What to do if the monitor is turned off, but the computer works

Connect the system unit to the monitor is quite simple, for this you need to connect their cable through the corresponding port, after which the image will be broadcast on the screen. Despite the relative simplicity of the procedure, there may be several problems at once, and after a successful connection. If the monitor goes out while the computer is working, many users may pretend that this is due to its malfunctioning. In fact, it is not always that way, and below we will look at the main reasons why the monitor is turned off during operation of the system unit.

The most common reason why the monitor is turned off at some time while the computer is working, it is a faulty cable. In this case, you need to check the condition of the cable itself, according to which information from the computer to the monitor is transmitted. Most often for image output, a DVI or HDMI connector is used in the computer case. Make sure that the cable in it is inserted hard, if it comes to DVI, it must be spinning, otherwise the connection will not be reliable.

If you cannot identify damage or poor cable connection, it is recommended to try to use another port for connecting in the system unit, most often such ports are somewhat. Also try to get a cable with which there are definitely no problems, and connect the monitor with the system block through it.

The laptop screen does not light up when you turn on: diagnosis and solution

What to do: When you turn on, the laptop screen does not light up or lights up but the screen is black?

The laptop is turned on, but the screen does not light up or burns dark. Everyone can face such a problem. The most important thing is not to breed a panic, the problem can be solved on your own, you just need to find the reason for the failure of the laptop and to solve it in a timely manner.

The computer screen goes out the computer screen goes out of the monitor screen during operation why the screen goes out?

In this article we will tell, what reasons exist and how to solve them quickly without contacting the service. All items are arranged in order, based on the popularity of a particular problem.

Gasnet Monitor. Solving Problem

My monitor, LG Flatron L1917S, began to go out during operation and immediately after switching on. I will give a lift in more detail. To my system unit, two monitors are connected: ASUS PA248QJ and LG Flatron L1917S. Monitors are connected via the ASUS AMD Radeon HD7770 video card, which allows you to connect up to 4 monitors at the same time. One fine day, the second monitor, LG Flatron L1917S, went out during operation. What’s most interesting is that it continued to burn a green indicator pointing to the fact that the monitor works. In the device manager, it was necessary that the monitor works fine, but at the same time, the monitor screen was black.

The computer determines that the device works normally, but the monitor screen does not shine

I tried to disable the power button monitor (POWER) and immediately turn on. The first time, after disconnecting and turning on the power, the monitor started to work, but then went out again. In a day or two, the situation looked as follows. the monitor turns on about a second and goes back again.

Initially, I thought that the problems are related to the video card, but when the VGA cable is disconnected from the system unit, the standard inscription “Check the cable” did not appear on the LG monitor. For every firefighter, I connected a monitor to a laptop. a laptop determined that the monitor and monitor is connected, but the monitor did not light up. Checking on the last VGA cable, I finally concluded that the monitor is defective. Earlier, I already repaired it, but last time the monitor did not turn on at all, t.E. The power indicator did not even light up. Although this time a malfunction looked quite differently, I ventured to assume that the problems are again associated with the monitor power unit.

Disassembly monitor

If you know how to disassemble LCD monitors, you can safely miss this part. If you do not know, it is better to read. We will disassemble the LG Flatron L1917S, but many other models are opened on the same principle.

Take a curly screwdriver and unscrew six screws.

In this case, you need to unscrew all the screws that managed to detect on the back of the monitor

Next to act neat. Connections of buildings of many monitors and laptops are attached on latches, so the body must be opened carefully, otherwise you can break not only latches, but also the housing itself. According to the LG Flatron L1917S service manual (managed to find on the Internet), the hull opens with “bare hands”. Really opens, but you can turn my fingers and fingers, so it’s better to tear up the front frame with a flat screwdriver.

The front frame can be pulled out with their hands, but it is necessary to make an effort

In a specific monitor model, the power supply is in the metal case (circled with a red frame).

The power supply is located in a metal case

For convenience of work, turn off the plugs with wires. For every fire case, march, from where and that you have turned off. As a rule, plugs are made in such a way that they cannot be connected to the “non-” connector. However, “Big God”. Take the marker and make markers on the case.

Before disconnecting plugs, the package is made in a red marker, showing where the plug is connected with a pink wire

Check electrolytic capacitors

After opening the case, first of all pay attention to the filtering capacitors of secondary chains.

Elements of secondary power supply chains

Visual inspection showed that one of the capacitors swept a little.

One of the capacitors sank

The capacitor dropped and checked its capacity using the VICTOR 205 multimeter, in which there is a measurement of tanks. The actual capacitor turned out to be significantly less than the nominal.

The actual capacity of the electrolytic capacitor was 256 microns (micro pharad) at a nominal 1000 μF. T.E. 4 times less nominal

Almost 100% was confident that after replacing this capacitor, the monitor will start working, but it was wrong. The situation has not changed. Next, I did not speculate and began to fall out and check the remaining electrolytic capacitors (without supplying the tanks could not be checked, since the capacitors were shunted by other elements). I give align all six condensers at the time of failure:

  • C202 (1000 μF x 25V) is the real capacity of 857 μF;
  • C203 (680 μF x 25V). the real capacity of 403 μF;
  • C204 (1000 μF x 16B). the real capacity of 1002 μF (changed during previous repairs 3 years ago);
  • C205 (1000 μF x 16B). the real capacity of 256 μF;
  • C206 (1000 μF x 25V). the real capacity of 834 μF;
  • C207 (470 μF x 25V). Real Capacity 409 μF.

Please note that all capacitors, except for one (I changed it earlier, when the monitor did not turn on at all), the capacity is less than the nominal. When repairing the problem was that only two capacitors of 2200 μF for 16 volts were able to find from spare parts. It was too lazy to flee to telemoles, so I did it as follows:

  • The first capacitor put instead of C205 (1000 μF x 16B). T.E. Along the voltage, the capacitor coincided with the “native”, but its capacity is twice as much;
  • The second capacitor put instead of C202 (1000 μF x 25V). Not the best solution, since I replaced the capacitor to the voltage of 25 volts, the condenser for 16 volts.
  • Native C202 (1000 μF x 25V), put instead of C207 (470 μF x 25V).

By kind, it was necessary to look into the telemaster and buy new capacitors. anyway. The fault was eliminated after replacing the C207 capacitor (470 μF x 25V), instead of which it turned out to be a condenser with an actual capacity of 857 microf.

Dim image

But that’s not all. Suggested Event Development Options are relevant for situations where when repeatedly turning on the PC monitor refuses to submit signs of life. But, as already mentioned, other situations are also possible.

What if the monitor turns on for 2 seconds and goes out the backlight? Or, for example, the user can see his desktop, after which the image is fading?

The reason for the breakdown is either in burnt fuses, or in damaged illumination lamps. As already mentioned, it is best to take a monitor for repair. Service centers for a small fee will help to correct the situation.

If there is a desire and at least some kind of mining skills of complex mechanisms, you can try to replace lamps independently and fuse. After properly spent actions, the monitor will earn again.

Hardware problems

Often the monitor spontaneously turns off due to hardware problems that can be the most different. Banal Situation. Cable Damage or Connector. If the cable is old or exposed to strong external influences, it is likely that it has defects. Inspect it, make sure that there are no fussy and inflection, at the same time check the health of connectors and adapters. To completely eliminate the problems with the cable, replace it with a new.

Polluted laptop

The second most popular cause is the accumulation of dust in a laptop. Most often meet with such a situation ASUS Owners. It was noted that immediately after cleaning the device stopped to go out.

It is possible to take the laptop professionals for cleaning, but it is quite realistic to cope with itself:

    First you need to completely turn off the device, it should not be in sleep mode. From the network it is also necessary to disconnect. The user will then take advantage of it to gently turn it up so that the lid be at the bottom and turn off the battery.

Malfunction of RAM (RAM)

For this reason, the monitor goes out quite less, but still sometimes it happens. Perhaps you recently bought a new RAM. Or she just came the term.

If you have several RAM planks, you can turn off one. Or change them in places. You can also check your rapid memory from a friend or take it to RAM and connect. If the problem is in it, you will immediately understand.

Goes out the laptop screen, but it works

The situation when the laptop screen goes out is quite common. With her most often encountered novice users who recently bought a device.

goes, monitor, computer, problem, video

Note! It is possible that the case is in any technical error. Statistics show that this concerns only 10% of cases, the remaining 90% fall on incorrect configuration or software malfunctions.

It is worth considering the most basic reasons for which this problem arises. over, having familiarized themselves with them, you can easily fix them.

Problem with power supply

Most often the reason is the lack of power setting. Certain this is very simple, enough to follow a simple algorithm:

    Go to “Control Panel” and from 8 thematic blocks Select the section “Equipment and Sound”. It includes viewing devices and printers, change their settings and other functions.

We go to the “Control Panel” and choose the “Equipment and Sound” section

A window with multiple tabs opens. In this situation, the “Power” section will be required, thanks to which the power settings can be performed.

Now the “Select or Setup Power Management System” window must appear. These parameters control the use of electricity computer. You need to pay attention to the scheme that is currently active (to the left of it will stand a black point). Near it is “Setting the power scheme” to which you need to click on the left mouse button.

Select “Setting the power scheme”

This section requires you to find out the time through which the laptop goes out. This is the time when the user is not behind its device and does not move the computer mouse. It is necessary to put the activity time that the user needs. Also in these settings can be made so that the computer does not fully.

If the user has a laptop from the Acer manufacturer, it is sufficient to simultaneously press the “Fn” and “F6” keys. With this simple action, the problem can be resolved. On laptops of other firms, you need to press other keys that are specified in the technical instructions for the device.

Polluted laptop

The second most popular cause is the accumulation of dust in a laptop. Most often meet with such a situation ASUS Owners. It was noted that immediately after cleaning the device stopped to go out.

It is possible to take the laptop professionals for cleaning, but it is quite realistic to cope with itself:

    First you need to completely turn off the device, it should not be in sleep mode. From the network it is also necessary to disconnect. The user will then take advantage of it to gently turn it up so that the lid be at the bottom and turn off the battery.

Turn over the laptop and remove the battery

Next Stage. Removing the device cover. In some cases, it can not be removed completely, but only partially. It will take that part where the cooler is located for the laptop does not overheat. Bolts each model differ, it all depends on the manufacturer. They need to be carefully unscrewed. Most often fastening manufacturers are hiding behind special stickers or by rubber inserts. Usually the cooling system is visible immediately, as it accumulates the greatest amount of dust.

In the disassembled state, the device will look like this:

Since the user needs only a cooler, and it is necessary to carefully remove it. It is important to remember that you first need to turn off the power cable.

Now it is necessary to arm a brush and vacuum cleaner. They need to thoroughly blow the entire body, paying special attention to the corners and radiator. It is a plate of yellow or orange, in which there are many different slots. Also thoroughly need to blow the cooler. Under the end of the cleaning, it is enough just to brush the remnants of dust with a brush.

goes, monitor, computer, problem, video

This is completed on this cleaning process. It is necessary to attach everything back, namely the cooler (before connecting it to the power loop) and the cover. All bolts need to insert again and stick over the available stickers, attach rubber inserts.

Incorrect work of drivers

It also happens that some of the drivers work is not entirely true. For example, if the video card driver works incorrectly, the screen can often go out or work with some failures. It is enough just to set them anew to solve the problem with a inappropriate color and unfortunately fading.

You need to download them only from official sources, otherwise you can only harm your computer.

If the user does not know which drivers it has on a laptop, and what no, you can use the program “Driverpack Solution”. It will help not only find the available drivers, but also update them to the most relevant version. It is also necessary to download from the official site.

    As soon as the user downloads it on the Internet, the application will start itself and also scans the available devices. In the “Programs” tab, there is a list of installed programs, but the Drivers tab will indicate the number of drivers requiring updates.

Monitor malfunction

If the monitor goes out when the system unit is running, it is impossible to exclude that there are some problems with it. Most monitors have protection that automatically disables the screen when the overheating occurs. Check with the help of diagnostic tool the temperature of the monitor will not work, so the only option is “to the touch” determine whether it is not hot. If the monitor overheats, it is possible to put it in a more ventilated place in the room or, for example, to move away from the wall.

Also, the monitor can automatically turn off if it works in a room with high humidity. In such a situation, you need to postpone the monitor to the room with normal humidity and allow it to stand for some time without connecting to the network. During this time, the melting should evaporate, and when working in a normal environment, the monitor will no longer go out if corrosion did not have time to form.