How to properly and quickly set up a webcam in Windows

Internet communication becomes more convenient and simple every year. One of the devices, which is an integral part of the organization of communication, has become a webcam. However, before setting up a computer webcam on Windows, you need to answer some questions.

Absolutely anyone can figure out how to connect a webcam to a computer. This is a very simple device. Connecting a webcam to a computer does not require any special skills or knowledge.

The issue of its connection is more relevant for owners of personal computers, since laptops, as a rule, are equIPped with cameras. The built-in camera is already ready for use by default, so you do not need to install or update anything to use it. But despite this, sometimes it makes sense to equIP a laptop with a better version of a webcam.

The process of connecting a webcam to a personal computer and a laptop is the same. To do this, you need to take the USB cable, which is included in the kit, and connect one end to the Corresponding connector on the camera, and the other end to a free USB port. After that, you will hear a characteristic Windows sound informing about the connection of a new device. After waiting for the device to fully initialize, you should restart your computer for the camera to work correctly.

Some webcams, in addition to the USB cable, are also equIPped with a mini-jack 3.5 mm leader. This suggests that the device has a built-in microphone. The plug of this GoPro must be inserted into the Corresponding socket. It looks like it is located next to the speaker connector. Most likely, both the mini-jack 3.5 mm wire extending from the camera and the connector for it on the computer will be red or pink.

If there is an installation disc included

In most cases, setting up a camera on a computer ends at the previous stage. Most webcam drivers are installed automatically. If this does not happen, a CD will come to the rescue, which should be included in the kit. Insert this disc into the drive, the installation menu will appear. Further, following the guide of the explorer, you need to install the device drivers. For the webcam to work properly, you need to restart your computer.

How to install drivers and “make” the webcam work

If the installation disc is included

But, how to set up a webcam on a computer on Widows if there is a disk included with the camera or it is lost, and the drivers are NOT automatically installed? In this case, there are three ways to solve the problem. The first is to install a special program that will find suitable drivers on the Internet and automatically install them. There are a lot of such programs, the most popular are DriverBooster and DriverPack. These utilities are very simple and have an intuitive interface, so any user can figure it out.

The second way is to search the network for drivers using the built-in Windows tools. To do this, right-click on the “Start” menu. In the menu that opens, click “Device Manager” (for Windows 8 and lower versions, the path is as follows: “Start”. “Control Panel”. “System and Security”. “System”).

Next, you need to identify devices with uninstalled drivers by the yellow icon on the right. Among them we find a webcam. After right-clicking on such a device and choosing “Update drivers” in the pop-up menu, in a new window you need to click “Automatic search for updated drivers”. The drivers will be installed, and the camera will work after reboot.

The third way to solve the problem is to manually search for the necessary files on the website of the camera manufacturer.

Setting up a webcam for Skype

Skype is the most popular Internet communication software in the world. Most users do not know how to set up a webcam on their Skype computer correctly. In fact, this program does not require any special webcam setup. The whole setup consists in the correct connection of the camera to the computer and the correct installation of the drivers. Therefore, if all the previous stages of the users have been completed correctly, then Skype will inevitably broadcast the image from the device.

To check if the image is being transmitted, first you need to launch the program and log in to your account. Next, you need to select the “Tools” tab at the top of the window, in the menu that opens, click “Settings”. After that, the item “Settings” is selected. If you see an image from the camera, then everything is in order and you can make calls. If a text message is displayed on the screen, then there is a malfunction. Most often it occurs due to the fact that the camera is being used by another application. Therefore, in order to call Skype, you need to close other similar programs.

Thus, installing a webcam is NOT difficult. It’s very simple: connecting cables, installing the necessary drivers, installing a communication program. Leave your comments and ask questions that you could not find answers to in the article. Feedback from readers is very important to us. It will allow you to improve the project and the quality of articles on it.

Working with a webcam in Linux

In addition to the standard use of a linux webcam for the intended purpose for making calls in the Skype program, you can do many more things, for example, write or take photos. There are several ways to record with a webcam on Linux.

Let’s consider the most common ones. First, you can broadcast the output of the WEB-camera directly to the screen of a computer or laptop by simply running the command:

Mplayer tv: //.TV driver = v4l2: width = 640: height = 480: device = / dev /0.Fps 30

And with the help of mencoder, you can immediately write the output of the webcam to an avi file:

Mencoder tv: //.TV driver = v4l2: width = 320: height = 240: device = / dev /0.Ovc lavc.O webcam.Avi

If these utilities are not installed on your system, then you can even use ffmpeg to record from a WEB-camera:

Ffmpeg.F4linux2.S 320×240.I / dev /0 out.Mpg

You do not need to use the console utilities for this task. A program such as vlc also allows recording from various devices. Run the program from the main menu, open the file menu, capture device:

Genius Webcam Setup

Select recording device camera, device file0:

Then click on the arrow next to the Play button and select Convert, such a solution is necessary to save the data to a file, if you do not need to save anything, you can immediately click Play to play it on the screen in real time:

Here it remains only to select the file to save in the Convert to file field:

After you press Start, recording will begin and the light on the webcam will light up:

The v4l-tools set of programs includes the streamer utility, which allows you to perform various actions with a webcam in Linux, record photos and

You may need to install the package itself before starting work:

Sudo apt-get install v4l-tools

Now you can use the program. To write one frame, execute:

Streamer.O foobar.Ppm

The following command will save 10 frames:

Streamer.T 10.R 2.O foobar00.Jpeg

And such a command can be written. 30 seconds long and 352 x 240 pixels wide:

Streamer.T 0: 30.S 352×240.R 24.O movie.Avi.F mjpeg.F stereo

Linux webcam setup

All laptops now come with built-in communications. Webcam. It is very convenient. With a Linux webcam, you can chat with friends over the Internet, take photos, or even record from a laptop. But there is only one but.

Not all webcam models have drivers in the Linux kernel. Webcams, like Wi-Fi network adapters, are NOT fully supported by this operating system yet. But nevertheless, many work and even very well. In this guide, we will look at how to choose a webcam for Linux, as well as talk about how to work with it and configure.

Setting up a webcam in Linux

If linux webcam is compatible with your system, then it will be automatically detected and will work. Let’s see if the webcam is detected on your system:

Sudo ls.L / dev / | grep

Crw-rw 1 root 81 0 May 31 Apr 140

Device0 is your webcam linux, if everything is in order, you can work with it. But what if there is no camera? But not all cameras are supported by default by the kernel and v4l driver. But for Some there are third-party drivers, so there is still a chance to make it all work. First, let’s see what the system says in the state of the drivers of our WEB-camera:

Module Alias: “usb: v046Dp08DAd0100dc00dsc00dp00ic01isc02IP00”
Driver Info # 0:
Driver Status: gspca_zc3xx is active
Driver Activation Cmd: “modprobe gspca_zc3xx”
Config Status: cfg = new, avail = yes, need = no, active = unknown
Attached to: # 8 (Hub)

In this example, the program reports that you need to use the gspca_zc3xx driver, it is ready to use and you only need to load it with the command:

Now check again if the device is in the / dev / directory.

Usually, the system in this message should say which driver is needed, and using the Internet you can find how to install it on your system. If the previous driver does not work or you have a different webcam, you can also try the uvcdriver:

Sudo modprobe uvcvideo

NOT all distributions have the correct access rights to the webcam device file by default. Add read / write permission for all users in the group:

Sudo chown root: / dev /0

Sudo chmod grw / dev /0

The linux webcam setup is complete. Now let’s take a look at how to use a webcam on Linux.

Choosing a webcam for Linux

It’s one thing if your webcam is built into a laptop and you can’t change anything, but it’s another if you buy it yourself. In this case, choosing a linux webcam should be taken seriously. Even though more and more hardware is now supported by the Linux kernel, and many cameras are reasonably well supported, it is important to keep yourself safe from problems.

In Linux, the v4l driver is most often used to connect webcams, it is included in the kernel by default. If your linux webcam is compatible with this driver, most likely there will be no problems with it. You can view a list of compatible devices on the Ubuntu website. In short, then. Here are the main manufacturers:

  • A4 Tech
  • Creative
  • Genius
  • Hercules
  • Jenoptik
  • Logitech
  • Mediaforte
  • Micro Innovations
  • Microsoft
  • Mustek
  • PhilIPs
  • Samsung
  • Sanyo
  • Sony
  • Tevion
  • Trust
  • Typhoon

Of course, there are other manufacturers and other drivers, but with this driver there is a good chance that everything will work out of the box. V4l uses other drivers to work with equIPment from different manufacturers, but the drivers for all WEB cameras supported by v4l are already built into the kernel.


That’s all. This article took a quick look at setting up a Linux webcam. If you still have questions, write comments!


List of supported webcams:


List of supported webcams:


List of supported webcams:

Small introduction

The vast majority of laptops, netbooks, and all-in-ones produced today are equIPped with webcams. Due to the fact that Skype and other telephony services are gaining popularity, a webcam is becoming an increasingly necessary accessory.

And with this accessories sometimes there are various problems with drivers, as well as other problems like an inverted image. The latter, by the way, often occurs on Asus laptops. The solution to the inverted image problem is quite simple: Solving the problem with the inverted image of the camera, but the drivers are more difficult. It also often happens that the connection between the camera and the motherboard of a laptop, netbook or candy bar is broken and the camera simply does not appear in the list of devices. An inappropriate driver for the camera can lead to the same result. The camera in this case seems to be there, but it is not.

This guide will show you how to solve all these problems and make your webcam work. Here is an example aLGorithm for solving the problem:

  • Determining the webcam model;
  • Installing drivers for a specific webcam;
  • Installing software and fixing errors in the webcam.


List of supported webcams:


List of supported webcams:

Short descrIPtion

DescrIPtion of the way to check the functionality of the webcam, as well as instructions on how to install the driver for it.

Installing drivers for your webcam

So. With the definition of which camera is sorted out. You should have VID and PID code values ​​for your camera at this time. We will select drivers for them.

For greater convenience, the drivers are collected in one small archive and divided into folders. Below will be download links, as well as a list of supported cameras for each folder with drivers. Use the search on the page for your PID code. Faster will be.


List of supported webcams: