Hikvision DS-2CD2463G0-I surveillance camera with POE

High image quality:

The camera is based on a 6MP 1 / 2.9-inch progressive CMOS-matrix with a maximum resolution of 3072 × 2048 ppi.

Night vision mode:

The device is equIPped with a built-in IR illumination with a range of up to 10 meters, which makes it possible to carry out night observation of areas.

ROI function

Region Of Interest. (Area of ​​interest). Users can set higher quality for different areas of the image in the selected areas selected on the screen. The area highlighted in the frame is recorded at the highest quality, the rest of the image is recorded at a lower resolution. Using this function significantly reduces traffic and space occupied by the archive.

WDR function

The WDR function allows you to organize high-quality viewing of both light and dark areas of the frame, which allows you to use the camera at the entrance to underground parking lots, entrances to warehouses, restaurants, business and shopping centers.

3D DNR technology

3DNR technology suppresses image noise in low light.

BLC technology

Back light compensation technology or back light compensation. When the mode is turned on, the microprocessor will equalize (smooth) the illumination across the entire field of view of the camera.

PoE technology:

Thanks to PoE technology, power and the Internet are connected to the camera using a single cable: this makes installation of the camera quick and convenient, and its presence in the interior is harmonious (no extra wires).

Setting up access to IP cameras through the Hik-Connect website. How to add devices to Hik-Connect notebook on PC?

Hik-Connect is a new service Introduced by Hikvision, which combines a dynamic domain name service and an alert notification service. For Hikvision devices such as IP camera, Turbo-HD DVR or NVR, Hik-Connect provides an easy way to connect to the Internet without the need for a dedicated IP address.

Before starting work, it is recommended to activate the UPnP function in the router and in the device being configured, or to configure port forwarding in the router manually.

You can configure viewing via Hik-Connect even if you have not enabled UPnP or configured port forwarding, however, in this case, you will NOT be able to use the Hik-connect domain name service.

The user interface may not be identical to the one below, depending on the firmware version and specific IP camera or NVR. However, the information and configuration approaches are common to all devices supporting Hik-Connect.

The firmware version of the device must support Hik-Connect, the IP camera must be activated, and the IP addresses, subnet mask and gateway must be specified in the basic network settings of the camera.

Setting up a connection through the Hik-Connect portal

Enter the address www.Hik-connect.com into the address of the web browser.

Enter your username and password for the previously created account. If you do not have an account. register a notebook.

Go to device management and click “Add” (add)

Enter the serial number of the device and click “Search” (Search)

When the connection is established (the device must be requested and connected to the Internet), the device model and the confirmed serial number appear in a pop-up window. If this is your device. click “” to continue.

Enter the verification code and click add to complete.

A pop-up window confirms access. The device now appears on the device management page.

Double click on the device’s IP address will open a new window with the device’s login and password.

Hd-master note

Don’t forget to configure the UPnP function on your router;

When adding multIPle devices from the local network to your account, configure individual HTTP, RTSP and server ports on each device to work through Hik-connect;

If the service in automatic mode does not recognize the server ports and HTTP. enter the manual mode and register the ports that you set in the interface of the corresponding IP cameras;

After adding IP cameras to the account, you can share access to it to the second users of the service.

Observation Articles Which May Be Helpful:

Hikvision camera connection

Hikvision cameras with attachment -S in the title support audio functions with which you can get real-time sound.

Note: Cameras such as DS-2CD2412F-I (W) have a built-in microphone and speaker, however, for the second Hikvision cameras, an external microphone and speaker must be connected.

1. Cameras that support audio functions (set-top box -S in the name).

2. External active microphone and speaker.

3. Client (i VMS-4200, i VMS-4500, etc.).

How to connect external microphone and speaker to IP camera.

  • Hikvision cameras have various audio interfaces. Below are two examples.
Hikvision Camera Connection

(1) 21XX Network Camera. Audio interface (11).

(2) 63XX Network Camera. Audio in (9) and audio out (10).

  • Connect the microphone to AudioIn and speaker to AudioOut.
  • The microphone must be powered separately. For this, we recommend using exclusively transformer power supplies in order to minimize noise that can come from the microphone.

How to enable two-way audio transmission via the web interface.


  • We enter the camera through the web interface;
  • We turn on the audio output and two-way sound transmission, pressed the buttons shown below. Icon red microphone means included two-way audio communication.

How to enable two-way audio transmission via i VMS-4500

Sh yeah:

1. Add a camera to iVMS 4500 ;

2. Press the microphone to enable two-way audio transmission.

The icon means the microphone disabled.

How to enable two-way audio transmission via i VMS-4200

  • Add a camera to iVMS4200 ;
  • Go to Basic angle. Turn on audio output. Then Right click on the interface main angle and select Start two-way audio.

3.If you add NVR to IPC and this NVR is added to i VMS-4200, you need to select IP Start Two-Way Audio. When choosing Start two-way audio. The sound will go to the recorder.

Connecting the Hikvision DS-KV6113-WPE1 and DS-KH6320-WTE1 intercom kit

In this article, we will be connecting a Hikvision intercom kit which includes:

Hikvision DS-2CD2523G0-IS surveillance camera

To connect and configure, we need a PoE switch (for example, Dahua DH-PFS3006-4ET-60), Hikvision SADP Tool utilities and a couple of patch cords.

Connect the intercom panel and camera to the PoE switch, and the PoE switch itself to the Internet router.

Install and run the Hikvision SADP Tool utility and see our 3 devices with the Inactive status.

This status tells us that devices are connected for the first time or reset to factory settings.

We need to activate each device according to the instructions.

After activation, the statuses on the devices will change to Active.

All subsequent configuration is performed from the intercom screen in 4 steps.

Choose the language Russian. Click Nex

We activate the DHCP checkbox (after 1-2 seconds it will come back. This is normal). Click Next

If you have one intercom, press. Following

Mark the found panel and click Finish.

This completes the connection of the outdoor panel to the intercom.

Setting up a call to a smartphone.

First you need to enable the Hik-Connect service.

We go in. Settings. . Settings for the Hik-Connect service, enable the service and check the status. Connected.

After that, go to the Hik-Connect application on your smartphone, click Add device

We scan the QR code, which is located at the bottom of the screen of the settings menu of the Hik-Connect intercom service (or pasted on the intercom itself)

Further. Add to

Enter the confirmation code specified in the settings menu of the Hik-Connect intercom service, click. OK.

Through the mobile application, you can communicate with the visitor and open the door.

We hope this article was helpful. If you have any questions, write to chat or call our technical support.