What to do if the “Google Play service application is stopped

At any time when using the Android phone, you may encounter some system error. One of the most common displays the message: “Unfortunately, the Google Play app is stopped“. An error can occur in the oldest and newer Android. Lollipop, Marshmallow, Nougat, Oreo. The brand of smartphone does not matter. Therefore, the corrections below are relevant for all models Samsung Galaxy, LG, Sony Xperia, Xiaomi, OnePlus, Motorola, Huawei and Honor or any other brand.

Sometimes the restart of your phone helps to solve one or another problem. So why not try to do such a simple operation in this case.

  • Click and hold the “Nutrition” button until the menu appears. Depending on the model of the smartphone and the Android shell used in it, the “restart”, “turn off”, “screenshot” and others may contain the menu that appears in it.
  • If you have a “restart” button, then feel free to press. The system will reboot, which will take about 30-60 seconds.
  • If there is only a “turn off” button, then use it. Wait a few seconds. Then, on the device off, click and hold the “power” button to start the system again.

After that, see if this will correct your problem or not.

Solution option: update Google

One of the most frequent and elementary reasons for the error “Google Appendix” is an outdated version of the applications: Google, Google Play, Google Play services. You need to go to the Google Play application, go to the “updates” section and update the versions of all applications. As a rule, updates solve in most cases an error.

How to fix

Consider all the reasons why Google Play Services are not installed on the device and methods for solving them.


The restart of the system eliminates failures in the operation of the OS and by:

Instead of rebooting, you can select “turn off” and then turn on the device, holding the lock key.

Working with the application

The next option is to clean the services from cache and user data:

Then try to go to any site. If there are no improvements:

Similar procedures are recommended for the program “Google Services Framework”.

Installation via Google Play

In some cases, the Play Market remains workers, but it is not possible to install or use other products of the company due to an outdated version of the services. Update the audit directly through Market, but it is impossible to find the necessary software, using the search line. What to do in this case:

  • Open any browser that can show the page version for PC. As an example, Chrome was used. Enter the name of the software in the search bar and start the search.
  • When a page with search results appears, clat on the menu “”. Put a mark opposite the “version for PC”.

With stable operation of software and OS, this process is automatically.

Installation from the APK file

To avoid the unreasonable rollback of the smartphone to factory settings, try installing GMS manually. You can’t download any file that has fallen on the network, since it must correspond to:

  • versions of Android installed on the device;
  • DPI screen. how to find out this parameter, read in this material the apparatus used in the device. look in the official characteristics that are available on the Internet.
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If the failure occurs, the wrong version of the software was selected or the system is overloaded with temporary files.

There is an alternative way to install GMS using TWRP or other custom recovery custom. The message of the process looks like this:

    The user loads the right version of the software and changes its expansion from APK to ZIP. You can do this in the Total Commander, installed on the device, it is enough to hold your finger on the file, and then select “Rename”.

This method is more effective, since the installation of the program occurs without launching OS.

Removing residual files

This option is suitable for users who first removed the HMS, and then decided to re.install them, but faced with the appearance of errors:

On some resources they offer to delete all files with the name Google.Android in the name. It is not recommended to do this, since there is a chance to get rid of the system file and turn the device into “brick”.

Titanium Backup

With the proper share of luck, the user before removal could use the Titanium Backup or its analogue to create a backup copy of the applications installed on the device. How it works :

The creation of backup copies is able to protect the user from the loss of personal data and the way out of the OS is out of order, especially if there is a ROOT.

Return to the factory state

Rolling the settings to the original state is the penultimate way to install GMS. Before the procedure, transfer important files to other drives and use the instructions from this article.

factory reset samsung mobile, unfortunately google play services has stopped


In rare cases, the OS and are in such a state that instead of complete cleaning and returning to the starting state, the rollback of the settings only delete user files and does not restore the work of Google services. It remains to try to flash the device. There is no universal way to do this, so get acquainted with the approximate pattern of actions from this article.

Who is not sure that he can make a flashing can contact the service center.

Problems with the installation of Google Play Services are massively common among owners of Android Smartphones. The decision may be both rebooting and changing the firmware.

Add your Google account again

If you continue to face the same problem, go to the “Settings” and find the “Accounts” section. Click on it and you will receive a list of accounts that you created on the device. Your account will also be on the list. Select Google, and then your email address on the page opened.

After pressing your email address, you will be redirected to the page with information on how your Google accounts work on your device. In the upper right corner of the device, find the “3 points” icon and click on it, go to the list open and go to “Delete account”.

Method 4 include permits to Google Play services

These permits allow the program to carry out various actions on the smartphone. Когда какая-то программа подобное разрешение не получило, могут возникнуть различные сбои. So, for this:

  • We enter the “Settings” and the slippage “Application Manager”;
  • In the list of programs, select “Google Play services” and enter the “Resolution” tab;
  • So that our error disappears, we turn on the resolution above each application.

I hope this method has corrected your error, if not, we move on to the last method.


If Google Play services do not work, and the store on Samsung or other devices is closed all the time, there may be system failures, viruses or other problems. Such difficulties, as a rule, are due to the complex principle of the store. In online mode smartphone constantly sends information to Google servers.

When disruptions occur in different processes and services, errors appear. As a result, Google closes all the time, and appropriate messages appear on the smartphone screen. We highlight the main:

  • Appendix Google Play Services Stop.
  • Google Play services are closing all the time.
  • In the application, the Google Play service has an error and t. D.
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There can be many reasons for this situation, but we will highlight the main ones:

  • wrong date and time;
  • lack of necessary permits;
  • Cache cleaning;
  • malfunctions at the entrance to the account;
  • problems in some kind of program;
  • viruses, etc. D.

Knowing why Google Play services are closing all the time, you can solve the problem and restore the performance of the device.

What to do with an error about stopping the application “XXX

The first advice is banal (and is often given in most instructions of this kind). just reboot the device!

The fact is that after restarting the system. all applications will be re.initialized and loaded in memory, which often helps to eliminate many errors.

Next, I recommend entering the Android settings, open the “Applications” tab and find “Google” among them. Cm. An example below.

After, you need to go to the “Memory” tab and clean the cache.

Similarly, clean the cache for the Google Play (Play Market) application. Then restart the device and check the performance.

The following advice: to reset the Applications settings for the default option, as it was on the new device (this is not a complete discharge of the device, files and list of contacts will be in place).

To do this, open the “Appendix” tab in the Android settings, press three points in the corner of the screen and select in the “Reset Settings” menu. Cm. Screen below.

Reset the settings. the Android application tab

How long have it updated applications on the “problem” smartphone (tablet)? In some cases, the problem lies just in this!

To update the applications: go to the Play Market and click the “Update everything!” (cm. An example below).

By the way, this operation may require a fairly large amount of traffic (it is recommended to use Wi-Fi connection).

Another fairly common cause of Google application failures is not a stable Internet connection (for example, that is, a signal, then there is no it. ). Such “jumps” are often when you are in the area, which is far from the operator’s tower (or in a room with thick walls).

The advice in this regard is standard: try connecting to a high-speed Wi-Fi network and double-check the device.

I also recommend checking the stability and speed of your connection using special. services, link below.

To help!

How to check the speed of the Internet on Android phone. Read a note.-

Also pay attention to the exhibited date and time in the Android settings. If they are incorrect for your region. Google “notes” this and some applications and options can become inaccessible (or even close with errors).

google, play, services, stopped, samsung

Try to set your time zone, date and time (t.e. Automatic definition of the date/time in the “Date and Time” section Android settings need to be disabled!).

By the way, after changing these settings. do not forget to restart the phone (tablet) and check how the device starts working.

If all of the above did not bring results. try to drop Android settings, t.e. Return them to factory presets (it is important: in this case, all files and installed applications from the memory of the device will be deleted!).

Therefore, before reset, save your contacts on the SD-card or SIM’ka, and transfer files and photos to the PC hard drive (for example).

One past note will help you directly discharge you, the link to it is below.

To help!

How to reset Android settings to factory [Hard Reset]. Read a note.-

On some devices from Chinese little-known brands-the version of the Android system may not be certified (this relates to those who ordered the phone in Chinese online stores).

Samsung J1mini prime after reset Google Play services has stopped

Actually, because of this, a number of Google services can work incorrectly (as far as I know, this is “treated” only to flashing the device. ).

If you solve the issue somehow differently-take a few words in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. Thank you in advance!

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The essence of the problem

The problem occurs on devices from different manufacturers, starting with Prestigio, ending with Samsung and Sony.

google, play, services, stopped, samsung

Standard ways to correct the situation described in materials about errors 403, 20 and 24 rarely help to correct the situation and often users have to change the firmware or seek help from specialists.

date and time

Since the main problem is the synchronization failure, it is worth checking the set time and date. If they do not coincide with those on the server (do not correspond to any time zone), then an error will appear:

Reduce the frequency of the appearance of an error will help disconnecting access on the Internet.

Memory check

What to do when stopping the application Play Services Market, if the installation of the current time did not help. the release of constant or RAM:

  • remove working applications from the background;
  • Clean the cache using the built.in “Security” application;. In a cloud or on a memory card.

In the current versions of Android, the OS automatically stops background processes launched by the user if the smartphone/tablet is not enough for RAM.

Removing the cache and data data

To get rid of temporary files that can create a conflict between:

    Move to “Settings” to open “Applications” there, and then go to “All applications”.

If the “Stop” and “Restore” buttons are available, you can additionally use them. The first forcibly stops the work, the second rolls it to the factory state, and then automatically updates it to the current version.

Sometimes the reinstall of services helps manually, using the APK file. The problem is that the installation file needs to be selected based on the installed version of the OS and display parameters.

Removing and restoration of account

This option helps to get rid of errors if the reason is directly in the conflict between the account and the services. Read in detail about this operation in the material about:

The reason for the error could be a short.term locking Google. Try setting the Internet through VPN or Proxy.

Rollback to factory settings

Not the last but unpleasant measure that requires to transfer important data from the phone to PC or other storage. With such an error, Hard Reset advises through the Recovery menu. Read more about this and other methods in additional material.

Use backup, so that after rollback the settings to restore previously installed applications, phone numbers, SMS and other data without problems.

Backup and flashing

There are several more options for fixing the stop of the Google Play application and services. All of them are designed for experienced users, so newcomers are recommended to seek help in the SC.

  • Install the TWRP smartphone. the method of obtaining depends on the device, detailed instructions are available on thematic forums.
  • Ask other owners of a similar device to make a backup of System, Data and Boot folders. Pure backups for different modifications of one device are laid out in the branches of discussions. you can use them.
  • After transferring Backup to the required folder, go in recovery mode and make restoration.

Unlike Hard Reset, a backup made through TWRP deleys the System folders of the OS with their subsequent restoration. This guarantees that the cause of the error will be removed.

The second option consists in flashing the device using official or custom assembly. What this process looks described in concomitant material.

The method of firming the smartphone depends on the manufacturer and the specific model.

An error with a stop of Google services may be a simple synchronization failure or a specific problem due to which you will have to reflash the device.