Make sure the problem is on the user side

The first thing to do with problems with Google Play is to check the operation of the service on other devices. You can start the store in the browser on the PC or ask for someone from the relatives opened the application on your smartphone.

If the problem is observed not only on your gadget, then nothing is worth not. Most likely, there was some kind of failure on the Google Play side, and soon it will be eliminated. If the store does not open or work incorrectly only you, you need to perform one or more action from the list below.

Corrend the error application services Google Play Stopped

This error in the operation of Google Play services most often occurs when you try to configure one of the standard applications or using a specific function. She says about a technical failure caused by loss of communication at one of the stages of data exchange between specifically services and Google servers. This may occur for various reasons, but in general cases, the process of eliminating the problem does not cause difficulties.

Date and time check

Correctly specified date and time, or rather automatically defined over the network, is a necessary condition for the correct operation of the entire Android OS and those of its components that appeal to servers accept and send data. Google Play services from among those, and therefore an error in their work can be caused by an incorrectly installed time zone and related values.

Clearing cache and application data

Each application, both standard and third-party, is becoming unnecessary file trash, which can cause malfunctions and errors in their work. Google Play services. no exception. Perhaps their work was suspended for this reason, and therefore we should eliminate it. For this:

Lay in it Google Play, click on this item to go to the Shared Information page, where to select “Storage”.

Tap the “Clear Cache” button, and then “Place Management”. Click “Delete all data” and confirm your actions in the pop-up window.

As in the previous case, restart the mobile device, after which check the error. Most likely, she will no longer repeat.

Delete latest updates

If you do not help to clean up Google Play Services from temporary data and cache, you should try to roll back this application to its original version. This is done as follows:

Delete Google Account

The last thing that can be taken in the fight against the problem under consideration today is to delete a Google account, which is currently used on a mobile device as the main one, and then re-enter it. About how it is done, we have repeatedly told in articles on an adjacent topic to eliminate the problems in the work of Google Play Market. Link to one of them is presented below. The main thing before proceeding to fulfill the recommendations we offer, make sure that you know your username and password from the account. Read more: How to enter Google account on Android Device

What to do if Google Play does not work

Try to restart the device (advice !)

Perhaps this is one of the most common advice, which is given in most problems, both with smartphones (tablets) and ordinary PC.

And I will not be an exception here (it is estimated that ~ 20-30% of problems with Google Play can be solved just a simple reboot of the smartphone).

Note: To restart the phone / tablet. Just clamp the power button for 2-5 seconds., Before the system menu appears (example cm. on the screenshot below).

Check the Internet, try connecting to a higher-speed network

Also often the problem with Google Play is directly related to the quality of your Internet connection. If you have a low-speed mobile Internet (which is still periodically “falls off”). it is possible that from time to time Google Play will be unavailable.

I recommend to try to connect the phone / tablet to Wi-Fi network and double-check Play MARKET. It is also not superfluous to test and find out the real speed of the Internet (there is special. Services).

Remove the cache, updates to Google Play

To speed up your work, Play Market saves part of the data into the device memory (approx. : Call it cache). Over time, it grows, and it can lead to some errors (especially after updating Market).

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Therefore, Logical Tip: Delete Cache, Updates, Clear phone / tablet memory.

To do this, go to Android settings and open the section “Applications”. After finding and open Google Play app. Cm. Screenshot below

Next, clean the memory, delete the cache and updates (see. Shooter 1, 2 on the screen below).

After that it is recommended to restart Android (if you do not know how. cm. advice ).

Check if the Download Manager is enabled (Alternative Name “Download Manager”)

The fact is that this dispatcher allows you to upload files, including for Play Market. If, due to some reasons, it is turned off. problems with downloading files and updates.

To check whether it is enabled, go to Android settings, open the “Applications” section. Next, locate and open the “Download Manager” (in some devices it is called somewhat different “download manager”).

Applications. Download Manager (Android)

In the new versions of Android (10.0, for example) part of system applications can be hidden. Before searching, click on the “three points” in the corner of the screen and turn on their display (this is relevant and for recommendations below).

If you are disabled “download manager”. turn it on! (cm. Screen below). Also recommend cleaning it cache.

On the one hand. the time and date of “nonsense”. And on the other. because of them may not work some options in the phone.

The fact is that when working on Android, synchronization with some Google services. And if your time is incorrect. then when exchanging data with services. An error will occur, and in access to your device can be denied.

Also pay attention to date format, some confused By the way, you can also recommend setting the time and time zone manually (in some cases it helps).

Clean the “Google Services Framework” cache. Check that this software is turned on

Another systemic process that affects Play Market is Google Services Framework (it can also be found among the list of all applications). Opening its properties, Clean the cache and memory. After restarting the device and check the operation of Play Market.

Cleaning cache. Google Services Framework

Check whether the Google account is enabled. Try to stop and re-enable

Similar to the previous item: Open a list of all applications and go to Google Accounts (see. Example below).

Next, enable this application (Google Accounts) if it is turned off. Also, it will not be superfluous to reset the cache.

Google Accounts (Check if they are included)

IP Addresses Play Market You are not available.

In connection with the recent events (prohibition of Telegram in Russia) and subsequent mass locks of thousands of IP addresses. many users have problems not only with Play Market, but also with dozens of other applications.

It is possible that your Internet provider is blocked by the IP addresses you need, and because of this, you cannot connect to the service.

In this case, it is recommended to try to use VPN. For example, a very convenient application for Android. TURBO VPN (approx. : If your market does not work at all, you can download it in Play Market’s analog services).

Using the Turbo VPN application is very simple: enough after it is started to click on the “Carrot” icon (for connecting to the network), after which all your open applications (Internet used) will work through a proxy server (approx. : The application is ideal for novice users, the most simplifying work with proxy servers).

I think many will not surprise, if I say that Google Play has many analogues (similar services). They also have thousands of different applications, games, they are also tested, and meet high safety requirements.

In general, when Play Market does not work. then in some cases there are at least anywhere please download the application that is very necessary. It is better to do it with large proven services. Is not it? ✌

Google does not work on the phone

Huawei has recently been in a difficult situation. She fell into the black list of the US Department of Commerce and cannot work with American manufacturers and in the US market. Among other things, it means no access to Google’s services to work on Android.

What exactly that means? Is it true that Huawei has already developed its own mobile operating system? Perhaps this is another fork android? Is it possible to work with Android without access to Google services?

Google confirmed that the Huawei smartphones released to the present will continue to have access to the Play Store store and Google applications. Most likely they will remain without operating system updates, but monthly safety patches will come through the Google Play Protect mechanism.

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As for accessing the operating system, Android is open software. This means that anyone can take the code and use it at its discretion. Google has control over Android assembly, where Google Services Framework is built into.

How important is it? What loses the smartphone user without Google Services Framework?

Google Services Framework is a set of applications and intees of application programming that are closely integrated into the Android operating system and are associated with the synchronization of Google account. Even if you do not work with pre-installed Google applications, you still use application programming intees.

For example, something called Firebase Cloud Messaging. This is a free platform that works exclusively on Google Framework and is involved in numerous Push-notifications applications. This is a mandatory component for chat applications, email, other programs with the need to issue notifications. Without this framework disappears data synchronization. It can be contacts, calendars, backups. For all this, you will need to look for alternative applications.

The Google Play Games platform is also associated with Framework. Without it you will not be able to enter the records of the games in which they are. It is definitely impossible to play multiplayer games.

Also important component is Camera2 API. Smartphone manufacturers can install their own camera applications without this inteeis. However, program developers like Snapchat, Instagram, use this inteeis when using cameras. Effects of augmented reality and filters are lost without it.

The purpose of geolocation services is understandable without unnecessary explanations. They use the GPS module and information from cellular tips to determine the location of the device. Without this, all navigation applications will be useless and the ability to share their location will disappear.

There will also be no access to the Google Play Store application store, so you can not download new programs from there and update existing.

Something you can replace. Sites like Yalp Store or apkmirror allow you to download application installation files in format.APK. There are still projects like Microg, who are trying to restore or replace some of the necessary intees of applied programming.

Yalp Store takes files.APK from Play Store

In China itself, a lot of platforms like Baidu, Tencent QQ, where there is synchronization of accounts, messengers, app stores for Android. What about the performance of its devices in his homeland, Huawei may not worry.

In other countries, working with an Android device without Google services can be a tedious occupation. It will be necessary to independently search for numerous problems, manually update applications, from some programs to refuse. You can not doubt that the average consumer will not bother all this.

Through the deletion of Google’s account on the device

note! During this action, you can lose the necessary information, and that this does not happen, first back up or synchronize all data with the account of Google ACCOUNT. To delete, go to the system settings menu, select account item, and use deletion through the context menu

Overload the device, and during the new login, enter your account data again. It often helps to return the work of the store

To delete, go to the system settings menu, select account item, and use deletion through the context menu. Overload the device, and during the new login, enter your account data again. It often helps to return the work of the store.

Clearing cache and application data

If the error “failed to contact Google servers, repeat the attempt later” does not disappear, you can try this method:

  • Go to the settings of your gadget, select “Application Manager” and locate “Google Play Market” applications, “Google Services Framework” in the Google Play Service list.
  • Tap for each of these applications, and entering their settings, click there on “Erase Data” and “Clear Cache”.
  • After performing this operation with each of the above-mentioned applications, restart your device.

Perform this procedure for all listed applications. If it does not help, try refreshing the specified PLAY MARKET applications in the presence of updates. Some users helped to eliminate an error with Google servers on their devices.

Eliminate Google app

If the above methods do not help you, you can try to eliminate Google to correct Google Application.

Option 1. Forcibly stop the application

First go to “Settings”, then in “Applications” and in Application Manager “. Then select Applications and click “Stop”.

Option 2. Clean the cache and delete the application data

Click on the application and click “Clear Cache” or “Cache data”.

Option 3. Remove the application

Deleting an application will result in all data stored in the application will erase.

  • Click on the application icon you want to delete, and hold it;
  • Start moving the icon to the top of the screen to delete;
  • Transfer it to the inscription: “Delete” at the top of the screen. If this inscription is not displayed, the application cannot be deleted;
  • To complete the removal, remove your finger from the screen.
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What to do with an error about stopping the application “XXX

The first Banalen Council (and is often given in most instructions for this sense). just restart the device!

The fact is that after restarting the system. all applications will be re-initialized and loaded into memory, which often helps to eliminate many mistakes.

Next I recommend to go to Android settings, open the “Applications” tab and find “Google” among them. Cm. Example below.

After, you need to go to the “Memory” tab and Clear Cache.

Similarly, clean the cache and for the Google Play application (Play Market). Then restart the device and check the performance.

Next Tip: Reset application settings to a default option, as it was on a new device (this is not a complete device reset, files and contact list will be in place).

To do this, open the “Applications” tab in the Android settings, click on the top of the screen and select the “Reset Settings” in the menu. Cm. Screen below.

Reset Settings. Android Apps Tab

And long ago on the “problem” smartphone (tablet) applications were updated? In some cases, the problem lies just in this!

To update the applications: Go to Play Market and click “Update All!” (cm. Example below).

By the way, this operation may require a sufficiently large number of traffic (it is recommended to use Wi-Fi connection).

Another sufficiently frequent cause of the “Google” application failures is not a stable connection to the Internet (for example, that is, there is no signal, it does not. ). Such “jumps” are often when you are in the area, which is far from the operator’s tower (or indoors with thick walls).

Tip in this regard Standard: Try connecting to high-speed Wi-Fi network and double-check the device.

I also recommend checking the stability and speed of your connection using special. services reference below.

To help!

How to check the speed of the Internet on the phone android. Read a note.-

Also pay attention to the date and time in Android settings. If they are incorrect for your region. Google this “notes” and some applications and options can be inaccessible (and even closed with errors).

Try to manually set your time zone, date and time (t.E. Automatic detection of the date / time in the section “Date and Time” of Android settings need to be disabled!).

By the way, after changing these settings. do not forget to restart the phone (tablet) and check how the device starts working.

If all of the above has not brought results. try resetting Android settings, T.E. Return them to factory presets (Important: All files and installed applications from the device’s memory will be deleted!).

Therefore, before reset, save your contacts on an SD card or SIM, and transfer files and photos to the PC hard drive (for example).

Run directly the reset itself will help you one of my past note, the link to it below.

To help!

How to reset Android settings to factory [Hard Reset]. Read a note.-

On some devices from Chinese little-known brands. the version of the Android system may not be certified (it relates more to those who ordered the phone in Chinese online stores).

Actually, because of this, a number of Google services can work incorrectly (as far as I know, this “is treated” only by flashing the device. ).

If you decide to somehow otherwise. you read a few words in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. Thank you in advance!

Cleaning cache

Unable to connect to the server, although the Internet on the device works stable and the date is set correctly. The first thing to do is clean the Play Market and Google Play Application Cache.

To do this, go to the system settings in the “Device” paragraph and select “Applications”. We find the Play Market and press consistently:

The same actions are carried out for application Google Play services.

Also as in the market of the Market, click Stop, delete data and Clear Cache

Reboot the device and try to go to the Play Market. If the connection to the server still fails to be installed, try to make the next step.