GoPro Hero 3 vs GoPro Hero 2

Update! Received and started testing GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition.

Should you take the GoPro Hero 3? Is it really that different from GoPro Hero 2? This question worries all fans of GoPro action cameras 🙂 And if there is still some information hunger for AEE products, then with the release of the third hero, the Internet quickly filled withs, by which it is quite possible to get an idea of ​​the differences between the new camera model and the old one. even do not need to review your own.

Comparison of the sizes of cameras, protection of the lenses of the camera lens and the box (in Hero 2, everything is convex, more prone to scratching, in Hero 3. flat), features of latches and caps, compatibility of accessories (back covers in boxes are compatible, legs of mounts are also)

Package contents and a small overview, focusing on the features of the new camera:

Comparison of shooting underwater in standard GoPro Hero 3 and Hero 2 boxes. Hero 2 is NOT focused:

Comparison of shooting underwater GoPro Hero 3 in a standard box and GoPro Hero 2 specially in a submerged box. the new hero does not need a separate box:

Low light:

The author of this remembered the existence of Hero 1 and added it to the comparison. By the way, an excellent test with the illumination configuration for twilight and on a night street by car:

Comparison of fast shooting modes:

Audio Comparison. Added stereo recording to GoPro Hero 3 (not much has changed in my opinion):

In general, we must take! And. only Black Edition, only it is a true GoPro Hero 3. And, of course, loop recording. finally, after purchasing two previous models, the third GoPro will work as an auto-recorder.

GoPro Hero 3 vs GoPro Hero 2: 16 comments

Will Hiro3 be able to shoot while charging the cigarette lighter? It seems like Hiro2 does NOT know how to charge and shoot at the same time.
If Hiro 3 can’t. That’s no She’s not a registrar 🙁

In GoPro Hero3, the possibility of simultaneous charging and shooting is also spelled out in the instructions, so only loop recording was NOT enough.

By the way, these tests show. That black removes much darker than silver, and the more so than 2 because it is not good for the recorder. I do not understand something? Maybe some modes?

I don’t think so. Yes and no global is different.

In the photo, for example, you can always lighten the darkened areas, and you can fix Peresvet figs. maybe that’s the case.

Well, we are looking forward to your report and comparison. Alien Don’t trust 🙂

Tell me which is better hero 2 or white 3

According to the office, GoPro Hero3 White is comparable in performance to GoPro Hero1 (Original).

Features: GoPro Hero2 GoPro Hero3 White
the size famous 🙂 25% lighter and 30% smaller
Shooting underwater you need a special box or lens possible with standard box
Photo resolution (Megapixels) eleven five
Photo Burst Speed ​​(frames per second) ten 3
Wi-Fi need a separate rear block built in
Viewing angle at maximum shooting quality 1080p30fps 170 127

There are also unclear points: according to the instructions for the GoPro Hero3 White Edition, the camera has a Protune mode. According to the specifications on the website and the table of comparative characteristics of the Hero3 line of cameras, there is a Protune mode in the white version. Considering that the bitrate is no more than 15Mbs (35Mbs for ProTune), then, most likely, this mode actually exists.

I don’t know what kind of matrix and other giblets there is, what is the quality of shooting, but the declared characteristics are similar to the first hero. In general, we made a pie, wrapped the old filling in a new tasty dough 🙂 GoPro Hero3 Silver is similar in parameters to the second hero; As for the Black Edition, it is the only true GoPro Hero 3: delicious both inside and out 🙂

The table of comparative characteristics of the Hero3 line of cameras says that all Hero3 cameras have a loop recording (Looping Record), which means that all of them can work as a recorder. Also, importantly, the compatibility of all versions of Hero3 with all GoPro mounts and accessories was announced (Compatible with all GoPro mounts and accessories).

Both models have their advantages. which is more important to you?

Does Hero 3 Black Edition have a USB slot?
Do you need a large battery? How long does the standard battery last??
Box for an additional battery (LSD Touch Bac Pac) is included in the kit or purchased separately?
Are the power cords included with the adapters?
What mounts are included?
Thanks in advance!

First of all, Hero3 and GoPro have an official website, the camera itself has not yet been received.

According to the GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition specification, the camera has a USB Port. According to the instruction manual, this is a mini-USB Port. Used to charge and copy footage to a computer; in addition, analog audio output to the receiver and use as a microphone input is possible (for the last two functions, optional accessories are required):

Battery life varies depending on camera mode selection, Wi-Fi usage, screen, etc. Never used an external battery pack in GoPro2. more like a separate charger.

The battery box is purchased separately, a set of 2 enlarged rear covers is included with the battery.

The site announced 2 complete sets of GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition: HERO3: Black Edition and
HERO3: Black Edition. Surf. each pack has a descrIPtion of what is included.

Loop recording only in Black Edition?

Impressions and verdict

It’s time to find out which of THESE handsome men is worthy of taking the place of a leader. In terms of flight and operational characteristics, the first place is deservedly occupied by the Mavic Pro. And it’s not just about the duration and range of the flight, but also about the higher maximum speed. Collision avoidance is a must-have for a drone of this price point, helping to keep an expensive quadcopter from unnecessary damage. The device received many flight modes and a more successful folding system.

The strengths of Karma include branded GoPro cameras (which, however, can carry other quadlets), a futuristic remote control, a removable gimbal, a good set with monopods and a case. It’s not a bad choice if you want to fly a little, then film your travels on land or underwater for a bit, and then head back into the sky. The centerpiece here is the camera, while the drone is just an accessory, albeit very functional.

Those looking for uncompromising range and maximum range of modes should opt for the Mavica. For people, the question of which model is better is hardly worth it.

Appearance, equIPment and design

The key feature of both quadcopters is the foldable design. And the DJI Mavic Pro does it better. Besides the fact that the drone itself is smaller in size than a competitor, when traveling, it takes up space, no more than a bottle of water. Mavic is so rice that a very small backpack is enough to carry it. If desired, the device can be hung on a belt, or placed outside the backpack next to other attachments. Foldable propellers are an important feature.

This is not to say that the foldable design of the GoPro Karma is definitely worse. However, She will not allow the folded drone to fit in the palm of her hand. importantly, there is a risk of damage to the propellers, so they must either be removed or be transported with care in a backpack. In fact, it is easier to use the case right away (it comes with the kit) if you intend to carry the quadcopter frequently. There is no such problem with the folded Mavic, the size of a smartphone.

When it comes to design, it is difficult to make an objective comparison. Some people will love the chopped edges of the dark body of the DJI Mavic, but the streamlined Karma is sure to have a lot of fans. We found the GoPro to look more interesting thanks to the unusually placed gimbal. It is pushed forward of the body and this allows for better shooting, and shadows from the propellers do not get into the frame.

GoPro Karma Package

  • Quadcopter
  • Transmitter
  • Three-axis suspension
  • 5100mAh battery
  • Charger
  • 6 propellers
  • Karma GrIP (branded monopod) with attachment ring
  • Case

DIJ Mavic Pro Package Contents

  • Quadcopter
  • Remote control with smartphone mount
  • Battery 3830 mAh
  • Charger
  • Mount for suspension
  • Protective cover made of transparent plastic
  • MicroSD card 16GB
  • 2 MicroUSB cables and 1 Lightning cable

The Karma package is richer, however, the basic version has cameras and this can be critical for buyers choosing a new drone for shooting. Most interestingly, the lack of a camera in the kit can be considered both a plus and a minus, depending on whether the potential owner has a GoPro Hero or not.

Camera and gimbal

GoPro is known worldwide for its Action Camera, which delivers good image quality despite its diminutive size. There is no camera in the basic configuration, but the owner of the drone can use models starting with Hero 4. It is possible that support for new camera versions will be gradually added.

Here are the main characteristics of Hero 5 Black:

  • Photo resolution 12 Mp
  • CMOS sensor Sony IMX377, wide angle lens
  • Weight 117 grams
  • Resolution 4K30 / 1440P80 / 1080P120
  • H.264, MPEG4 codecs
  • Built-in stabilization
  • Waterproof

We have already mentioned in the gimbal, which in Karma was specially transferred to the front of the body so that more objects could enter the lens and no shadows from the propellers were visible. The use of a gyro-stabilized three-axis suspension allows you to remove almost all twitching and distortion. The picture is transmitted smoothly regardless of the speed at which the quadcopter is moving.

The DJI Mavic Pro features a non-detachable camera (same as Phantom 4) mounted on a 3-axis gimbal.

Its main characteristics are as follows:

GoPro Model Comparison
  • Photo resolution 12 Mp
  • 4K30 / 1440P96 / 1080P120 resolution
  • Matrix ½.3 CMOS
  • H.264, MPEG4 codecs

In fact, comparing drone cameras is not entirely correct, because the Mavic uses only one model, and it will NOT work to replace it with something else. By the way, you can put a GoPro in the same Phantom 4, however, this will affect the convenience of shooting control. Karma is much more flexible, allowing you to choose one of your GoPro cameras, including the latest version 6.

On the other hand, the quality of the Mavic is on a good level, and the stabilization system allows you to shoot with a 4K camera not worse than Karma does. Both devices received Advanced modes for setting quality and photography and allow uninterrupted online broadcasting

Flight modes

The comparison of flight modes is not in favor of Karma. There are only a few of them, and it’s even surprising why the engineers of the company did NOT bother to include more functions.

  • Orbit, that is, it flew around a fixed point
  • Dronie, in which the drone’s camera constantly looks at the user
  • Cable Cam for shooting in motion along the path indicated by the pilot
  • Reveal. fade away from the subject

DIJ Mavic Pro has more features:

  • SkyAutonomy mode allows the drone to independently control its flight and fly around obstacles. Thanks to body-mounted sensors and two additional cameras, the quadcopter is able to recognize obstacles at a distance of up to 15 meters. The system has flown around obstacles and works in other flight modes
  • Waypoint flight allows you to guide the drone through user-set points
  • Follow Me mode “makes” the drone follow the pilot
  • In Gesture Mode, control is NOT controlled by the remote control or smartphone, but by gestures. The camera focuses on the user and recognizes his hand movements
  • Tapfly. flight in automatic mode to the object indicated on the map

Additional functionality, chIPs and features

GoPro Karma features include the ability to use different cameras, as well as a removable gimbal. I installed the gimbal on the complete monopod, you will be able to do the wiring already on the ground, however, in this case the image stability will be slightly worse. GoPro’s philosophy is probably to make it possible to take high-quality photography, Not only in the air, but also in normal conditions.

The Mavic Pro has received a protective transparent cover for the camera, which can keep it Not only when carrying, but also in flight. True, the quality of shooting through the hood deteriorates.
Another interesting accessory is available for Mavik. glasses to which the image is broadcast. You can control the drone by tilting your head, completely immersing yourself in the contemplation of the landscapes that open from the air. Such a function has a competitor comments.

GoPro Karma vs DJI Mavic. a battle of the titans among professional drones

Hello dear drone enthusiasts. We decided to devote this article to the confrontation between two quadcopters, which made a lot of noise even before their release. So, meet. GoPro Karma vs DJI Mavic. The Action Camera manufacturer decided to try his hand at a new market, and Karma became its first model. It was a matter of honor for DJI to release a device capable of replacing the arrogant upstart.

Technical and flight characteristics

It should be said right away that we are talking about a drone from the upper price category, which can be used for professional purposes. The range and flight time allow NOT to be limited to flying around only nearby objects. DJI Mavic review reveals that this drone is capable of flying very far.

UAVs were created for the mass market, so no particular difficulties in controlling the vehicles should arise. However, for my first drone, I would prefer a simpler and cheaper device.

Both quadcopters have a foldable design, which makes it easy to carry them in backpacks, rather than buying expensive cases.

GoPro Karma Specifications

  • Dimensions 365 × 224×90 mm
  • Weight 1.006 kg
  • Three-axis removable stabilizer
  • Camera replacement
  • 5100 mAh battery, charging in 60 minutes

DIJ Mavic Pro Specifications

  • Size 198 × 83×83 mm
  • Weight 0.743 kg
  • 4K camera with 12MP resolution
  • Three-axis stabilizer
  • Battery 3830 mAh, charging in 60 minutes

According to the main technical characteristics, it can be seen that the DJI device is smaller in size, lighter and equIPped with a camera. There are cameras in the basic Karma package. it is assumed that the owner of the drone already has a GoPro camera. However, there are kits for sale with GoPro Hero 5 Black. The gimbal on Karma is detachable and can be mounted on a branded monopod.

Flight performance GoPro Karma

  • Flight time up to 20 minutes
  • Flight range up to 1 km
  • Maximum speed up to 56 km / h

DIJ Mavic Pro flight performance

  • Flight time up to 27 minutes
  • Flight range up to 7 km
  • Maximum speed up to 65 km / h
  • System circled over obstacles

The DJI Mavic Pro is head and shoulders above its competitor. It flies farther, longer and faster, developing a speed of up to 18 m / s, and is equIPped with an obstacle avoidance system that can save an expensive device from colliding with a tree or building when flying at low altitude. Karma literally has nothing to do with GoPro.

Batteries and flight times

The GoPro drone is definitely inferior in flight time. It can fly for only 20 minutes, while the Mavic can fly for up to 27 minutes. Despite the fact that the Karma received a larger 5100 mAh battery (versus 3830 mAh in DJI), there is no parity in flight time. Probably, this is due to the larger weight, because of which on one charge you will only get a third of an hour in the air.

Console, control system and transmitter

When creating a management system, the company used different approaches. GoPro engineers decided to create a self-contained remote, and they did it. Made in a laptop form factor, with a flIP-down screen, the remote is similar to the joystick of a new generation game console. The quality of the screen deserves positive epithets. The 5-inch display shows not only technical information, but also a signal. The screen is responsive.

DJI Mavic received a simpler remote control, the functionality of which can be expanded, installed a smartphone with a proprietary application in the holder. The stream from the drone camera will be transmitted to the smartphone screen. There is also an information display for technical information on the console.

By the way, a smartphone without a remote control can also be used to control the Mavic, however, in this case the flight range will NOT exceed 80 meters, and the height will not be more than 50 meters. The maximum speed will be limited to 14 km / h.Such restrictions are justified, because the Wi-Fi module of the mobile device is used for communication.

It should be noted that the DJI control system has a significantly more powerful transmitter, allowing the drone to fly away from the pilot at a distance of up to 7 kilometers.

GoPro Hero 5: features

Good news first: both the GoPro Hero 5 Session and the GoPro Hero 5 Black do great in extreme conditions. Even without the additional protective case, the small camera looks very solid. Plus, it’s also waterproof up to ten meters.

For GoPro Hero 5 Black, an additional protective case is separately offered, which allows the camera to work without problems at a depth of 60 meters. Another feature of the Black version is the presence of a 2-inch touchscreen with which it is convenient to control the settings.

True, all these benefits to interested buyers will have to pay about 6,000 rubles in comparison with the Hero 5 Session. Both models have a well-functioning voice control system that recognizes commands such as GoPro, start recording or GoPro, take a photo and perform them perfectly.

From a technical point of view, both of these GoPro models are practically on the same level. Perhaps the Hero 5 Session takes photos with a resolution of 10 megapixels, and the Hero 5 Black. 12 megapixels. The ultra-high definition is noteworthy, as well as the low noise level with high image quality from both cameras. In addition, this duo is capable of smooth recording in 4K format (30 frames / sec.). Slow motion shooting is carried out at a speed of 240 frames / sec., But in a resolution of 720p.

Differences and similarities between Hero5 Black and Session, Hero4 Black and Silver, Hero3 Silver and Hero3 White, as well as just Hero, you can find in our tables. You will receive additional information about cameras and reports on test results if you click on the corresponding links. After the tables, we present to your attention our brief estimates.

GoPro Hero

Extreme Economy Hunters Should take a closer look at the GoPro Hero. Already for very little money, you can get a rugged camera that will also allow you to impressively record everything that happens, but only with the maximum Full HD resolution and a frequency of 30 frames per second. The screen and all wireless interfaces fell victim to the economy here. However, the entry-level GoPro has a durable and waterproof housing up to 40 meters.

GoPro Hero4 Session

Which GoPro camera to choose: comparison of current models

The American company GoPro has made this small action camera truly great! ChIP subject all its devices, including the newest Hero 5, to extensive comparisons. So which GoPro is right for you?

For many users, the word GoPro for action cameras means roughly the same thing as Xerox for copiers. Although we have to admit that over the years of this type of technology, competitors have gotten close to GoPro. Nevertheless, and now the GoPro products remain one of the best. But what kind of action camera is this GoPro manufacturer to choose??

The current top-end line is formed by the Hero 5 series, which so far includes two versions with different equIPment and pricing: Black and Session. In the face of the latter, the Americans present a camera, which is distinguished, first of all, by a light cube-shaped body. In addition, GoPro offers low-cost entry-level models with simple names: Hero, Hero and Hero LCD. And two well-known models will take part in our comparison. GoPro Hero 3 Silver Edition and GoPro Hero 3 White Edition.

GoPro: comparison of other models

Hero 3 Silver Edition Hero 3 white edition Hero
1080 / 60fps, 720p / 120fps; viewing angle 170 1080 / 30fps, 720p / 60fps; viewing angle 170 1080 / 30fps, 720p / 60fps; viewing angle 170
bitrate Max. 15 Mbps Max. 15 Mbps Max. 15 Mbps
a photo 10 megapixels 5 megapixels 5 megapixels
white balance auto / manual auto auto
WLAN Yes Yes no
Connectors Micro-HDMI,
Memory card Micro-SDHC Micro-SDHC Micro-SDHC
Accessories included aqua box (up to 40 m), 2 adhesive mounts, bracket, battery, 3-position lock, USB cable, J-shaped latch with extension aqua box (up to 40 m), 2 adhesive mounts, latch, long screw, seal insert, Skeleton cover, battery, USB cable aqua box (up to 40 m), 2 adhesive mounts, quick release mount, battery, USB cable

GoPro Hero 4 Silver Edition

Cost: about 27,000 rubles

Contrary to the previous generations, the Silver Edition is practically no different from the models sorted above. On the contrary: it will be very pleased with anyone who prefers the practicality of live pre-GoPro viewing with touchscreen functionality. Note, however, that there is no Ultra HD mode in the Silver Edition. However, Full HD at 60 frames per second will be enough for most users.


GoPro Hero 4 Black
GoPro Hero 4 Silver
GoPro Hero 4 Session
sensor CMOS 1 / 2.3 “12M CMOS 1 / 2.3 “12M CMOS 1 / 2.3 “8M
Shooting resolution 848 × 480, 240 fps
1280 × 720, up to 120 fps
1280 × 960, up to 120 fps
1920 × 1080, up to 120 fps
1920 × 1440, up to 80 fps
2704 × 2028, up to 30 fps
2704 × 1520, up to 50 fps
3840 × 2160, up to 30 fps
848 x 480, 240 fps
1280 × 720, up to 120 fps
1280 × 960, up to 100 fps
1920 × 1080, up to 60 fps
1920 × 1440, 48 fps
2704 × 1520, up to 30 fps
3840 × 2160, up to 15 fps
848 × 480, 120 fps
1280 × 720, up to 100 fps
1280 × 960, up to 60 fps
1920 × 1080, 48 fps
1920 × 1440, up to 30 fps
Photo resolution 5M (2560 × 1920), 7M (3000 × 2250), 12M (4000 × 3000) 5M (2560 × 1920), 7M (3000 × 2250), 12M (4000 × 3000) 5M (2720 × 2040), 8M (4000 × 3000)
file format .Mp4 (H.264) .Mp4 (H.264) .Mp4 (H.264)
sound format AAC, 48 kHz AAC, 48 kHz AAC, 32 kHz
image format Jpeg Jpeg Jpeg
memory cards Micro SDHC (up to 64GB) Micro SDHC (up to 64GB) Micro SDHC (up to 64GB)
interfaces Mini-USB
nutrition Li-ion battery, 1160 mAh / 3.8 V Li-ion battery, 1160 mAh / 3.8 V Li-ion battery, 1000mAh / 3.8V
Weight, g 88 (152 with aquabokos) 83 (147 with aquabokos) 74
Warranty, month. 12 12 12
Price, rub. 32990 27280 23990

Average price on Yandex.Market at the time of this writing.

For comparison, in the table of technical characteristics The data is given for the oldest camera in the model range, GoPro Hero 4 Black. The differences from the younger brothers mainly concern the frame rate when shooting at different resolutions and viewing angles. If the older model shoots in 1920 × 1080 at up to 120 frames per second, the GoPro Hero 4 Silver does the same at only 60 frames per second. Shooting with high resolution with GoPro Hero 4 Silver and GoPro Hero 4 Session cameras does NOT differ in rate of fire at all and can hardly be recommended as the main GoPro process. With a frequency of less than 30 frames / s, high-quality shooting can be carried out only with a trIPod and only slowly moving or generally static objects. To what extent the owners of action cameras need it is a philosophical question. The matrix in the cameras presented for testing is different: if the GoPro Hero 4 Black and GoPro Hero 4 Silver models use a 1 / 2.3-inch CMOS sensor with a resolution of 12 m, then in the compact GoPro Hero 4 Session with the same matrix size the resolution is is only 8 M. But the processor in them is the same.

The GoPro Hero 4 Silver camera differs from the similar third generation model Not only additional resolutions and functions, which we will describe below, but also the presence of a touch screen. Operation with it is much easier, but it also consumes enough energy, so it is recommended to turn off the display for long-term operation. As for the GoPro Hero 4 Session, this camera is an honest novelty, and has no analogues in the history of GoPro development, although it also has competitors.

Both new items are equIPped with a built-in Wi-Fi module and are able to work with a remote control or the GoPro App installed on any mobile device running iOS or Android. They are also similar in that almost all accessories produced under the GoPro brand are compatible with one or the other model. But the battery from the compact body of the GoPro Hero 4 Session most likely will NOT work, while in the GoPro Hero 4 Silver this element is easily replaceable.

Contents of delivery

A set of cameras with accessories provided for testing

Cameras came to us for testing without packaging and not at all in the configuration that the end user will see. The set, which we got in our hands, can rather be called universal, suitable for all occasions, because it contains a variety of mounts and accessories. both from the standard delivery of action cameras and sold separately. We will consider some of them in more detail below, but we will mention the classic ones only in the general list. So, what turned out to be at our disposal:

  • GoPro Hero 4 Silver camera;
  • GoPro Hero 4 Session camera;
  • Universal waterproof case for GoPro Hero 4 series cameras;
  • Frame holder for GoPro Hero 4 Session camera;
  • Hard universal case for cameras and accessories with a soft liner;
  • Universal cloth cover;
  • USB to Mini-USB cable for connecting the GoPro Hero 4 Silver camera to a computer and charging the battery;
  • USB to Micro-USB cable for connecting the GoPro Hero 4 Session camera to a computer and charging the battery;
  • Adjustable two-knee car stand with suction cup;
  • A set of pads for attachment to various surfaces;
  • Mounting on the handlebars or stem of the bike;
  • Fastening on the hand;
  • Wrist mount;
  • Head mount;
  • Remote extension bar.

Note that the standard aqua box for the GoPro Hero 4 Silver model is somewhat different from the one that came to us in the descrIPtion above. The latter is NOT designed to work with this camera’s touchscreen display and limits the user’s options. Nevertheless, this camera successfully works with it. all its other controls are exactly the same as those of other cameras of the GoPro Hero 4 line. It’s a pity that the remote control was NOT included in our kit.

GoPro Hero 4 Silver appearance and design

Despite having a touchscreen display, the GoPro Hero 4 Silver looks almost the same as the third generation models, which look like a miniature camera. over, it would be almost impossible to distinguish it from the older model, the GoPro Hero 4 Black, IF NOT a touchscreen display instead of a blank wall. All controls and design elements of the body of these cameras are exactly the same.

The appearance of the action camera GoPro Hero 4 Silver

So, outwardly. this is all the same plastic case that is not protected from external influences with a lens protruding on the front panel. The material of the main body is distinguished by a pleasant-to-touch texture, which, among other things, is decisive for a purely practical task. the device is less likely to slIP out of your hands.

Bezel and Information LCD

The silver painted front of the camera is completely smooth. In addition to the lens, it houses a power control button, which is also responsible for switching between operating modes, and an additional monochrome LCD display with LED indicators, informing the user about the start of shooting and connecting the wireless adapter with red and, accordingly, blue light. The display itself has no backlight and is designed to display brief information about the current operating mode.

Menu activation button

Above there is another large button that activates the shooting process, and next to it is one of the duplicate LED indicators. The third and last control button is found on one of the side edges of the body. with its help you can activate the settings menu, connect or disconnect the wireless adapter (long press), and also leave the HiLight Tag mark during shooting.

The opposite side panel is occupied by connectors and a memory card slot. It is noteworthy that this panel should be closed with a plug, but in our case there was no plug. It is NOT attached to the body in any way and was probably lost sometime earlier. However, the plug still DOES NOT ensure tightness, so you shouldn’t worry about losing it. On the lower edge of the case there is another duplicate LED and a cover behind which the battery compartment is hidden.

Almost the entire rear surface of the camera is occupied by the display. Only to the left of it is the connector for connecting an external battery, familiar to all owners of GoPro cameras, a miniature additional button for turning off the display and another LED indicator, which finally excludes the possibility that the user will miss switching the device to recording mode or stopping this GoPro process. If the camera is out of sight, it informs the user with sound signals. Well, for covert shooting, using the menu, you can turn off both the backlight and sound indication.

Exterior of the GoPro Hero 4 Silver camera in a waterproof case

To use the camera in harsh conditions (water, snow, dust, dirt, shocks), a sealed case with duplicate controls is included in the standard delivery set. There was such a case in our package too. with the only exception that we did not have a removable door specially designed to control the touchscreen of the GoPro Hero 4 Silver model. In such a case, the rigid plastic wall is replaced by a thin film that allows you to work with the touch panel. Unfortunately, it was not possible to assess the performance of such a solution. our case is equIPped with just the same thick wall.

Waterproof case design

The aquabox itself has a classic, time-tested design. The lid with silicone seal is inserted into the body so tightly that you can even hear the characteristic pop. In this case, the lid is attracted to the body and securely fixed with a large plastic lock with a metal hinge. At the bottom of the body there is a standard GoPro mount, to which, with or without adapters, any branded accessories can be attached: various holders, monopods and much more. In a sealed case, the camera has the ability to dive to a depth of 40 m. not a record value among today’s variety of sports cameras, but guaranteed.

Action cameras GoPro Hero 4 Silver and GoPro Hero 4 Session. EXTREME shooting professionals

  • Page 1. Specifications. EquIPment. Appearance
  • § Specifications
  • § EquIPment
  • § GoPro Hero 4 Silver appearance and design
  • § GoPro Hero 4 Session appearance and design
  • § Accessories
  • Page 2. Working with the camera. Testing. conclusions
  • § Working with GoPro Hero 4 Silver
  • § Working with the GoPro Hero 4 Session
  • § Testing
  • § conclusions
  • The fourth generation of GoPro action cameras is no doubt interesting. Including the fact that with its appearance, the usual ideas about a slender lineup of three devices, differing in shooting parameters and some additional characteristics, are becoming a thing of the past. It used to be simple: there was a simpler camera, a mid-range camera and a model for those who want to get the most out of them. Now the user will have to make a difficult choice, and in some cases. purchase two or three different models at once for different shooting conditions, because an unambiguous answer to the question What is better? no more.

    Action cameras GoPro Hero 4 Session and GoPro Hero 4 Silver

    So, in the lineup of the new generation GoPro cameras, there are five cameras at once, differing not only in basic technical characteristics, but also in some significant design details. The younger model, GoPro Hero, offers the lowest possible shooting parameters. Even in 1080p, this camera does NOT shoot more than 30fps and is hardly suitable for serious work. The slightly older GoPro Hero LCD model shoots in 1080p at up to 60 frames per second and has a built-in touchscreen display. The same display is found in the next oldest model, the GoPro Hero 4 Silver, featuring a wide variety of settings and shooting options. These are the first GoPro cameras to feature a touchscreen display. It is easy to guess that this circumstance radically changes the control scheme of the device, and for an action camera this is the second most important indicator after the quality of shooting.

    The older model, GoPro Hero 4 Black, does not have a built-in touchscreen, but in terms of basic technical characteristics it surpasses all other cameras. The main advantages of this model are shooting in 1080p at 120 fps and in 4K at up to 30 fps. But there is also a fifth model. the GoPro Hero 4 Session, which has almost the same characteristics as the GoPro Hero 4 Silver, with significantly smaller dimensions and weight. She does not need an aquabox for work in adverse conditions, since the camera has a body protected from external influences. an extreme dream! However, it also has drawbacks, so before rushing to conclusions, it would be nice to test the camera, which we did. Together with the GoPro Hero 4 Session, we also got the second original model, the GoPro Hero 4 Silver, which has a touch screen.

    GoPro Hero 4 Session appearance and design

    The appearance of the action camera GoPro Hero 4 Session

    Unlike the model discussed above, the GoPro Hero 4 Session cannot be called a camera with a traditional look. It is an almost regular geometric cube with rounded edges, one of the surfaces of which is completely occupied by a lens, covered with a protective glass. All this is small and looks, frankly, incredibly attractive. You just want to take the cube in your hand, throw it in, play with it. Attractiveness is provided NOT so much by the shape as by the presence of many small details. various design elements, a thin graceful frame of the front panel, miniature screws, a pleasant-to-touch structure of the rubberized material of the side faces.

    Comparison of dimensions of GoPro Hero 4 Session with AA batteries

    According to the manufacturer, this camera is 50% smaller than its counterparts and 40% lighter. There is nothing surprising in the fact that with such dimensions, this device has a non-removable battery. It’s surprising that he found a place there at all, especially since the battery capacity of the GoPro Hero 4 Session is only slightly less than the capacity of the batteries of the older brothers in the lineup. At the same time, the camera body has dust and moisture protection with the ability to dive to a depth of 10 m.

    Unlike all other GoPro cameras, the GoPro Hero 4 Session has only two control buttons. The first, the largest, is located on the upper edge, above the display, with its help, the recording process is activated or stopped, and the camera can be transferred directly from the off state. The second button controls power and enable the wireless adapter. In addition, both buttons are involved in navigating the menu, but alas, it is NOT possible to carry out any settings other than connecting to a mobile device via Wi-Fi using the standard controls. But more on that below, but for now let’s finish examining the patient.

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