Manual firmware installation in GoPro Hero

The last way is manual installation. This method should be used only when the first two methods did not bring results.

  • First you need to determine the model of your camera on the website
  • After that, click Update your camera manually.
  • Next, you will need to fill in all the required fields.
  • After that, you will need to choose a location where you will save your update files.
  • Further unzIPping the files.
  • You need to get the USB flash drive out of the camera and insert it into the connector on the computer.
  • Add the folder with the update to the map.
  • After that, the GoProcess will go automatically.
  • This completes the update.

How to update firmware in GoPro Hero 3 ways and instructions

There are three different automatic ways to update the firmware on your GoPro Hero camera in total, which you can use without worrying that your device will malfunction. Of course, you need to follow each paragraph of the instructions, which will be presented below.

  • Method one: update the firmware in the GoPro Hero camera via a smartphone
  • Method two: via computer and Quik Desktop
  • Method three: manually install the firmware in GoPro Hero
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Via computer and Quik Desktop

For the next method, you need a computer and Quik Desktop.

  • The first thing to do is connect your camera to your computer and then launch the required application.
  • If an update is required (blue circle), you will need to follow this procedure.
  • After that, the update will start, which usually takes a few minutes.
  • At the end, you will need to click the Finish button.

Update the firmware in the GoPro Hero camera via smartphone

The first way to update the firmware is the method where your smartphone will be used. You will also need a dedicated GoPro APP for this.

Here are detailed instructions on how to do it:

  • The first thing you need to do is update the APP to version 3.1 or higher.
  • Next, you must make sure that you have a GoPro model Hero 3,3,4,5,6, session, LCD.
  • In order to update, your smartphone must necessarily support the GoPro APP program.
  • There must be constant, free access to the Internet. Check if Wi-Fi is enabled on your smartphone.
  • Necessities will need to free up space for the application on your mobile phone.
  • In order for the update to go through without problems, you will need to charge your camera and phone as best as possible. The percentage of charge should be about 80 percent minimum.
  • Your camera must have a suitable memory card.

Updating via Wi-FI is done as follows:

  • Connect to the Internet.
  • Turn on Wi-FI and then Connect your mobile phone to this network.
  • Run the required application.

Photo: GoPro App

  • After that, you need to click Add device and select exactly your model.
  • If necessary, update.
  • Read the agreement and click next if you agree with all the points.
  • The app will send files to your camera.
  • During this procedure, the camera will reboot several times.
  • After the installation is complete, you will need to reconnect your phone to the camera’s Wi-FI and launch the application.
  • Use the update.

Instead of a conclusion

That’s it, now you can enjoy an updated version of your favorite camera. Even someone who does not have a lot of knowledge in this area can update the firmware in the GoPro HERO.

How to check the firmware version of your GoPro?

First, you need to determine the latest firmware version of your camera (if you do not know or do not remember it). It’s very simple. the first numbers-designations, which appear on the display immediately after switching on (and then also quickly disappear), is the number of the latest update version. In its choice, it is necessary to focus on the developer’s recommendations regarding compatibility. We are now half-length. If you have a basic firmware, and after that the manufacturer has already released several updated ones, and you are interested in the latest one, you need to find out whether a sequential update is required for its correct installation with the introduction of each new novelty, or you can update the original basic firmware directly.

How to update the firmware on your GoPro Hero3. Manual method

Date: December 19 2015 Category :: Articles

Each camera comes with a basic set of software (software), which can be modified by the manufacturer after the release of the model. And many users would like to improve the performance and parameters of their GoPro. To do this, they began to use the so-called flashing. updating the base or at some point already undergoing a software update. This allows you to equIP the gadget with new functions and capabilities. The developers of the company post the latest versions on the official website, from where, in fact, they can be taken.

Benefits of the latest firmware
If when you turn on the camera, no number combinations are displayed, then your camera is a carrier of one of the very first GoPro Hero 3 firmwares. The previous version was numbered 02.39. This firmware has the following advantages:

  • Through the GoPro App you can view footage directly on your tablet or smartphone.
  • Improved image transmission via HDMI.
  • Fixed Time Lapse bug on ½ and 1 second.
  • Improved microSD performance when recording up to 35 MB / s in 2.7k and 4K modes, Protune mode (for GoPro HERO3 Black Edition).

How to update the firmware using the example of the GoPro Hero 3 White Edition camera

The process of flashing itself is NOT difficult today. In order to do it yourself, you need a little understanding of the GoPro process, as well as following clear instructions, which are described on the official GoPro website (go to the Russian website). So, you already know the firmware version. Then everything is simple.

  • Enter the camera menu, delete all files. format all. and clears the card.
  • Take one photo with the camera so that the necessary files are saved on the memory card.
  • Charges the camera 100% and turns off.
  • Removing the microSD card from the camera and inserting it into a computer card reader.

Let’s move on to the action on the site:

  • Launches the page. official website.
  • Click on the support section and select product updates from the drop-down tab.
  • From the next layout, select your camera, in this case GoPro Hero 3, and immediately on the displayed window, press the START UPDATE button.
  • A form for filling in personal data will open in front of you: 15-digit serial number of the product, that is, your camera. It can be viewed on the side panel under the battery (battery), name, surname, email address, country of residence and consent to the company newsletter. Fill in and click next step.
  • In this window, leave the default radio button and click next step.
  • Next, choose a name for your camera, for example myGoPro, then come up with a password for Wi-Fi, kill it and confirm in the next query line. Press submit (I confirm all data).
  • Click on the appeared Download update and download updates.
  • We open and unpack updates in the usual way, saving all the files to the same microSD card from your camera.
  • After saving the update files, the card is removed and inserted back into the camera.
  • Now you need to turn on the device, and it will also inform you that the updating has begun.
  • The camera can turn off up to 4 times during the update.
  • At the end of the flashing, the camera will start tuning to Wi-Fi and turn itself off, completed all actions.

That’s all. the new version is at your disposal.

Updating a GoPro camera manually

Updating GoPro software manually is often questionable for most users, although it is NOT more difficult than updating via a mobile device or Quik Dekstop software. Manual update can help if:

  • It is impossible or impossible to update the camera in other ways;
  • The standard process of installing the update via a mobile device or via the Quik Desktop program was interrupted (for example, the cable was disconnected at the end of the installation). At the same time, the camera may display notifications in the Incorrect installation of the firmware and refuse to work as usual;
  • You need to reinstall the same firmware version that is currently installed in the camera. This method, along with a factory reset, is used when the device does not work correctly, when you need to determine the cause of freezes and errors. If reinstalling the firmware manually does not help, the problem is most likely a hardware problem, and the GoPro needs to be taken to a service center.

Before proceeding with the update, make sure you have met the following requirements:

  • You need a blank (formatted) MircoSD card that your camera recognizes;
  • Card reader or SD slot integrated into the computer is required. It will be required to connect a memory card to the computer to download update files;
  • GoPro should be charged not me than 75%.

The update process is identical for different GoPro camera models, so this article provides a Step-by-Step descrIPtion of the update process for only one model: HERO5 Black.

Follow this link and select your camera model;

Click Update your camera manually;

Fill in the registration information and click Next Step. If you do not know where the serial number is located on the device, this article will help you;

Next, you will be taken to a page with instructions for updating and a link to download the firmware. Click Download Update and select a folder on your computer hard drive where you want to save the UPDATE.ZIP archive with update files;

UnzIPping the downloaded archive into a folder called UPDATE. There can be 2-4 files inside the folder, you do not need to run, move and rename them;

Remove the formatted MircoSD card from the camera and insert it into the computer using an SD adapter or card reader;

Drag the Update folder to the memory card. It is not necessary to drag the archive. the Ego’s camera will not detect it;

Make sure your GoPro is turned off. Insert the MircoSD card into a charged camera and turn on the device. If you follow these instructions, GoPro will automatically start the update process. In this case, the device may spontaneously turn off, turn on and give sound signals. this is normal. Just wait for the process to finish;

GoPro now has the latest firmware. Congratulations!

In the event that you have problems with any of the stages, please contact the technical support department, write to the chat on our website or call 8 495 481 4953 for Moscow or 8 800 777 1753 for the regions (the call is free). We will certainly help you!

Flash the camera using a smartphone

To start the firmware, we launch the camera, swIPe from top to bottom, select a connection, and so connect a new device. We see such a picture, where the camera name is a Wi-Fi network, the password is indicated below.

Let’s consider an example with IPhone. We find the network, click to connect, enter the password. After we see that the connection is established.

After that, we launch the GoPro app, which can be downloaded from the Apple Store and Google Market.

We see that the camera is connected.

If there is a new firmware, then the following automatically comes out:

We see the release, the main points that have been added to the firmware, fixes.

We agree to the terms and click Accept and continue.

After this, GoPro is the process of downloading the firmware to the camera, via the smartphone.

If you look at the camera itself, you can see an animated down arrow on the front screen, indicating that the firmware is being loaded onto the device.

In my case, there was a crash that I caused myself by turning off wi-fi on the IPhone. Threw the following warning:

After that, I repeated the point and went to update the software of the GoPro Hero 5 camera.

The front camera indicates that the firmware update is in progress and indicates 1/2, which means half or the first part of the firmware update job.

Next, 2/2 is shown, which hints at an early completion.

According to the Results, the result is displayed on the smartphone that the firmware on the camera has been updated successfully.

We check by connecting with the GoPro program via a smartphone, go to the settings, where we see the firmware version 2.60

The whole process of updating the firmware of the GoPro Hero 5 camera took no more than 4 minutes.

Firmware update on GoPro Hero, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, Fusion, MAX

There are three ways to update firmware on GoPro Hero 4, GoPro Hero 5 and GoPro Hero 6, GoPro Hero 7, GoPro Hero 8, GoPro Fusion and GoPro MAX cameras:

  • Firmware using a smartphone
  • Firmware with Quick Desktop
  • Flash using a memory card

So, let’s look at all the options in order.

Firmware with Quick Desktop

1. Launch the Quick Desktop program
2. Connect the camera to PC via USB
3. Left click on the camera
4. When new firmware is downloaded, there will be a message prompting you to update the software
5. Agree, update.

Flash using a memory card

1. Download the required firmware for GoPro Hero 5, for GoPro Hero 6

2. UnzIP, you should get an UPDATE folder (not UPDATE.ZIP, not UPDATE (1), etc.), namely the UPDATE folder
3. Transfer the folder to the memory card
4. Insert the memory card into the camera
5. Turn on the camera and wait for the message that the firmware has been successfully completed
6. Remove the memory card from the camera and delete the firmware, otherwise the firmware will start again when turned on.

During the update, the camera will emit a series of beeps, and the power will be turned off and on several times. When the update is complete, a check mark is displayed on the camera status screen.

One Reply to “Firmware Update on GoPro Hero, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, Fusion, MAX

Good evening, I did all the manIPulations to roll the camera back to the GoPro hero, but alas, the download DOES NOT start, the camera turns on and works on hero 5 firmware, which may be the reason?

GoPro Hero 3 Firmware Update

GoPro Hero 3.Firmware with what it is eaten with?

Camera users often need to update their GoPro’s firmware. The reasons for this may be different: for example, you might have problems connecting the camera to different devices via Wi Fi, or you simply forgot your password. The same prerequisite may be camera malfunction.

It is necessary to update the firmware, as this eliminates the shortcomings of the previous version.

Actually for GoPro Hero 3 firmware. Not so tricky business.

1. The first thing we need to do is fully charge the camera. This is important because It is one of the conditions for a successful flashing. Then we turn it on and income in the menu to the button for deleting files, select format everything, then format the card. Then the camera can be turned off.

2. Now we need to remove the micro SD card from the camera and insert it into the computer.

3. Then there are two ways: you can download the firmware on our website, and upload it to a memory card. In this case, you can go directly to step 6.

If you want to download the firmware on the manufacturer’s website, then follow the instructions. In the browser, go to the official website We select the SUPPORT section, in the left menu column we look for the Product Updates section. On the page under the inscrIPtion Get the latest software updates for your GoPro products, select the product, that is, the camera that you want to reflash.

4. Then we fill in the data in the questionnaire:

15-Digit Serial Number:. Serial number of the camera. You can see it under the battery of your camera or in the warranty card.

First Name. enter the name

Last Name. enter the last name

E-mail. specifying an email address

In the last line, select your country

After all the data is filled in, press the NEXT STEP button.

On the next page, you need to select the type of update you are interested in:

Wi-Fi FIRMWARE UPDATE- firmware and Wi-Fi module update.

Wi-Fi UPDATE ONLY. update only the Wi-Fi module.

FIRMWARE UPDATE ONLY. firmware update only.

5. Enter the camera name and password for it.

6. Next, downloads updates from the link to your computer. After the update has been downloaded, unzIP it and put all the files in the root folder of the micro SD card. When updating cameras of the 3 series, the files must be thrown without a folder; for the 3rd and 4th series, the folder must be thrown completely. In this case, there must be a photograph or a recording on the card, one will be enough.

When all files are downloaded to the memory card. Press NEXT STEP.

7. Now you need to remove the memory card and insert it back into the camera. After turning on the camera, the update will start automatically. If everything is done correctly, the message “UPDATING” will appear on the camera display.

8. Firmware update may take several minutes, during which time the camera may turn off and on again several times. The main thing at this time is NOT to press anything and NOT to interrupt the firmware, otherwise your GoPro can be thrown away!

If you successfully updated your GoPro Hero 3 firmware. The camera will display the new firmware number.

If the message “CAMERA UPDATE FAILED” is displayed. Something went wrong. Check all your camera activities. The firmware file may not have been unzIPped.

Congratulations! GoPro firmware is complete, you can be happy with the new firmware.