accept the conditions of use. Next, select our region and see the entrance window to the account. You can enter either using the phone number and password, or email addresses and passwords.


After entering the authorization parameters, we get into our account, but if it is already, but if not? If not, you need to register! There are two options. through the site and through the application. The registration procedure through the site is considered in the video below. Here we will consider the registration procedure through the application.

Click the link to register the account and accept the conditions of use. Next, enter either email address or phone number, come up with a password and click the button to get a protective code. For the specified contact. mail or phone, respectively, this very protective code will come. It needs to be entered in the corresponding field and press the button completed. If everything is done without errors, then the account will immediately be entered.

At the first entrance, it will be proposed to enable the authentication on fingerprint. Refuse, otherwise hesitate, although you can try. you can turn off later in the account management section. To enter it, you need to slip along the top line in the main window of the program-where the avatar, login and icon of the QR code.

Adding a device

There is an account. Now you need to add our device. Click on the plus. In response to the request, we grant the right to use the camera so that you can add the device by scanning its QR code, or press the pencil in the upper right corner and enter the serial number manually. The device will be identified and the application will try to connect to it. If the device is turned on, connected to the network and connected to the cloud, then it will successfully add to the account.

Adding a device to the Hik-Connect account

I advise you to enter the settings and turn off the encryption, otherwise he will heal. But, again, you can turn off and later.

Reset using USB-TTL adapter

To carry out a reset with this method, you will need, in fact, a USB-TTL adapter and a train or separate wires to connect it to the UART-sharing board. Who really wants to, can solder. It is necessary to do almost the same manipulations with the camera as with a frave from T.e, by formatting firmware, return to the factory state.


    – utility for restoration of Hikvision/Hiwatch chambers;. terminal program, which was included in the supply of Windows;. a utility for the search, activation and configuration of the network parameters of Hikvision/Hiwatch cameras.


  • Download and unpack the TFTP server and firmware for the experimental model of the camera;
  • Set the computer to the computer address or, depending on the firmware of the camera;
  • Put the Digicap firmware file.DAV in the TFTP server folder and run it;
  • Connect the USB-TTL adapter to the UART camera and to the computer;
  • Run Hyperterminal and open a connection with an adapter COM port at a speed of 115200;
  • Serve food on the camera and, having waited for the invitation, stop the load by pressing Ctrlu;
  • Enter the UPF command. formatting and downloading firmware from the network.

The camera will format the memory, finds a TFTP server, loads the firmware from it, write it in memory and restart.

After the loading of the firmware is completed, the TFTP server must be closed, otherwise the process will be repeated cyclically.

The process of process can be controlled through the terminal window.

The end of the process can be monitored through SADP. the camera will appear in the program window with the status of Inactive. The password is dropped, you can set your own, configure and use.

hiwatch, setting, cctv, cameras, hik-connect

If the camera has a slot for an SD card, then you can do without a TFTP server. It is enough to copy the Digicap firmware file.DAV on the memory card and instead of the UPF command, enter the UPFSD command. The camera will look for the firmware not on the network, but on the map. Otherwise, everything is similar.

TRASSIR CLOUD support firmware

In order to provide the camera with the ability to work in another cloud, that is, TRASSIR CLOUD, you need to flash it with another firmware modified by DSSL programmers. Such firmware can be downloaded in the site of the supported IP equipment.

If the camera, you can reflash it through the section of the web-acting and service web-act. If their camera, then the firmware from the DSSL website needs to be prepared similarly to the native, removing the Webcomponents from it.exe or take a ready.made firmware for TRASSIR CLOUD. But, despite the decreased size, and possibly, just because of it, through the web-integer firmware with support for TRASSIR CLUD will not fill. The process begins, but then we get an error. Maybe the point is that the cut firmware has a version older than the one that we are trying to fill.

But everything will sew perfectly through the TFTP according to the method described in the above article, so we will not repeat ourselves. After successful flashing, you need, just in case, reset the camera settings for factory.

hiwatch, setting, cctv, cameras, hik-connect


To understand that everything was stitched as it should, you need to check the firmware version.

Further, in the section network-DOP. The settings should appear a new tab. TRASSIR CLOUD. The only setup is the tick of. Of course, one checkmark is not enough. If network settings are incorrect or there are some other problems with the Internet access, then the connection with the cloud will not happen. This can be controlled by the value of the Field Status: the value of the Unknown Status says that the cloud is disconnected, or there are some problems with the connection, and the Connected to Trassir Cloud, Working value says that everything is fine and you can add the device to your account.

TRASSIR CLOUD disabled TRASSIR CLOUD turned on the TRASSIR CLOUD settings tab

Further, having an account in the cloud of TRASSIR CLOUD, you can add your camera to it. This can be done through a personal account, or through the application. The identifier is no longer a serial, as is the case with Hik-Connect, but a MAC address.

When adding a camera through a personal account, it will be immediately proposed to choose a tariff. If you want to write in a cloud, you can do this, but if there is no such desire, then you need to click on the cancellation button.

If there is a desire to write in a cloud, then you can test this opportunity. To do this, you need to register in the cloud. link for registration.

Setting up the Hiwatch DS-N332 / 2 DVR

Any system administrator must be able to configure video surveillance registrars. There are a lot of manufacturers and models of registrars, but knowing how one is adjusted, by analogy you can configure any other. The main thing is to understand the principle of work. Today we will initial setting up the Hiwatch DS-N332 / 2 DVR.

All DVRs have a web integer. In order to get into it, you need to know the IP address of the registrar.

In order to find it out, you can scan the network with the IP Scanner program.

To connect to it, it is better to use the Internet Explorer browser. No matter how paradoxical it sounds.

IP address of the registrar can be static and dynamic, it does not affect anything.

After authorization, we find ourselves in the main menu. On the panel, select the item “Settings”. On the left we are looking for the menu section and select “System Settings”. On the first tab you can change the name and number of the device.

To configure the time of the DVR, we go into the appropriate tab.

Here you can configure RS485 integers. But they will most likely not come in handy.

In this section, resolutions of VGA/HDMI output are configured.

We go to the “Service” section in it can remotely restart the registrar. Reset the settings make a backup or update.

The Safety tab allows you to enable the necessary protocols. It is better to leave everything by default here.

The next section allows you to add cameras and make from the initial setting.

hiwatch, setting, cctv, cameras, hik-connect

And the last tab is to manage users. The administrator’s account cannot be given to ordinary users, it is better for them to create their own accounts.

On this initial setting of the DVR you can finish. He is ready to work.

Firmware for Hiwatch DS-I122

These firmware are also suitable for models DS-I114W, DS-I120, DS-I126, DS-I128, DS-I223, DS-R201, DS-N211, DS-N241, DS-N241W

After the firmware process, you must again try adding a camera in the personal account of the RTK. Do not forget that the camera should have access to the Internet at the time of binding. There is one nuance: if you make a camera binding through a laptop (go online via Wi-Fi), while the camera is connected via an Ethernet cable to the same laptop, you must create a network bridge between a wireless and wired connection, so that the camera is so that the camera was available on the network (right.button on connecting “Settings of the bridge”)

hiwatch, setting, cctv, cameras, hik-connect

Make a bridge between a wireless and wired connection

Now the camera will be available from the outside and the binding will be done. The problem is relevant only if there is no second communication channel (router or router at hand)

Setting a video surveillance system for remote viewing

For remote viewing, you can connect the cameras in two ways. The first method: the most popular method of connecting is accessing access by cloud service. In this article, we will tell you what to do if you cannot take care of video surveillance cameras remotely, and give practical tips to solve possible problems. Second way: IP cameras or DVR are connected using a static IP address. In this case, on the router it is necessary to configure port redirecting.

View images from video cameras via the Internet using the Hik-Connect with Hikvision.

This is the easiest and most convenient way to configure the system for remote viewing. The application was fully developed by the manufacturer of video cameras and therefore, unlike third-party, you do not need to worry about any compatibility problems. Corporate software supports regular updates that improve and ensure reliable work and safety. Hik-Connect software allows customers to view online videos and archive from any place where there is Internet Internet.

Important: software for cameras produced by the manufacturer allows you to view only your brand camcorders: “Hikvision” and “Hiwatch”. It will not be able to work with the equipment of other brands.

The following are several simple steps to configure remote viewing

(Activate the device) A new camera or DVR is inactive. For activation, the Sadptool program is used. In the program integer, select the equipment that you need to activate, set the password and press the Activate button.

Important: after activation, in the field of network settings located on the right, do not forget to put the daw “Use DHCP”. This will allow your equipment to get network settings automatically.

(Configure the cloud connection) Connecting to the cloud server is made in the web-integse camera or DVR in the Network menu. additionally. Access platforms. You can find out the IP address of the device in the Sadptool program

Here it is necessary to activate the service by installing a daw in the field “.”, Indicate the address of the server and come up with a verification code

Important: if before editing the server address began on DEV, then prescribe the address starting on DEV. If itDEDV, then accordingly, indicate LiteDev.

The application spreads through Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, as well as on the manufacturer’s official website. The application is not presented on Google Play and is not supported by Windows Phone. You can download the Android application using this QR code

(Tie the equipment to the cloud) For the convenience of users, the attachment of devices to the cloud is carried out using a QR code. You can find it on the back of the camera or DVR.

In the Hik-Connect application, click “” in the upper right corner and select “Scanning of the QR code”, enter the phone camera on the code. After scanning, confirm the attachment of the device to the cloud

Important: if the QR code is absent or cannot be recognized, you can tie the device using serial number. To do this, in the Hik-Connect application, select the “manual addition” item, adding the type of Hik-Connect Domain and enter the serial number in the corresponding field.

Important: you can find serial number on the back of the device

View image from video cameras via the Internet using port sampling

An alternative way to access video surveillance via the Internet is the setting of the so.called port sampling. In this case, you can connect to the video surveillance system both through the application for a mobile phone and a web browser. On the one hand, you will need to order a static public IP address from the provider, this may be paid. The reverse side of such a configuration. you have access to the full settings of the equipment of which are not in the application.

(Set up the network address of the device)

You need to start tuning remote access to video surveillance from the video surveillance system devices. All equipment should have static IP addresses in your local network. To do this, you need to use the Sadptool program. Activate video cameras (DVRs) and set the static address devices. Remember (or write down) this address.

Also find out the current IP address of the equipment by connecting to the router and find the settings page showing the IP addresses of DHCP customers connected.

(Set the router)

Routers of various manufacturers can vary greatly by the web-intese type or connection methods to them. over, the principles of work are standardized and remain the same regardless of the name and appearance. Below we will give a screenshot of the settings for the TP-Link router.

Here you can see that the external port (8000), IP address of the device on the local network and the port on the device (8000) is indicated in the redress rule, TCP protocol is selected. In this way, the ports of ports for the application are configured.

Hikvision camera connection to the registrar

Now you can protect yourself and your property only with the help of video surveillance. Cameras can be seen almost everywhere. Any organization has a video surveillance system, and if not, then it is 100% planned. Therefore, each IT specialist should be able to work with similar systems. Mount, connect and configure IP cameras. In fact, there is nothing complicated in this. Today we consider connecting the IP camera Hikvision to the registrar. We will connect both cameras connected to a common network and connected directly to the registrar.

You can read the following articles to expand your knowledge.

How to connect Hikvision cameras to the registrar

In the first case, consider the cameras that are connected to the general network. First you need to connect to the registrar itself by opening the browser and by entering its address.

Next, go to “Settings” look for the section “System” and select “Control of cameras”. In the window opened, click “Add”.

Indicate the IP address of the camera, protocol, port, login and password, the transmission duct we leave the “Auto”.

The second case is when the cameras are connected directly to the registrar. In this case, you will have an additional tab “Channel Poe”. Check that the channels are connected to the cameras are included.

Next, you need to go to the IP camera tab. If you have a model of a registrar with 8 POE ports, then they will already be present in the list. You can only change the settings. When connecting the Hikvision camera to the Hikvision registrar, you need to select at the “Adding Method/Method of Adding” “Plug and Play”. This is the technology of quick setting of devices.

Which automatically configure the connected chambers and add it.