5 reasons to use a GoPro besides the extreme

Action cameras are a relatively young product by market standards. Especially if you take into account the classic photo / technique, which, by the way, should be attributed to action cameras. However, for a short time, this subspecies of technology managed to gain immense popularity not only among extreme professionals, but among ordinary people, Who simply fell in love with the compact format, as well as high quality

It seems to us that it will not be a revelation to anyone that the founder and world leader in this category is GoPro. At the end of September, GoPro unveiled the latest, fifth generation of its famous HERO action cameras. Probably many of you have heard about this and even managed to look at the first reviews. We will NOT dwell on the technical component of the new camera in detail. In this article we will try to tell you the other side of the use of GoPro action cameras. After all, even the company itself during the presentation hinted at a change in its approach to this product.

The thing is that with the advent of the latest line of HERO 5 cameras, the company is positioning its product as a complete solution for ordinary people far from extreme sports. In this article we will try to tell you about five reasons for using the GoPro HERO 5 camera outside the extreme.

Reason # 1. Great family camera.

As strange as it does NOT sound, the action cameras of the HERO 5 family are great for amateur, family shooting. Previously, a certain skill was required to operate the camera, as well as the obligatory reading of the operating instructions, now everything has changed. To start shooting, you do not need to separately turn on the camera, you do not need to enter the shooting mode, you do not need to wait for the firmware download. all this is in the past. All you need to do is just press the single button located at the top and the recording will start almost instantly.

Another indisputable advantage of the new generation of GoPro cameras is a waterproof and shockproof housing, which does not require a bulky underwater housing. You can safely entrust the camera to your child, do not worry about its further performance. Just imagine what unique shots your baby can take by simply playing with the camera like a toy. In addition, the absence of an underwater box can significantly improve sound quality, which is important when shooting at home. HERO 5 has two new audio recording modes: normal stereo (by the way, previous generations of cameras only recorded audio in mono) and audio recording mode with active noise reduction.

Also, no one bothers you to use a compact action camera literally everywhere, whether it is cycling, fishing or a regular walk. the GoPro HERO 5 in your guarantees great shots in any weather.

Reason # 2. Pet camera.

Are you surprised? In fact, in the homeland of GoPro (and this is the USA, if anyone knows), attaching cameras to pets is a very popular activity. Of course, you will hardly be able to mount HERO 5 on a hamster or budgerigar, but on a dog or a cat it is. For THESE purposes, GoPro has a whole series of different original mounts.

Believe me, the recordings received from pets will perfectly complement yours in this or that event during the final editing.

Reason number 3. Recording concerts

Are you a real music lover and constantly attend various concerts? Then the GoPro HERO 5 Black is what you need! The new generation of cameras has received a significantly redesigned sound recording system, which positively affects its purity.

Reason number 4. Camera fixation freedom.

GoPro, as the pioneer of action cameras, has developed a lot of original accessories and mounts that allow you to fix the camera literally anywhere. Believe me, even for the most daring shooting experiments. GoPro has a Matching Accessory. In addition, the original shape of the GoPro mount has become a generally accepted standard in the world of action cameras. almost all the main players in this market (who are trying to compete with GoPro) include an adapter with their cameras, allowing you to use that huge variety of branded accessories.

But that’s not all! The fifth generation of GoPro cameras has received support for the voice control function. It would seem, why? In fact, voice control can only be appreciated in real life. Let’s look at a small example. Let’s say you fixed your camera on a long monopod or in a place where it is not easy to reach. What to do in this case? Previously, you had to take a smartphone out of your or use a proprietary remote control to control the camera remotely. This is now in the past. All you need to do is just say the phrase GoPro start loudly and the camera will immediately start recording.

At the initial stage, the camera is able to recognize seven languages, unfortunately, there is Russian or Ukrainian among them. However, the company has already revealed that after the new year, a major software update will be available for HERO 5, which will significantly expand the list of supported languages.

Reason number 5. Synchronization with the cloud.

To be honest, keeping GoPro footage has always been a challenge, especially away from a personal computer or laptop. On the one hand, the HERO series cameras allow you to install fairly capacious memory cards up to 64 GB. But on the other hand, even such a substantial capacity allows you to store about 4 hours at 1080p resolution and 60 frames per second. What can we say about 4K resolution? Of course, you can simply stock up on additional memory cards or simply transfer the footage to a smartphone or tablet, thereby freeing up memory. But in a new generation of HERO cameras. GoPro has provided another solution to the problem, and in the spirit of modern trends.

Along with the announcement of the HERO 5 lineup, GoPro’s own Cloud Service PLUS has been launched. Yakiy allows you to upload footage to the cloud (GoPro servers) without the need to connect to a smartphone or PC. As soon as your camera realizes that it is in range of free Wi-Fi or on your home network, it will automatically start uploading content to the GoPro PLUS service. This will not only free up the built-in memory, but also provide access to footage from almost anywhere in the world and from any compatible device!

All that is required of you, just go to the proprietary GoPro Studio application and all the material from the camera will be automatically downloaded from the cloud for further editing.

GoPro: How to Create a Time Lapse-?

Timelapse (English Timelapse. interval or time-lapse shooting) allows you to create cool scenes in slow processes. How to shoot these with a GoPro camera, we’ll tell you in this article.

Before explaining how to create a time lapse. with a GoPro. We will give some basic recommendations and show you where to look for Plots for shooting.

There are two ways to record using the time-lapse technique:

  • Filmed. And then the speed of its playback increases.
  • Separate frames are taken with the same time interval, which are then glued together to get (the quality in this case will be higher).

With lightweight, versatile action cameras like the GoPro. The possibilities for time-lapse photography are almost limitless. You can mount the camera on the roof of your car while driving around the city or take pictures at sports events. in short, you can shoot almost anywhere.

Of course, you can use classic scenes such as changing skies, sunset and sunrise, working on construction sites or moving crowds to shoot with GoPro.

Timelapse: Set the time interval between frames

Depending on which scene you have chosen for your time lapse, you will have to use different shooting intervals. This is due to the fact that cars, for example, disappear faster from the frame than the setting sun.

After turning on the GoPro, press the POWER / MODE button four times to enter the settings. Then press the MODE button four times again to set the time interval.

Valid time intervals for time lapse photography are between 0.5 and 60 seconds. For photographing people and cars, an interval of 0.5-2 seconds is suitable. It is recommended to use an interval of 2 to 10 seconds for shooting sunset or sunrise, clouds or a moving crowd.

10-60 second intervals are suitable for slow moving shadows created by objects in the light of the sun, or if you want to record a 24-hour time-lapse-.

GoPro: choosing the right time-lapse mode

First of all, we activate the Corresponding shooting mode in our camera. The action camera will automatically take photos at regular intervals.

To activate Time Lapse Mode, turn on your GoPro and press the POWER / MODE button three times

Time lapse. with Go P ro: time to shoot!

Once the settings are correct for the shooting situation, you can safely press the button and start recording. The red light will blink at the selected interval during shooting.

Before starting, check again that time-lapse is selected as the recording mode, and that the set interval is displayed in the upper right corner.

Remember to make sure you have enough space on your memory card to store the required number of photos. It is better to pre-format the card. this will facilitate the subsequent processing of the results.

You may need an extra battery for long time-lapse photography with your GoPro. Or, you can simply connect the charging cable to the camera: the advantage of the GoPro is that it can shoot even while charging.

Timelapse: timing

To make from multIPle photos, you need 30 photo frames per second. Knowing this, you can easily calculate how long your time-lapse clIP will be.

In order not to shoot for too long, you can calculate the time it takes to get an interval length of 10 seconds. To do this, we use the following formula: 10 seconds multIPlied by 30 frames per second. Thus, to create a 10 second we need 300 photos.

Now let’s calculate the shooting time. With an interval of 5 seconds, we need 300 x 5 = 1500 seconds to shoot, that is, only 25 minutes.

Create from GoPro photos

After the GoPro has captured the necessary photographic material, you can start creating a time-lapse. For this, the photographs are interconnected in such a way that 30 frames are reproduced in one second. You can glue photos together using the free GoPro Studio software.

  • Install and open the program, and then connect your GoPro to your computer to import files. To do this, click Import new files in the upper left corner and select the folder where our photos are located.
  • After importing the files, click on the Play button. GoPro Studio will automatically create a time lapse.
  • Click Add to conversion list under the, and then on the Convert all button in the lower right corner of the screen.
  • Edit: Changing the settings, add text if desired.
  • We export the finished product. To do this, click on the Step 3. Export button in the upper right corner. Before doing this, make sure that the frame rate is set to 29.97 frames per second.

In the next article we will tell you what accessories for your GoPro camera come in handy for shooting time-lapse and even 3D.-.

For Mac users. Editing from GoPro to iMovie

Imovie is arguably one of the best editors for Apple devices, especially now that the company has made it free for all Mac owners (previously, iMovie was only available for free with the purchase of a new Mac). Unlike the default Movie Maker for Windows users, iMovie is a non-linear editor with a much more advanced set of tools.

How to open a file from GoPro in iMovie

The iMovie interface is minimalistic and quite intuitive. This is noticeable at first glance. You can start a project in just a couple of seconds. Like VSDC, iMovie can easily open and edit files recorded with GoPro, including 4K resolution. One thing to note. When editing files in high resolution, additional computer resources are used, which means that the higher the quality and the larger the file size, the slower it will be processed.

To open with GoPro in iMovie, click on the big plus button “Create New”. “Movie”. Then go to “Import Media” and select the desired file on your computer through the explorer. Unlike VSDC, iMovie does NOT add automatically in the timeline, so you have to do it manually in the order you want. Please note that you can arrange files in a linear (direct) or non-linear sequence. For example, if you are planning to create a picture-in-picture effect.

Basic editing in iMovie

Imovie is really very easy to use, even for someone who has NEVER edited before. Among the basic functions you will find cropping, adding various transitions, music and effects. In the drop-down menu at the top of the preview window, you will also find tools for creating picture-in-picture effects, chroma key (removing green or blue backgrounds from) and split screen (split screen). In addition, the top menu has a library of header and background templates for

Editing with a GoPro often involves adjusting color gamut due to the natural light “surprises” described above. The most common problem mentioned by owners of action cameras is the lack of color “richness” in the output image. In other words, digital. Filmed through the lens does not always convey the colors that the author saw with his own eyes. And this is certainly disappointing. Imovie will help fix this and bring the color as close as possible to the original.

Click on the “i” button located at the top of the timeline menu. This will activate the “inspector” pop-up window. Select the “” tab to open the available color correction settings. Imovie lets you work with exposure, brightness, contrast, saturation, and of course, RGB gamma. You can also adjust the white balance as needed.

Below we have embedded detailed instructions on how to correctly apply color grading in iMovie, filmed by blogger Matthew Pearce.

Export recommendations

To export. Click the “Export” button and select an option from the drop-down menu in accordance with your goals. At this point, you will be able to set the required format, quality, compression rate and resolution height of the final file. If you shot the clIP in 4K, the high resolution will be preserved on export. The higher the compression ratio of the file, the smaller the file will be. Like VSDC, iMovie supports the latest H.265 / HEVC codec, which minimizes file size while maintaining high quality.

Basic GoPro Editing

To understand what action camera owners pay attention to when editing. We analyzed questions and discussions on the GoPro Community Forum. As a result, we came to the following:

  • Firstly, it is important that the editing software can freely open the footage shot on the GoPro. Nobody likes to pre-convert files to the required format. It is not surprising that this request was the most frequent, since not all free editors can open the 4K resolution, which is popular among GoPro owners.
  • Secondly, the editor should have a function for fast cutting and “gluing” files, as well as adding smooth transitions.
  • Thirdly, you need a complete audio mute function, and ideally. Equalizer for sound processing.
  • Fourth, settings for processing. Recorded in low light or against the sun. What often happens when filming on the move in an open area.
  • Finally, for most users, it is critical that the editor works stably even on low-power PCs with a small amount of memory.

For Windows users. VSDC. Free software for editing with GoPro (download)

VSDC editor. Official recommendation for owners of Windows computers. VSDC has fairly low system requirements, and you can easily install it regardless of which version of Windows you are using: Win 7, 8, Vista or 10.

How to open a file from a GoPro camera

If you’ve ever used the Studio editor, you know that it was created to recognize and process files captured with a GoPro camera, while other formats often simply cannot be opened in this program. Just like the native editor, VSDC seamlessly recognizes and opens for editing recordings made on an action camera, even if you were shooting in the highest 4K resolution.

To get started in VSDC, launch the program and click on the “import content” button. Then, through the explorer, find the desired file on your computer. During editing, you can add new files of any format at any time by opening the “editor” tab in the top menu and selecting the “Insert object” option.

If you would like to import photos or directly from your GoPro memory card, you can do so, however, we strongly recommend copying them to your computer’s local drive first if the storage space allows.

Basic editing capabilities

Once you have the file open in the VSDC Editor, you can start editing with your GoPro. First, you have complete control over the sound. It can be muted or completely removed. Especially if the shooting was carried out in a noisy or windy place, and you want to use your own voice comments or music instead of extraneous noise. Secondly, you can return to any angle clockwise or counterclockwise, as well as crop the edges or change the aspect ratio to bring focus to the subject. In addition, you can cut the desired fragment with a split second precision.

The popular English-language blogger GoPro under the nickname VidProMom has published detailed instructions on how to crop footage, combine several fragments, and apply an acceleration effect or vice versa. Popular slow motion effect in VSDC. Since it is better to see such instructions once than to read several times, we advise you to look. Embedded below.

When you start working on a project. Especially when it comes to a consisting of many frames. We recommend that you activate the “autosave” function immediately. Thus, even if an unpleasant surprise occurs in the form of power outages or a wire suddenly cut by your beloved pets, your efforts will NOT be wasted.

Owners of action cameras, perhaps more often than all other filming enthusiasts, are faced with the influence of weather conditions on the quality of the footage. When shooting in motion somewhere in nature, it is difficult to get perfectly stable light in the first place, of course. Because of the sun. As a result, they often turn out to be insufficiently lit, or vice versa. Flashed. You can rely on auto-corrections, however, the results will not always be as expected. To know how to fix the situation, we advise you to understand the Brightness / Contrast / Gamma (BCG) settings. Most editors allow you to manually change these parameters, and this is often much more effective than auto-correction.

If the lighting is too bright (turned out to be too bright): do not rush to raise the contrast level or lower the brightness level, despite the fact that this seems a logical step. Instead, try lowering the gamma value significantly (gamma determines the level of the midtones in the image), and you will immediately see how objects do not take on clearer outlines.

If the lighting is insufficient (it turned out to be too dark): you find yourself in a slightly more difficult situation than what is described above, however, you can try to fix it. You need to increase all BCG levels. First increase the brightness to the maximum, and then raise the contrast and gamma, focusing on the result.

Adding Text During Editing With GoPro

Almost any editor “knows” in one way or another to work with text in the frame. Add comments, titles or subtitles. We urge you not to limit yourself to primitive text inserts, but show a little imagination. Because VSDC tools allow you to design them almost on a professional level. Here are just a couple of tricks that are carried out in just a few clicks:

Outline text. Apply a color stroke to the text instead of a solid fill of the letters, play with the transparency and the thickness of the outline. Outline text looks more natural in the frame, which is why it is so often used by popular bloggers.

Effect “in text”. This is one of the most spectacular effects applied to text. It perfectly serves as a splash screen for anyone or a transition between frames. The effect is achieved in just a few clicks, and you can easily apply it, even if you edit for the first time in VSDC. Just add a text object to the scene, double-click on it in the timeline and add the file you want. Make sure to completely overlap the text. Stretch it if necessary. Then find the Blend Modes (menu on the left side of the Timeline), select “Blend”. “Source In”. As a result, you get something like this:

Export recommendations

Export settings in modern editing software boil down to whether you will publish on the Internet, upload to social networks, or plan to burn the resulting to DVD and store it for viewing on family evenings. Therefore, many editors do not ask the question about the desired format during export. They ask the user for future reference. than ten pre-configured export profiles are available in VSDC, including options for publishing to. Youtube, and Instagram. In other words, file size, resolution, quality and other parameters will be automatically adjusted depending on the requirements of the chosen platform. In addition, you can select presets for specific mobile devices if you know for sure that yours will be viewed on smartphones or tablets.

Our main export recommendation. Regardless of your future plans. This is the preservation of maximum quality.

For example, if you have the ability to customize the codec in which the project will be saved. Always choose H.265 / HEVC. It preserves the maximum image quality with the minimum file size, and is the best option for subsequent online download.

Review of the best editing software with GoPro

GoPro products are almost peer-reviewed, and it’s hard to argue with that. Back in the early 2000s, they literally blew up the professional camera market with their tiny devices smaller than a human palm, which shoot in high quality. Newest model. Hero 6. Allows you to shoot in 4K, 4K 4: 3, 2.7K, 2.7K 4: 3, 1440p, 1080p, 960p, 720p, and this is a serious advantage that allows GoPro to compete with such market leaders as Canon and Nikon.

And yet, rather than single lenses, smart ones are created. Filmed with GoPro. A much more important role is played by the person holding the action camera in their hands and directing the focus at their discretion in order to capture the desired frame. In fact. Those that end up on the Internet are almost always just a squeeze from the footage. After all, if all the authors published the filming results in full and without processing, perhaps some of them would look less impressive. That is why the question of choosing a program for editing with GoPro is one of the first to arise for each owner of the Coveted device.

It’s worth noting that by mid-2017, GoPro was providing users with a native Studio editor. At the end of the summer of 2017, the company officially announced that it would no longer support the development of the program and stopped updating. In response to numerous user questions about which editor is best to use, GoPro officially recommends two free tools:

  • VSDC Free Editor. For Windows PC owners, and
  • Imovie. For those who work on Mac.

Both editors are absolutely free, stable and allow you to work with footage captured on action cameras in high resolution. You will be able to open. Copied directly from GoPro. Without additional format conversions, cut and paste the desired fragments, add music and text, and use more professional techniques. Such as color correction, bringing objects in the frame (zoom) and creating complex effects.

In this review, we’ll take a closer look at VSDC and iMovie in terms of editing with a GoPro. In case, for some reason, you are not satisfied with the proposed solutions, at the end of the article we will give some more alternative editors, which are also compatible with footage shot with the legendary action camera.

Alternative software for editing with GoPro

If VSDC and iMovie didn’t work for you for one reason or another, there are quite a few other editors worth checking out. We will not do a detailed review for each of them, however, we hope to save you time by listing the most optimal options.

Legacy Studio Editor

Yes, you got it right. Despite the fact that GoPro has voiced its termination of support for the development of the program and its distribution, this does not mean that you will NOT be able to find old versions of it on the Internet. For example, Studio 2.5 can be downloaded from program catalogs at sites such as CNET Download, MajorGeeks, or TechSpot. For those who are already used to using this editor and DO NOT want to spend time and effort learning new things, this is a great option. over, at the time of this writing, the GoPro team is still providing technical support and answering questions from Studio users.

Image source: http://static.Filehorse.com/screenshots/video-software/shotcut-screenshot-03.Jpg

Shotcut. An editor for those who prefer open source

Shotcut. Cross-platform program, which means that you can use it regardless of what OS is installed on your computer: Windows, Mac or Linux. Shotcut supports 4K resolution and generally boasts near-perfect format recognition. ShotCut’s interface is very minimal, and the toolbox includes many effects, filters and transitions. The editor allows you to perform color correction at a basic level and work with speed settings by applying a fast forward or slow motion effect.

In ShotCut, you can also add background music and add text to the frame. At the time of this writing, the subtitle function is not supported. On the other hand, ShotCut. As with VSDC. There are built-in tools for recording and audio, in case you want to create voice or even commentary.

Image source: https://www.Cinema5d.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/Resolve11_3.Jpg

Davinci Resolve. Professional editing with GoPro

Davinci Resolve. A program well known in the circles of aspiring filmmakers. It earned its fame primarily due to the unique set of color correction tools, which is incomparable with any other program on this list. Davinci is NOT a minimalistic and NOT lightweight editor (you will need 2GB of memory minimum), however if you are working on a serious project and strive for the picture quality of a real movie. This is ideal.

Davinci Resolve is completely free and does NOT add watermarks on export. The program works on Windows and Mac. It will take you some time to explore the full range of available functions, however, the results are worth it.


, Filmed with GoPro action cameras will impress viewers. What’s the secret? Of course, it’s not just about the level of development and quality of parts, but also about who is on the other side of the lens. Brave and creative people, always ready to move towards adventure. Whichever tool you choose for editing, we wish that inspiration never leaves you. Well, if you are looking for YouTube bloggers who are close in spirit, we recommend Pay attention to the English-speaking MicBergsma, Expert Vagabond and VidProMom (for new GoPro owners). You can also join the Russian-speaking or English-speaking GoPro community, where they discuss the most common questions that arise in the owners of action cameras.

How to Convert HEVC- to H.264?

Before proceeding to the descrIPtion of the conversion process, briefly explanatory terms used in this article.

HEVC or H.265 is the latest generation of compression standard, thanks to which volumetric content in 4K60 or 1080p240 takes up almost half the space, while maintaining its quality. This codec replaces the previous generation compression standard. AVC or H.264. Both codecs are used by GoPro cameras for recording. over, HEVC. only in the HERO6 Black model and only with the following recording parameters:

HERO6 Black at second setting and all other previously released GoPro models work with AVC.

The fact is that today not all mobile devices, TVs and computers can play HEVC-, since the codec was released just recently, and the industry did not have time to completely switch to it (you can find information on the compatibility of various devices with the H.265 codec in this article). This is where Conversion helps: it lets you play your HERO6 Black footage even on outdated PCs, phones, and tablets.

GoPro How To Use

To convert H.265- to H.264, we recommend using the free software Handbrake. It is compatible with Windows / Mac / Linux computers. Let’s take a closer look at the conversion process itself.

First, run the program and click File. Select HEVC Files You Need to Convert.

If the file has been imported successfully, you will see its name next to Source. Designate an export folder where the converted file will be saved. There you can also choose the format of the final file. mp4 or mkv. The file format can also be selected next to Format.

Next, you need to either select ready-made settings (presets) for conversion, or create your own. If you choose the ready-made settings, the default will be the Fast 1080p30 preset. with it, the Conversion won’t take much time, but such settings may affect the quality of the final material. To convert in the best quality, we recommend doing the following: Presets. General. Super HQ 1080p30 Surround. This preset will convert the sound from the initial file as much as possible, however, the conversion process will take longer, and the final file will take up more space on your hard drive.

Also in the program, you can manually select the desired conversion options, which is recommended for advanced users. Before setting the settings, select the following preset: Presets. Legacy. Normal, and Modifying it to suit your conversion requirements.

Once you’ve set up your presets or custom settings and you’re ready, click the Start Encode button to start the conversion process. Export progress can be tracked in the lower part of the program working window.

After the conversion is complete, you can play and edit on computers and mobile devices, not equIPped with the latest generations of processors and operating systems.

Note: after converting H.265- to H.264, you will NOT be able to add GPS data (telemetry) to display in Quik Desktop.

How to use a GoPro camera?

It is GoPro cameras and accessories that have recently become the sales leaders in the Russian market in the field of photographic equIPment. They are perfect for every person. They can be used without any problems for shooting or photographic material, both in ordinary and in extreme conditions. They just have an original design and great features. Other manufacturers and cameras may just envy the craftsmen who have created such a work of art. recently, the third line of GoPro cameras was released, which revolutionized shooting technology. These devices have become simply universal. Now they can be used Not only for their intended purpose. They can easily replace the recorder, camera, and so on. You can take it with you for a walk or use it for birthday photography. The quality will always be at its best.

How to use a GoPro?

The question is pertinent. How do I use a GoPro camera? In fact, this is not difficult, because the developers have simplified the process of working with it as much as possible. Perhaps absolutely anyone can figure out the buttons and functions. For the device to work properly, it is imperative to perform several consecutive actions immediately after turning it on.

Be sure to insert an SD card into the camera before starting work. over, the larger the volume it will have, the more photos and material it will fit on. Next, be sure to charge the device. This is done very simply, since the camera comes with a special charger that is powered from a standard room outlet.

Turning the camera on and off is easy. Despite the fact that it has a small size, there is a very impressive button on its front panel. It is she who serves to turn on and off the device. To turn it on, press the button, after which three beeps will be produced. The indication on it will light up, and the camera will enter the working mode. Shutdown is also easy enough. To do this, the same button must be held down for about two seconds.


The device can work in several modes at once:. Photo, time-Lapsa, photo burst. over, they can be easily combined with each other.

GoPro cameras have very advanced designs and internals. At the same time, they have rather small dimensions. This does NOT affect all operating modes of the device in any way. They are far ahead of their competitors in all respects. To control modes, focus, frame rate, and so on, you need to use a special submenu.

The menu is switched on by pressing the S button, which is used to navigate the device menu. You can flIP through the menu items using the power key of the device. It is in this way that the desired operating mode of the device is selected. As you can see, there is nothing complicated about this, so any person can cope with such work without problems. Exiting the menu is just as easy. You need to press and hold the S key for about 3 seconds. It is by this method that you can turn on this or that mode, change the shooting parameters, change the focal length, and so on.

Working with a GoPro camera is a real pleasure for all shooting and photography lovers.

Seven Reasons to Buy a GoPro

It is not worth talking about the technical component of cameras from this brand, however, it is necessary to talk about why it can be used and why it is so popular.

Synchronization with the cloud

Synchronizing the camera with the cloud is a very important point, which attracts most of the fans of this camera. It’s worth noting that storing footage is always tricky. Especially when you have a computer at hand, and your GoPro memory is not always enough.

64 gigabytes of internal memory will obviously not be enough for shooting in high resolution. Thanks to GoPro Plus cloud storage, it is possible to upload your own without a smartphone, computer or laptop. This way you can significantly reduce the load on your camera.

Are there any additional features in GoPro?

It should be noted that action cameras have been used for a long time not only for amateur photography, but also for:

  • Blogging;
  • Shooting a full-length movie.

Do not be surprised! Currently, there are a huge number of motion pictures that use GoPro technology. Thanks to this camera, additional opportunities have appeared for shooting difficult scenes. The review answers the question. what is a GoPro camera for, and is it worth the money.

As for the cost of such devices, it is quite democratic and almost everyone can afford it. Of course, there are cheaper models of action cameras, but in terms of sound quality it is difficult to bring anything closer to the GoPro standard.

Possibility of shooting pets

Another prerequisite for the purchase is the ability to photograph your pets. Many will be surprised at this feature. However, everyone knows that the homeland of this camera is the United States, and in this country it is considered popular to attach these cameras to a pet. Of course, in this case we are talking about fairly large animals, such as dogs or cats.

It is worth noting that there are several specialized mounts to perform this action.

Which company pioneered action cameras?

GoPro is the first company to manufacture such equIPment. recently, GoPro has managed to release the fifth generation of the HERO family.

Camera Go About what is it?

Optional accessories

One of the main differences between GoPro cameras and analogs is the ability to upgrade it with additional accessories and mounts. Thanks to such mounts, it is possible to mount the camera almost anywhere.

It’s worth noting that the standard mount used on GoPro cameras is used in almost all modern action cameras.

GoPro image and audio quality

GoPro is an indispensable thing for recording concerts and various performances. High-quality audio recordings sound clear and rich.

It is also impossible to say anything bad in image quality.

GoPro review: what it is, main functions and capabilities of an action camera

GoPro what is it? This is a fairly young product on the camera market. However, over the years of its existence, a huge number of fans of this equIPment have appeared. If you really love to take high-quality pictures, as well as miniature and convenience, then this product is perfect for you.

  • Which company pioneered action cameras?
  • Seven Reasons to Buy a GoPro
  • Go oh how to use?
  • Good level of noise reduction and moisture protection
  • Voice control support
  • Possibility of shooting pets
  • GoPro image and audio quality
  • Optional accessories
  • Synchronization with the cloud
  • Are there any additional features in GoPro?
  • Instead of a conclusion

Good level of noise reduction and moisture protection

In addition, these action cameras of almost any generation have a waterproof case, and some models have shock protection. Thus, you can use the camera without fear and even let your child take pictures.

As for the latest camera model, it allows you to get very high quality sound in stereo and spatial mode. It is also possible to record sound with active noise cancellation.

The appearance is familiar. But there are differences

The size and shape of the 7 is not much different from previous GoPro models. This year, the manufacturer divided the cameras into 3 types, which differ both in color, but also in technical characteristics:

The GoPro Hero 7 White is the most affordable of the three, with 1080p @ 60fps recording. The battery is NOT removable, there is a screen on the front panel. There is no stabilization either. Initial option for unpretentious users.

The GoPro Hero 7 Silver is a solid midrange that will satisfy most users. This model already knows how in 4K, but only at 30 frames per second. There is also stabilization, but exactly the same as in previous GoPro models. Battery Also not removable, there is no screen on the front panel, only on the back.

GoPro Hero 7 Black is the most sophisticated model of all new products. In addition to the front screen and advanced stabilization system. The black version has a separate port for connecting an external microphone, so necessary for all bloggers and streamers, as well as the ability to quickly replace the battery.

All three versions of the GoPro 7 have a built-in touchscreen to control settings, and all cameras can withstand immersion in water to a depth of 10 meters without a special box.

All cameras do not have their own memory, but they do not include flash drives. So the presence of a microSD flash drive of at least class 10 is a prerequisite for the full use of GoPro.

What makes the new GoPro Hero 7 Black happy?

If you weren’t born yesterday, you probably know about the basic functions of a GoPro action camera.

The ability to shoot widescreen. Connecting to a smartphone using a special application and editing in the same place just footage. with the release of new models, these functions remain unchanged.

And here’s what’s really new about the GoPro Hero 7 Black besides super stabilization:

TimeWarp function: shooting accelerated. Combined with mega stabilization, you can shoot fast movements, like in blockbusters.

Lifestreaming: Live streaming to social media. Supported. Youtube, Vimeo and Twitch. There is no integration with Instagram, but I put anything that the developers will sooner or later add this service too.

Photo settings: shooting in HDR, Portrait mode (including vertical photos for posts on social networks) and automatic recognition of scenes and subjects. Like, these are smiles on their faces, here is a landscape, and here you are flying with a parachute at breakneck speed.

Improved microphone: In the new GoPro, sound is recorded in stereo, and the microphone itself has a new membrane to reduce extraneous sounds and vibrations when shooting in extreme conditions or using various mounts and gimbals. So you need to be more careful when swearing with some rope jumping. the camera will record everything.

These settings can be managed using a companion app that can be downloaded for free from the App Store [GoPro App Link].

Through this application, you can connect to the camera via wi-fi and use your smartphone as a viewfinder, change the shooting modes and edit the footage. there is a built-in editor, very good.

The clIPs shot on the GoPro Hero 7 Black can be inserted into a feature film even now, no kidding. See for yourself, this was all hand-held, without any steadicams or post-processing:

Carefully, you may feel dizzy while watching this. 2 minutes of fast moves captured with TimeWarp at different acceleration intervals.

If you survived the previous one without consequences, here is another one, also with different shooting modes. For me personally, now it is not at all clear why spend a lot of money on huge cameras with gimbals, if this baby shoots such cools.

Let me remind you that such stabilization is available only in the most advanced version of the GoPro 7 Hero Black. In silver and white shaking when shooting handheld is much more noticeable.

See what the GoPro 7 Hero Black can do. It’s just magic

A new action camera GoPro Hero 7 Black came to us for testing, which can rightfully be considered the best portable gadget for taking photos and in extreme conditions.

Wait, wait! If you are not extreme, then this is nothing: the GoPro Hero 7 Black turned out to be the first camera that can be easily used in calm conditions. for filming home gatherings, leisurely walks, and even for streaming on social networks.

This is because in the 7th version of GoPro, the creators managed to put the best stabilizer. Which I have ever seen in cameras in princIPle. Even without additional gimbals and steadicams, the footage looks very cinematic in quality and smoothness.

What’s the bottom line? We must take Black and rejoice

I fell in love with the GoPro Hero 7 Black literally at first sight. This is the most advanced action camera in the world today, which can easily compete with large cameras and cameras, which are also equIPped with additional equIPment such as additional microphones and external stabilization systems.


1. This is a small action camera familiar to many, but with Stunning image stabilization, the analogues of which are simply lacking. I would take.

2. GoPro Hero 7 Black turned out to be a popular camera: for extremals. an abundance of mounts and indestructibility, for ordinary mortals. high-quality in 4K for a home archive for memory.

3. Further development of action cameras will go on a different plane: the manufacturer will focus on reducing the size, because in terms of filling, there is nowhere to develop in the coming years. GoPro Hero 7 Black is a direct proof of this.

The GoPro 7 retains the voice control function. You just need to say. GoPro, start recording, and the camera will start shooting. He can speak Russian, but the camera does not always understand the command. So the button is more reliable.

From the unusual, I liked the vertical photo mode. the image on the camera screen can flIP from landscape to portrait mode and back, depending on the position of the camera.

I would also like to note the presence of a built-in GPS sensor, which allows you to add coordination marks to all captured photos and materials.

Nowadays, the most common way of shooting is a smartphone. But only with a GoPro camera you can shoot in a wide variety of conditions, and not worry about moisture protection or unnecessary shaking.

Thanks to its excellent quality and resolution, the 7th version of the action camera will become an indispensable tool for both the extreme athlete and the blogger.