Laptop does not connect to TV via HDMI

If the laptop does not see the TV via HDMI, then the first thing to pay attention to the physical condition of the cable and the reliability of the connection. Try using another wire to connect to make sure the problem is not in the cable.

If physically cord is working and the connection is set correctly, then check the connection settings.

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Restarting Windows Audio

The problem with the output of the HDMI sound may occur when the system is first run after Windows 10 update. The Windows Audio service was not running due to any inconsistencies, which most likely disappear after the next OS restart. Either it is indefinitely as a result of errors that occurred during the update, for example, when the computer is forced to turn off during its installation. So try to restart it.

Open system services by the Services command.MSC. launched from Win R window.

Find on the Windows Audio service list, right-click on it and go to properties.

Check that in the drop-down menu of the start type, the value “Automatically”. Then click on the “Stop” button. After stopping again, run it.

After that, check whether the sound is transmitted by HDMI to the TV.

Check volume levels on TV and computer

Now try to figure out how to check the levels and configure the required volume levels or enable sound at all if it is turned off. First do it on the computer. To do this, open the volume panel with the volume levels. This can be done if you click on the loudspeaker sign, which is located on the left of the date and time on the right side of the taskbar. If the sound is at a minimum, it is required to increase the volume with the slider to a comfortable level.

Now it is necessary to clap the sound icon right-click and select the “Mixer of the Volume”.

A new window will appear, where you can enable the required volume level for the TV and the running program. If you are not using a personal computer, but a laptop, then there you can increase the volume also with a hardware way. To do this, it is required to clamp the Fn key with one of the keyboard buttons on which the loudspeaker icon is depicted. Different manufacturers are different. In the left top of the display, the window opens with a level that can be switched above by pressing the specified key combination.

In addition, you should check the sound on the TV. To do this, you can enable some channel and click on the volume button on the remote control. You should make sure that some silent mode is not included on the TV. If the audio stream is present, the device is properly. If not, you should contact the wizard for repair. If for some reason there is no remote control, then you can use the volume buttons on the rear or front panel of the TV depending on the model.

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  • 2 What is considered a malfunction?
  • 3 Common Problems 3.1 Cable integrity check
  • 3.2 Sound setting in TV
  • 3.3 Computer setup
  • 3.4 restarting digital console
  • 3.5 Sound quality check through other cables
  • 3.6 When you need to buy a new HDMI

HDMI Cable allows you to connect a computer, digital console, home theater to modern TV. It provides simultaneous sound transmission and high-quality image. Modern inteeis standards allow you to watch movies with full HD, 4K, 8K, 3D. But so hurt when it was tuned to the full-length film, but there is no sound via HDMI on the TV. What to do? About the causes and methods of their elimination in more detail in the article.

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Why there is no sound on a TV when connected by PC via HDMI

Want to reconsider on the big screen favorite programs saved in the computer’s memory, show the collection of your video files or run music through the speakers? The easiest and most common way to bring the sound to the TV. via the HDMI connector.

Despite the availability of HDMI types and presence of the desired connectors on each device, the user may encounter certain difficulties when trying to lose video from a stationary computer or laptop on a television panel.

Frequent complexity is the lack of sound in the speakers on the playback device. This can occur with the full functionality of home equipment and the availability of a successfully displayed video. If you do not have a sound on the TV when connecting the PC via HDMI and you do not know what to do with it, try using solutions and instructions from this article.

  • Sound output setting
  • Computer does not see TV
  • Select the playback source
  • Equipment malfunctions
  • Driver Update
  • Setting up NVIDIA controller
  • Conclusion

Sound output setting

HDMI cable. so called special inteeis for sound output, or adapter between devices. It allows devices to share high-quality high-definition multimedia data, multichannel digital audio. Protection from copying. HDMI-inteeis can be connected to the old version of the DVI cable intertees using an adapter.

HDMI input is in almost every modern device. Cable can be reached in any technology store, or order through an online store with delivery. It is very convenient because a wide TV screen can work as a monitor for a computer. Thus, it becomes much easier and more interesting to play, draw with a tablet, work in several windows and programs at the same time. Despite the presence of computer displays with a wide diagonal, the home monitor will, as a rule, will still give the TV in size.

On the large TV screen, it is also convenient to mount video files, and in this case, the more it will be advisable to switch the sound playback on TV speakers. So the sound source does not knock the pole during operation and will not distract.

Via HDMI cable can be connected to a TV not only computer, but also many other devices. To expand the scope of the application of this inteeis, the connector variations with different dimensions at the entrance were created.

  • Standard Type A, HDMI. Dimensions: 13.9 x 4,45 mm
  • Reduced Connector Option, Mini-HDMI. Refers to type C. It has dimensions of 6.4 x 2.8 mm. Bandwidth at the level of the usual HDMI standard. 19 Pins. Applied in conditions when the device lacks the place. Often used on video cards, camcorders, phones and tablets.
  • The smallest version of the connector, Micro-HDMI. Refers to type D. The input plug (HDMI Output) has dimensions, approximately 2 times less than a similar part of the MINI-HDMI device.

Today HDMI is the most popular way to transmit multimedia data. Through HDMI on TV, you can play video games, watch online broadcasts and twist already recorded on hard disk information. This is a simple and reliable information transfer option.

To find out why there is no signal via HDMI cable, cut off the simplest reasons for the lack of sound:

  • Check Volume Settings. Increase the volume and make sure that the sound output via HDMI with PC does not occur;
  • Pay attention to the cable state, the plug is tightly in the HDMI connector and how good the contacts are;
  • The MUTE function can be activated on the TV, that is, the mode of operation without sound. Check the device mode through the television menu.
  • Find the “Control Panel” on your PC through the Windows menu;
  • Go to the “Equipment and Sound” tab;
  • In the “Sound” section, find and select the Mouse “Sound Device Management;
  • In the pop-up window, you can see a list of connected devices capable of playing sound from your computer. Find the name of the TV;
  • Click on it and go to the “Properties”;
  • Select the “Use Default” option.

Computer does not see TV

Sometimes when transmitting data through the HDMI connector, the sound is missing on the TV with the fulfillment of the rest of the equipment. If there is no TV in the list of connected devices, start with the laptop reboot. Do not disconnect the cable. After successful reboot, go back to the sound device manager. If you have seen a TV in the list of devices, transfer it to active status according to the above instruction.

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IMPORTANT! If the sound via HDMI is not transmitted to the TV, the laptop may experience difficulties with the definition of a priority connection. In this case, simply disconnect all the extra devices, leaving only one audio playback device. your TV.

Select the playback source

Windows operates the playback device yourself after connecting. If you are unhappy with the automatic work of this service, select Manual Playback Source.

How to output via HDMI manually:

  • To quickly call the “Reproducing Devices” window, hover the mouse to the volume icon and press the right button. You will be displayed in the monitor in the monitor: “Mixer volume”, “Parameters”, “Recording Devices”. Find the “Playing Devices” option on this list and select it with the left mouse button;
  • When the connected device window opens, right-click on the item named the TV;
  • In the pop-up menu, locate and select the “Use By Default” item to the left button;
  • Click “Apply” to confirm and save your solutions.

Check the operation of the audio devices

Open Device Manager on Computer. On the desktop, click PCM on the “My Computer / This Computer” icon (depending on the version of Windows).

In the window that opens, click on the relevant link.

A window will appear with all components and working laptop or desktop components. It is necessary to inspect all the sound devices that are involved in playback of audio on technology.

First, open the item “Sound, Gaming and Video devices”. Lay the device that is indicated as “Hight Definition Audio”. Before the title, a graphics adapter brand (AMD or NVIDIA) must be written. This is important, since the sound does not enter the laptop audio output, but through the HDMI port, that is, through the video card connector.

In your case, there may not be the names of the video card. Normal situation, so just inspect all devices.

The main thing is that there are no additional icons near the speaker pictogram. arrows, exclamation marks, triangles. Any excess designation says there are problems. information is written in properties. See the example on images below.

The down arrow means that the device is disabled. Therefore, it is possible to make sound working through the component. Make the right click of the mouse over the device and select “Enable” or “Enable Device”.

Additionally, you can upgrade the driver, set the latest software version. Especially relevant update if the component is marked with other icons. First use the built-in update function through the context menu, click on “Update Driver”.

But it is better to download the driver from the manufacturer’s official website and install through the file (instructions below). When installing, you do not need to disable anything. If you are selected to install or cancel individual components, do all items active.

In the “Properties” item always writes the status of work. Normal is considered the inscription “The device works fine”.

In the same way, inspect the section “Audio inputs and audio outputs”.

Also open the “System Devices” tree and find the controller called “The Hight Definition Audio (Microsoft) controller”. If it is disabled, then turn on.

By the way, when the controller is turned off in other previously described sections, part of the devices will not be displayed.

You can completely restart the service through removal.

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Then, through the Action menu, update the equipment configuration.

Restart your computer. Go back to the dispatcher and check whether the controller returned. Method You can check on all the audio device present in the dispatcher.

Sound. Connecting a TV to a computer HDMI

Inteeis HDMI from the very moment of creation by the Committee (2002) was conceived by a combined image transmission solution, sound. Available audio formats See individually (Wikipedia page), we note only, in Windows you need to choose a sound source. Now the TV is considered by the system device, so this responsibilities can be assigned to it. To do this, it’s easier to click the right lower corner of the desktop (speaker icon) of the right mouse button, select the reproduction device in the context menu. If there is no icon in the lower right corner, you need to press the arrow to the right of the word selection of the RU (EN), to the left of the clock. There is a symbol.

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After clicking the window opens: playback devices will be listed. It will be necessary to disable everything except the TV, and the TV, on the contrary, use. In 90% of cases in a couple of seconds, native plasma panel speakers will sound. We want the sound around? Such an acoustic system comes with a home cinema. Polyista Description of the device. A number of ways are offered to transfer sound from the TV to a home theater, anyone will suit, given the condition for the need to purchase the required cable. Similar to the home cinema control panel with the source button, select the desired sound source.

On the part of the TV, the procedure is more often transparent, and the proprietary speakers are disconnected. Then discard the concern if the movie support is recorded in mono mode. Each self-respecting home theater has inside splitter, easily breaking sound on the channel format channels around.

The “Mute” button does not block the sound

On each remote, there is a button that turns off the volume with one press, and when you repeatedly, it activates again. The button is not signed by such a name for at least more or less new TVs. Instead of inscriptions, there is a graphic designation of the crocked speaker.

Very rarely TV continues to play after pressing the button. The reason is the crash in the operating system, which is eliminated by resetting settings to factory, system firmware update.

If the TV is old and the bullets often used, in particular the sound button, then she could fail. Buttons that are often pressed can start working badly due to contact wear. In this case, you need to purchase a new remote or make repairs the current.

Contacts can be restored independently by making a foil overlay, superclouting with graphite. Or bring new contacts, make the replacement of old.

Often the reason for the absence of the result when you press the button is a strong contamination of the internal parts of the console. If you do not comply with cleanliness in the room, do not make wet cleaning, then dust and dirt falls inside the console. The consequence becomes an obstacle to the contact of the contacts on the board. We must disassemble the remote from the TV and make cleaning.

After disassembly, you must inspect the paths on the board. If the remote is often dropped, the tracks can be damaged. Look carefully so that there are no microcracks tracks. If necessary, the track is restored by soldering or conductive glue.

Called contacts on the tracks that are involved in the closure, you can additionally clean.

Sound setting

If when connecting the picture is displayed, and there is no sound, then the problem is either in the wrong adjustment, or in the use of adapters without audioity.

Configured sound on PC as follows.

  • Windows 7.8. PCM in the sound icon in the “Playback Device”, the Playback Tab, select the connected TV and confirm the “Apply” button.
  • Windows 10. PCM in the tray on the “Open Sound Open Sound” icon, “Sound”, “Select Output Device”. specify the speakers of the TV.

If the problem is not gone, then check the volume on both devices, as well as in the player. It will not be superfluous to check and update the driver to the sound card by analogy with how it is done for the video card.