How to get a Google Discover channel on your Xiaomi phone

Google Discover is a rather convenient tool, since it displays information about what you are personally interested in. This channel displays the latest news, articles and stories on topics of interest to you, as well as video recovery, results of sports competitions and weather forecasts.

Unfortunately, the Discover channel only works on Pixel smartphones and devices compatible with Android One. Phone manufacturers usually do not introduce the channel into the default ratio of their devices, and Xiaomi is no exception. Instead of adding the Google Discover page, the Chinese company imposes a customizable channel, which is a rather unnecessary program than a necessity.

Even inside his Poco Launcher, which is similar to the standard Android launcher, the channel shows everything by default, from shortcuts to an assistant, booking a taxi, calendar, promotions and a cricket, but cannot replace the Discover channel from Google. But there is a workaround.

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Method 1. Use CPL (Customized Pixel Launcher)

Released as Fork Rootless Pixel Launcher, CPL or Customized Pixel Launcher. this is a ported Pixel Launcher on steroids. First of all, CPL offers support for Google news feed and Discover) and a brief review widget, both of which can imitate the Pixel phone on your device. This is a pure launcher with such settings as elements of mesh control, themes, topics for each application, gestures, backup and restoration. Follow the following actions to install CPL and use Google Discover on it.

  • Download that CPL (customized pixel launcher) application from Play Store.
  • After installation, install it as a default launch tool:
  • Long pressing an empty place.
  • Click on home settings.
  • Scroll down on the next page and select to debug.
  • Kneum change the starting installation by default.
  • In a pop.up window, set the flag, remember my choice and select CPL as a default launch unit.
  • Go to home settings again for a long press an empty place on the main screen.
  • Click on behavior.
  • Click on the switch next to show the Google application and turn it on.
  • CPL will ask you to download the plugin CPL Feed and Weather. You can also download it from this link.
  • Install the APK plugin CPL Feed and Weather.
  • After installation, click on close.
  • Return to home settings behavior and now switch ‘Show the Google get application to the ON position. Google Discover is now on CPL.

Like this. Your Google Discover Feed is configured. It will look like this.

cheats in the use of Xiaomi Miui

If, when buying Xiaomi, he comes to you in another language and the problem should be solved by this second, this is elementary! We go to “Settings” “Additional Settings” “Language and Entering”. Now choose your own.

All users can receive non.whale calls/SMS from unnecessary subscribers. Miui involves the use of filters that allow you to add all these unwanted subscriber numbers to the black list. To activate the option, block the number during the call or do it manually in the settings.

Improve sound in headphones

Every time you use headphones, you can edit sound effects and equalizer at your discretion. Changes can be made using a notification panel or by direct access in the “Sound and Vibration” “Sound Settings”.

The mixed menu is not very convenient, although you get used to it over time. But inconvenience can be corrected immediately! If desired, the application in the menu can be combined into thematic folders or moved to other screens by adding new screens.

How to disable

There are a number of ways to turn off the Google assistant on Xiaomi phone. We will analyze each of them.

Through the browser

The easiest option is to turn off through the browser. For this:

  • Go to the Google browser;
  • Click on the troete located on the main screen;
  • Go to the “Settings” and select the Voice Search button;
  • On the page opened, find the “Voice Match” item and cross it;
  • Opposite the “Access using Voice Match” inscription, move the slider into an inactive state.

Using settings

To turn off the assistant through the settings, follow the following:

  • Open the phone settings;
  • Sweet the page down until the point with extended settings appears;
  • Open “Language and Entering”, then click on the “keyboard control”;
  • On the page opened, select “Settings”, then click “Voice Match”;
  • translate the slider into an inactive position.

Disconnecting with gestures

Most often, we involuntarily call the Google assistant, accidentally holding the “home” key. To disable the search window:

  • Go to the smartphone settings;
  • Find “advanced settings”;
  • Click on the inscription “Buttons and gestures”, then “Launch of the Google assistant”;
  • On the page you can choose “no gestures” or change the call button if the “home” key seems uncomfortable.

How to disable completely

If you are sure that you will no longer use the capabilities of the assistant, it can be completely turned off. The algorithm of actions is as follows:

  • In the browser, open the section “”;
  • Slide on the “settings” and open the “Google Assistant” section;
  • On the page opened, click the “assistant”, then the “phone”;
  • On the contrary, the inscription “Google assistant” translate the slider to the left.

You completely turned off the function, and now it will not turn on both when working with the device and on the blocked screen.

Attention! If necessary, you can remove the search line. To do this, click on it and hold it until the “basket” appears. Then move the line to “garbage”.

How to enable Google assistant

If necessary, you can re.activate the voice assistant.

google, feed, include, xiaomi
  • In the Google browser, click on the threefold “more”;
  • Click to the “Settings” section and go on the inscription “Voice Search”;
  • Open “Voice Match”. Next, it is necessary to remove the slider to the right.

If you need to turn on the assistant through the “settings” of the phone, follow the above algorithms described above.

Change to Alice

If you did not like the functionality of the Google assistant, it can be replaced with Alice. artificial intelligence released by Yandex.

  • Install Yandex browser on a smartphone.
  • In the phone settings, open the “Applications” section.
  • Click on the default “application app” button, then “help and voice input”.
  • At the top of the screen, open the “Assistant” item.
  • On the released menu, select Yandex.Browser”.

Important! If Alice does not work, make sure that you have accessed a voice assistant in the settings.

Now you know how to turn off/turn on the voice assistant. If you only occasionally use Google as an assistant and are unhappy that it arbitrarily turns on when pressing the “home” button, we recommend choosing another gesture in the settings. Recommendations from the article are relevant for most Redmi and Mi smartphones (including Mi8 and Mi9).

How to enable Google tape on miui 12?

You need to go to the phone settings. Enter the menu screen. At the end of the list there is a “control center and notification curtains”, click on it. Inside the menu we include the option “Use the new control center”.

How to update the miui desktop?

First you need to update the desktop application. To do this, you need to go to the “Settings” of the smartphone and update the desktop application in the “Components Update” menu. If the update is available to you, the following options will open: changing the desktop grid, a change of desktop and a flexible setting of icon sizes.

  • hold your finger in the middle of the screen until an additional menu appears;
  • click on the icon “Widgets”, which is located between the labels “Wallpaper” and “Settings”;
  • click on the necessary application, and it will automatically appear on the open desktop;

How to fix Google’s error on Xiaomi?

Usually Google services work without complaints, but sometimes errors still occur in them. This situation happens mainly after the program updates. What to do if the message appeared on the screen of your phone: “In the Google application, an error has occurred again” on Xiaomi? Let’s deal with the problem together.

There are two options. The first is related to the Google Play application. We go to the utility. In the upper right side you will see an icon with your initials or avatar. Click on it, which leads to the appearance of the settings menu. Here it is required to select the lines “Settings”. “Connection Settings” and in the list that opened to find the “Auto Board of Appendices” item. You need to disable this function.

Then we return to the main settings menu on the phone. We scroll it to the line “Application”. “All applications”. On the screen you will see the image of three vertical points on the right, by which you need to click. A pop.up menu will appear, the first point of which will “show all applications”. Here you should find the Google utility, click on the line and select “Delete updates” item. If the error is still saved, then click on “close”. This will lead to a forced closure of the program and the removal of updates.

Such a problem appeared with the release of firmware, so periodically look at Play Market, if a new version has been released. When it appears in access, download and install it.

There is a second option. On the phone screen, find the Google Utility Label, which needs to be held for several seconds until a pop.up menu appears. We need the item “On the Appendix”, where the line “Delete updates” is selected with confirmation of your action.

If the Xiaomi error application of the Google services is associated with updates, then after the activities performed it will no longer bother you.

Ways to turn off applications

Through the settings

To turn off unnecessary applications through the settings, do the following actions:

  • go the section “Applications”;
  • turn on the display of all utilities by clicking on the corresponding box on top of the screen;
  • Find a program or widget in the list and click the “Disable” button, confirming the action;

The system will warn you that the shutdown of the selected application may violate the work of other utilities. This message pops up in any case, so you should not be afraid. After disconnecting, the program will be hidden from the list.

Through Google Play

On Xiaomi smartphones, preinstalled applications are often duplicated due to an incorrect display in the Play Market store. So that they do not spend a place in internal and RAM, it is necessary:

  • Go to Play Market;
  • open the side panel, pressing three strips in the upper left corner of the screen;
  • In the menu that appears, select the “Help” section;
  • click on the point “Describe the problem”;
  • in the search bar, printing the letter “D”, click on the “Delete or Disable Apps on Android” item;
  • In the text that appears, find the line “TAP to go to application setting” and click on it.

Then the system menu will open in which you need to select Google services to disable.

Using Activity Launcher

The Activity Launcher program to disconnect unnecessary programs on Xiaomi smartphones can be downloaded at the Play Market store. After the launch, you need to select the “All Actions for Appendices” item, and restart the phone. After that, hidden points for disconnecting and removing unnecessary utilities will be available in the application dispatcher.

Through Shortcuts

ShortCuts utility allows you to safely delete or disable applications on Xiaomi. You can find it only on the Internet by downloading an apk file. To delete an unnecessary program, you must adhere to the next algorithm of action:

google, feed, include, xiaomi
  • Open the SHORTCUTS application and select “Activity”;
  • enter into the search line “All applications”;
  • Click on the point “Settings for All Applications in Activity”;
  • After the actions committed, a shortcut will appear on the main screen to turn off the programs;
  • Having opened it, select programs for stopping;
  • Agree with a warning and confirm the action.

This is how the SHORTCUS application looks like. software in the phone slows down the system, occupies internal memory and plants the battery, working in the background. It is best to remove or disable unnecessary applications on Xiaomi if they are not related to the functionality of important utilities. There are several ways for this, including the use of programs.

Using special applications

A few years ago, there were many applications on Google Play that blocked all the advertisements in the smartphone. Now there are no such programs at all. Dubious sources offer various software, which can supposedly delete all advertisements, but in reality there is no result. over, such applications can threaten and steal the personal data of the user.

From proven applications we can advise Adblock. This is an advertising browser. It can be used instead of Mi Browser. The application is on Google Play.

google, feed, include, xiaomi

How to turn your Xiaomi Miui device into Google Pixel?

Android is known for its settings, and, as a result, there are several ways to get Google Pixel-Look on your MIUI device.

Luncher for Android

Shakelong on Redmi

A android launch module is probably the best way to turn your Redmi device into Google Pixel. It is fast, reliable and does not require too many steps.

Among the best launchers for Android Lawnchair is ideal for giving a look at Google Pixel Xiaomi device. And this simply does not dwell on the reciprocity of the appearance. Lawnchair includes several Pixel Launcher functions, such as Google Discover, a “brief review” widget, actions.

He also supports Google Feed / Discover, but users will have to download a separate application known as Lawnfeed to work.

The disadvantage is that users will not receive the full appearance of the Pixel, since the launchers can configure the appearance to a certain extent. You can ruin the device to violate the restrictions even further, but then you can also install user ROM.

Pixel experience Custom ROM

User ROM is a firmware based on Android Open Source Project (AOSP), which allows users to make settings and make changes to the appearance of the device, which are otherwise blocked in the standard Android skine.

Although there are several user ROMs that can extract maximum benefits from your device, Pixel Experience best meets our needs. As the name implies, user ROM tolerates all the latest functions in the Pixel launch module along with the appearance of Pixel. This is one of the few user ROMs that offer stability along with the latest updates.

How to install user ROM on any Xiaomi / Redmi Miui device? Note: installing user ROM is not all. This is a difficult feat; If everything is done incorrectly, it can cause problems on your Android device. In addition, one of the steps includes unlocking the bootloader, which in the case of Xiaomi involves waiting for more than a week. Here’s how to turn your Xiaomi device into Google Pixel using Pixel Experience installation?

The Xiaomi premise is unlocked (this is how) the custom recovery is installed (here’s how) ADB and Fastboot are installed on your computer (here’s how) USB debugging is turned on (that’s how)

  • Download Pixel Experience for your device with here
  • Move the ZIP file to the Internet Storage device
  • Boot in the restoration mode by pressing the volume button button button
  • In recovery mode, look for the Wipe and Wipe Data settings / resetting settings to factory, cache and cache Dalvik
  • Find “install ZIP / apply update from the SD card” and select a loaded file.
  • Reboot.

Get the stock version of Android 10 on your Xiaomi device

In addition, users can simply choose a Pixel-like theme from the application of topics. This method is ideal for people who want the real Android 10 to look on their Xiaomi device quickly and without any problems.

Here are some of the best tops that will give you the appearance of Android:

To apply the Android theme on your Miui device, just go to the “Topic” application ⇨ Find the topic using “Search” ⇨ “Download and apply”.

What kind of tape is this and how it looks like

Widget is an auxiliary application from the main utility. With it, you can receive information from this program on the desktop without opening it. The most striking example is the weather forecast program. Starting with MIUI 9 on Xiaomi smartphones, developers allocated an additional screen for widgets, which is located on the left side of the desktop. It is called “tape of widgets”.

Replace Miui App Vault To Google feed in Any redmi mobile|Google Feed in MIUI system Launcher

This is a highlighted area, inside which there are widgets from all applications in the memory of the device. The uniqueness of this tools lies in flexibility, so the owner of the smartphone will easily adjust it to his preferences. For example, here you can add, change or remove some kind of shortcut: a calendar, news feed and so on.

Visual elements in the tape are displayed by lists. A date is set from above, the MI-Browser search engine is located below (you can put the browser in which you usually work). Under the search engine there is a window “Labels”, where you can see the icons of programs.

How to install and configure

As already mentioned, the uniqueness of the “widget tape” lies in the convenience of its configuration. You can freely remove shortcuts from the selected area and replace them with other, more useful.

To install widgets on Xiaomi, click on the free place of the main screen finger until you hear a characteristic sound signal. Further, at the bottom of the screen, three additional buttons are highlighted, click on located in the middle (“widgets”). You can also open a functional menu when holding a touch button under the screen.

Entering the menu, you will see a list of utilities that can be configured for a quick display: shortcuts, notes, weather, calendar, etc. D. The modules are tuned in size or performed functions.

The official way to turn off Google applications

Many users think: how to disable already pre.installed applications from Google in their smartphone running Miui? This task is not as simple as it seems. After all, in the usual application menu, there is no such function.

google, feed, include, xiaomi

Today’s instruction will be devoted to the official way to turn off, without using Root.

The names of the points described below may vary slightly, depending on the MIUI version. Let’s start:

Pixel Experience на Xiaomi. Инструкция по установке

  • Close the Play Market (Google Play) application if it was open
  • We go into the settings. domainly. language and input. language. Choose English (United Kingdom). Confirm the change by pressing the OK button

Possible problem: after changing the language from Russian to English, opening the Google Play application, you may notice that not all of its points, including a certificate, were transferred to English. In this case, the instruction will not work. Therefore, we just open and close Google Play several times until the whole text becomes English.