hdmi, does, turn, checking

Try various sequences of the connection

In other words, if you have a habit of turning on the TV first, and then all your players and players, then try to turn on your TV after turning on all other devices.

In addition, if you have a player (for example, Blu-ray DISC) or another device connected to an amplifier or prison, and then to the TV. Try different launch combinations and see if it works (for example, connect the player directly to TV without a prefix, perhaps the prefix does not work).

Also try to use various HDMI ports on the device (for example, the TV can have 3, 4, or even 5 pieces, perhaps one of the ports burned down, switched to another port, a signal may appear).

Panasonic TX-P50UT50B problem: HDMI ports dead? How to fix?

Check the output video signal settings for your source device

If your BLU-RAY DISC player or another device using the HDMI connection is a menu of the output video signal, then check if it is installed auto mode. If so, install it in accordance with the resolution of your TV or video projector (for example, 720p, 1080p or 4K, if you have a 4K support or a video projector) and see if this provides a more stable result. Most often, users are trying to launch a video in 4K mode on small TVs with a resolution of 720r, as a result of which they get a “black screen”.

Another problem with the HDMI connection sometimes occurs when it is necessary to connect a device with HDMI support to a TV or monitor with a DVI connection or source with DVI support to a TV with HDMI support.

In this case, you need to use the transformation cable (adapter) HDMI-DVI (HDMI at one end. DVI on another) or use the HDMI cable with an additional HDMI-DVI adapter or DVI cable with DVI-to-HDMI adapter.

Another remark is that HDMI can transmit not only videos, but also audio signals, and DVI connections can convey only video signals. This means that when connecting via HDMI to a TV with DVI support, you will have to make a separate connection for audio. Depending on the TV, this can be done either through RCA, or after 3.5 mm audio jack.

As a rule, there should be no problems with the transformation of HDMI into DVI. In most cases, everything works with a bang at permits: 480p, 720p or 1080p, and with 4K there may already be problems. The reason lies in a cable or adapter, maybe you purchased a cable for a cheaper price or for example in some Chinese online store, as a rule, such cables or adapters do not work as they are advertised by sellers.

You may also face a situation when on TVs with older DVI, even if they are compatible with HDCP, there can be no proper firmware to miss HDMI, which you are trying to connect. In this case, you need to contact technical support or service center before throwing a working TV.

HDMI connection

Currently, HDMI is the main type of connection used in the home theater settings, including HD and 4K Ultra HD TVs, laser video projectors, BLU-RAY players, home-made receivers, network media players, as well as cable and satellite boxes.

One of the HDMI tasks is to simplify the connection of all your devices using one audio and video cable and video.

The main reasons for the self.disconnect of TV

Some receivers are poorly responded to the presence of cell phones or laptops of old types with an infrared port. It is necessary to remove the devices of this type from the TV as much as possible. The problem can also be associated with damaged or blocked buttons on the remote control (DPD) of the TV, as well as the impact of tower controllers or home theaters to which they react.

Here are just some of the most realistic reasons why TV is disconnected independently:

  • User or someone else, accidentally installed a tv tiemer.
  • Batteries on the remote control are discharged. It is known that with low exercise of the PDU, some chaotic signals can be distributed, and TV interprets infrared noise from the remote control, as a command to “turn on”.
  • Perhaps the power button on the PDU or on TV itself is stuck.
  • The neighbors could accidentally turn on the TV, the signal arrives through the window, especially if they synchronize the same model with a similar universal remote control.
  • The pet could step on the remote control while the user was in another room.
  • Nutritional malfunction.
  • A malfunction of electronic nodes.
  • Peripheral HDMI and spontaneous failure.
  • A fluorescent lamp installed in one room where the TV is located can be source of IR rays that the sensitive infrared sensor perceives.
  • Internal electrical malfunction, such as a resistor or faulty IR sensor.

Diagnosis of problems and their elimination

If the TV broke, does not respond to the remote control and command buttons, you need to study all possible sources of problems. Diagnostics usually consists in checking the nodes that can affect the work of TV equipment.

The TV does not turn on

When, when you are on the network on the TV housing, indicators do not light up, you must definitely determine the source of problems for sure. The procedure will be as follows.

  • Check the availability of power supply in the room, throughout the house or apartment. If it is not, to clarify whether the “machine guns” in the shield worked.
  • Check the serviceability of an electric outlet by connecting another electrical appliance to it. If the reason is this. replace the failed element.
  • Check the power adapter. If there is an indicator on it, it must burn after connecting the device to the network. If there is no indication, you can clarify the presence of a network voltage using a multimeter.
  • Visually examine the cord. The presence of damage and cliffs may indicate the cause of the problem.
  • If the TV does not turn on, do not panic. Perhaps the device is simply not connected to the network.

Sometimes the reason that the TV does not turn on is the remote control. If there is a power supply, the indicator on the device itself will burn. He does not respond to the signals of the remote control. The cause of problems in the first inclusion may be the wrong installation of nutrition elements. You need to check the location of the batteries regarding the contacts, if necessary, correct it. Sometimes the nutrition elements need to be replaced. in anticipation of the sale of TV or during operation, they lose the charge.

The remote control may not work for objective reasons. For example, if the point at which its signal is directed is in the place where the bright source of natural or artificial light is directed.

hdmi, does, turn, checking

In addition, the remote control has a limited range of action. no more than 7 m.

The indicator flashes red

In Panasonic TVs, the indicator flashing is part of the equipment self.diagnosis system. When detecting a malfunction, the technique independently starts a search for errors. This happens at the time of receiving the command to include. If the system considers that the TV is broken, it will report this. It is only necessary to correctly decipher the signals of indicators. usually they are listed in the attached instructions, you only need to calculate the number of repetitions.

In addition, when leaving into sleep mode when connecting to PC in the monitor mode, after turning on, the TV will also give short signals, setting the connection. This is normal, not a malfunction. You just need to derive the technique from the Stand By mode.

There is sound, but there is no image

If the picture on the screen is absent partially, with the preservation of the sound, this may be associated with the malfunction of the matrix (it is not subject to repair) or backlight. If it is LED, it is enough to replace the failed elements. Changing the matrix is ​​not much cheaper than buying a new TV. The expediency and the possibility of repair will be better evaluated by the specialist of the service center.

He does not see USB

Perhaps the USB-drive format is not compatible with the parameters of the port. In addition, not all TVs support work with specific file systems. Typically, the problem is solved by reformatting that allows you to adapt the flash drive to work with the TV. It is worth taking into account the possible breakdown of the most external carrier. If the USB drive is unable to open on the PC, it is not at all on the TV.


Among the common breakdowns, the following can also be called.

  • Blocked fuses. To detect them, just open the rear panel of TV. It is worth considering that an independent violation of the established seals leads to the termination of warranty obligations by the manufacturer. Before the expiration of the deadline set by the company, it is better to contact the service center with breakdowns.
  • A swollen capacitor. When included in the network with such a breakdown, the TV inside will make a crack or squeak. “Treated” a malfunction to replace the part.
  • The screen is spontaneously turning off. When turned on, it lights up, but exacerbates almost immediately. The reason for the problems is the backlight in the form of lamps, after its replacement, everything will return to normal.
  • Extraneous sounds in speakers. The sound is interrupted. The source of problems can be audio codes or sound amplifier.
  • Half the screen is highlighted, the second part remains dark. If the malfunction is located horizontally, the reason is in the backlight. With a vertical position of the strip, we can talk about problems with the matrix.
  • TV does not see the HDMI connector. It is necessary to check the serviceability of the nest itself and the connecting cable. Perhaps the throughput of the wire does not correspond to the data transfer speed.
  • YouTube does not open. There can be many reasons for the occurrence of a problem. For example, a specific TV model is recognized as obsolete and no longer meets the requirements of the service to. Violations can also be associated with a systemic error or a technical failure on 1 from the parties.
  • The TV goes into emergency mode, does not respond to commands. The cause of the malfunction is the breakdown of the stabilizer transistor. After replacing it, you can again use plasma in the usual format.
  • The settings are not preserved, the operator commands are ignored. This usually happens if the technique has a software failure. It needs to be reinstalled, it is better to do it with the hands of the specialists of the service center.

Repair tips

Some breakdowns of Panasonic plasma TVs can be eliminated with your own hands. Of course, not every home master will decide to repair the backlight or replace the matrix. But even a layman will cope with the replacement of batteries or cleaning contacts.

With the disappearance of the airtime signal

In most cases, this breakdown can be handled without outside help. It is enough to make sure that the provider does not carry out work, and on the television channels there is no prevention mode. If only some of the broadcast television products disappear, this may be due to the complete cessation of broadcasting. In the complete absence of a signal, it is worth checking whether the input cable is in place. If it is included in the nest, it is worth turning it off for 30 seconds, and then turn on the TV again.

When breaking the power supply

This part is most often available in the form of a separate element, but in some models of the equipment it is built into the TV-approval case. The repair of the power supply should be carried out independently only with basic knowledge and skills, otherwise there is a great risk of aggravation, increase its scale. The procedure in most cases will be the following.

  • Disconnect the technique from the network.
  • CREAM a high.voltage capacitor, observing the rules of electrical safety.
  • Remove the power supply for visual and practical diagnostics.
  • Perform inspection. If cracks, chips, faults, defective sections are detected. to establish their localization.
  • Using a multimeter, conduct instrumental diagnostics.
  • When detecting a faulty resistor, the voltage on it will be 0 or indicated as an infinite. The broken capacitor will be swollen. it is easy to identify visually. All failed parts are evaporated, replaced by similar.

With damage to the lamps

On LCD TVs with LED light lighting lighting, burning of the elements responsible for the brightness of the glow of the screen is a fairly frequent matter. Usually, if 1 lamp extinguished, the rest continue to shine. But the inverter will force them to compensate for their low quality image. The color spectrum will shift towards red tones, the picture on the screen will become fuzzy, dull.

Independent replacement of non.working LED lamps requires a certain accuracy. The LCD module will have to be removed from the TV housing, after turning off all the loops and the rear panel with the controller.

Next, the LCD module is disassembled to components, the matrix is ​​necessarily removed in gloves.

After dismantling all unnecessary details, access to the panel with lights and filters will be open. Burned elements are usually easily recognized by a color change, soot inside. They need to be removed, replaced by serviceable.

How to connect correctly?

To obtain sound and image on the TV screen by transmitting media content from a computer, you need to correctly connect and configure the equipment. You can cope with this task in several ways.

Television setting

If another device was connected to a television reception earlier through the HDMI cable, then most TV models cannot automatically find the signal source we need-computer. To do this, we will have to manually enter the necessary settings.

  • Laptop Il Computer through an HDMI pipeline is connected to the TV. Next, you need to make sure that the contacts came up, the wire is intact, all the connection is made correctly.
  • Take the remote control of the TV and find the button with the designation HDMI, Source or Input. By clicking on this button, we find ourselves in the menu to select the connection source.
  • In the menu, select the HDMI port number (there are two of them), which is written on the TV housing near the connector. To select the right port, we move along the menu using channels switching buttons, in some television models, this can be done by pressing numbers 2 and 8.
  • To activate the port, you need to press OK or Enter, sometimes the input is performed by pressing the “Apply” or Apply option in the menu.

After these actions are performed, both devices are connected, and on the TV screen you can see an image accompanied by sound.

If the TV menu is arranged differently, you need to find the instructions and see how to connect to external devices using the use of an HDMI /.

Laptop setting (computer)

Incorrect configuration of computer equipment can also cause the HDMI connection remains inactive. The settings algorithm for the Windows operating system version 7, 8 or 10 consists of a series of sequential steps.

  • With the right button, call the menu and find the option “screen parameters” or “screen resolution”.
  • Under the shown screen and number “1” you need to find the option “detect” or “find”. After activating this option, the operating system will find and connect a TV in automatic mode.
  • Next, you need to enter the menu “Manager of the Display”, in this area they set up the screen. If you correctly made a connection, then next to the image of the screen and the number “1” you will see the second same screen with the number “2”. If you do not see the second screen, check the connection order again.
  • In the menu “Manager of the Display” we go to the options displaying data about the screen with the number “2”. 3 options for the development of events will be offered to your attention. you need to choose the “duplicate” option, while you will see that the same images appeared on both screens. If you choose the option “expand the screens”, then the picture will run away through two screens, and they will complement each other. When choosing the option “display the desktop 1: 2”, the image will appear only on one of two screens. To view the media content, you need to select the option “Duplicate”.

When choosing an image, it must be remembered that the HDMI system makes it possible to transfer content only by single.flow connection, while performing the correct operation on one screen, for this reason unnecessary duplicate devices (computer monitor) are recommended to disconnect or use the “display desktop 1: 2 desktop option. “”.

Updates for the video card

Before connecting the HDMI system, it is recommended to clarify the characteristics of the video card of your computer, since not all types of graphic adapters can maintain content transmission at the same time by 2 display. Such information is contained in the documentation for the video card or computer. If the video card requires updating drivers, then you can do this according to the algorithm.

  • Enter the menu and find a “control panel” there. We go to the “display” option, then we go to “Small Bades” and go to the “Device Manager”.
  • Next, go to the Video Adapter option, select the function “Update the drivers”. As a result of this action, the system will automatically begin update, and you only have to wait for the end of the process.

To update drivers, they are sometimes downloaded from the Internet by going to the website of the official video card manufacturer. On the site you need to find a model of your adapter and download the right software.

Ready-made software is installed on the computer, acting according to the instructions-forefront.

Removing computer viruses

Very rarely, but it happens that the reason for the impossibility of connecting the HDMI system is viruses and malicious programs. If you have tried all the methods of connection, but the result remained zero, you can clean the computer from probable infection. To do this, you need an antivirus paid or free program. The most common antivirus program of Kaspersky, which has a free demo mode lasting 30 days.

hdmi, does, turn, checking
  • The program is installed on the computer and launched a check cycle.
  • To detect infection and its elimination, the option “Complete check” is selected. The detection cycle of suspicious files can take several hours. The program will delete some files independently, while others will offer you to delete.
  • When the verification cycle is over, you can try to connect the HDMI system again.

Question-answer: connecting the TV to the HDMI computer

We take a chance to assume: the source of the TV reproduction is incorrectly indicated. Check the target fidelity (target) of the computer signal. For TV, use the control panel. Through the menu or Source keys, or HDMI, ensure that the source exactly corresponds to the nest where the wire is stuck. For example, if it is HDMI 3, then it is HDMI 3 in the menu. On the side of the laptop functional key FNF3 or F4 (on different models in different ways), select the duplication mode.

First, get out, then change at your discretion. A similar action is carried out on a stationary computer, through the context menu of the desktop (the “change resolution” column), both devices should be included.

Incorrectly exhibited device for the release of an audio personal computer. Click the speaker icon (right lower part of the screen). Eliminate the problem by pressing the devices of playback. In the window that opens, disconnect the playback devices, excluding the dynamics of the TV. If necessary, also make an instance active (the line will become green).

We take a chance to assume that the breakdown was preceded by a change of equipment. A new video card has been installed. Seeing such an outcome, the TV could drop the settings. Start first. The management is given above. Check the signal source, appointment. Any parameters regarding sound, image.

You need to choose the right source of the TV signal output. The devices on each other should see each other. There is evidence that cables of different versions of standards are incompatible with equipment. In the presence of V1.3 worked technology, replacement V1.4 provoked the disappearance of the picture. Sometimes the video card settings require the addition of the second monitor manually. Relevant regarding desktop computers.

See: reasons (the TV does not see HDMI) a little. Mostly setting up equipment. Experts recommend putting a new TV firmware, after turning off the device, pause 5 minutes. It is permissible to restart the product manually (the menu will help), for each model the exact sequence of actions differs: LG, Sony, Samsung. the device demonstrates features. Act in accordance with the leadership. Farewell advice. Be sure to try the ports of the TV in turn, changing the source of the image through the menu. There were cases, out of four HDMI nests, the only one worked, for example, the fourth. If we watch movies, there is no difference, number 1, 2, 3.

Readers should understand: Windows operating system is imperfect. To work equipment, you have to reboot the devices several times. It happens that the pros is asked why digital equipment refused? The master shrugs, says Windows. Must Die, Linux. well done. We find it difficult to say that the phrase means, but for some reason the difficulties on the forums relate to precisely the paid operating system, and not freely distributed. We do not see the point of discussing further.

There is no signal on the TV on HDMI and there is no image

1 First of all, you need to check the connection of the cable, and remember the HDMI room number on the TV, to which the cable is connected. Check if the cable is inserted into the release on the laptop, or a stationary computer. Then, check the connection of the cable on the TV, and be sure to see which HDMI input you connected the cable. They are signed. It looks like this:

For example, I connected the cable to the HDMI entrance under the number 3. The fact is that on the TV most likely several inputs. And we will need to choose the one to which we connected the cable in the settings.

2 Check the settings on the TV. Select the corresponding HDMI input in the settings. Not always after connecting the cable on the TV immediately appears an image from a computer. Most likely, you will see the inscription “No signal”, or “The cable is not connected”. There should be a button on the remote control from your TV that opens the menu with the choice of signal source. On Philips TVs, for example, this button is signed as Sources. Click on it, and from the list we select an HDMI entrance with the right number.

On TVs LG. Input button. Click on it and select the necessary source. On new LG TVs on Web OS, perhaps they already did it differently. But the scheme is always the same, on any TV (Samsung, Sony, LG): Open the menu with the choice of signal source and select HDMI input with the right number (to which the cable is connected).

3 Check the settings on the computer. Perhaps on the computer the image of the image to the projector (TV, monitor) is disabled on the computer). Therefore, the picture does not appear on the TV and there is no signal. Checking is very simple. In Windows 10, Windows 8 and Windows 10, it is enough to click the combination of Winp keys, and select one of the three options for output: duplicate, expand, only the projector.

If you select “disconnect the projector”, then the image by HDMI will not be displayed. In Windows 10, everything is about the same, only there the menu on the side of the screen appears.

4 If it was not possible to make a computer with the TV, then it would be nice to find out what is the reason: on the TV, on the computer, or in the cable. It is not difficult to do it. Especially if you have another PC, TV, HDMI monitor, or another cable.

Try connecting your laptop, for example, to another TV or monitor. If everything works, then the problem is in your TV (which is unlikely). Thus, we will exclude the problems with the cable. Also, you can just take another laptop (even borrow from a neighbor) and connect it to the TV to which the image is not displayed. If everything works, then the problem is in your laptop (computer). Which most often happens.

5 more advice. Try to update the video card driver with a hDMI TV. Just download the driver from the site of the laptop/video card manufacturer and install it.

hdmi, does, turn, checking

6 Update: In the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, Andrei shared one interesting solution. After connecting the TV to the laptop, there was no signal error on the TV. But the laptop saw two monitors (built.in and TV). Helped a change in frequency for the second screen (TV). I decided to add this decision to the article, and show in more detail how to do it.

We open the screen parameters and look so that there are two displays.

Scroll through the page with the settings and open “Additional display parameters”.

We look carefully. There will be “display 1” and “display 2”. Near one of them it may be the name of your TV. I now have one display is not active, since the image is displayed only on the second display. Click on the “Properties of the video adapter for the display. “. You need to open the properties of the TV.

In the new window, on the Monitor tab in the menu, we put 60 Hz in the screen renewal frequency. Click “apply”.

After that, the “no signal” error on the TV should disappear. An image will appear from a computer connected via HDMI. For Andrei, for some reason, the system has installed a frequency of 25 Hz for a TV.

Click with the right mouse button on the empty area of ​​the desktop and open the “screen resolution”. A TV should be chosen in the “screen” menu. Let me remind you that this method can only be used when Windows sees the TV connected via HDMI, but does not display the image.

Go to the “additional parameters” and on the Monitor tab, select the frequency of 60 Hz. Apply settings.

If this method has worked, write about it in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

7 Update: Disconnect everything superfluous from the TV. For example, AV cable (tulip). Another device that can also be connected by HDMI. There is information in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, which helped to turn off the hard drive from the USB port!

8 update: if you have a LG TV (perhaps this is applicable to other TVs). then disconnect in the “Fast Start” settings and the function “Simplink”.

What to do if the computer does not display the image on HDMI to the TV?

When we determined that the problem is in a computer or laptop.

The image from us displays a video card, we actually connect to it. So, the problem may be in it. Yes, maybe something burned there, and t. D. But as a rule, a program of programmatic nature. Something with the driver of the video card, or with the settings, so there is no image on HDMI.

Therefore, first of all, I advise you to update the video adapter driver. It is important! If you have a laptop, then go to the manufacturer’s official website, find your model through the search, select the operating system that you have installed and download the VGA driver. Then start the installation.

If your laptop has two video adapters, then update the drivers of both. Can be, for example, Nvidia Graphics Driver and Intel Graphics Driver, as on my ASUS laptop. You can install Intel Driver Support Assistant to update the Intel Driver.

And if you have a stationary computer, then download the driver from the site of the video card manufacturer. Which video card is installed, you can see in the device manager, or in the characteristics of the system unit.

If you somehow were able to solve the problem with the display of the image on the TV using the HDMI cable, then share advice in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. I will be grateful.



Features of HDMI wires

The HDMI integer is actively used in modern technology for the simultaneous transmission of audio and video files. With it, you can broadcast content in the resolution of Full HD or 4K without worrying about delays or failures.

The first prototypes of the connector were developed back in 2002. After that, manufacturers in various ways modernized them. And thereby increased throughput abilities and transmission quality. In addition, HDMI began to support different formats and other interesting functions.

Version 1.4 and higher can be used to transmit the network signal. As well as 3D video or files in 4K permits. And unlike wireless technologies, HDMI provides high speed, reliability and stability of the Internet connection.

Today, the following form factors of the connector are widespread:

The latest varieties are suitable for smartphones, photographic equipment and other portable gadgets.

Updating the video card driver

If the TV does not see the computer via HDMI, or this method of connected has stopped working, then the reason can be a video card, or rather, its driver. A failure could occur, the driver was outdated, or he was originally installed incorrectly.

Panasonic TV won’t turn on Fix it Now

In this case, make sure that the signal does not go due to the old driver on the video card, you can do this.

  • On the “My Computer” icon or in the conductor on the “This computer” tab, PKM should be selected “Management”.
  • Further “Device Manager”, tab “Video.adapters”.
  • If there is a failure, then opposite the video card there will be a yellow or red sign. They mean that the knot works incorrectly. If there are no symbols, then the video card is working, but the driver could become obsolete, and this is a common reason that a number of functions do not work.

You can update the software for PC components in several ways. The most reliable option is to go to the site of the laptop or video card manufacturer and download the file for the desired operating system, taking into account its discharge. After installation, the device needs to be reloaded.

Advice! If the driver could not find, then the DriverpackSolution utility will come to the rescue. it independently scans the gadget and finds all the necessary software for each knot.

If, after all the above actions, the laptop still does not connect through HDMI to the TV, then the reason is more complex, and it will have to be eliminated in the workshop. Which device requires thorough diagnosis, you can find out by trying to connect TV and PC to another technique.

How to eliminate the HDMI connection malfunction

Here are some steps that can help fix the problems with the HDMI connection so that you can return to games or viewing.

  • Check the connection of the HDMI cable: make sure that the cable is securely fixed at both ends. HDMI compounds do not fit as tightly as component or composite, and sometimes lose their connection. If this happens often, think about using locks for your HDMI cables or a self.locking cable.
  • Repeat the inclusion sequence for your devices: if you tend to turn on the TV first, and then other devices, try to turn on additional devices first, and then the TV.

If you have several different HDMI components, try starting them in different combinations. Make sure you have chosen the correct entry for the device that you are trying to use, whether it be a game console or Blu-ray player. Some devices are configured to certain inputs and require you to tune in to this entrance through the remote control.

Leave the HDMI source connected to the TV and perform a separate audio belt from the device to the TV until you can determine the problem with the receiver. If the problem is the input of HDMI at the audio receiver, you can still use the receiver auditers to transmit sound from your HDMI device.

HDMI connection malfunction on HDR TV

It is known that the implementation of HDR on many TVs 4K Ultra HD causes problems with connecting HDMI. If you have a TV with a high dynamic range (HDR) and not one of the above steps works, follow these tips to eliminate problems:

  • Make sure your audio receiver or other intermediate device is compatible with HDR.
  • Make sure the TV firmware is relevant.
  • If you haven’t done this yet, replace the HDMI cable with a high.speed HDMI cable with a speed of at least 10.2 Gb/s, but preferably 18 Gb/s.

If you have a device with HDR support, such as the UHD Blu-Ray player or streaming device connected to the HDR-compatible TV, perhaps the TV does not recognize HDR-coded content. When a HDR TV or a video project detects a HDR signal, confirmation should appear on the screen. If not so, the problem can be compatibility, and not in the possibility of connecting.

If your TV or video projector still does not recognize the HDR source after changing the settings and updating cables, contact the technical support service for the TV or HDMI source device.

What to do if HDMI does not work on TV?

The TV does not connect as a second monitor to a computer? HDMI does not work on the TV, so it is not possible to reproduce on the big screen multimedia content from the video camera or mobile device? Do not panic. In nine cases out of ten, the problem can be solved on your own, without contacting the workshop.

Why HDMI stopped working on TV?

HDMI. a very capricious integer. Formally devices should be determined automatically, connection is possible on the fly. In practice, very often connected devices do not see each other. Before contacting our workshop, perform a simple diagnosis:

  • First of all, check the cable for connecting other devices or replace it with another, 100%-dimpular;
  • Check if you selected the source of the signal on the TV correctly: press the Source button (or Input) several times on the remote control;
  • Check if the operating mode on a computer or another multimedia device is correctly configured. On the PC on the desktop, press the right mouse button and select the “screen resolution” (click FNF4 on the laptop) and select the “resolution” or “duplication” screens;
  • If the TV did not start working, reboot the computer. Some video cards work incorrectly when connecting HDMI monitors “on the fly” and do not determine the device.

If after a short check, HDMI on the TV still does not work. The driver is probably damaged. Most often, the microcircuit fails due to mechanical damage (sharply pulled out the cable) or due to static voltage when the cable connects working devices.

In this case, HDMI repair on the TV involves the replacement of the module. Our masters will quickly and professionally eliminate the malfunction. We use a modern tool that allows you to qualitatively break contacts and ensure stable operation of a restored device. information by phone: