Why the letter does not come to Gmail mail: notifications disappeared

Gmail is one of the most popular postal services all over the world.

Mail Gmail is one of the most famous postal services. several million people use it daily. Gmail is built in Chrome initially, in addition, the Google postal service is available for any mobile devices and any browsers

Each user is offered a free mail box of 15 GB, the volume of which can be increased for an additional fee. For Gmail, a positive trend of increasing free space over the past few years has been noticed.

Google postal service has a wide functionality that can be configured for any task. There are automatic spam filters.

Why did Gmail notifications cease to come

Sometimes Gmail users are faced with the problem of receiving letters, more precisely, with the problem of lack of notifications. Interesting, but Google‘s official answers about the loss of notifications are still not.

Trying to figure out why the letter does not come to the Gmail mail, users come to a dead end, since in the settings all relevant notifications are included.

Some users in the communities of the dedicated Gmail notes that from some point of notification they stopped coming altogether, or correspondence ceased to come from specific senders in general, although before everything worked properly.

Update the Gmail application to the latest version assembly

Google regularly updates the Gmail application, correcting well.known errors and taking into account new technological developments. You may encounter this error if you use the outdated version of the Gmail application, due to which all Gmail functions may not be available.

In this case, updating the Gmail application to the latest version of Build (compatibility problems will be excluded) may solve the problem. As an illustration, we will conduct you through the process of updating the Gmail application on Android phone.

  • Launch Google Play Store. and then open it menu by pressing the hamburger icon (in the upper left corner of the screen).
  • Now click on my applications and games. and then go to the tab installed.
  • Then find and click Gmail.
  • Now click update (if the update is available), and then check whether Gmail notifications work correctly.

Disconnect the energy saving mode of your phone

Many users of mobile devices, as a rule, include energy conservation mode on their phones to increase the battery life of their phone. Phones. But this function limits the operation of many processes (including Gmail) of your phone (except for the main phone processes) and, thus, causes the problem. In this case, turning off the energy conservation regime can solve the problem with notifications.

  • Spend down the screen to open notifications. tray.
  • Now click “Disable the charge savings” (under the notification “Economy of the charge is turned on”), and then check whether notifications for Gmail are working normally

Reloading the device

A temporary error or failure could occur on the device, due to which notifications from Gmail and other applications do not appear. In this case, reboot it to clean the memory and drop an erroneous configuration.

If you use the phone with Android OS, follow the following steps.

Press and hold the power button until the menu with shutdown options appears. Then tap the recording “Reloading”.

On devices with iOS, first open Assistive Touch on the display. Go to the “device” tab and select “”.

Checking the notifications settings

One of the common problems, due to which notifications are notified upon receipt of a new mail in Gmail, is the wrong configuration setting.

To check the setting of postal notifications in Android, follow the instructions.

In the application panel, press and hold the Gmail icon until the parameter screen is displayed. Click the “Information about the Appendix” button and open the “Notifications” tab. Check the settings and make sure that Gmail is allowed to send notifications.

If you use iOS, open the settings and go to the “Notifications” tab.

Click on Gmail here and select the method of delivery of messages.

Update your phone or computer

If Gmail does not work or reinstall the application, check if there are waiting updates for your phone, tablet or computer. In any case, you should update your devices, so consider this a good pretext for expired service.

This can solve the problems associated with updating your browser or application, but requires a new function in the operating system until you have yet been updated.

Double check of notifications on the desktop in Chrome

In desktop systems, the main first step to obtain notifications for Gmail is to check the notifications on the desktop in the browser. This is applicable to all later versions of Windows, including 7.8.1 and 10. If your problem is associated with notifications of Windows 10 desktop, go to the next section.

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In particular, for Gmail notifications, this is what you need to do to make sure that they are activated:

In this section you have several options. By default, these notifications are disabled, but you can turn them on in two ways.

The first option is to include notifications about new messages. This seems simple enough, but Gmail uses a system of categories of incoming messages. Thus, this option will only notify you of the messages that enter the “main” mailbox.

Another option is to include notifications for letters marked as “important”. Thus, you will receive notifications only when Gmail decides that this message is important, or if you install it as important using the Gmail filter.

google, notifications, phone, come

The role of PUSH newsletters in the development of the site

Push newsletters create a new communication channel with visitors. They are much more effective than e-mail of mailings and advertising on social networks. With the help of fur notifications, Western companies manage to raise views to 50%, and CTR to 15%.

Due to the fact that Push messages are delivered even with a closed browser and a blocked phone screen, this is the right way to reach out to subscribers. Even if at the time of mailing is outside the network, he will receive a message as soon as it appears online.

Why do subscribers do not come push notifications?

If the fur does not come, then the problem can be either from the service side or from the subscriber. In the case when most customers do not come notifications, the problem needs to be sought in the service and its settings. It is better to immediately write in technical support and quickly solve the issue following the advances of support.

If the problem is not massive, then visitors can have problems for the following reasons:

  • The user simply did not subscribe to the notifications.
  • Its device blocks push notifications. Not a single Google account has been registered.
  • The old version of Google Play is used.
  • The settings are prohibited from this application.
  • The functioning of the application with a blocked phone is limited.

How to act

Now we will figure out the main steps what to do if the Honor 9c does not come notifications. As in the case of the causes, we will consider separately each of the situations.

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Push notifications do not come

If the problem has arisen with a package that do not come to Honor, you need to focus on the type of OS. Consider the main options:

  • Go to the category of “protected background applications” and activate the desired software.
  • Go to the settings of each of the programs and check whether the notifications are activated on Honor or not.
  • Go to “Settings”, and then Wi-Fi-menu and “Expanded.””. Here in the sleeping mode, put up “Always”.
  • Go to “Settings”, and after “Still” and “Mobile Network”. Activate the constant data transfer.

These are the main steps, what to do if notifications from some applications do not come to Honor. Immediately, we note that the names of points and paths for amendments may vary depending on the version of Android and Emui on Honor.

In addition to the above, other solutions can help:

  • Check the availability of programs at the “Settings” link, and after “Appendix”, “Additional Settings”. Here, set “do not take into account restrictions”.
  • Go to the setting section, and then to the “Mobile Data Transfer” and “Network Applications”. Here, make sure that the necessary programs are in the “background” section. If there is no one, and for him the fuss of notifications for Honor is not triggered, add the program to the list.
  • Delete extra applications after which the push messages do not come. In the future, install them again (optional).
  • Enter the “Battery” and “Launch of Appendices” section. Find a program for which in Honor 9x or other model does not show notifications, and turn off the switch on the right side. After that, go to the “Applications”, click on three points, and after “special access”.

Go to the “Optimization of the Battery” point, select the problem point and install the optimization ignoring.

  • Turn off the energy saving mode. To do this, enter the Battery section, and here remove the mark from the point of interest. After that, go to the Other Battery Settings and put the toggle switch in the “Connection to the network, when the device is sleeping mode”.

In a situation where it does not show notifications on the blocked Honor screen, perform the steps discussed above. Pay special attention to the section “Notifications” and verification of permits for each of the programs. Also make sure your smartphone is connected to the Internet.

SMS do not come

Another situation is also possible when the Honor 30 or a smartphone of another model does not come notifications in the form of SMS. In this case, the following steps may be required:

  • Check the performance of the SIM card and when detecting a malfunction, follow its replacement. Sometimes it happens that SIM misses calls to Honor, but SMS does not come.
  • Check the phone settings. Install the correct number of the SMS center, which can be found from the operator.
  • Go to the SMS section, click on three points on the right and go to “Settings”. Here in the “General” section, enter the “Notifications” and set the necessary parameters.
  • Remove the extra SMS. New SMS messages often do not come to Honor due to filled memory. In this case, delete extra data, and then check whether notifications are received by Honor or not.
  • Get rid of a third.party program if difficulties arise after installing it. The reason why SMS does not come, there may be banal conflicts for.
  • Install special software. As an alternative, you can install an application that helps streamline and configure SMS on Honor. To do this, enter the Google Play, enter SMS in the search bar, and then select and install some kind of program.
  • Check the list of blocked SMS. If the Honor 10 Lite or another model does not show SMS notifications, the reason may be the sender in the list of blocked. For verification, enter the “Message” application, click on three points left and go to the “spam and blocked” category. You can also enter the “phone dispatcher” for setting, and then “blocked” and “blocking rules”. Check the black and white lists here, make the parameters of interest.
  • Reload the device. Sometimes the problem is solved by conventional restarting a mobile phone.
  • Make a reset of settings. This action is an extreme measure if the steps discussed did not give a result.

Now you know why notifications for Honor do not come, and what to do in such situations. Start with the usual restart and testing of parameters, because it is here that the cause of the problems is most often hidden. Also note what exactly the difficulties arose with-push messages or SMS. In the Комментарии и мнения владельцев tell us which option suits you, and what other methods can be used to solve the problem.

Energy savings

Today, absolutely all smartphones have energy conservation modes, sometimes even two, but everywhere they work differently, so it can be difficult to predict the behavior of a freshly cooled apparatus, without studying it carefully.Most often, in the energy saving settings, you can also choose work scenarios for individual applications. We are looking for switches along the setting path. battery. energy conservation mode or in quick settings.

Very often, this behavior is associated with the prohibition of the application in the background. You can check this moment for each specific application by clicking on the path of settings. applications and notifications. notifications. Here you can view and flexibly configure the operating mode of each individual application.

Notifications come, but are not displayed on the lock screen

Another option. notifications come, but are not displayed on the lock screen. In this case, you should check the settings along the setting path. applications and notifications. notifications. notifications on the lock screen.There is another useful switch here. do not display or not confidential data on the lock screen. For example, you will see that the message came, but its text will be hidden.It is also possible that for some reason you previously banned the screening of notifications from a specific application. The full list of programs can be found along the path of settings. applications and notifications. show all applications. In this list you can find the program or game you are interested in and watch carefully in what mode it is used.

In one line, we list several more reasons because of which you do not receive notifications on the Android Smartphone:

  • Settings of the installed antivirus. If the problems began after its installation, it is worthwhile to carefully view its settings and established restrictions;
  • turned on the flight mode (turns off in quick settings);
  • Limits of your tariff plan. Very often, after the volume of paid traffic is exhausted, the operator greatly reduces the speed of connection to the Internet;
  • the presence of active VPN/proxy;
  • The “Do not disturb” mode on (we are looking for notifications or fast settings);
  • The problem is on the side of the service you are interested in. It remains only to wait.

As you can see, it was not difficult to solve the problem indicated in the title, it is enough to carefully study the settings of your gadget. We hope our short instruction was useful to you, and in order to receive the latest and most important news from the world of technology, do not forget to subscribe to Telegram technical.

If nothing helped

If all of the above measures did not give any result. it may make sense to try to reset the phone settings into the factory pre.installations (at the same time, of course, all the data will be deleted from the device: a telephone book, photo, etc.).

Therefore, before that. it is better to make a backup (backup). Links to these topics will give below

If you solve the issue differently. please let me know in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев! (Thank you in advance!)

Notifications from applications do not come

The importance of notifications is difficult to overestimate. After all, if notifications stop coming on your smartphone or tablet, you can skip an important message from a friend or forget to come to a planned meeting.

Today, people are largely relying on their devices, in particular, on time the notifications appearing. Therefore, if something happens to this function, and it ceases to work properly, it causes serious inconvenience to the owner of the device. However, unfortunately, sometimes this happens and then the question arises: what to do if notifications from applications do not come?

Notifications from applications do not come. How to fix?

It is worth noting that sometimes notifications may not work due to error when developing an application. And not rarely such an error is associated with a specific version of the Android OS. But before complaining about the error, the application developer, you must make sure that there is nothing on your device that can block their appearance.

Of course, in order for notifications it is necessary to ensure that this function is activated in the application itself. Further, you can step by step.by.step check the settings of your device according to the points listed below (the name of the items may vary depending on the brand of the device and the version of the operating system).

In the video below you can see the methods described in the article to correct this problem, as well as some others.

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1) Installing the correct time and time zone.

Not properly set time can negatively affect the work of notifications. If you notice that the time on your device differs from the real one and may be the cause of your inconvenience. To set up time you need:

1) go to the “Settings” in the section “Date and Time”;

2) disconnect the function “Authority of the Time” (it can also be called the “Tax Belt of the Network”);

3) set the right date and time, as well as choose your hourly belt;

4) after setting time, reboot the device.

2) inclusion of the function “show the contents” and setting the display of notifications on the screen.

Pay attention whether the function “show the contents” on your device is enabled. For this:

1) go to the “Settings” and go to the section “Screen of lock and protection”;

2) in the point “Notifications on the screen” find the section “Content. lock screen ”and select“ show the contents ”;

3) Further in the main settings menu, go to the “Notifications” section and check if the notification display for the application with which you had problems. If the notifications display are turned off activate the corresponding switch.

4) In the same paragraph in additional settings, you can set priority for notifications “mark as important” (this item can be called otherwise). This step can also help with this problem.

3) disconnecting “restrictions on background data”.

When the “background data limiting” function is turned on, some applications and services will not be able to work if the device is not connected to Wi-Fi. Even if the device is connected to a mobile Internet of notifications, for example, from Viber or Telegram messengers, Wi-Fi will not come yet. To turn off this function:

1) go to “Settings” and go to the “Using Data” section;

2) click on the “options” and if this function is turned on, select “Disable the restriction of background data”.

4) disconnecting the energy conservation regime.

As a rule, by default, the energy saving mode of the entire device is turned off (if the battery is not discharged). However, individual applications can be without the user’s knowledge of the energy saving mode. We advise you to disable the energy conservation mode for applications from which you want to receive notifications. For this:

How to Use & Remove Android FRP (Factory Reset Protection)

1) in the settings go to the “Battery” section;

2) in the paragraph “Energy Connection”, click the “Details” button;

3) If the application you need is in the point “Optimization of energy consumption” click on it and select “Disable”.

This method often helps and notifications begin to come.

5) removal of applications blocking notifications display.

Applications that block the display of notifications may include such well.known applications as, for example, Clean Master or Du Battle Saver and all similar applications to list all of which does not make sense.

Applications for saving the battery can simply turn off the applications you need, and the disconnected application, respectively, cannot display a notification to your screen. Therefore, if one of them is installed on your device, disconnect the notifications in the settings of these applications or delete such an application.

6) inclusion of the application in the “White List”.

On the devices of some brands in order for the application to display notifications, it must be added to the so.called “white list”. To do this, in the “Safety” section, select the “Clean White List” item and include the necessary application in it.

In most cases, these tips should help you with the notification display and the question: why do not notification from applications come, should no longer worry you. If only this problem is not related to an error when developing an application or firmware of your device.