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Hikvision IVMS-4200: why you need a video surveillance program

Any complex video surveillance system, which consists of many cameras, requires the installation of reliable software. It will help to organize and conveniently control the operation of video cameras, adjust video recording, save files to the cloud.

Video technologies have opened new horizons for humanity. For example, it is difficult to imagine a good security system without video cameras installed around the perimeter, to observe the behavior of an unreliable nanny or a child sleeping in the next room. But at the same time, the installation of “one-eyed guards” will not be enough. To fully use them, you will need a high-quality and reliable program. One of these is the IVMS-4200. It allows you to fully organize online surveillance of the object or record video. In addition to cameras, the functionality of this application allows you to control other devices.

Hikvision IVMS is a free, convenient and versatile video surveillance management software. For the client, the developers have come up with a number of functionalities:

  • displaying what is happening in the “here and now” mode;
  • the ability to record video;
  • search and play files;
  • create backup copies of records, etc.

It will be possible to connect up to 1024 video cameras to Hikvision, as well as up to 50 video recorders. over, the application is capable of handling more than half a thousand doorphones and 16 outdoor panels. Up to 64 cameras are available for remote viewing in real time and up to 16 during playback.

A terrible accident on the Ukrainian highway: people are cut out of smashed cars, footage from the scene of the tragedy

About fifty people can work in one user system. As for storage servers, a maximum of 16 units can be connected. Besides software, Hikvision is known for its video surveillance systems.

  • we extract the files (this can be done in several ways: by right-clicking on the file and selecting “Extract file”, or by opening the document and only then extracting the selected files, we also select the place where you want to save the materials);
  • then we find the installation file, open it, give permission to make changes on this device;
  • we accept the license agreement;
  • select “Client” from the list and click Next;
  • click Install;
  • put a tick so that the program creates a shortcut on the desktop (for ease of use).

Considering that the program is relatively small, the installation will not take much time (depending on the hardware).

Next, you need to go through a small registration: enter the name (Super User line), come up with a password, confirm it (Confirm), put a tick next to Enable Auto-login so that the program does not ask us for a password every time after entering.

If everything went smoothly, let’s get acquainted with the program interface. For convenience, we can immediately change the language to Russian through the settings.

At the top of the panel, we can see two large tabs at once. First of all, we need to go to Device Management to add new devices. We find the inscription Add, with a green plus sign, and click on it. Next, we name our device, enter our IP address (you can even find it online by visiting one of the sites, for example,, enter your username and password, click “Add”, or Add, at the bottom of the completed form. If everything went well, we are waiting for self-tuning.

When the device has been added, go to the Control Panel tab, find the Main View, open it. The entire spectrum of images from available video cameras should open before us. Here we can choose variations of viewing screens (from 1 to 16), and a little lower in the interface, you can switch cameras. The camera being viewed is highlighted with a green triangle.

It is worth giving each camera its own name, for example, “Camera in the nursery.” This is true if there are several “big-eyed assistants”. Why is this needed? Imagine the situation, you, just waking up, saw some movement on the monitor on one of the cameras. Night, the review is bad, the head still does not work 100%. The signature of the camera will help to quickly determine where the incident happened. It is also convenient to search for recordings from a signed camera.

You can open an image from any camera in full screen in just two clicks with the left mouse button. This is very convenient, especially when you need to quickly assess the situation.

The main feature of the IVMS 4200 is its versatility and multifunctionality. Instead of viewing one camera, here you can turn on a whole chain of cameras and other devices connected by one IP-address. A separate address taken from the provider will make the functionality better. It is also important to set up a port forwarding system.

It should be understood that the program is powerful enough and has high system requirements for hardware, so it is recommended to use modern gadgets. If you only have an old PC at hand, you can download Mozilla Firefox for remote surveillance, it is not as demanding as Chrome, and more reliable than Opera, which tends to hang over time. In this case, updating the browser will lead to the fact that you will have to configure the video surveillance system again.

Why Cloud P2P? With it, you can view video from cameras online when the system is not backed up by a static network address. This function will be available only after setting up the recording to the cloud service.

The interface also contains a number of advanced settings, including wireless settings, traffic statistics, and even password protection. The “Help” section will allow you to familiarize yourself in detail with all the information about the application.

To add a new device, you need to come up with a name for it, add a static IP to the address field. In the “port” field, enter the number of the port that is “thrown” on the router (this is the device port). Next, the login “admin”, and the password that was assigned to the camera or registrar during activation.

If everything is done correctly, the free IVMS program will start transferring pictures of the connected cameras to your gadget. Here you can also watch videos from the archive and use all the functions that are available on Windows and Linux. If you can’t figure out something, you can watch a detailed review on YouTube.

What problems can be with the organization of video surveillance? The main snag faced by most users setting up video cameras for surveillance is the Internet. For remote access to cameras online, a powerful connection is required (just imagine that from each video camera in real time, megabytes of information are constantly being “poured” into the network). In addition, a number of other problems enter the battle, such as connection difficulties and ports, which you often have to tinker with.

Is it possible to organize a remote connection to the DVR? If there is always good internet in the car, then yes. Otherwise, the video connection will constantly be cut off.

Where to download IVMS4200 in Russian? The most recent versions of the program come with a choice of language, including Russian. Setting up won’t take more than a minute.

Will the video upload to the cloud if the laptop is buggy and the network drops? Usually, the file is auto-saved when the connection is lost. You can also set equal intervals for saving (for example, every 30 minutes). Problems with downloading can be hidden not only on the Internet or on a computer (browser files are damaged, the cache is clogged, the server hangs, etc.).

What are the advantages and disadvantages of analog systems? Limitedness. if there are more cameras than originally planned, you need a second DVR, as well as poor picture quality, which is inferior to digital. disadvantages. Low cost and ease of installation are advantages. Also, in order to use a remote video surveillance channel, you will need a specially dedicated “workplace”.

Where screenshots are saved in Windows

A screenshot of the PC is made using the Print Screen button (a keyboard shortcut with Print Screen) or special programs. The question arises where the screenshot of the screen is saved in Windows 7, 8, 10. It all depends on the way in which you photograph the contents of the display. Let’s take a closer look at these situations. I advise you to learn how to take a screenshot on a computer, laptop, where you will find additional information.

Saving a screenshot by standard means

When you press the Print Screen (photo of the entire screen), Alt Print Screen (photo of the active window), the resulting image is entered into the OS clipboard. The clipboard is a designated area of ​​RAM that stores temporary copied data. Often users, using the clipboard, copy and paste text. The screenshot is also saved in the clipboard until it is overwritten with other information.

To save a screenshot on your computer, you must paste it into a graphics editor or other program. For example, use Paint built-in Windows app. In the search, write the word Paint, then run the application. Pressing the Ctrl V combination will insert a screenshot into the application window.

After working with the image, click on the floppy disk icon or Ctrl S. Specify the name, file type and folder where screenshots of Windows 7, 8, 10 will be saved and click “save”. Look for the resulting image files in the explorer in the specified folder.

The scissors tool lets you work with screenshots in Windows. In the search area enter the name “scissors”, then run the application. When you click the “create” button, the image is placed in the application editor window. Screenshot is saved as in Paint.

In Windows 8, 10, a function was introduced with the ability to save a screenshot immediately as a file to the hard drive. The image is created by pressing the Win Print Screen button in Png format. To find the screenshot, open Windows Explorer. In the navigation on the left, select “images”, then go to the “screenshots” directory where screenshots are saved.

Saving Screenshots by Programs

Programs that create screenshots and capture video from the screen with sound usually use the same Print Screen key, or their own combination of buttons. In this case, the storage location of the files is set in advance in the settings, or you yourself specify each time where to save the pictures.

Let’s take a look at the process of saving a screenshot in Magic Screenshot as an example. Download the archive here, unpack it, then install, run the program. In the tray, click on the butterfly icon to exit to the main menu.

Click the “settings” item, set the parameters for yourself and click “save”. Select the item “screen” or “fragment” and select the area of ​​the screenshot with the mouse. Here you can draw on the image, apply text, undo changes. Click the “save” button, set a name and specify a location where to save the screenshot.

Now you understand where the screenshot of the screen is saved in Windows 7, 8, 10, depending on the selected method. In most cases, you yourself specify the location of the image file.

On iPhone

Saving information in Telegram from Apple memory will be slightly different.

  • Log into iCloud Drive using your ID from any other device.
  • Select and load the desired songs into the system. Only after that they will become available from the phone.
  • In the application, go to the “Favorites” folder.
  • Click on a paperclip, select File, then iCloud.
  • Mark and download the songs you want.

The way to save music from chats or channels on ios is no different from the actions on “Android”.

Saving files manually

In order not to search for documents on your computer, you can manually download them from the messenger to your device. It is enough to click on the desired photo, video, gif or document, select “Save as” from the list of options that opens. Now you can specify the place where the information will be located in the future.

For your information! The application provides for deleting messages using a self-destruct timer. After two green check marks appear, notifying about reading, the settings will work. After a specified time, letters will disappear without a trace from both devices.

From Android

This OS has a number of advantages in working with documents. A handy file manager is already installed on your Android smartphone, which is suitable for finding saved materials. If for some reason it does not suit the owner, from the Play Store you can download and install any other.

Regardless of the type of manager, the actions are the same. The search path for telegram materials will look like this:

  • Select Telegram folder via permission.
  • Go to the desired section by document format: Audio, Video, Images or Documents.

By the way! The functionality of the messenger provides for hiding information about reading a message from the interlocutor. To do this, you need to take the phone offline, view the message, exit the application, restore work.

Download files in 1 click

It’s easy to save content from Telegram to your device, but if there is a lot of it, it can take a while. The developers have provided a way to download several files at once from a dialog.

To do this, you need to make just a couple of clicks with a computer mouse:

  • In the chat with the user, enter the settings through the three dots at the top right.
  • Select from the list “Export chat history”.
  • Check the boxes to mark the files you want.
  • Save by specifying the path on the computer.

The user can independently change the data loading parameters and set restrictions on the size, message dates, and also specify the path that will be set by default.

On the computer

It is also easy to save music from Telegram to PC:

  • Right click on a track.
  • Select from the list of options “Save audio file as”.
  • Specify download path.

The tracks are now saved on your computer. Through the downloaded audio track, you can get to the “Telegram Desktop”. To do this, click on it with the mouse and select from the list “Open folder with file”.

Where files from “Telegram” are saved

Of the presented programs for online communication, the Telegram messenger deserves special attention. It attracts with an interface, extended functionality. The utility allows you not only to exchange messages, but also to transfer documents, videos, listen to music to each other.

Telegram saves files to the device, while you can select the location, download time. Information can be easily deleted if necessary.

On the computer

If the application is installed on a PC, all materials will be saved to the “Telegram Desktop” folder. The path to them depends on the installed OS.

On a smartphone

You won’t be able to choose a place where to save the data yourself. The system will automatically create special sections depending on the document format.

They will be distributed in the “Telegram” folder as follows:

  • Audio. All music and audio tracks will be saved here.
  • Video. Video content section.
  • Images. Place of graphics and photos.
  • Documents. Directory for storing any documents and archives.

How to find a downloaded file in Mozilla (Mozilla FireFox)

After clicking on the link to download the file, Mozila displays a message in which we click on the Save file button:

For some users, the Mozilla browser can be configured in such a way that after clicking on the Save file button it is completely unclear whether the file has been downloaded or not. And only after loading can the following message “pop up” for a short time at the bottom right in the browser:

In this case, if you click on the link All files have been downloaded, then you can go to the downloaded file. But, it often happens that this window disappears quickly and if the user has never downloaded files in Mozil before, then he may not understand now, well, where to find the downloaded file?

To find the downloaded file in this case, go to the Tools menu, then to All files loaded in Mozile. An additional window appears with a list of downloaded files. If we double-click on the selected file with the left mouse button, we will thus open this file:

And if you right-click on the file, a context menu will appear, in which you can, if necessary, go to the folder with the file and find out where Mozila saves the downloaded files, i.e. which folder on the computer.

Where to find the downloaded file in Opera (Opera)

If we download files through Opera, then after clicking on the file download link, a window appears in which we click Save:

Next, we indicate the folder. where to save this file on our computer and click Save:

And in the future, if we want to find all downloaded files through Opera, then in the sidebar (on the left) go to the All downloads tab and see both the list of the downloaded files themselves and the path of the place on the computer where they are saved:

How to download a file. Find downloaded file

This lesson is the first of four Helping Hand training.

Some novice users, when downloading files over the Internet, are faced with the fact that later they cannot find the downloaded file on their computer. They click on the download link for the proposed file, see that the download process has started, but after the download is complete, they do not know where this file was saved. Or they cannot find the downloaded file after a while, when this file is needed again.

Hikvision Web Browser Playback and Download

If you are faced with such difficulty, then this article will help you figure out how to download a file, as well as how to find the downloaded file if you downloaded it through one of the following browsers: IE, Mozila, Opera or Chrome.

In addition, in some cases, the system may issue a security warning about the downloaded file. How to be in such a situation? We will also discuss this (at the very end of the article).

Consider the above questions with an example of a file. a book of the 5 Most Important Free Programs.

Extra convenience

If you use several browsers, as well as different download managers, you can set up a shared folder to save files downloaded from the Internet.

Thus, all downloaded files can be located in one folder. You will not need to search for files using the above methods, and you can even set up quick access to this folder (in two clicks).

But this is already a separate, more extensive topic related to putting things in order in a computer, which I analyze in one of the lessons of my other training: How to put perfect order in your computer.

How to find the downloaded file in IE (Internet Explorer

If you download a file through the IE browser, then after clicking on the link to download the file, this browser prompts you to save the file immediately, or first select the location on your computer (Save as) where we want to save this file:

With the Save As proposal, everything is clear. we ourselves indicated where to save, so we must know where we saved it. But if you clicked on the Save offer, then here you need an explanation of how to find the saved file later.

Of course, right after downloading the file, you can open the folder with the saved file:

But, if the downloaded file is needed again in the future, and we forgot in which folder on our computer it was saved, then we can easily find it in the browser by going to Settings and then View downloads:

As a result, we are presented with a downloads view window, in which we can, when we hover over the Downloads link, see where the file was saved and when we click on Downloads, we can go to this folder:

With IE sorted out. Moving to the next browser.

Where to find the downloaded file in Chrome (Google Chrome)

In Chrome, after downloading a file, the file name appears at the bottom of the browser on the left, where you can either open it or see where it was downloaded:

But, if you close this panel with information about the downloaded file and if in the future there is a need to find the downloaded file, then for this you can go to the Browser Settings and go to Downloads:

As a result, a list of all downloaded files through this browser will be presented and the opportunity to go to the folder where the downloaded files are stored on the computer will be given:

As mentioned at the very beginning, in some cases, users may encounter a situation where, when opening a file, the system issues a security warning. Let’s take a quick look at this question too.

Security when downloading some files

So, the system may issue a warning about the safety of opening files with the.exe extension:

Since there are pests that distribute programs containing viruses, etc., the system warns that we download such files only from sites that we trust.

About Internet security, this is a separate topic for conversation, but if you wish, you can read about it by clicking on the link offered in the window: How to determine which program you can run?

Naturally, I personally have nothing to spread viruses. So, if you trust me and my site, you can agree and run the file without any problems. But, for insurance, you can always additionally check, both any files and any site, for example, using the Dr.Web online scanner.

If you need to check the site, then choose: Dr.Web URoLog.

If you need to scan a file, select: Dr.Web File Pathologist.

Those. download the file, but without launching it yet, load it into the Dr.Web scanner for checking via the Browse button and click on Check. Wait a little and get the result of the check, whether the file is safe or not:

Photos app

You can launch the Photos application from the Start menu. As a rule, it is one of the blue squares on the right side of the menu or in the form of one of the photos already uploaded to the app or OneDrive. If it is not there, then launch it from the list of applications on the left, which is also located in the Start menu.

If no photos have been added to the app yet, you will see a black screen. On the left are the menus: Collection, Albums, Folders. When the user has many linked photos on their smartphone or tablet and OneDrive, the app will create albums in the Albums menu. You can also create albums yourself.

To get photos from a memory card, connect it to your computer. Windows will ask where to save the photos. Select: This PC / Pictures. After that, open the Photos app, which will automatically display all the images. It will also automatically add them to OneDrive.

The Photos application organizes images into folders: “Camera Album” sorts by date, “Saved Photos” that have been edited, and Screenshots are displayed separately.

Now, without any problems, all your images from your phone, tablet and computer are saved and organized on your computer and in a remote folder in the cloud. Thus, you have constant access to your files, which are safe and easy to move to your computer.

Even if you do not have access to your own computer, logging into OneDrive, you can view images or even videos from any other device.

Set up OneDrive

If you are using Windows 10 with your Microsoft account, then you have access to OneDrive cloud storage. If not, sign up for an account on the OneDrive website. After that, install the OneDrive app on your smartphone or tablet, and set up automatic uploading of photos and videos to it.

Groove Music

Due to the discontinuation of support and further development of Windows Media Player, the application for playing music has been subjected to a major overhaul. Windows 10 now has a new music listening app called Groove Music that will be understandable to users who have used the music player earlier.

Like the Photos app, it helps you organize your collection and playlists in one place. Just like the Photos app, Groove Music can be launched from the Start menu or found in the list of programs.

During the first launch of the application, it automatically scans the computer and adds music files to the library, as well as decomposes them.

You can also add sound files from other devices linked to your account or even playlists from iTunes here. To do this, click Settings (at the bottom left of the application window) and activate this function.

Groove music doesn’t automatically connect to OneDrive. If there is enough space on your computer, you can sync them. To do this, go to the settings and click on the link “Choose where to look for music.” Select the folder that is synced with OneDrive and the Music folder will be moved to the cloud.

How to store photos and media in Windows 10

In this article, we’ll take a look at the built-in Windows tools for optimizing storage, sorting, and playback of photo and video libraries. Today, most people use multiple devices at the same time with which to take photos, listen to music and record videos. Therefore, the issue of good organization of your own media files is very important today.

If this is not done, then the user will sooner or later face a situation where it will become impossible to find the desired file among a huge number of folders. Also, improper storage of files is a common cause of accidental deletion or loss. Windows 10 has done everything to help the user with organizing media files. In addition to the basic, already familiar from previous versions of Windows, built-in folders named Pictures, Music and Videos, there are also other pre-installed tools. We are talking about the OneDrive cloud, as well as the Photos and Music Groove applications.

Cinema and TV

Open the Start menu again and select Movies and TV. This application is a built-in media player for video playback and online TV. It is also a place to store your own videos. It will automatically detect the Videos folder on your computer, and in the same way as Groove Music it can be synced to OneDrive. Go to settings and select the folder in which to search for the video.

By properly organizing and storing files, the user subconsciously takes a step towards their safety and preservation. After all, files chaotically placed on a computer or other storage media are one of the reasons for their loss. Assuming that a copy of a file is saved in another place, the user can delete its original source and overwrite it with other information.

Where files are stored in Telegram on a smartphone

The situation with telephones is much clearer. What you received or sent in the messenger (for example, photos, videos or zip), Android or iPhone neatly puts into folders like Telegram Audio, Documents, Images, Video.

To find them quickly, use the built-in file manager or download a suitable app. On Android, it looks like this:

You need to find the “Telegram” folder: it is located in the root section of the memory card or the main memory of the phone

Unlike the desktop application, Telegram on the phone does not allow you to choose the location where you can save the file. Perhaps this is for the best. Less chance of getting lost and getting lost in directories.

»Advice from TeleGuide: the mobile version of the messenger has a very convenient feature of automatically deleting files after a certain period of time without attention to them.

Use it to avoid cluttering up your smartphone’s memory with unnecessary files! There is a bun in the settings in the “Data and Disk” section in the “Disk Usage” item:

A small but incredibly handy feature that allows you to save a lot of memory space

Where does Telegram save files?

Users exchange many files every day, but where are they stored? It’s time to figure out where Telegram stores files on a computer and on a smartphone.

Where files are stored in Telegram on a computer

The only place on your PC where you can find photos, videos and documents saved from the application is in Downloads. We are looking in two ways:

In the default folder: “Computer”. “Drive C”. “Users”. the name of your PC. “Downloads”. “Telegram Desktop”:

By default, Telegram prefers to save downloaded files in this folder

  • In Windows 7, click “Start”. “Find programs and files” and type the request:

We write in the search box “Telegram” and find the folder “Telegram Desktop”

  • In Windows 10, after clicking on “Start”, you can immediately enter “Telegram Desktop”:

Just enter “Telegram Desktop” and wait for the display of the relevant result

  • With macOS, things are not so easy. without dancing with a tambourine, it is very difficult to get to the desired folder, since it is hidden.

With this in mind, we recommend redefining the folder where the files will be saved:

Click on the “Save Path” item and select the appropriate option.

»Tip from TV Guide: You can manually show the PC where to save each individual file. Just right-click on the desired photo or document and select “Save As.”.

For example, right-click on the image and select the location where you want to save it.

The web version works in a similar way to the desktop one. The main difference is that the data is saved one step earlier: “Computer”. “Drive C”. “Users”. the name of your PC. “Downloads”.

How to download all Telegram attachments at once

Sometimes you want not to bother and unload all the useful material with one click. For example, save several photos at once. But, unfortunately, Telegram is not yet ready to make our life easier.

Hardcore only, single file saving only!

Configuring Hikvision DVR Viewing via Mobile Apps

EZVIZ download
EZVIZ setting
iVMS-4500 download
iVMS-4500 setting
Registering an account via a mobile application

Review of a set of video surveillance for 4 cameras Worldvision KIT-4x1080P-DOME

The first launch of a video surveillance kit for 4 cameras Worldvision KIT-4x1080P-DOME

Setting up the Hikvision DVR, as part of the Worldvision KIT-4x1080P-DOME kit

Configuring Email Messaging in Hikvision DVR

Connecting Hikvision DVR to the Cloud

Setting up viewing the Hikvision video recorder via iVMS

Classic Remote Connection to Hikvision DVR

Connection to Hikvision DVR via DDNS service

Broadcast by the Hikvision video recorder RTSP stream

The article provides a description of how to connect using a mobile device to a Hikvision video recorder via a cloud service for remote viewing of video over the Internet. For writing, a video surveillance kit for 4 cameras Worldvision KIT-4x1080P-DOME was used, connected to the EZVIZ cloud. A detailed description of the connection is available in the previous section of this review.

hikvision, videos

To access the DVR via the cloud using a smartphone or tablet, you need a mobile video surveillance software compatible with the DVR being used. Consider the iVMS-4500 or EZVIZ applications, which can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play.

EZVIZ setting

The EZVIZ video surveillance application is intended only for working with the cloud, and upon launch it will immediately prompt you to log in to the EZVIZ cloud service.

By entering the login and password of the cloud service account, the user enters the main menu.

To go to the viewing menu, just click on any of the cameras.

Access to the archive is carried out by entering the “Gallery” section at the bottom of the screen.

iVMS-4500 download

To download the iVMS-4500 video surveillance application, you can use one of the following links, depending on the type of mobile device you are using: version for Android. version for Apple. version for Windows mobile. Blackberry version.

EZVIZ download

Download links for the EZVIZ video surveillance application are located on the cloud service page:

iVMS-4500 setting

The iVMS-4500 application is a mobile version of the iVMS-4200 video surveillance software, and has more functions than the previous one. At the first launch, it will require you to select a region from the drop-down list.

After that, the user goes directly to the live display screen.

To connect a device from the cloud, you need to enter the menu by clicking on the symbol in the upper left corner of the screen, and then select “Cloud P2P”.

The authorization page in the cloud service will open.

After authorization, a list of devices linked to the account will appear.

Having selected the device, you need to click on “Display in real time”.

The live screen reappears, but now, as its name suggests, displays live video from the DVR cameras.

The archive is accessed through the Remote Play Menu. Before viewing, you need to specify the time frame of the desired archive and select a camera.

The timeline at the bottom of the screen is used to navigate through the archive.

Registering an account via a mobile application

It is important to note that using these applications, you can do all the manipulations described in the previous section for registering an account and adding a registrar. Considering that both applications are Russified, this greatly simplifies the task compared to setting up through the site. The registration process in the cloud in both applications is the same: on the authorization screen in the cloud service, click the “Register” button.

Registering a cloud service user, as well as adding a registrar, is completely identical to the previously described procedure carried out from a personal computer. You need to enter the confirmation code sent to the specified email address, enter the username and password.

By clicking on the plus, you can add a video recorder to your cloud account, and here the applications provide a new opportunity. Instead of manually entering the serial number of the registrar, it is possible to scan its QR code with the camera of a mobile device.

The QR code is displayed in the same place as the serial number. on the lower side of the recorder, and it can also be found in the recorder settings menu section Main menu System maintenance Device information.

iVMS-4200 setting

We reload the program. The Control Panel opens.

We enter the section Device Management

To add a device by IP address, click the “Add” button. If the DVR is on the local network, the program will find it automatically and display its characteristics at the bottom of the window. In this case, to connect, you still need to add a password to the connection parameters. Double-click on the logger line.

Setting up viewing the Hikvision video recorder through the iVMS program

iVMS-4200 setting
iVMS-4200 cloud connectivity
iVMS-4200 video viewing

Review of a set of video surveillance for 4 cameras Worldvision KIT-4x1080P-DOME

The first launch of a video surveillance kit for 4 cameras Worldvision KIT-4x1080P-DOME

Setting up a Hikvision DVR, as part of the Worldvision KIT-4x1080P-DOME kit

Configuring Email Messaging in Hikvision DVR

Configuring Hikvision DVR Viewing via Mobile Apps

Classic Remote Connection to Hikvision DVR

Connection to Hikvision DVR via DDNS service

Broadcast by the Hikvision video recorder of the RTSP stream

This article describes how to connect using a personal computer to a Hikvision DVR via a cloud service to view video remotely over the Internet. Video connection and viewing is done with iVMS software. Equipment used: CCTV kit for 4 cameras Worldvision KIT-4x1080P-DOME, connected to the EZVIZ cloud. A detailed description of connecting to the cloud is available in the previous sections of this review.

The client software for video surveillance iVMS-4200 is a universal software for working with Hikvision devices. When you first start, it is best to turn on Russian immediately.

The program will warn you that it will change the language only after restarting.

iVMS-4200 cloud connectivity

Instead, let’s connect a cloud-hosted recorder. To do this, select the New device type in the Organization field (on the left side of the window), mark the Device in the EZVIZ P2P cloud in the pop-up window, click “OK”.

We get into the window of the cloud account.

Here you can register a new cloud account without going to the service website (Registration via iVMS-4200 is similar to registration via the website or via mobile applications, see the description earlier).

Or connect to a previously created account.

If the account is new, or there is no registrar in it, click “Add device”. In this case, the program will ask for the serial number of the recorder and the confirmation code indicated on the underside of the case.

If a DVR is added, its name, IP address and serial number are displayed in the window.

iVMS-4200 video viewing

We return to the Control Panel tab, and enter the Main View section.

At the bottom left, the name of the cloud account and the four channels of the registrar connected to it are displayed. Using the mouse, drag the cameras to the viewing area.

The archive is accessed through the Recording Playback Control Panel. Archive navigation is available as events. the Filter field in the right part of the window, and in the timeline. the lower part of the window.

Upload screenshots to OneDrive

As for the question of where screenshots are taken on a Windows 10 PC, there is another possible answer. OneDrive. If the Windows 10 screenshots are gone, you can open the OneDrive app to check. OneDrive autosave feature automatically downloads and saves screenshots to OneDrive on your Windows 10 PC.

If you want to save screenshots to your desktop instead of OneDrive, you can go to OneDrive. Settings. select Autosave and then switch This PC only as destination folder. Hence the captured images will be saved to local disk.

Screen capture location. where screenshots are taken on PC (Windows 10/8/7)

By taking a screenshot, you can easily save and share the current page you are viewing. Windows offers several ways to take screenshots. You can use keyboard shortcuts and standard screen capture tools to take screenshots on your Windows computer. But sometimes you cannot find the screen capture images. Where screenshots are taken on PC?

Many users don’t know where the default screenshot is. So you may see many questions such as “Why is my computer not taking a screenshot?”, “Why are my screenshots not showing on my desktop?”, “Where are my screenshots being saved?” and more. If you can’t find where to save screenshots on PC, just keep reading to find your answer.

  • Where screenshots are taken on PC
  • How to take and save screenshots in Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8/7
  • Frequently asked questions about where screenshots are saved

Saving screenshots to the screenshots folder

If you click the Windows and PrtScn keys to take a screenshot of Windows 10 and Windows 8. your screenshot will be saved in the Screenshots folder by default.

Entry: Regarding the question of where the screenshots are on Windows 10 PC, you can find the Screenshots folder in the Photos app instead. Just open the Album to access the Screenshots folder.

Copy screenshots to clipboard

To take a screenshot on Windows 10 or Windows 8. you can press PrtScn directly on your keyboard. The captured screenshot will not be saved as a separate file. Actually, this Windows screenshot ends up in the clipboard. You can open any graphics editor (Paint) to paste and save screenshots from the clipboard.

Well, you can get the same result by taking screenshots on Windows 7 through the Windows and PrtScn keys.

Saving screenshots to the screenshots folder

For Windows 10 users, you can get another screenshot tool in Windows 10 game bar. When you take a screenshot using the Windows 10 Game Bar or you click Windows. Alt. PrtScn keys on your keyboard, screenshots will be saved in the Captures folder. You can find where the Windows 10 screenshots are located in your Rollers Library.

Where screenshots are taken on PC

It is normal that screenshots are not saved to the desktop. Or the folder with screenshots suddenly disappeared. The following are possible locations for saving Windows screenshots. You can still find screenshots on Windows 10/8/7 PC.

How to take and save screenshots in Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8/7

Real-time drawing tools are essential when taking screenshots on your computer or laptop. You can add annotations and shapes to directly highlight a key point. That way, others can grasp the point and understand what you really want to express in a short amount of time. To edit and take screenshots on PC, you can launch Vidmore Screen Recorder. It is not only a powerful video recorder, but also a screen capture tool for all Windows users. You can easily take a screenshot with any area size and painting tool. over, where the screenshot will be on a PC is up to you.

  • Take a screenshot on a PC or laptop in a full screen, windowed or custom region.
  • Add text, line, arrow, ellipse, rectangle, leader, mosaic and more in any size and color.
  • Save Windows screenshots as JPG, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, BMP or GIF with high quality.
  • The ability to flexibly export screenshots to the desktop or any other folder.
  • Erase, redo or undo any screenshot effects without limits.
  • Copy, save, share or pin the screenshot to your Windows computer.

Step 1: Free download, install and launch Vidmore Screen Recorder. To take a screenshot on PC, select Screenshot in the main interface.

Step 2: To find out where screenshots are shared on PC, select Preferences from the three-dot menu. In the Output tab, go to Screenshot File Locations third. If necessary, click the folder icon to change the folder for displaying screenshots. By the way, you can also set the screenshot format.

Step 3: Move your mouse to the window or screen you want to capture. Left click to select it. Or you can left click and drag to take a screenshot of any rectangular screen.

Step 4: To edit the screenshot, click any editing tool in the pop-up panel. Then specify the size, color and position in the screenshot. You can control your screenshot editing tools with redo and undo options.

Step 5: Click Save to save the screenshot to PC. Or you can share the screenshot in or in the Recording History window.

If you are looking for a free screen recorder, Vidmore Free Online Screen Recorder might be your good choice. You can record a WMV video on your Windows or Mac computer for free. Multiple video output quality options allow users to reduce file size in one click.

Frequently asked questions about where screenshots are saved

How to change the default screenshot folder on PC?

If your screenshots are placed on the clipboard, you can open Paint and save them anywhere. But if you don’t want to save screenshots in the Screenshots folder, you need to right click on the Screenshots folder. select Properties and then go to the Location tab. Click Move to change where screenshots are saved on your PC.

if you take a screenshot on Mac using keyboard shortcuts, your screenshots will be displayed on the desktop. In other words, on a Mac, screenshots go to the desktop. You can go to Utilities and open Screenshots if you need to change where screenshots are saved on Mac.

Hikvision Save Video from NVR DVR to USB

What to do if the Print Screen key does not take screenshots?

When the Print Screen key isn’t working, you can stop OneDrive and other background programs. Because some programs take over the Print Screen key without your permission. If your keyboard has an F Mode key, you must press it to enable the Print Screen key as well. By the way, updating the keyboard driver and alternative tools for taking screenshots will come in handy too.

That’s all for where screenshots are taken on the PC. You can easily find and change the screenshots folder on your Windows computer. over, if you want more flexible screenshot functions, you can download Vidmore Screen Recorder for free. There are many advanced screenshot and editing tools you shouldn’t miss.