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Microdigital from South Korea directly supplies equIPment to the domestic market. IP surveillance cameras are of high technical characteristics. They are optimized specifically for the Russian consumer. Standard camera addresses, and additional requisites. root.

Surveillance cameras from IPEYE equIPped with a powerful processor give a FullHD picture and are considered the best on the Russian market in terms of price / quality ratio. Manufacturers use the following details: admin 123456.

Dahua is considered one of the world’s leading companies in the design and manufacture of digital devices. For the release of security and surveillance systems, this company ranks second in the world. The factory details of the cameras are as follows: and admin-admin.

Hikvision‘s IP cameras have proven themselves well in both domestic and industrial surveillance systems. The devices use the most modern technical solutions. For its systems, the company supplies Developed software. Factory settings include address code and login details. and admin 12345.

Communication forms

Software methods for determining the IP address

If necessary, you can find out the surveillance cameras in other simple ways. One of the most accessible ways is using the command line in the Windows operating system.

You need to do the following:

  • Click “Start”
  • In the line “Find programs and files” type “cmd”
  • In the window that opens with a black background, type “IPconfig” or “IPconfig / all” and press “Enter”
  • The system will show the address of all devices connected to the network

Before searching for addresses, make sure that the cameras of the surveillance system are connected to the network and are powered.

In addition, there are free utilities that allow you to easily find the address of surveillance cameras.

They can be divided into two groups:

  • Universal utilities
  • Utilities from a specific GoPro camera manufacturer

The most popular universal utilities are AngryIPscanner and AdvancedIPscanner. These products scan at high speed, provide complete information about each network device, and have a simple and intuitive interface. You can download them from the developer’s website. To detect surveillance cameras, you must specify an address range and launch a scanner. If the subnet is not known, then you need to enter the range of its search from 0 to 255 and the address within the same limits.

If the manufacturer of surveillance cameras is known, then you can use special utilities to determine the addresses.

  • RVI. Config Tools
  • Beward. Device Search
  • Microdigital. IP Installer
  • Aircam. Ubnt-discovery
  • IPEYE. UC244
  • Hikvision. SADP IP-finder

How to find the IP address of the camera?

Quite often in my practice is the case when we get our hands on equIPment whose IP addresses are unknown. This can happen if the equIPment has already been used somewhere and its IP address has been changed.

For reference, I will give a list of standard IP addresses for some devices.

IP cameras:

  • Aircam. Login: ubnt, password: ubnt
  • Beward. Login: admin, password: admin
  • Dahua. Login: admin, password: admin
  • Hikvision. Login: admin, password: 12345
  • IPEYE. Login: admin, password: 123456
  • Matrixtech. Login: admin, password: 1111
  • Microdigital. Login: root, password: root
  • Novicam. Login: admin, password: none
  • Polyvision. Login admin, password: none
  • Space Technology. Login: admin, password: 12345

Ethernet routers

  • D-link. Login: admin, password: admin
  • TP-link. Login: admin, password: admin
  • Mikrotik. Login: admin, password: none

ADSL. modems

  • D-link. Login: admin, password: admin
  • Zyxel. Login: admin, password: 1234

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What if your GoPro is on the list or the standard IP addresses are still not suitable? How to find out the IP address of a camera, or any other network device?

Hikvision Find Camera Online

With IP cameras, things are much simpler: For most cameras there are special utilities that find their “own” cameras on the network.

But if we need to find out the IP addresses, for example, of a router? What then?

Below is a method for determining the network address of a device using the WireShark network traffic analysis program.

The method is based on the fact that at the moment of switching on, the devices communicate to the network in their existence in one way or another. For example, my experimental D-Link DIR-620 router with an unknown IP address, when turned on, issues its IP address up to two protocols: SSDP and IGMPv3. How can an inexperienced user get the coveted IP addresses without becoming a network engineer? Very simple!

Download and install a program for analyzing network traffic. I am using the Above WireShark =)

We launch it and select the network interface to which our device under test is connected. It is important to connect it directly to the network card so that extra packets DO NOT clog the collected traffic dump

After choosing the interface, press the button with a symbolic picture of a shark fin, green:

After that, we turn on our unknown network device and wait a couple of minutes for it to load and until the traffic with the packages we need is collected. In the meantime, the packages are being collected, we set up the filter. I decided to filter out SSDP packets. I know that this is a UDP protocol using port number 1900. Therefore, in the filter settings I specified exactly these parameters (udp.Proto1900):

In total, we will see something like this in the WireShark output:

We are interested in the Source column. In my case, the IP address of the computer’s network card was we are not interested in it, since this is our local IP, but the address is the unknown IP of the router (or camera, or registrar or any other network device).

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Address of IP cameras from the manufacturer

Each security camera company assigns its product addresses. As a rule, all cameras from the same manufacturer have the same digital code and the same password and login. After installing the IP camera in the network, the user needs to change the device details to their own. The list of IP addresses of surveillance cameras from different manufacturers includes the most famous companies.

RVI products are well known in the market. This is an IP camera designed for both indoor and outdoor installation. Manufacturers use addresses, and the word admin is used as login and password.

Surveillance cameras from Beward are distinguished by high image quality and advanced functionality. They do NOT belong to the budget class and are quite expensive. Manufacturers use the address and Password and login. admin.

All ways to find out the IP address of a surveillance camera. standard and not only

Any surveillance camera operating over the Internet Protocol (IP) has its own specific address. It consists of four digital groups, which are necessarily separated by dots. Each of the numbers can accept a value from 0 to 255, so the network address of the surveillance camera may look like this: At this address, the network device can transmit or receive data. After installing the surveillance system (we discussed how this is done here. you need to find out the IP camera address in order to receive information from it.

How to find an IP camera on the network? How to find the IP address of the camera

Camera settings start with entering its IP. But what to do if the camera was bought hand-held, and its IP addresses are unknown?

Read about it in our article.

All cameras were created for the same purpose. to capture an image, however, depending on their type (digital, HDCVI or analog), the way this image is transmitted may differ. This not only expands the user’s capabilities, making the surveillance system more flexible, but also imposes certain restrictions. So, if in the case of coaxial it is enough to connect the analog output of each camera to the recorder in order to start viewing or recording, then the Internet protocol IP obliges the user to build a full-fledged Ethernet network, albeit a small one. Network addressing, in turn, is an integral part of the GoPro protocol, therefore, to connect each IP camera, the user must know its IP addresses.

How to find Hikvision IP devices on the network?

You can find all your IP devices using SADP (Search Active Device Protocol) software.

Download SADP tool. It will search for any Hikvision products on the web and display information about them. This software can also be used to quickly configure the network information of such devices.

Please note that the computer running the SADP software must be on the same network (physical subnet) as the Hikvision device.

Autonomous kit
burglar alarm.
Connecting sensors. Wired.

The simplest alarm.
Motion sensor with siren
2 remote controls.
No wires.

GSM alarm device.
4 control zones, 3 controlled outputs.
8 alert numbers.

Wireless smoke detector,
temperature and carbon monoxide
Works autonomously and with Ajax Hub up to 2000

Ultrasonic Dog Repeller
1 ultrasonic emitter 150 dB
built-in flashlight.

Autonomous burglar alarm “Contact v2 reed switch”

GSM Thief Trap Kit
Tear gas igniter

Security console device Lun-25E for setting up a wireless GSM channel “Orlan” on the centralized monitoring console (CMS)

2-channel receiver up to 100 meters

Outputs: 2 pcs (programmable)
Users: 8 pcs

Outdoor Surveillance Kit (DS-2CE16C0T-IRF Monitor)

Dog repeller with a flashlight ZZ 1104 Police

Wi-Fi / IP panoramic camera
Objective 2.8 mm
Viewing angle: 150 °

YM-280 Electromagnetic Lock Kit
Holding force 280 kg.

Motion sensor with notification to phone.
Work without 220V and wires.

Autonomous reed switch with GSM beacon.
In case of alarm SMS, message to APP

2 SIM cards. Ethernet, 2G / 3G. Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz (802.11 b / g / n).

Outdoor infrared motion sensor. Transmission range up to 1200 meters.

A dummy of a street camera
waterproof case
Solar battery

Resolution: 2 Mp, 1920 x 1080
Focal length: 2.8mm

Varifocal PTZ camera.

Autonomous security device
2 security zones
Support for wired sensors
Support for wireless sensors