How to use your GoPro as a webcam

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Photo by Thomas Gran from GoPro Community

As you know, GoPro can be used for live streaming, and we hope you have already mastered this skill. But what if you want to spice up your video calls? Below are the guidelines for using your GoPro as a webcam.

Using the action camera as a webcam opens up a whole world of interesting possibilities in terms of shooting angle: you can mount the camera on the ceiling, wall, fan and anywhere else, take advantage of the digital lens and the advantages of the “proprietary” wide viewing angle and, most importantly, the quality that GoPro offers! The resolution and color quality of all your GoPro broadcasts will be immeasurably higher than that provided by standard external webcams. And finally, when you use your GoPro as a webcam, you have a reliable action camera that is not only suitable for home office use, but can also accompany you on your future adventures.

Setting up and using your GoPro as a webcam is simple and easy. The following are the accessories you need, along with instructions for setting up your GoPro to work with some of the popular video conferencing services such as Zoom, WebEx, and Skype. Happy hangouts!

Necessary equipment

GoPro camera with Micro-HDMI port for HDMI signal output

HDMI to Micro HDMI cable

HDMI to USB video converter

ADVICE FROM THE EXPERTS. We recommend using Magewell or ELGato Cam Link 4k as they support 1080p 60fps broadcasts and provide low latency for low latency live video.

The use of this adapter is mandatory as it converts the HDMI input to a webcam signal.

USB charging cable power supply

Installation tool, and here we go to step 2.

Angle setting

Of course, you can use a mount such as a magnetic swivel clip to mount your GoPro on a monitor, or a Shorty tripod to take advantage of standard webcam angles. But this is a GoPro, so use it like a GoPro! Get creative, have fun, and experiment. Here are some of the options we recommend:

Jaws: flexible clamp. This flexible clip-on mount can be used for over-the-shoulder shooting during training sessions where viewing your screen may be helpful.

Magnetic swivel clamp. thanks to the magnetic part, this mount is ideal for those looking to get creative with shooting. Want to broadcast while digging under the hood of your car? Or hang out with your family while you cook? This magnet will securely attach to your cooker hood and any other metal surface.

Suction mount. As with the two mounts above, the GoPro’s Suction Mount can be attached to surfaces such as a window or rack to provide an angle not available with other webcams. We recommend using a top-down view, which allows you to show the entire workplace.

Gooseneck. Use your Gooseneck with any of the mounts listed above (or any GoPro mount with a quick release base) for an extra-long, ultra-flexible extendable monopod that lets you shoot from any position. No hard-to-reach place is left out of reach!

Choosing a broadcast medium

You can connect your GoPro as a webcam to any video conferencing tool that allows you to select a camera to broadcast. These include Webex, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype, Google Meetings, OBS, and Wirecast.

Setting up your GoPro as a webcam

  • Turn on your GoPro camera.
  • Swipe down and select Preferences.
  • Scroll down and select Input / Output.
  • Select HDMI Output and Change the value to (Live).

ADVICE FROM THE EXPERTS. With HERO8 Black Media Module, default audio will be output to HDMI when HDMI cable is connected.

  • Mount your GoPro (see above for recommended mounts).
  • Open the side cover of the GoPro and insert the Micro-HDMI connector into the port.
  • Connect the HDMI connector to the video recorder.
  • Connect the HDMI to USB converter and connect it to your computer.
  • Connect your GoPro to a power source.

Configuring Video Conferencing Software

  • Skype: Go to Settings Audio Video Camera.
  • Webex: Select the Video Connection icon, open the dropdown select your camera.
  • Zoom: Select the arrow next to Start / Stop Video Video Settings Change camera selection.
  • If there are more than two cameras available in the Zoom Room, you can dynamically switch the active camera by tapping the Switch Camera option and Selecting a camera from the list.

OBS setup or similar application

  • Open Streamlabs OBS or another OBS app and follow the instructions to add a video source.
  • When using OBS, press “” in the video source menu.
  • Select video recorder.
  • Select New and name the video source.
  • Select your device from the drop-down menu (e.g. Cam Link 4k) then click OK.
  • The display will show the GoPro camera configured as a webcam.

ADVICE FROM THE EXPERTS. The GoPro camera is capable of streaming up to 1080p @ 60fps via HDMI. However, the maximum resolution supported by most streaming services is 1080p at 30 frames per second. However, good lighting is required to ensure high quality and clarity during streaming.

You can now use your GoPro as a webcam.

As a reminder, GoPro cameras with a Micro-HDMI port, including the flagship HERO8 Black with a media module, are best suited for use as a webcam. GoPro cameras without HDMI outputs (such as 360 MAX and Fusion cameras or ultra-compact Session cameras) cannot be used as webcams.

Full list of GoPro cameras that can be used as webcams:

  • HERO8 Black with Media Module
  • HERO7 Black
  • HERO6 Black
  • HERO5 Black
  • HERO4 Black

If you’d like to learn more about using an action camera for live streaming, check out this step-by-step guide to setting up a live stream with your GoPro camera.

Connect GoPro Hero 8 Black as a webcam

Very often, the user is faced with the need to connect his GoPro instead of a webcam. Previously, the manufacturer did not give this opportunity, but now it is easy to do. Let’s see how to do this. Today I will tell you step-by-step instructions on how to connect GoPro Hero as a webcam to your laptop or PC. over, the instruction will be for two operating systems: Windows and macOS.

Why is it needed?

Let’s be honest. Most of the webcams on the market. In the overwhelming majority with simply disgusting quality. There is no need to talk about built-in laptops. Well, rare exceptions with good quality for the price will be like a good new smartphone. And the need for video conferencing, especially in 2020, is extremely high.

And thanks to the new update (firmware version V2.0), your GoPro Hero 8 Black will be able to work as a webcam. With high video quality, wide angle. Now your video tutorials will be of a much higher quality level. Hosting student homeschools or business conferences? Or maybe you are a fitness instructor or a cook who wants to shoot your tutorials and show them to the world? All this is possible thanks to the new update. Let your viewers enjoy the high-quality image and wide angle.

Step: what we need?

How to update GoPro hero 8 Black to the latest firmware There are three ways to update. You can choose the easiest one for you:

  • Method. Through the proprietary GoPro App on your smartphone. Detailed instructions here.
  • Method. Through the proprietary Quik Desktop program on your PC. Detailed instructions here.
  • Method. Via your PC using manual update mode. Detailed instructions here.

What you need to connect as a webcam. Gopro hero 8?

After you have successfully completed the firmware update, all you need is to make the camera work as a webcam. Camera and USB Type-C cable only. Other accessories can only come in handy if you wish, if you want to mount the camera on a tripod or attach it to something.

Step. Setting up the overview

Yes, it is important. The correct viewing angle and the correct angle are the guarantee of an interesting video. And Considering that there are a lot of mounts for GoPro. It will be much easier to show creative imagination. Here are a couple of examples of fasteners:

1) Clothespin mount with flexible bar will allow you to shoot online in nature. Flexible approach to any question.

2) Suction cup on glass. Also universal fasteners for glass, tiles, racks and other surfaces. Will give unusual angles.

3) Gorilla Pod for attaching in general, anywhere. The most versatile accessory in nature! Need a tripod? Easily! Need a monopod? Yes, no questions asked. Do you need wood fasteners? Easier than ever! There are tasks for him that he could not cope with.

Step. Launching the GoPro Webcam Desktop utility

For devices based on macOS Go to the official website and download the GoPro Webcam utility. Install by following the instructions. After installation, in the status bar (tray) you will have a GoPro icon.

For Windows devices At the time of this writing. The manufacturer has removed the ability to download a utility for Windows devices from the official website. It is NOT surprising. The software is still in beta, and it may work incorrectly. But as they say. The Internet remembers everything. You can easily download this software here (Editor’s note. The author of the article is NOT responsible for this site, and you do all the risks of installation from unknown sources at your own peril and risk).

Step. Connecting GoPro Hero 8 Black to PC

Connect your camera to your computer using a USB Type-C cable. After you have connected the camera, turn it on. A blue dot will appear on the gopro camera icon on your PC (in the tray menu). This means that the webcam mode is already enabled and set by default.

Step. Settings in the app

In order to check how you connected the camera, and whether you have chosen the correct angle, you can view a preview for this, you need to right-click on the camera icon, and select show preview in the context menu.

It is also possible to flip or flip the image. By default, the GoPro Hero 8 Black will shoot at 1080 at 30 frames. But you can always lower the quality to 720/30. As I said earlier. Plus, you can cancel the choice of field of view: wide, narrow, linear.

Step. Platform selection

After you have completed all the previous steps and selected the desired corner, select the software in which we will conduct the video conference. Next, select goupro as the preferred video capture object. Here’s a quick list of where the GoPro will 100% work:

Name application web
Google meet
Microsoft Teamsn
GoTo Meeting

Note! Additional settings may be required for Google Chrome to recognize the camera. To do this, you can use two ways:

  • Just copy this link and paste in chrome line: chrome: // settings / content / camera
  • Step-by-step instructions:. click the three dots in the upper right corner. go to the settings. select the “Privacy and Security” menu. the “site settings” menu. the “camera” submenu. select GoPro in the drop-down list.

Step. Here you are online

Next, Join the conversation or create it yourself. The indicator on the camera in the status bar on your PC will glow red. it means that you are online.

This is not a difficult manipulation. And you can get a top-notch GoPro Hero 8 Black webcam, along with some cool features that no webcam can boast.

A visual video of how it works: