Quicktime Player

H264 How To Open A File From A Surveillance Camera

Apple computers have this player by default, and there is also a version that is fully compatible with Windows. Free distribution, support for Windows users.

In addition to the ability to play and music of different formats, the player has many functions that come in handy when processing / sound. For example, you can convert a file from one format to another, customize the audio track, etc. In the case of the version for Windows, some functions of the player may not be available. The installation process is standard. you agree to the license agreement, choose a place to install and wait for completion.

Opening h264 files

Unfortunately, on modern versions of Windows OS, problems may arise when working with this format. On Mac and Linux, these problems are almost never encountered.

Windows users are left with two options:

  • Use services for online conversion from one format to another (for example, to the usual MP4). These services have limitations in terms of duration and weight. There is also a risk of Incorrect conversion.
  • Use a player that is able to correctly read and open in. H264.

If you chose the second option, then first install the desired player, and later open with it. To do this, right-click on the file and select the “Open with” item, then look for the desired player and open in it

H264 how to open a file from a surveillance camera

Files with the.H264 extension are rare. Basically, this format is used by auto-recorders, surveillance cameras and some models of cameras for professional / amateur photography. This format allows you to record long. Which do NOT take up much space on the drive, which is very useful because The place there is very limited.

There are also some subtypes of the format. H264.H264-ES.264, which are found only on older models of cameras. Cannot be played on a computer without special processing, unlike the standard.

Opening with VLC Media Player

Installed by default on Some Linux distributions. Able to reproduce almost all known formats and photos. It will run on almost any version of Windows without any problems. Free distribution.

Besides viewing. The user can make some adjustments to its quality (for example, reduce it to compress the file size), perform primitive manIPulations with the audio track. Unlike QuickTime and standard Windows players, this GoProduct is developed and maintained by a non-profit organization, which makes it possible to make serious changes to the program's functionality for Individual users. The main feature is the ability to play damaged files. It is also possible to broadcast and receive audio from the network.

Opening with Windows Media

Standard player for Windows operating systems, with the exception of the latest Windows 10. If you have this player installed by default, the.H264 file will open without any problems. Initially, the system may ask which program to open the file, but usually it automatically opens in the built-in player.

If you are using Windows 10, you can download and install this player. Problems with its implementation should not arise. However, the standard player in this OS also opens the h264 format without any problems.

Using one of the proposed programs, you can easily open the.H264 file. If necessary, you can easily convert to any format.


One of the best online apps is inettuls.No. This is a Russified online program that encodes Not only files, but also many other formats. text, images, etc.

In order to upload a file for transcoding, click on the “Select” button. In the explorer that opens, select the required file, wait for it to load. The utility then starts processing the file. After transcoding, a download link will appear with one of the formats selected for encoding. Click on the “Download” button and get the already converted file.

Media Player Classic

This is another player for viewing files with the H.264 extension, and allows you to open files from surveillance cameras and recorders. It is a powerful open source player. Media Player Classic works with all formats that only exist. Plays Not only files, but also audio files. Utility interface translated into Russian.

Download it from the official website and install it on your computer. Then go to the program settings. Find the item “Play” in the “View” tab at the top of the player, and in it the “Delight” tab.

You register in the settings of the camera from which you want to see the broadcast. The itself starts as standard. click on the PCM file and in the window that opens, select “Open with”, and at this point you already select this player.

Or, in the opened player window, click on the “File” tab and click on the “Quickly open file” button.

In the explorer, look for an entry with the desired extension and select “Open”.

Quick Media Converter

This is a free application. Convenient and friendly interface allows you to record from the camera, it works stably and without errors. Quick Media Converter supports several languages, but does not have Russian. In this converter it is not necessary to sit for a long time with the settings, select the record to be converted, set the required extension and the program starts working. Works with all files. The h.264 extension supports.

HD MODE available for converting to higher resolution.

How and how to open H264 files from surveillance cameras and recorders

The 264 and H.264 formats are files that are commonly used for recording from surveillance cameras. 264 is an older file extension and cannot be viewed directly, unlike H.264. Special utilities are used to process files of this extension. H.264 is a more modern extension, which compresses the recording to the minimum size, but the quality and audio remains the same. New recorders work with this format, as well as streaming from IP cameras.

Recordings with the H264 extension are also called MPEG4 Part10 AVC / H.264. There are a lot of players for this extension on the Internet.

VLC Media Player

VLC Meadia Player is one of the multifunctional viewing utilities. Which supports streaming recording playback. This is how it looks at startup.

The abbreviation stands for Lan Player. This utility is compatible with all operating systems. The interface is translated into Russian.

The program, in addition to playing all formats and reading even damageds, is able to broadcast streaming online to several computers. The application can record broadcasts to a computer, for which you need to download this utility on each computer and install it.

You can view the streaming as follows:

  • First, you must define the IP cameras. Flir IP Config will help you with this;
  • Then the player starts and in the menu tab, find the item “OpenNetworkStream” (open a network stream)
  • In the new window, find the “network” tab and write the address together with the H.264 format;
  • Now you can view from the camera.

You can view an already recorded file with the H.264 extension by right-clicking on it (right-click) and selecting “Open with”, and in this item select this player.

Quicktime Player

This player is from Apple. Plays sound, text, animation, etc. For playback and audio, special and audio codec is required. The latest version of the player is only compatible with the Mac operating system.

To play H.264 recordings, it is enough to install the 7 version player. You can open them in the same way as in the programs described above.

Download and Install QuickTime Player. Launch, find the “Open file” tab in the “File” menu and click on it. From the opened explorer select the one you need and click on the “Open” button.

If for some reason the H.264 recording does not open, it can be converted to any other format. There are a number of converters for this.


VSDC Free Converter

This is a free converting app. The utility handles DVD, H.264, HD and many more. Works well on 32 and 64 bit operating systems. VSDC Free Converter allows you to record from your desktop and save the finished material on your computer. It is possible to write directly from the camera.

The application can split into parts if it is too large. The speed and quality in this utility are quite high, and the recording is processed without loss, and if the power of a personal device allows, then the data processing speed increases.

This app has proven itself to be stable and reliable.


This player supports all extensions and can load subtitles. You can display subtitles in multIPle languages ​​on the screen and adjust the position on the screen. Bsplayer is picky about the installed codecs, if not, it does not play H264 and requires them to be loaded.

You can open a record from the registrar in it as well as in other players. Download and Install the program. Run it, find the “Menu” tab and click on the “Open” item.

In the window that opens, click on the desired file and click on the “Open” button.

– How to open H.264 format? Play H.264 files with VLC media player

Learn about proven conversion methods. From our new article. “How to Reformat”.

For example, a user has footage from surveillance cameras or a consumer camera in.H264 format and needs to play the footage in Windows.

Open an internet browser, follow the link: http://www.Videolan.org/vlc/index.html and click “Download VLC” to download the latest version of the VLC player.

Click “Download VLC”

Note! The downloaded file can be found in the “Settings” of the browser, go to its “Downloads”.

Go to the “Settings” browser, open “Downloads”

Run downloaded file.

Run the downloaded file

Select language and click “OK”.

Choose a language and click “OK”

Press “Next” three times.

Click “Install”.

After installing the software, click “Finish”.

After starting the program, click on “Tools” and click on “Options”.

Click “Tools” and click “Settings”

Open the “Input / Codecs” item on the left by clicking the mouse and select “DemultIPlexers”.

Expanding on the left with a click of the mouse the item “Input-codecs” and select “demultIPlexers”

Select a case in the drop-down list “DemultIPlexer module” option “H264 demultIPlexer” and click “Save”.

Select the option “H264 DemultIPlexer” in the “DemultIPlexer module” list, click “Save”

Now you can open and view H.264 files in VLC media player. This requires:

Click “Media” and click “Open File”.

Click “Media” and click “Open File”

Select “all files” from the drop-down list, click on the required file in the window and click “Open”.

Select “all files” in the drop-down list, click on the desired file in the window and click “Open”

You can also just drag the desired file from the Windows folder into the media player window to open the file.

Using the mouse, drag the file from the folder to the media player window to open the file

Opens in the player window.

Play H.264 format in VLC media player

After viewing, you can return the automatic selection of the demultIPlexer.

Advice! If you have playback problems with H.264 codecs, you can also try renaming the.H264 file extension to.Mpg file and try to reproduce it.

How to open.H264 file in Windows?

There are many media players on Windows that play h.264 files.

Best Software with Which to Open H.264 File

Some of the best ones:

  • VLC Media Player;
  • Kmplayer;
  • Bsplayer;
  • Light Alloy;
  • GOM Player;
  • Media Player Classic.

How to open processed h264 and h265 (avi, mp4 and similar formats)

In the overwhelming majority of cases, the user will NOT even have to install anything, modern operating systems (both stationary and mobile), with all the updates already available “out of the box”, can open processed from cameras.

If, however, they open on a computer or mobile phone. Downloaded from the recorder or filmed with a separate camera, in this case, additional software will need to be installed. As such a GoPro software, you can install another player, with which everything will open. Or use a pack of codecs that add support for new formats to the built-in Media Player.

Most popular players for Windows PC:

  • VLC Media Player is an advanced player and audio player based entirely on free software. The player features low resource consumption and high operating speed;
  • Kmplayer is one of the most popular players supporting a huge number of formats. Adding side effects during playback, as well as having many other functions. There is only one drawback in KMPlayer. huge requirements for computer resources, which makes it work poorly on weak PCs;
  • Allplayer is a young player, a distinctive feature of which is playing archived files without the need to unpack them first.

There are many other players for the computer, the final choice depends solely on the user's preferences.

What to do with in raw format (RAW)?

Some DVRs and IP cameras take pictures exclusively in raw format, using the h264 or h265 codec. As a result, they DO NOT open on second devices without first converting into more common and understandable formats. Basically, owners of professional cameras face this problem, but in surveillance systems it is also rare.

You can convert images to their raw format using the editor. Paid editors:

  • Sony Vegas Pro is an excellent editor from Sony that allows you to not only convert from one format to another, but also perform many other actions. This application is mainly used to work with Sony cameras, but other cameras / recorders are quite supported.
  • Adobe Premiere is an editor from Adobe. This application will appeal to users of other products from the company, for example Photoshop, since all programs from Adobe have synchronization with each other.

Not everyone has the opportunity to purchase a paid editor or install a hacked version, so there are also free analogues:

  • Openshot is a free editor based exclusively on free software. A distinctive feature of the program is the most simple and intuitive interface.
  • Shortcut is another free editor. Differs from the previous one mainly in interfaces.

What is h264 and h265?

H264 is a hardware codec that allows you to record with the help of a camera, capture it from a computer, and also receive it with a variety of second methods. H264 and H265 are very popular in recording devices due to the support of the hardware encoding method (which is much faster than the software one) and the ability to save the final in almost any modern format.

  • Support for hardware encoding method. This allows you to achieve better recording quality and frame rate even on very mediocre equIPment.
  • The ability to save in almost any popular format.
  • H264 is supported by almost all modern hardware and software.
  • In the absence of hardware encoding on the hardware, h264 can work in software mode, although it will be much slower and worse.

H265 is a more modern codec designed to replace the obsolete h264 over time. This codec is distinguished by increased speed and quality of images, but shooting in h265 is supported by a rather small amount of equIPment. Only the most expensive cameras and recorders support shooting with this codec.

Media Player Classic

One of the simplest solutions to open H.264 on a computer is Media Player Classic.

  • Expand the File tab and click Quick Open File (CtrlQ). The next item “Open file” performs a similar action, but with preliminary display of the window for selecting dubbing, which in our case is not necessary.

You can also drag and drop from Explorer to the player.

After a couple of moments, playback will begin.


We must also mention KMPlayer as a tool for viewing H.264. However, unlike the previous versions, this player has integrated ad units.

  • Open the menu and click “Open file (s)” (CtrlO).

In the Explorer window that appears, navigate to the folder with the desired file, select “All files” as displayed and open H.264-.

Or you can drag it to the KMPlayer playback area.

It will run anyway.

H.264 file viewing options

Most modern playback programs open H.264 without problems. When choosing, you should be guided by ease of use and the presence of additional functions in each individual player.

How to open h264 file from a surveillance camera: how to play programs for viewing download

Let's first figure out why so many people are interested in the h264 format. The advantage of this format is that, despite its small file size, it retains a very high quality, which is why it has become so popular among manufacturers of surveillance systems. It can be found in the operation of car recorders and in large surveillance systems.

But if large surveillance systems also anticIPate software for working with, what to do if you need to view data from the recorder on your personal computer or send them for viewing to other users without specialized GoPro software.

If you have correctly installed standard decoders for viewing, then it is enough to have one of the following programs for viewing:
QuickTime Player. One of the standard common viewing rails
Media Player Classic. Standard player
Light Alloy. Nice alternative player to watch. Has built-in decoders and supports many formats. In addition, it contains a large set of tools for working with (I recommend)
VLC Media Player. Also one of the common players.
Kantaris Media Player. Simple free player.

If you need to work with this format more professionally, then it is better to install yourself with the following programs specially designed for this:
RIPBot264 for working with h264 files.
StaxrIP for working with surveillance system formats.

In the case when quality preservation is NOT a high priority, you can simply convert this file format into standard formats for opening in any player. This can be done using the successor to VSDC Free VC, Total-Converter, AVS VC, Quick-Media-Converter.
Most of the recommendations are focused on the use of “omnivorous” players such as VLK, KMPlayer, Media Player Classic and others, however, they completely refuse to play h.264 even if the corresponding codecs are installed and updated in the system. In addition, in the process of searching for codecs and editors, exhausted users endanger their computer with viruses, since the main part of the sites on which the necessary software is allegedly located belongs to the HS.

Instructions on how to reproduce in h.264 format in Windows

Since it is impossible to reproduce with the h.264 extension using players and codec settings, the only way is to convert this file to another format.

There are many programs for converting h.264 to other formats, but this article discusses the light and fast mkvtoolnix application.

This application, in order to avoid the consequences of visiting the GS, it is better to download from torrents. If you have no experience working with torrent trackers, check out the article, which explains how it works using the example of downloading a movie.

So, using the mkvtoolnix program, we convert h.264 to mkv, for this:

1. Install the program. This application does not require activation.

2. Launch the shortcut to the mkvtoolnix program created on the desktop or in the “Start” menu and go to the main window

3. In the right part of the window, in the “Input files” field, click the “Add” button

4. In the window that opens, select the file with the extension h.264, which we will convert.

5. Press the button “Start processing”.

The process of converting the source h.264 to mkv format will begin, which will last depending on the duration of the source file. The output file with the mkv extension plays without problems in any player for Windows.

You can use conversion programs: StaxRIP (Win), RIPBot264 (Win), HandBrake. Transcoder (Win, Mac, Linux). Mkvmerge from MKVToolNix package (Win, Mac, Linux) can also help.

After conversion, the file obtained from a surveillance camera or recorder can be easily played by most common players on PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones, for example, in the vlc player or Media Player Classic.

It is a multifunctional player with a full set of features. Thus, you can browse content comfortably. VLC has an H264 codec. This program is aware of how to open H264 files. The multi-functional player is offered free of charge. over, its development does not stand still. It is fraught with a lot of opportunities and advantages. Highly effective on Mac, Windows and Linux.

It is possible to install various modules and get an excellent viewing quality. It is worth noting that it can be customized individually. This allows you to make filters, which are built into the player. Thus, a decent recording quality is maintained. The player interface fully meets the needs of the modern user.

It is easy to use and allows even inexperienced people to figure it out. Anyone who wishes can install an additional skin by choosing it to their liking. The device has a convenient playlist that allows you to set the sequence of the files to be played, to get acquainted with the general data in them. A special tag editor provides the ability to sort the collections of materials.

It is worth noting such a characteristic of VLC as playing damaged files. In addition, it is possible to play data that is NOT fully loaded. The undeniable advantage of the program is to record streaming to your computer. The multifunctional player is easy to use and provides assistance in solving fundamental issues that relate to the playback of materials.

Media Player Classic

It is a high functionality player. It is distinguished by the efficiency of the actions performed, convenience and small size. The player allows you to play materials in the required format. Classic Media Player will help you open H264. It's available for free. The program is written in the C programming language and is open source. True, it functions exclusively on Windows.

WMP Player is provided in Windows, it is built into the operating system by default. The files are decoded using DirectShow filters. The application is distinguished by an accessible interface and a pleasant design, devoid of frills. There is also a special library that stores Playable files.

Bsplayer It is a high-quality multifunctional player, which helps to open the materials presented in the H264 extension. The program supports many skins.

Bsplayer is a free application. It is designed for international use. Benefits include:
– convenient search;
– extensive editing capabilities;
– high-quality display of subtitles.

The program is distinguished by high functionality, therefore it does not impose great demands on computer resources. Bsplayer works great even on weak PCs. The application supports the special control that occurs with the introduction of remote controls. The built-in Progressive Rendering function allows you to protect the stream from accidental frame drops. In addition, users are provided with the following features:
– delight;
– slow and fast playback;
– bookmarking.

Bsplayer is easy to manage and customize. Users will be able to use the program in Russian. Once saved on a computer, multimedia data can be easily found in a special library.

Other options To resolve the issue of opening H264, you can use other programs. These include QuickTime Player, CyberLink PowerDVD, CorelStudio, Xilisoft and others. The last option deserves special attention. It is a versatile material assistant. over, the app is a powerful converter. The only drawback is that the program is available in a paid version.

The utility is distinguished by the simplicity of the interface, which allows an ordinary user to understand the control. The program provides the ability to extract audio tracks from the stream. Later they can be saved in the required format. experienced users can easily add various effects to liven things up. There is a possibility to work with subtitles. In addition, there is a function to extract the required number of images from the recording. If necessary, the file can be divided into several parts, each of which will be small in size. All processes are carried out promptly.

How to open H264 file from surveillance camera

Owners of DVRs and home / office tracking systems often ask the question: “How can I open an H264 file from a surveillance camera?” It is likely that you are just thinking about installing such equIPment. This means that the applications described in this article will be extremely useful to you.

Best H264 editors

  • Demuxer. can extract content and convert it to MPEG for playback in MediaPlayer Classic;
  • Mkvcleaver. you can view the entire recording and cut out only the necessary moments from it with subsequent conversion to “mkv” (high quality. minimum size)
  • Mkvtoolnix. the tool is very similar to the previous one, only it has a little more editing options (besides trimming, there is a merge, split function). The final format is mkv;
  • Haali is an analogue of the above utilities, but with a nicer interface.

Varieties of formats

There are two main types of files that you will find in the memory of the recorder:

  • .264. represents a raw stream of information, which cannot be reproduced directly without prior conversion. This format is written mainly by camera models “ten years ago”. Files take up a lot of space.
  • H.264 is an improved container that compresses data to save space on the media. At the same time, the quality practically does not “suffer”. Similar elements can be opened in most players, which will be discussed later.

Best Apps to Play

If you are interested in how to open the h264 file from a recorder or observation camera, then here is a list of utilities (follow the link to download the program and install it on your computer):

  • Quicktime
  • ClassicalMedia Player
  • Light alloy
  • VLC Player

If we are talking about a more “ancient” format.264, then you will have to use specialized software from the following list:

  • RIPbot264
  • StaxrIP
  • Fileviewpro
  • Roxio Toast 15 (paid)
  • Playbacksetup

It should be noted that the container will be pre-converted into a form understandable for the program, and only then will it appear on the screen. This can take a long time (depends on file size and system performance).

You can use a more correct approach. first convert to another type of extension, and then view the records at any time using the players listed at the beginning of the article.

The author recommends:

Best H264 to AVI Converter

If you do not need to “poke around” in files, but you need to quickly convert the recordings to the popular “avi” type, just download one of the programs:

  • Total Converter
  • Quick M Converter
  • VSDC Converter
  • AVS VC

I am sure that my publication helped to find the answer to the question: “how to reproduce the H264 extension?” But. If you think there are better ways, be sure to share important information in the comments.

Datakam Player

How else to view the h264 file from the recorder? Search the Internet for the dedicated Datakam Player application, aka Registrator Viewer. It is an alternative to the players supplied with the car recorder, supports playback. Recorded with DATAKAM, DOD, ProCam, CamBox, Papago, Digma, xDevice, AdvoCam and many other devices. Player features include working with maps, zooming and frame-by-frame viewing, searching and grouping files.


Free converter designed to convert different formats among themselves. The program is geared towards converting to formats supported by mobile devices, but it can also be used to convert H264. Relatively simple, convenient, allows you to adjust the bit rate, FPS and other parameters. Supports distributed coding with the introduction of LAN servers. Requires ffdshow tryouts, Haali Media Splitter, AVisynth program and Net Framework component to work.

H264 file viewers

A reasonable question arises. how to open the h264 file and what programs are needed for this. The corresponding software is usually supplied with the recording devices, but if you found it on the Internet, you can try to open the h264 format using third-party players. Try it, because you can't give a 100% guarantee that it will open.

We recommend installing x264 Codec. a codec designed for compression to H.264 / AVC format, as well as the K-Lite Codec Pack Mega.

What is H264 format and where is it used

An example of such “difficult” formats is H264, developed by ITU Coding Experts Group and used for saving to file from outdoor surveillance cameras and car recorders. In addition to stream recording, the H264 format is used for transmission in mobile networks. The use of h264 in surveillance cameras is primarily due to the excellent data compression, in which even long-term data is obtained compact and of sufficient quality.

So, compressed using the H.264 codec will take up almost half the disk space than MPEG-4 of the same quality. This allows you to save Internet traffic and space on the physical medium, but the format also has its drawbacks, in particular, it is more demanding on the resources of the recording device than the same DivX or XviD. Another drawback is proprietary. Despite the fact that the files have the same extension H264, their encoding aLGorithm may differ depending on what device they were recorded with.

Online H264 to AVI converters

You can also convert recorded by a surveillance camera or recorder using online services. The method is convenient in that it does not require the installation of third-party programs and additional codecs on the computer.

Desktop software for converting H264 to AVI

If H264 needs to be posted on the Internet for free access, it is advisable to convert it to AVI or MP4, so as not to create difficulties for users when downloading it. To do this, you can use the following converter programs.

How to open H264 file. Convert from H264 to AVI and MP4

Developers of multimedia players try to make their products universal so that they play as many formats as possible. Unfortunately, even the best and most famous multimedia players cannot cover the entire range of formats, which are often qualitatively different from each other even when using one extension. Most of all GoPro problems arise with special or proprietary formats that require special software or at least special codecs to play.

VLC Player

One of the most popular and powerful media players that can play most of the well-known multimedia formats, which include H264 / AVC. It is able to open the h264 file from surveillance cameras, but not all models, but the encoded H264 / AVC with the MP4 extension is opened by the player without problems. VLC Player has a built-in converter that can be used to convert to a more common format. If you cannot immediately open h264 in VLC, it is recommended to install ffdshow tryouts, AC3Filter and Haali Media Splitter decoders.


Online file converter, popular in Runet. It cannot be said that he was imprisoned for work only with. But it supports the H264 format and this is the main thing. Conversion can be performed with default settings or with editing elements. The service allows you to resize. Its bitrate, supports audio track removal, trimming, vertical and horizontal rotation. There is also a choice of codec. You can choose AVI, MKV, MOV, MP4, 3GP, 3G2, FLV and MPEG as the output format.