HOW TO RESET Administrator PASSWORD and Unlock Computer in Windows 11,10,8.1 Without Programs [2022]

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Hello dear friends, and dear subscribers of my YouTube channel.

Unlike FRP blocking (Google Blocking), on almost all modern Xiaomi, you can activate a proprietary account. Mi account. In the case of resetting the phone to the factory installations, or on command from the server, the phone is blocked. And what is most interesting, the lock is not in the phone itself, but on Xiaomi servers.

Firstly, such a blocking, just with your hands, or with minimal knowledge cannot be bypassed. Nevertheless, there are several ways to return your mobile phone to life, if you forgot the login and password from the account.

How to rest or recover gmail account password if forget 2022| Gmail Account Recover &recover pasword

The first way. (Free, simple) If you have a SIM card with which you recorded a mi account, then go to the site, enter the Mi account. entrance by phone number. After the entrance, you can either change the password, or immediately untie your phone directly on the site. And also, if you have a box and documents from the device, you can take it to the service center, for example DNS. Although paid, they can help inexpensively. Here is a detailed video instruction.

The second (paid) method (there is no SIM card, and in general it is not possible to restore access to the account, then you can order official unlocking. At the time of writing, it costs about 2000, about 5 days. For example, I can order such an unlocking (PLASKO Mikhail, my WhatsApp number is not a problem at all), or for example on the 3GSM On your part, when everything is ready, it will only remain to restart it, and connect it to Wi-Fi. There will be no blocking. You can then enter your accounts, drop, update, generally fully use the phone. The worst thing is that after that it can be, in addition to Mi account, it may still have a Google Block. But if necessary, Google Account, on modern Xiaomi phones, it is just by hands, in a few minutes. For example, according to this instruction. Naturally, this method works if the device is not in the blossom mode, that is, there is no message on the screen with a request to return the phone.

Often asked question: why you cannot officially make a phone phone number? Answer: In theory, you can also make devices in Lost mode, but first answer one question/riddle: imagine that you opened your large service center, and received authorization from the manufacturer’s factory. Minimum investments about 5 million. Per day, you can completely safely make 10 phones with the status of wedge (simply erased), while earning an earlier to allow 17,000 per day. The line of those who wish is painted for a few days ahead. You will take risks 5 million to make the phone of the blossom due to which, there can be many problems in the future, up to the recall of authorization? Probably not.

The third way (conditionally free) why conditionally free? Everything is simple. It requires great technical knowledge, often the presence of paid programmers. The essence of the method boils down to the fact that we unlock the bootloader with various tricks, thereby getting full access to the file system. After that, it becomes possible to install custom (home.made) firmware, with carcassed Mi services. But here it must be understood that we are losing updates, and self.made firmware, not from the manufacturer, and a number of functions (usually not critical) may not work stable. For example, the video visa camera operates no more than 5 minutes, or partially not the working range of GSM. On different firmware, glitches can be different.

Frequently asked question: I am a repair master. Why do I seek help in unlocking the bootloader, to remove my account, but they do not readily help me, on forums and instant messengers? ignore/do not answer? Answer: because he was sick. Unlocking the bootloader, and in general, unlocking mi means good knowledge of computers and phones, I would say knowledge much higher than the average level. Physically and morally there is no strength to engage in training once again, especially since everyone has a different level of knowledge. I, and those who understand this, have passed it too many times. First, we will give a hose for the bootloader unlock, then we will have to explain how to use it, then explain the pitfalls, nuances, etc.D. Then explain about custom, and just give advice which is better, and so on and in a circle It usually takes half a day. Personally, I don’t have so much free time.

The article is introducing, and I missed a lot of nuances (for example, you can leave the account without a password if the phone is not dropped, and there is access to the phone menu, etc.D.), but written in simple language. I will get acquainted with your Комментарии и мнения владельцев below with great pleasure.

How to unlock the Xiaomi phone through 4ukey for Android (recommended)

If you do not remember your Mi or Google account, you can unlock the Xiaomi phone using tools such as Tenorshare 4ukey for Android. This is a reliable tool available for unlocking any blocking system, such as the PIN-code of the screen lock, graphic key, password and fingerprint. Tenorshare 4ukey for Android will completely remove the lock screen and provide the opportunity to set up functions again. The program is easy to use; Follow the instructions below to find out the details about how Tenorshare 4ukey for Android works.

After the installation of the program is completed, take a USB cable and connect your phone to the computer. Now click “Delete the screen lock”.

Then select the function “Delete the screen lock”, click “Start”.

Next, you will display a new menu with warning information. Pay your attention to the fact that the removal of the password will erase all the data on your device. Then confirm the operation of the removal of the screenshot blocking password and click “Yes”.

The program will launch the process of removing the screen lock automatically. After that, you will have an inscription: “Successfully removed the screen of the screen lock”.

How to unlock Xiaomi phone through “google to find a device

Find the device, also known as Android Device Manager (ADM), is a function with the Google account registered in Android phones, which allows remote access. The next guide will give you the right idea of ​​how to unlock the Xiaomi phone.

  • In order for the system to work, you need to enable the “Find my device and location” function on your device. In addition, the Google account should have been registered on your Xiaomi device before it was blocked. Finally, make sure your phone is connected to the network. If all the requirements are met, continue to use this method of unlocking the Xiaomi device.
  • Go to the Android Device Manager website on your computer. Then go into the same Google account, which you entered on your Mi Phone.

You will see 3 options: call, block the device and clean the device. Just click “Clean the device”.

Unlock Redmi using Mi Unlock

If you don’t have a Google account, don’t worry. You can try to unlock Redmi using Mi Unlock. This requires an Mi account, which is created on any model of the Xiaomi smartphone with a mandatory binding to the current phone number and electronic mailbox. Follow the following steps to unlock Redmi:

  • First of all, you need to go with the PC to the official website of Xiaomi, as well as find and download the proprietary utility Mi Unlock.
  • Connect your locked smartphone to a computer via USB.

This method does not erase the data from the phone, so you can not worry about the safety of contacts or correspondence. The technology works only after entering the login and password from the account. If the information from the Mi-account is lost, then you will have to first restore access.

Unlock Redmi through Google “Find the device”

You can unlock Redmi using the Search Service from Google. In order for the system to work, you need to enable the “Find my device and location” function on your device. In addition, the Google account should have been registered on your Redmi device before it was blocked. Finally, make sure your phone is connected to the network. If all the requirements are met, let’s start.

You will see 3 options: call, block the device and clean the device. Just click “Clean the device”.

Password reset using Google and Mi accounts

For miui 8 and above, the previous method is not suitable. When clicking on the “Forgot Password” you will see the following picture:

Unlock with Mi account:

  • On PC, open the browser and go to the site
  • We authorize using the login and password from the Mi account
  • Click “Search for the device” and select a blocked smartphone
  • Click “Clean the device”

The password will be removed and you can use the smartphone again.

If Google was activated on your device. an account, you can unlock it in the following way:

  • We enter the Google account from any other smartphone or tablet
  • Open Google Play and download the Find My Device
  • Open it and select a blocked smartphone from the list of devices
  • The application will be remotely installed on the device, the main thing is that the Internet is included
  • Go to the site https: // = ru. Enter Google account data related to your blocked smartphone
  • Find the device in the list and activate the reset of settings

Reset of settings via Recovery

To reset the settings through the Recovery menu on some models, you will need to unlock the bootloader. How to do this. read here. There is a chance that you will not have to unlock anything, but it is small enough.

After unlocking, you need to make a trace:

  • Turn off the smartphone
  • Pour the buttons increase the power volume
  • Recovery menu will open (it may vary on different devices), where we select the Wipe Reset item and click Wipa All Data
  • The device will be rebooted, all data, including password, will be erased.

In more recent versions of smartphones, this menu may look as follows:

over, it can be in Chinese. In the screenshot above you see where the translation button is located into English, so click on it. Next, click Recovery and OK.

On the latest versions of the firmware after pressing OK, your torment may continue. The device will reboot and require connection to PC. We are waiting for the reboot, but we do not immediately connect, but do the following:

  • We go to the site http: // psksuite.Mi.COM, download the program, install on PC and run
  • Now you can connect a smartphone to a computer
  • In the program, click Recovery and follow the instructions

After all the fraud, we reboot the device through the same program, the process can last a few minutes. After turning on, you will have to re.set up the country, language, time and so on.

How to restore Google Account

If you mistakenly deleted the Google account from the Xiaomi phone or want to return the profile back, it is possible to restore for a certain time. Go to the recovery page and enter the email address, as well as the password that remember. Click “Next”.

After a few seconds, a notification will appear that you have successfully restored the account. Now you can log in to the Xiaomi phone and use all the services without problems: Google Play Market, Disc, mail and so on.

Preparation for removal

Before performing any action to exit or delete Google‘s account from the Xiaomi phone, take into account a number of points. If a decision is made to exit the account, user data are saved unchanged. In the case of removal of the profile, the information is lost. A person must understand the difference between the output and removal, and then proceed to further steps.

To avoid troubles before leaving the Google account on Xiaomi or remove it, make a backup copy. It is advisable to save data from the phone book, photos, music, applications, settings, logins and passwords. The recovery process may vary slightly and depends on the version of the OS phone.

To include backup, enter the settings, select System and backup section. After that, turn on the function of interest. On Xiaomi smartphones with older versions, enter the settings, backup, and then start copying. With such actions you can save personal data, and subsequently return it to Xiaomi phone.

Method 6. removing locking using PC

This method is good because your data on a smartphone will not suffer when it is used.

  • You need to download the program from the Internet and install on your computer or laptop.
  • Run the program, connect your smartphone via USB cable.
  • If you have problems with the connection, you can use our instructions.
  • Click on the “unlock phone” window that appears, put the smartphone into Recovery mode and wait a couple of minutes that are necessary to download restorative files to the phone.
  • After 2-3 minutes, your smartphone is completely unlocked and ready to use.

Method 7. through the function of searching for a smartphone

You can unlock the phone through the “search for a phone” from Google. All you need is a personal computer with Internet outputs.

  • Go to the official website of the phone from Google.
  • Complete authorization, wait until the site determines the location of your phone.
  • After determining the location of the smartphone, click on the item “Wipe the data”.

After this procedure, all the data located in the phone’s memory are erased, which leads to the disappearance of all contacts and accounts.

It is worth recalling another important part when unlocking your Xiaomi. All methods of unlocking related to the Google account are valid for the MIUI 8 shell, not lower.

If your version is below 8, then to unlock the phone, it will first need to be specially blocked (by introducing incorrect passwords), and after that, engage in restoration.

Preparation of a smartphone

To begin with, before starting unlocking, you need to charge a smartphone, and connect the Internet via mobile communications or via Wi-Fi. Since we need the Internet to download the necessary applications.

We go one step where we connect to Wi-Fi-click a new network-in the SSID field we enter any letters, for example FGH.

Click on these letters FGH and delay. the menu appears: cut, copy and icon up (select it).

Clamp the name in the SSID field and press the arrow up

Opening the menu to send. click the Gmail icon and hold it.

We go to the Gmail settings. click and hold on the icon

We go into notifications. settings in the application.

We go into the notifications to Gmail. settings in the application

We go into general settings. press three points (right upper angle). certificate/reviews

Click three points and open. certificate/review

In the “Description problem” field, we collect. SW. choose about the Switch Access function for Android.

We launch the video. click three points in the video (the right upper corner in the video). watch later.

In the video we press three points and watch later

After that we will open access to the browser.

Download applications to confirm Google Account

In the browser we type in the search by FRP BYPASS Addrom and go to. https: // addrom.COM/Bypass

Download the Android_8-9-10_cam and QuickshortCutmaker applications

Download and install Android 8-9-10.APK. settings. allow installation from this source. accept. back. Install. allow. back.

We go to https: // addrom.COM/Bypass download QuickshortCutmaker. Installation. Open. OK.

Not official options

Below are various options for unlocking the MI account or their complete deletion from the Xiaomi smartphone!

  • You should be unlocked by Bootloader Xiaomi (if not unlocked, then the method is not for you)
  • Download and install the Adb Run program
  • Download TWRP Recovery
  • Download the stitched zip archive with the Mi Service Removal Script

When everything is ready, we reboot Xiaomi into Bootloader mode. Then, using ADB Run, flash TWRP Recovery. Next, we convert Xiaomi to the recovery mode and set the stitching zip archive !

For Xiaomi smartphones with MTK processor (MediaTek)

Your Xiaomi works on the MTK chip? Then you can unlock the Mi account as follows.

Install the firmware on Xiaomi using SP Flash Tool in Format Alldownload mode

Then run Xiaomi and later restore IMEI.

Option 5 bypassing Google account after reset

  • We pass through the initial setting menu of the device and connect to the Wi-Fi network
  • Enter e-mail and try to select it, the message “Send /share” appears, select this item
  • Open through the SMS application
  • In the field to whom we introduce number 112 and in the body of the letter we write again some text and send
  • There is a notification that SMS was not delivered, select this message
  • At the top there will be the “Call” button, click on it
  • We wash number 112 into the mainteners and enter ###
  • The menu will open for testing the device, click on each item, one of them will forward you in the Android settings
  • In the settings, we go to the section “Discharging and restoration” and make a complete discharge

For this method, you need official firmware for installation using a computer. This firmware should be Scatter.Txt file.

In the firmware folder, find the Scatter file.txt and open it through the NOTEPAD program

google, password, reset, xiaomi

Find in the FRP text file and then copy the Linear_start_addr and Partition_Size field value

Launch a SP Flash Tool firmware program and in the Scatter-Loading File field we indicate the path to the Scatter file.TXT

Switch to the Format tab to SP Flash Tool and specify

google, password, reset, xiaomi
  • Manual formatting. “Manual Format Flash”
  • Region “Emmc_user”
  • In Begin Adress [Hex] values ​​of Linear_Start_adddr
  • Format Length [Hex] values ​​of Partition_Size

Then connect the smartphone to the computer and press the Start button to erase the FRP section values

Option 7 bypassing Google account after reset

  • Install the SIM card, turn on the Android and get to the input of Google Akount
  • From another phone, we call the installed SIM in blocked Android, take the call, hold the central key until the Google Now, we complete the call from another UCTRITS
  • Press the button back, in the search bar we enter the word “settings” and go to them
  • Next, we move to the “Restoration and Reset” section and turn off all the checkmarks and carry out the reset of Android settings

Turn on the phone, select the tongue, skip the window with SIM

Clound the @ (Google keyboard) button and select the settings

Next, click the “Show advanced applications” button and write “Settings” on the Google search line

In the settings, select the “Restoration and Reset” section and discharge