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GoPro 7 Versus 8

If your series, collected from photographs, lacks emotion and action, the Quik program will help you. With its help, you can insert new photos into the finished or create a completely new thematic clIP with music superimposed on it.

On the Internet, there are many Similar editors with similar functionality, but unlike them, in a GoPro product you can create a real work of art in just a few clicks.

Quick to your computer allows you to create an attractive with a variety of superimposed effects in a matter of minutes. The simple and intuitive interface of the program greatly facilitates the editing process, which allows you to quickly create and delight your loved ones with an attractive and interesting clIP. The functionality of the program allows you to creates, using the aLGorithms of the editor itself, or using your own developments.

Many abandon the automatic processing mode, and in vain. It will be enough to upload a number of photos to the finished template, where the program will independently find pictures with the most interesting effects and arrange all transitions, visual effects, as well as audio tracks.

Quik Editor by GoPro. from photos and music to your computer

  • What is Quik
  • Application features
  • How to install Quick on PC
  • Download Quik on your computer
Price: is free
developer: GoPro
OS: Windows 7, 8, 10

Quik is one of the most popular and demanded editors today, which is in great demand among users. The software was introduced to the market by GoPro camera manufacturers, positioning themselves in the market as the leading manufacturer of cameras for EXTREME shooting. Quik download for computer is preferred by those who want to create a beautiful and effective from a set of photos.

Advantages and disadvantages

Among the advantages of this application, most users point out:

  • Simple and user-friendly interface.
  • Easy publishing.
  • Easy to create clIPs and a huge number of tools.
  • than 20 ready-made aLGorithms, inserted photos into which you can create eye-catching clIPs in minutes.
  • than a hundred different graphic effects and inserts to create a unique.

Among the disadvantages of the program are the following:

  • Obviously “sharpening” the application for GoPro, but even if you do not have such a camera, you can use the program almost as effectively (by about 70-80%).
  • Low speed of sharing files with friends.
  • Photos take a long time to load into the editor, which can cause a lot of inconvenience.

Otherwise, the program has proven itself quite well and will appeal to fans of editing.

PC Application Features

Having decided to install Quick for Windows, you can download up to 75 images at a time and Process them. What’s attractive is that photos can be uploaded not only from the device memory, but also from or from Google Photos. Also, the user can use the personal cloud created by GoPro Plus.

If you are NOT a supporter of automatic processing, no big deal. The functionality of the program allows you to Processs manually and arrange them the way you want only.

In the application itself, there are 22 designed and different styles of design, as well as several hundred transitions and effects. Also, you can set titles and comments for each image. The finished clIP is saved as 1080p and 720p, respectively.

The process of working with the application on a PC is as follows:

  • After uploading a folder of files with photos, a window will open in front of the user in which you can write the name of the and add a short descrIPtion.
  • The next step is to select a suitable template. Please note that each of them has a number of their own visual effects and audio insert.
  • After choosing a template, the is edited automatically, and you can send it to your friends at any time.

As for manually setting up your own clIP, in addition to effects and inserts, users can independently adjust the volume and insert soundtracks. There are several formats of the. “square”, “movie”, etc.

If you think about it, you can safely say that this editor is an advertisement for GoPro, which apparently decided to expand the sphere of their “influence” in the market. Even if you have cameras from this brand. that’s okay! The app works great at almost full capacity, both on desktop and mobile.

How to install Quik on your computer

There are two main ways to install Quik on your PC:

  • First way. Install the PlayMarket program on your computer, look for the application through the search term by name. We download and install software on your computer.
  • Second way. Download the archive from the link provided, which will contain the Apk file, an emulator and instructions for installing the application. All actions are performed extremely simply and quickly.

It is quite easy to install this program on your computer. The whole process will take 2-3 minutes.



If you are a fan of active photography during extreme recreation, then downloading Quik for your computer will be the right solution. The thing is that this photo editor is in no way inferior to the full-fledged, “heavy”, computer version, but at the same time, it has a small size and a more simplified interface. Not only an adult, but also a child who likes to create uniques for their favorite songs with their photos will be able to work with such an editor. Working with Quik is a real delight for those who want a simple photo session, re-translate into a high-quality music for friends.

Compare GoPro HERO 8 and 7 Black

For the first time in four years, GoPro has redesigned the camera. GoPro HERO 8 Black differs in size by a couple of millimeters, but the main difference is one compartment for the battery, memory card and charging, built-in mounting feet and NOT a removable lens.

One compartment, this is first of all convenient, and do not take the camera out of the frame now you can change the battery and the memory card, everything is open and in direct access thanks to the built-in mounting legs.

Built-in mounting feet how much nonsense they say on YouTube, and not Having figured it out and not knowing the GoPro camera, everyone began to take reviews on it and they say such nonsense that blood is flowing from the ears. GoPro is not a fool, as you know, they always have everything thought out to the smallest detail. In order to mount the GoPro HERO 8 Black to any mount, using the mounting feet, you need to tighten the bolt tightly, not just screw it, but tighten it to the end even in the instructions it says.
NOT a removable lens, there is a double feeling, like the camera looks neater, but on GoPro HERO 5/6/7 Black, if the lens was damaged, it could be easily replaced, just bought a new one, the issue price is 1690 rubles. But the manufacturer claims that the lens on GoPro HERO 8 Black has become twice as strong. And for protection, you can use protective glasses on the screen and lens. And the question with filters is very relevant, if everything is clear on GoPro 7, then at 8 we are waiting for the PolarPro filters to arrive, Usability is not clear yet.

As you can imagine, most of the accessories, aqua box, all kinds of frames, protective covers, etc. Now they won’t fit from GoPro 5/6/7, you have to buy everything new. The batteries are new, too, but don’t worry or be upset ahead of time, I hasten to please you they work in the new GoPro 8! I tried all non-original batteries and the only thing I found in the menu in the GoPro 8 Black is an information section and information about the battery is available there, and with a new battery from GoPro 8 (blue strIPe on the case) the battery status and battery type come out, with no battery status And the new battery, as the manufacturer assures, supports fast discharge when working with increased stabilization, I visually did not notice anything; increased stabilization with all batteries works the same.

In the GoPro 8 Black, the processor remains the same as the GoPro GP1, but the stabilization is now improved, it is HyperSmooth 2.0, the updated TimeWarp 2.0 mode, the new Live Burst mode, improved HDR processing for photos, automatic horizon leveling when processing in the GoPro APP application makes it new and more advanced. From the new, we added a narrow angle of view, the Time Lapse interval per minute and presets appeared in the GoPro 8 Black, it is very convenient now you can configure various modes and save them. Now you don’t have to constantly go into the camera menu and change the settings for shooting, but just select your presets by name and with one click change all settings, viewing angle, resolution, stabilization and everything, everything, everything is configurable.
The GoPro HERO 8 vs 7 Black comparison table GoPro HERO 7 Black is interesting to many, and it is not for nothing that it is the best-selling GoPro camera, including thanks to the new HyperSmooth stabilization which works great and has paid off 100%. And it should be noted, the new cool TimeWarp mode, it did not leave anyone indifferent.
In GoPro HERO 8 Black, the updated TimeWarp 2.0 mode can now automatically set the speed of time-lapse shooting depending on the number of camera movements, and also allows you to slow down Hyperlapse to real time at any point. HyperSmooth 2.0 Stabilization. Offers several levels of stabilization, including Boost, and in-app horizon leveling. Hypersmooth 2.0 will now work in all modes, even 4K @ 60fps and 1080p @ 240fps.

The sound is also improved in the GoPro Hero8 Black over the Hero7 Black, mainly due to the front-facing microphone directly under the lens. The sound quality is also better in both noisy and quiet environments. On the GoPro Hero7 Black, the sound was pretty good. But Hero8 handles voice better, even with high background noise.

The new mode in the GoPro Hero8 Black is Live Burst, which continuously buffers 1.5 second frames before pressing the shutter button. It then saves that 1.5 seconds plus an additional 1.5 seconds after pressing the shutter and you can choose the best frame to save as a photo, or simply save the entire clIP as 3 seconds. GoPro‘s Super Photo mode has also been updated with improved HDR processing

For the rest, I think everything is clear.

And many more are waiting for the start of sales of the Media Module for GoPro Hero8 Black. For photography, a blog will be an indispensable addition. The media module is a frame with a built-in microphone that can be supplemented, the screen module is a 2-inch flIP-up screen and the light module is a powerful and bright additional light.

What’s the difference between the IPhone 8 Plus and the IPhone 7 Plus? Review of two smartphones

Today we will figure out how the IPhone 8 Plus differs from the IPhone 7 Plus? Which smartphone to buy now, in 2017? Should I change my IPhone 6 (6S) Plus or wait another year? We answer these and other questions in today’s review. Go!

I like to make a small conclusion at the very beginning, and in this case it sounds like this:

However, it is important for us to understand the details, because the tIP of the iceberg will be shown to you on any YouTube channel. And the nuances? This is already to us!

7 Plus (left) and 8 Plus (right)

Display. there are changes?

Resolution and diagonal remain the same. Contrast, brightness, 3D Touch. everything is exactly the same as in the 7 Plus. In the latter, compared to the 6s Plus, the brightness increased (from 500 to 625 nits), but nothing has changed since then.

There is only one innovation. True Tone technology, which, thanks to a specially designed sensor next to the front camera, monitors the ambient light and adjusts the white temperature to the most comfortable level for the eyes. In human terms, the IPhone 8 Plus screen will always be yellow. Sometimes it is strong, sometimes not very. it all depends on the brightness of the surrounding light. But most importantly, it all looks good and even pleasant. Not a bit annoying.

The photos below display both pluses (8 on top, 7 always on the bottom) and the True Tone effect is faintly noticeable. In life, it is expressed a little more.

By the way, the contrast in older smartphones is always lower than in small IPhones. 1300: 1 versus 1400: 1 in the same IPhone 8. If you suddenly did not know.

In years past, only technologists have complained about wide bezels on the sides of the screen and huge chins. But this year the situation has changed. Especially when the market is full of cool frameless devices (Xiaomi Mi MIX 2, Samsung Galaxy Note 8, all sorts of Chinese for 200 bucks, etc.). And the IPhone X looming on the horizon does not give rest to anyone.

Let me remind you that the display of the new generation Occupies 67.9% of the front side area. nothing has changed since 2014, when the 6 Plus was introduced.

If anything, the same figure in Xiaomi Mi MIX 2 reaches 93 percent. Feel like you’re down if you bought an IPhone 8 Plus, the difference.

And the last thing. The eight received support for HDR 10 and Dolby Vision, which means that the appropriate content will be displayed on the screen of the novelty more brightly, juicy, and in contrast. The only thing is small. to get this most suitable content, as our country is not threatened in the near future. Hence the simple conclusion. scored, let’s move on.


The second noticeable change is the appearance of a glass cover on the back of the smartphone. This step is dictated by the need to make friends with a new generation of smartphones with wireless charging of the Qi standard (the most popular standard in the world).

By the way, I have been actively using this feature for a week now, and despite the fact that the smartphone takes a long time to charge (3 hours 40 minutes), I have already gotten used to the new method of recharging.

I put my smartphone on the platform and it started charging. everything is very simple. I put the device on Belkin wireless charging at any convenient moment, thus, the smartphone doesn’t just lie around in “idle” minutes, but accumulates energy. And this is really convenient!

7 Plus I have to charge the old fashioned way. you take the device in your left hand, with your right you pull the cable out from under the bed, on the first attempt you try to get into the Lightning connector, trying NOT to damage the case with the metal plug, wait until charging starts and only then put the smartphone on stable surface. As a result, we have a bunch of unnecessary movements, and then wireless charging is a blessing.

And the IPhone 8 Plus is now slightly less slIPpery. We say thanks to the glasses on both sides. Still, brushed metal is a less grasping thing.

However, if the smartphone is dropped on the ground, now there will be twice as many headaches, and even three times in money: both the screen and the rear glass will need to be changed. The most interesting replacement of the latter will be much more expensive than repairing the screen.

If you suddenly did not know, then replacing the display with an IPhone 8 Plus would cost 200 euros (I quote European prices, and they are almost identical to ours). Accordingly, the price for replacing the “back” is about 450 euros. We translate the numbers into domestic currency and get the cost of repairing the IPhone 8 Plus:

  • About 14 thousand rubles will have to pay for replacing the screen on the IPhone 8 Plus
  • About 31,000 rubles will cost to replace the rear glass on the IPhone 8 Plus

Go to the front side.

The front panels are absolutely identical. how the IPhone 8 Plus differs from other generations of concepts is almost impossible at once. How now to show off that you have the “latest IPhone” is not clear.

In just a week, I had a fairly accurate operation without covers and films, the protective glass received four long scratches and a bunch of small ones. And I didn’t carry a smartphone with keys in my. I didn’t throw it into my backpack for the camera and laptop. they put the device on the table with the screen facing up or in my. where there was nothing at all, except a smartphone and a pack of open “Dirol”.

If anything, this winter I used the OnePlus 3T to the fullest. No covers, films or other accessories, far from the most accurate operation, and still, two months later I sold a smartphone with a Perfect Screen. Hence the conclusion:

The rest of the design changes are purely cosmetic and do not affect anything at all.

By the way, IPhone 7 Plus cases are perfectly compatible with the new generation. And don’t look at the fact that the novelty has become a little puffier in all directions.

Case from seven

Case from six

But covers from sixes and 6s, of course, do not fit. Novelty and fits them tightly, and the camera eyes are half closed.

Is the 14g weight noticeable? Of course there is. If we were talking about smartphones weighing up to hundreds of grams, then such a difference would be critical. In our case, it is NOT felt in any way. as there was a hefty “coffin”, it remains.

MultIPle desktops

Borrowed from Apple OS X, Microsoft finally introduced multIPle desktops.
This will make it easier to work on different projects at the same time. This will be convenient for employees as they can keep their personal and work environments separate.

Developers will now be able to create an equal app that works on all Windows devices from mobile phones to touchscreens.

Windows 10 price

Windows 10 will be free for existing Windows 7 and 8x users for the first year.
Microsoft will then revert to a traditional one-time license. Microsoft confirms Windows 10 users will receive free updates for the life of their device.

Copy at the command line

Power users rejoice as copy and paste will be enabled in Windows 10 from the command line.

Flexible security updates

Security and critical updates will continue to occur monthly.
Consumers will receive updates via Windows Update as soon as they are ready.
Microsoft also allows you to install only critical application updates first and then install updates in a more flexible way.

Windows Phone 10

A specialized version of Windows 10 will be launched for smartphones with an updated office and other applications similar in appearance and functionality to computer.

Windows Phone 10 also has built-in Skype and other instant messaging services.

Improved multitasking

Windows 10 will use up to four apps on one screen. The operating system will place them on the desktop so that it is convenient to work with them.

You will be able to switch between open applications using the familiar Alt Tab. There is also a “View Tasks” button on the “Taskbar”. Clicked on it, you can show all open applications, rebuild them and switch between virtual desktops.

Universal Applications

One of the main problems with tiled applications was that they couldn’t be handled like regular programs. This has all changed in Universal Apps. They will be framed in the same window as programs, so that they can be modified, moved, maximized, minimized and closed.

Spartan web browser

Microsoft launch a new web browser for Windows 10, now codenamed “Spartan”.
Three key features of the browser were demonstrated:
– people will be able to comment on any web page using their finger / stylus or keyboard input;
– Spartan will have a read mode;
– voice assistant will be integrated into the browser.

Personal assistant

Microsoft’s Personal Assistant will be built into Windows 10. Microsoft says the assistant will be able to provide regional specific answers to questions. Users will also be able to access the assistant at any time.

Windows 7 and Windows 10: what are the similarities and differences?

Windows 10 is Microsoft’s attempt to sync all sorts of devices running the same OS with each other. This includes computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, and XBox game consoles. Windows 7, in turn, is designed exclusively for PCs and laptops. With this in mind, there are many things in the top ten that are not in the seven, but there is also enough in common.

    The main difference is of course the design. Windows 10 is also optimized for the monitor, for the touchscreen. Windows 7 is designed only for a computer mouse and has a Start menu. The next version, Windows 8.1, radically approached the change of the user interface, abruptly left the users of the “Start” button and replaced it with “live tiles”. In Windows 10, the Start menu returns, but it combines with a set of tiles to make the new OS usable on any device. Windows 7 design

Windows 10 design

Search in Windows 10

Another difference is file management. Both Windows 7 and Windows 10 use File Explorer, but in the new system it is much more convenient and informative. Explorer in Windows 10 has a “ribbon” of features like modern Microsoft Office, and the copy and paste windows display the speed of the operation in the form of graphs. All this Windows 10 also took in Windows 8.1.

Copying in Windows 7

The big difference between the two systems is notifications. In Windows 7, each application throws its own pop-ups on the screen, plus there is a notification area in the lower right corner of the screen. In the top ten, in turn, all system and application notifications are collected in one feed and, moreover, are sorted by time.

Windows 10 notifications

A major innovation compared to Windows 7 is in terms of workspace management. Windows 10 finally brings the virtual desktops to which Android users and Mac OS users and Linux fans are accustomed to. Windows 7 doesn’t have them yet, although there is already support for multIPle monitors.

Virtual desktops in Windows 10

Windows 7 is wildly popular among PC gamers. Windows 10 intentions take over the palm. The system includes DirectX 12 which provides a significant increase in game performance, as well as complex integration with XBox due to the built-in application with connection to XBox Live.

Windows 10. functions from XBox

Which is Better, Windows 7 or Windows 10: Comparison Chart

Windows 10 is said to be the latest version of Windows. In the meantime, users continue to update and compare the beloved Windows 7 and the innovative Windows 10.

There are many similarities between the familiar Windows 7 and the latest Windows 10, but there are many more differences. We present a comparative overview of the two systems so that you can decide which one is closer to you.

Windows 7 and Windows 10: Comparison Chart

There is a long list of innovations in Windows 10: Snap Assist, user activity bar, synchronization of desktops between different devices, Windows Continuum, logical consolidation and hardware encryption of hard drives, and much more. Especially for you, we provide a table that will allow you to evaluate the capabilities of the two systems in comparison.