8.3.1 entrance to the Huawei router and others

IP address is standard for entering Huawei routers, however, few people know that the most commonly used is not the IP address, but just a whole domain name, stitched in the Mediarauter router.Home.

Enter Huawei router at you can through an administrative integration in any web browser, and for the entrance you can use the standard user name and password (usually they are printed on the back of the router, on the label)-Admin/Admin.

In this article, I will tell you in detail how to correctly enter the Huawei router through Using standard combinations of login and password, as well as ladies input instructions for the most frequent user errors in setting up a wireless or wire network.

Interesting moment: IP is also used to enter Xiaomi production routers.

How to enter in Huawei router

Simple instruction that will help to quickly and simply enter the Huawei router settings through 192.168.3.one:

  • Open any browser.
  • In the address bar we write address and press the Enter key.
  • With successful authorization, enter the “user name” and “password”. In the event of an error on a white background, I recommend entering a mediarouter into the address line.Home and also click Enter.
  • You have successfully entered the Huawei router. Now you can start further setting.
  • I recommend immediately changing the login and password to other, arbitrary, which will differ from the standard default manufacturer, installed by the plant.

Network structure

Before you start explanations about how to enter the router, you need to deal with the very basis for building networks in order to understand why it is necessary and what practical benefits from such actions.

Actually, despite the entire “mind” of the router, it is just a limited robot, which needs to be given initial information on connecting with the operator where to get the addresses of the devices, and which to distribute inside the network. Of course, all the functions of the router are not limited to the indicated data, but this is the basis that is used for the connection of client equipment between themselves and external servers or personal computers.

The exchange of information between the customers of the network takes place on the machine “communication language”, which is called a protocol for the presented case. These are certain sequences of digital signals that provide a connection between devices. For the Internet, TCP/IP data transfer format is used.

It is worth dwelling a little on the structure of the computer network so that it becomes clear why the router is generally served. In essence, global Internet and local computers or any other “highly intellectual” devices are built among themselves on their unification in peculiar circles, called networks. Each such, relatively small, is part (unit) of greater. All such structures have their own address, represented by a sequence of four numbers disconnected by points. The specified identifier determines the level of network investment in the direction from a larger to lower. That is, the last digit is numbered the subnet included in the network with the index indicated to the point, which in turn belongs to the group of associations with an even earlier designation in the address. The combination of various computer networks is shown in the figure below.

Actually, the devices of one network know nothing about the rest of the devices located in them. Just switch the interaction between different networks. the purpose of routers.

Probably noticed that the routers call differently. This is not without reason. The original name is the English word “router” or translated into Russian. router. And the “router” familiar to us is just a poor transcription of the English word that has taken root and entered the vocabulary of our language. In addition to the listed ones, the name “Svitch” may meet, from a foreign “Switch”. a switch or “switch”. This is the name of similar devices on functional characteristics. because they perform the switching of the connections. All these names are officially accepted and widespread.

Let’s get back to the networks. In each of them, belonging to the identifier of the last number in the address (4 levels), there can be many computers, devices, printers, Smart televisors and other highly intellectual devices. And everyone has a unique number that is different for each device. It is on it that the end point of access is determined, freely visible to everyone else within the framework of its subnet. This number is the same sequence of four digits, separated by points, as well as the general identifier of the association. Included with the network, it is called IP address and looks approximately so for devices located on the same network: 192.168.0.one. The numbers can be any, but their issuance is carried out according to certain rules, the description of which is too extensive and goes beyond the scope of the article. The only emphasis on is the emphasis for local networks of end users adopted the addressing of type 10.x.y.Z and 192.168.y.z, where x, y and z are unique for each device. There is a restriction. the official IP 127 is never used to connect.0.0.1 and The first. on any equipment there is always the address of his own, the second. appeal to all devices inside the subnet.

Thus, the communication structure can be represented in one of the species depicted in the figure below.

A router, as a unifying system, has its own separate identifier, which is indicated on all client devices, telling them that this router is a kind of bridge between them and other networks, and all TCP/IP packages should move through it. For home options, the router often uses IP or 192.168.one.one. It is this address that will be applied as the basis of the configuration procedure. The router itself has two of them. internal and external. We are only interested in the first. You can recognize it either from the documentation for the switch or it will be written on the label attached to the case. There is also information about the user name and the password by default.

Entrance through the browser

So, the router is connected to the computer wires and is included in the power supply. It’s time to configure it. Open the browser and put the information clarified earlier in the address line. For example, http: // 192.168.0.one.

The page with the proposal to enter the user name and password will open. They are often indicated where the address is in the documentation or on the label. For most devices, the default devices are used in English letters the name of the user Admin and the password Admin. Enter them into the proposed fields and click “Enter” or the icon of the “Enter” button on the open page. Ready, in front of you are the settings of the device.

PC preparation for configuration

For stable operation of the network, you need to set the right settings for PC. Perform this according to this scheme:

  • Through the “Start” menu, go to the “control panel”.
  • Go to the “Center for Networks and General Access Management”.
  • Open “Change in the parameters of the network adapter”.
  • From the proposed list, select the right network and open its properties using PKM.
  • Go to the IPV4 item.
  • Translate the receipt of the IP address and DNS into an automatic mode by setting flags opposite the corresponding parameters.

Be sure to press the “accept” button to save changes and send PC to reboot.

Entrance to the Huawei router

After connecting a computer or phone to the router, the user has the opportunity to create an individual or basic configuration of the parameters of the network device. To do this, you need to get into the webman.

The huawei router entrance algorithm is as follows:

  • In the address bar of the browser, indicate address, or 192.168.100.one.
  • On the user authorization page, enter the correct values ​​of the network name and password from the account.
  • Go into the admiral admin panel.

By default, the manufacturer uses the letter combination of Admin for the login and password.

The web-integse is divided into 4 main sections:

  • start page.
  • Section of Internet settings and control.
  • Home network management section.
  • Serving section of the router.

On the initial page of the administrative panel, you can activate a special “Master of Settings”, which will quickly configure most of the parameters automatically.

Since many mobile operators offer their customers mobile modems of the Chinese brand, it is useful to know that the entrance to the Huawei modem is carried out using the official application of the operator. After installing the application, modems do not require a separate setting. If the modem is connected with a router with a USB input, then its setting is performed through the corresponding point of the router settings, so that there is no need to separately enter the Huawei modem settings.

Change the factory password

The factory password (Admin) changes in the settings, in the “System”, “Change password” section. The sequence of actions is the same for all types of modems:

  • Connect PC and modem via LAN or open a wireless connection.
  • Go to the settings settings page.
  • Enter a new network name in the SSID field.
  • Enter a new password in the WPA Key field.
  • Confirm the changes by the Submit or Finish button.

What to do if 192.168.eight.1 does not work

The reasons for the connection errors, as a rule, are reduced to hardware malfunctions, errors when entering the connection parameters:

  • NOT BECOME ANACTIVE POWER. All indicators must burn.
  • Spoiled cable. It is necessary to check the integrity.
  • Changing the address of the router. It is necessary to reset the settings to factory.
  • Technical malfunction of the router. You need to contact the service center.
  • A static IP address is set. You can eliminate the problem by connecting the automatic receipt of IP.


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router, entrance, settings, ways

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Huawei 8372h modem. Wheel device. Advantages: 4G, Wi-Fi module. Disadvantages: connectors for the antenna seem to me unreliable.


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The wireless gateway of the LTE Huawei B315 standard is a good router for sane money. Advantages: Stable reliable machine. Disadvantages: not identified. The wireless gateway of the LTE Huawei B315 standard is the name of the piece of iron, combining a 4G model, voice gateway, Wi-Fi Roter and, in some way, a print server. In fact, B-315 can work not only in 4G networks. The router is equally well supported by not only all “substrates” (LTE-FDD 800/1800/2600 MHz, LTE-TDD 2600 MHz) of 4G networks, but almost all “substantants” of 3G and 2G networks and 2G. What is curious, in 3G networks, this router is able to maintain download speed (down-link) up to 42 Mbit/s. Aplink reaches only 5.76 Mbps, but this speed is enough for most tasks.


router, entrance, settings, ways

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According to reviews, routers and USB modems from Huawei high-quality and are inexpensive compared to their competitors. To configure them in the operator’s proprietary utility, or in the “native” web shell you need to create a new profile (with the exception of the Beeline provider). To do this, you need to enter the correct name of the profile and the access point APN. A combination of 99# is introduced in the dialing number.

Wi-Fi setting, creating an access point, password setting

In order to configure Wi-Fi in the Huawei HG8245 router and set the password for wireless connection, you must go to the WLAN section in the Wlan section and set the following parameters:

router, entrance, settings, ways
  • SSID NAME-the name of the Wi-Fi network, which will be displayed in wireless devices when searching;
  • Associated Device Number. the maximum number of devices that can be connected to the network;
  • Authentication Mode-authentication mode, where it is recommended to install WPA2 Pre-SHARED KEY for a higher level of security;
  • Encryption Mode. type of encryption where it is recommended to install AES;
  • WPA Pre-SHARED KEY-a password from a Wi-Fi network, includes from 8 to 63 characters.

Enter Wi-Fi installation parameters and set the password

After setting the parameters, click the Apply key to preserve the results.

In addition, the following configuration parameters must be entered:

  • Channel. It is recommended to set the AUTO mode;
  • Channel Width-Wi-Fi Channel width, where it is recommended to set the Auto 20/40 mode for using 502 standards.11b/g/n.

Enter additional parameters for installing Wi-Fi

After setting the parameters, click the Apply key to preserve the results.

Porting ports

Porting or opening the port may be needed in a local network for any one computer. This is done in order to open direct access for the service from the external Internet network. Such a service may be an application, network game or server.

To pour the port, you must perform the following:

  • Enter the Huawei HG8245 router system settings menu
  • Go to Forward Rules section.
  • Click on the Port Mapping Configuration tab.

How to setup the Wifi Router | WIFI Router Setup செய்வது Easy

In the window, click on the Port Mapping Configuration tab

Set the necessary values ​​of parameters to open ports

If the ports are not available after setting up the passage, then you need to turn off antivirus software.

Manual setting

In the very first window that opens immediately, choose WAN. Next, follow the WAN Configuration section and click on it.

The following installations should be set for a router:

  • In the first line. pppoe;
  • Wan Mode switch to Route;
  • Service Type set the time for Internet;
  • We turn on the Enable VLAN mode and write VLAN ID, it is in your contract;
  • Mru –1492;
  • Username. connection login;
  • Password. connection password;
  • Binding Options. we note the ports through which the Internet will go;
  • IP Acquisition Mode. put pppoe;
  • Enable NAT. can be put in automatic mode, used for networks with internal addressing;
  • DNS Override. if you want to put your addressing servers instead of those that the provider has.

Some fields can be filled automatically when choosing a type of connection, usually you can not change anything there.

Connection and Wi-Fi parameters

To connect Wi-Fi, open the WLAN page, and then go to Wlan Configuration.

  • “SSID NAME”-the future name of the Wi-Fi network;
  • “Associated device number”. the maximum number of connected devices at the same time is indicated;
  • “Authentication Mode”-the safest is WPA2 Pre-SHARED KEY;
  • “Encryption Mode”. usually AES is put here;
  • “WPA Pre-SHHARED KEY”-password;
  • “Channel”. choose “Auto”;
  • “Channel Width”. the width of the channel, you can leave 20/40.

Setting up Huawei routers

At the moment, Huawei has become one of the most famous companies in the field of telecommunications, so it is not surprising that she has released her line of routers. It contains more than fifty models, but this article will provide instructions for setting up only the most popular and famous of them.

When buying a router, the user receives a standard set: a router himself, which is a rectangular box with extending antennas, a power supply and a switching cord. Typically, in typical Huawei products up to five ports of the Ethernet type and about thirty.two megabytes of memory.

Connection and configuration

Huawei WS319

  • Begins with the connection of the router itself to the network.
  • Then you can start setting up your router, filling out a standard form. To do this, you need to open the page of any browser and enter a special router address into the address line. you can check it in technical accompanying documentation. For the Huawei WS 319 model, this address is “192.168.3.one”.
  • When the page is loading, you should deal with its intense. in order to find the USERNAME and Password fields and enter your username and password there, accordingly, let’s say “Admin” for each. This will come in handy when setting up, and in the future the password can be changed to a more difficult.

The next item needs to make a standard configuration of the PPPOE connection. the type of protocol used by most operators and Internet providers in the CIS. It consists of the following actions:

Settings, like the name of the network itself, are considered user configurations, so you can set a name for it at all.

If your Huawei319 router has a dynamic IP address, the only difference will be the configuration of settings:

If in the future you plan to use a Wi-Fi connection provided by this modem, then it is worth making an additional configuration:

  • On the main page of the modem, you need to select the menu item “Home Gateway” in the middle of the page, from above.
  • After the page is booting, you need to put a box in boxing with the inscription “Turn on Wlan” (“Enable Wlan”).
  • After that, come up with the name of the network that may be arbitrary and enter it in the SSID field.
  • It is also necessary to put the checkmark in the field just below, select any encryption method-depending on the position, on the location of the device, but the most preferred option is WPA2-PSK.
  • It remains to come up with a long and reliable password, which will include capital and lowercase letters and numbers, preferably additional characters.

In the case of problems or difficulties, you can use the “Reset of settings” function, located on the main page of the router.

Huawei HG532E and Smartax MT880

The setting of the HG532E model is almost completely different from the previous. In difference, you can write down:

  • Other IP address of the web page settings-“192.168.one.one”.
  • After the authorization through the password and the login was made, it will be necessary to go to the Basics tab, select the “WAN” section and indicate the choice of the network “Internet_b_atm_0_33” in it.
  • Now you can make standard setting “Tunnel Point-Load Protocol”, the order of which is already described above.

On the same principle, it is worth handing over with a similar model Huawei Smartax MT880.

Huawei HG8245H-256M

A fairly popular alternative to these models supporting a Wi-Fi connection with a capacity of up to 300 megabytes per second. Make it work a little slightly more difficult than previous models, because they belong to another branch of Huawai modems.

  • First you need to connect the router through any of the first three ports. The fourth is inaccessible, since it is used for IPTV. television on the Internet protocol. They are signed as Lan N, where n is the number, and can not be placed in the classic sequence from left to right.
  • Then you should go along a special IP address assigned to each model separately. In the case of HG8245H it is “192.168.100.one”.
  • A page for authorization will open, in which it will be necessary to indicate the user name “Root” and the password “Admin” in the fields “Account” and “Password”, respectively. We confirm the actions by clicking on the only entry button to the account.

If there are problems with the connection, then you need to independently configure the DHCP client. For this, the following actions should be performed:

  • Click on the icon with the display and cable in the lower right corner of the screen with the right mouse button.
  • Select the “Center for Control of networks and total access” in a special drop.down menu (works for both the seventh and 10 version of Windows).
  • After that, you need to view the list of all available networks in the “View active networks” tab, as a rule, it is there only one. It will be necessary to click on the inscription, which is located in the right half of the screen, opposite the above network icon-“Connection via the local network N”, where N is the number of the network connector into which the Ethernet port of the computer was inserted.
  • The “condition” window opens, which contains a brief list of the properties of your connection. In this window you need to click on the “Properties” button. To perform this action, administrator rights may be required.
  • Then you need to pay attention to the default gateway field, which will indicate a special IP address. If it indicates the address from another subnet (for example, if the modem was used before you), then you need to connect to the new address indicated in the line.

If this did not help, and the modem web page is not available, then the main likely problem, except for the malfunction of the router itself, of course, is the error in the operation of the DHCP client. In this case, it is required to make the following:

  • Return to the tab “Properties”.
  • Select the item “Protocol of the version 4 (TCP/IPV4)” and remove a check from it.
  • If this does not help, you need to click on the “Properties” button for this point itself and enter a certain set of IP addresses into the fields. This set will depend on your operator, so if you have reached this point, it will be best to call the nearest office of the telecommunication service operator to ask which data to enter these fields.

How to set up on the Huawei HG8245 MGTS IPTV router?

To configure the IP TV on the GPON Router Huawei HG8245, you need to create a new connection in the WAN tab, where select IPTV and enter VLAN ID and Multicast VLAN ID from the contract with the service provider in the line.

Click Apply. a second connection for IPTV should appear on the configuration page.

Now you should check if the IgMP function is enabled. To do this, go to the Network Application tab. IGMP Configuration and check Enable IGMP activity.

connect two wifi routers. tp link wifi router. dlink wifi router. (Tutorial)

On this, the basic settings of the Huawei HG8245 Rostelecom router is completed. The activity of the created connections can be checked in the Status tab. the connection status should be Connected, and IP Address should be assigned an IP address for each device.

Huawei Echolife HG8245: Wi-Fi Settings

To configure Wi-Fi on the Huawei HG8245 Rostelecom router, you should go to the WLAN tab. Wlan Configuration and set the following parameters here.

  • SSID NAME-the name of your Wi-Fi network, which is displayed in the “search for available networks” of wireless devices;
  • Associated Device Number. the maximum number of devices that can connect to your network;
  • Authentication Mode. authentication mode. For greater safety, it is recommended to use WPA2 Pre-SHARED KEY;
  • ENCRYPTION MODE. CHISTING TYPE. For greater safety, it is recommended to install AES;
  • WPA Pre-SHARED KEY-Password from your wireless network from 8 to 63 characters. Here you can change the password Wi-Fi Huawei HG8245.
  • Channel. We recommend that you set AUTO (if necessary, you can change here Wi-Fi Channel for your router);
  • Channel Width: Wi-Fi Channel width. If you use only standard 802 devices.11n, then set 40MHz. If you use standard 802 devices.11b or 802.11G, then it is recommended to set 20 mHz. If different devices are used, install AUTO 20/40.
  • To use the installed configuration, press the Apply button and scan your Wi-Fi network on any wireless device. If you find a network with the name that you indicated in the SSID line, then connect to it and enter the password (WPA Pre-SHARED KEY).

Do not forget at the end of the Wi-Fi settings of the Huawei HG8245 Rostelecom router, indicate in the network card settings the dynamic receipt of the IP address.