Password reset on HiWatch and Hikvision devices. Hikvision camera reset

Password reset on devices with firmware: cameras 5.2.0 and below; registrar 3.0.9 and below

Hikvision Reset Camera

Figure 2: If the camera firmware is 5.2.0 or lower; registrar 3.0.9 and below

In this case, you need to Get the Security Code. For this, we send an email to support@hikvision.Su or support@hikvision.Ru.

In the letter, indicate:
complete serial number of the device
The value of the Start time field, which can be found on the right side of the table

You can also just put a tick in front of the required devices and click Export, send the resulting spreadsheet file to the above email.

In response, we will receive the Security code for the device, which we enter in the appropriate field. Now the password has been reset to the factory 12345.

Resetting the password of HiWatch \ Hikvision equIPment

This article describes how to reset the password for HiWatch and Hikvision devices using the SADP utility. You can also download PDF instructions.

Install SADP software
Launch SADP. The program will scan the local network and display a list of found devices (Fig. 1).

We put a tick in front of the device, the password of which should be reset and click on the Forgot Password link

Figure 1: SADP window after startup

A window will open, the view of which depends on the firmware version installed in the device (Fig. 2, 3).

Password reset on devices with firmware: cameras 5.3.0 and higher; registrar 3.0.10 and higher

Figure 3: If the camera firmware is 5.3.0 or higher; registrar 3.0.10 and higher

In this case, click Export, and select the folder for
saving a special xml file. Original file name It is better not to change.
We send the file by e-mail to support@hikvision.Su or support@hikvision.Ru
In the reply letter, we will receive a reset xml file, which we select in a still open program and set a new password.
You cannot reboot the device after sending data, otherwise the data will have to be sent again. The reset file and reset code are valid only for two days. Settings and device archive will NOT be lost.

Possible problems

If SADP does not find the device, then download and install the network scanner winpcap (off. Site), then restart your computer.
If the Get key Error window appears when exporting an xml file for sending, you need to reinstall the program, disable all antiviruses and firewalls, reboot the device and PC. If that doesn’t work, try again on another computer.

Method 2

Possible problems. If SADP does not find the device, then download and install a network scanner winpcap (off. Site), then restart your computer. If all devices are detected normally, but only a specific camera is not visible, then there are either problems with the connection or with the camera firmware. It is recommended to flash the device, for example using TFTP.

Method 3

This method uses a backdoor in cameras with firmware 5.4.4 and below.

Go to the following IP address in your browser

https: // IP_cam / System / configurationFile? Auth = YWRtaW46MTEK
Where, IP_cam. camera IP addresses.

You can find out the IP using the SADP program

If the current firmware version has a vulnerability, then an encrypted file will be loaded, configurationFile.
After that, the configurationFile file should be decrypted. To do this, upload it to the server using the link below and click Decrypt. After decryption, download the file to your computer

The file that you downloaded from the server should be uploaded to the site with an online HEX editor, and in the Search window, enter the camera login. Next you will see the password for the camera

If this method does not work for you, and technical support refused to reset your password, you can use a paid password reset service

By the way, there is a simple trick, by completing how you can find out the forgotten password of the Hikvision registrar with firmware in which there is no backdoor. To do this, you need to connect a non-activated camera with vulnerable firmware to it, NVR (recorder) activates it using your password.

Using method 3, we find out the password that the camera received, this password will also be sent to the registrar.

Please note, before connecting an inactive IP camera to the NVR, check that the firmware on the camera has a vulnerability, otherwise it will be necessary to find out the password on the camera.

If your firmware does not contain a backdoor, and you were unable to recover the password on the hikvision IP camera, there is another way for you to reset the password on the camera using the SADP utility. You can download PDF instruction

Method 1

This tool will help you reset Hikvision password on older firmware versions (2014-2016)

This program uses a backdoor in the firmware of Hikvision IP cameras from 2014. 2016 (ICSA-17-124-01). Through the program, you can reset the Hikvision password to the standard password 12345abc.

.NET Framework 4.5.2 must be installed on your computer on which the IP camera will be configured.

Download and run HikPasswordHelper, follow 5 easy steps to reset your password, see the picture.

Please note that the IP address of the cameras must be in the same local network with your computer.

New firmware versions are NOT affected by this vulnerability, so they will not be reset.

Backdoor versions of the tested firmware

Let’s consider several ways to reset the password in cameras and Hikvision recorder.

Hikvision password reset

Method 4

Flashing the device using a TFTP server

In some cameras and Hikvision DVR, when updating the firmware with the introduction of a TFTP server, the configuration is also reset, which leads to a password reset. For more information on working with a TFTP server, see our other article, Hikvision Firmware Recovery

In firmware versions where there is no automatic start of the TFTP server at device startup, executing the update command from the U-Boot shell, for a simple update and upf, for updating with clearing the configuration (resetting the settings and password) can help

Hikvision DVR password reset

Resetting the password to the DVR, or any other Hikvision network device, is possible using a personal computer connected to the same local computer network and free of charge GoPro software SADP. This instruction is valid for the program version NOT lower than 3.0.0. Look for the installer on the disc that came with Hikvision equIPment or on the Internet.

Start the SADP program. Immediately after launch, the program will search for network-connected Hikvision devices and display them all in a list. You can repeat the search using the Refresh button in the upper right part of the window. In the picture below, the program detected 1 device: the DS-7104HQFI-F1 / N recorder. If SADP cannot find your device, make sure that the network connection is correct.

Mark the required recorder in the list with a tick. Open the side drop-down menu on the right side of the program window. The line Device Serial No: shows the serial number of the device. You will need it later, but for simplicity, you can copy it to the clIPboard right now. There is a Forgot Password button in the lower right corner of the program window. Click it to bring up the password reset window.

Click the Export button located at the top of the window. With its help, the SADP program generates the information required to reset the password and saves it to a file.

Select the folder on your computer where the file will be saved.

File saved successfully.

Send the generated file to your manager’s e-mail, and in the text of the letter indicate the serial number of the device.

Service center engineers form a response file, depending on their load, from 5 minutes to several hours. During this time, the recorder must be turned on. If it reboots, the procedure will have to start over. The response file will be sent to your email.

In the same window, switch the operation mode from Input Key to Import File. Click on the folder symbol to specify the path to the response file.

Select the response file sent to you.

Now the line displays the path and file name.

Enter the new password twice. Use only English letters and numbers. If you enter the password in Russian / Ukrainian, the procedure will have to start over. Click Confirm. Password updated.