The program allows you to play on a tablet or smartphone like a real musical instrument. With multi-touch support, your performance is truly realistic. The app includes virtual keyboards (Forte, piano and organ), drums and guitars with special accessories. There is also a string band and other instruments of an orchestra, jazz band or metal bands. You can record not only music, but also a voice, adding various effects to it. Supports work with other compatible music applications. It is possible to create orchestras (up to 4 people) over the network. A professional mixer is included in the programs. Finished tracks can be sent by mail, added to iTunes and YouTube, and published on social networks. Integration with PC.

No analogues are specified for this application

GarageBand App Reviews (303)

Madmeur. February 17, 2021 at 12:40:37 # Very very much missing:
– effect automations
– disable / enable midi device in the settings (to play on 2 devices in the background, in different applications)
– learning midi for devices (put twists and, for example, put drums on pads), there is no channel selection for midi

Docake. December 13, 2020 at 13:48:26 # over the past year and a half, everything goes exclusively towards the bottom. it became dumb to hope for the garage: he likes to crash from any sneeze, without doing autosaves, he can lose the last couple of hours of work at the same time. even more dumb. tends to drop DURING FILE SAVING, which is for any direction. just barbarism.
during the megre operation, it often takes off at the last stage. normalization.
At the same time, everyone loads the device to throttling. tougher than any of the competitors. nTrack, Korg Gadget, FL Mobile. who have enough brain and skills in such situations to teach the software to slow down the operation of the operation being performed in order to avoid crashes due to overheating. and this is software for hardware of its own production. I put out the light, by God. such jambs look very, very shameful. not to mention how much material was lost by such unexpected Bones bugs, and with it, their own nerves.

especially gourmet bottom. a couple of projects over the past year, of course, at the stage of “almost completed” have become broken and undiscovered in any way. even by importing to logic on a Mac. and this theme has been periodically shown in a mobile garage for at least five years (!), at least. With the release of updates, you hope that it is impossible for the development team to be such gouges, for sure they have already ruled out so shameless and imbecile, in addition, absolutely heartless bugs, have been fixed. After all, we are talking about (!) material (!), a product of human inspiration and an impulse of the soul, and its safety, if these loud and funny words say anything to developers at all. guess what ?! not a damn thing.
if for some reason one or another project you start to give in the garage. you sweat and shake all the time until you finish, because any file, even with the recording of two tracks of vocal takes. risks being beaten at the most unexpected moment.

honestly, for everything that I have experienced in total with this software. if I met the people responsible for its development live. would spit in my face without first brushing my teeth. no matter how disgusting it may sound and characterize me as a person. because there is a limit to the shameless bugs of this software. no, in principle, and it is simply impossible to predict any of its devilish manifestations. will hit the cabbage soup from the most unexpected side. it is inhuman. therefore I do not consider it necessary to be a human in response.

of course, almost all the processes have already been translated into other mobile solutions, each of which is more reliable, but recently, at my own peril and risk, I decided to dig into a project with long-recorded guitar takes in the amount of 4 tracks. if I knew what hell I doomed myself to and how many operations I would have to do 3-4 times due to unexpected departures without saving or DURING SAVINGS, damn you. now I know. and in this session there were as many of them as never before. and this is with a relative minimum of processing of the tracks themselves. testifies to the complete degradation of this development project. two years ago it was possible to use all 32 declared tracks in half with grief, now it is possible to reach this point only if, having died a couple of times on the way.

Jackiefrett. December 13, 2020 at 12:20:02 pm # Guys, everything is just perfect, but I’m begging you to add some odd meters, like 5/4 or 7/4, it would be a game changer for many of us.

Nikita brow rassiy. December 13, 2020 at 07:53:05 #. but my iphone has 16GB of memory and I cannot free the memory, I wanted to install, but there is little memory.

Reduce the app size from 1.6GB to at least 600-900MB. Reply

Haric 110. January 22, 2020 at 15:54:34 # The GarageBand application is developed to such a level that it can almost replace musical instruments by providing its virtual instruments based on physical modeling. But as I noticed in the process of long-term work with it, the keyboard of the keyboards even on the iPad does not allow you to play something on it, as on the Forte pianos or synthesizers, since there is not enough key length, which makes the hand squeeze when playing. This leads to painful sensations, can lead to injury, and, in principle, is harmful for the musician.
So while the application is not suitable for playing music on it, but it can be used for selecting a melody, playing and entering notes through editing.
I wish in future versions to add the ability to increase the size of the keys in the iPad version by collapsing the top bar (which with or without instrument controllers).

There is also a desire for an arbitrary time signature and the ability to change it in the project, a variable tempo. this will give more freedom for creativity.
Thank. Reply

Alexkotov. 09 March 2019 at 03:26:37 # I can’t download, namely I click on the icon and then nothing happens. The icon does not appear in the menu, and the loading bar is dead and I can’t even cancel. Also, the application for some reason cannot be found through the search and I had to open the list of all Apple applications. ‍♂️

Maktry. September 12, 2018 at 17:15:22 # There are no alternatives to this program, the best solution for a musician! Garage Band offers a wide range of features and quality that is completely unavailable on Android. It was she who led me to the Iphone, and showed all the possibilities. Prepare a demo for the studio, record a composition with mixing. easily! In emergency situations, she even helped out live! Huge thanks and respect for the developers!

I smashed the old Iphone, and bought a new one, the choice fell on the Iphone again thanks to this application! Reply

Ashurov isay. 06 August 2018 at 14:45:28 # Everything is great!)
I would really like to be able to edit the note pitch of a vocal track!)
As in Newtone, so as not to re-record the verse, chorus or bridge many times, this will help those who, like me, learn vocals myself, but there is already material to publish it!) Everything is ready, except for the voice, it seems that it is not badly recorded, but there are small roughnesses that you want to remove without rewriting.
And so, in my opinion, Garageband is much better than Fl Studio and other programs of this class!

Dmar ikotov. May 31, 2018 at 01:25:01 AM # Amazing app, which help you to understand that music is not difficult!
It turned my life upside down!
I don’t know read this developers or not, but HUGE THANK YOU!
App can help you or your child open wonderful world of making music, just try!

One negative moment. sync with Mac version GarageBand, please do something for old MacBooks. Add new features from mobile version! Reply

, March 18, 2018 at 17:52:03 # I really like this application, because here you can make your own song, a lot of interesting instruments, it’s VERY good that you don’t have to pay for extensions here. 10/10 Reply

Fifamanager 07.21 November 2017 at 11:12:10 # With the new iOS, I bought and updated both iPad and iPhone 5s. They are synchronized and as I understand they have different versions of the garage.

The fact is that after updating the version on the iPad, now the garage does not open on the iPhone. How can I try to fix it? Reply

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  • Drum set 4.44 216

How to quickly create a ringtone in iTunes and GarageBand

iPhones are not uncommon today. As soon as a familiar melody is heard in the room where there are several people, all owners of Apple smartphones grab their s. “No, it was not mine”

Let’s figure out how, without unnecessary dancing, to make a unique ringtone from any song you like using the Apple GarageBand application and the standard iTunes player.

Note: Please note that you can only cut a track that does not have DRM protection installed. This means that songs purchased from the iTunes Store and downloaded from Apple Music will not work. To install, you need a track that is not tied to Apple services.

The entire operation to create a ringtone will take no more than 3-4 minutes, and the created audio clip will be available in the “native” settings of the iOS device without additional applications.

Everyone needs good headphones. Choose yours:

  • Quality and leather Bowers Wilkins P5 S2
  • Highly powered and wireless JBL Everest Elite 700NC
  • Well insulating from the outside world Bose SoundTrue Ultra in-ear
  • Sports, running Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless
  • Trendy and stylish Bang Olufsen BeoPlay H6

How to create a ringtone in GarageBand

GarageBand is Apple’s real pride. You can write music on the road with only headphones and an iOS device. Presets, timelines, tracks, mixers, add-ons, virtual instruments, patterns. all available in one multifunctional application.

But you can also create ringtones in GarageBand.

To view the steps of the instruction, scroll through the gallery

Open GarageBand and create a track with any of the instruments (drums, keys, guitar).

Press the REC key and record a short excerpt, then click on Stop.

Multitrack mode appears on the toolbar. Open it.

Click on the Loop tool.

Select the desired song in the Music section. Playlists. Tap the song and hold for a second until the track mode opens.

Place the song on a new track and wait for the import to finish.

To view the steps of the instruction, scroll through the gallery

Press “” to increase the duration of the song.

Set the value to 15 beats (the default setting corresponds to a ringtone duration of 30 seconds) and click Done. Crop the composition to the desired size. Remember to delete the recorded instrument section in step 2.

Press the key to go to the menu of saved projects.

Press Select, highlight the project with the trimmed composition, press the Share key (rectangle with an up arrow) and select Ringtone.

Give your ringtone a name and click Export.

The created ringtone will be available in the Settings. Sounds. Ringtone menu.

How to create a ringtone in iTunes

To view the steps of the instruction, scroll through the gallery

Open the iTunes app and find the MP3 song you want to set as your ringtone. Drag the song to your playlist. When prompted to keep songs available in iCloud, select Delete and Continue.

Listen to the song and choose the exact place from which you plan to start the sound of the future ringtone. Remember the value in minutes and seconds.

Call the context menu of the track and tap on the Information item (as an option, highlight the song and press CMD I)

Open the Options tab and specify the exact start and end time of the ringtone.

Specify the exact timing at the rate: 4: 36.532, where 4 is the value of minutes, 36 is seconds. Milliseconds (numbers after the decimal point) are negligible.

After specifying the start and end values, click OK. Call the context menu of the track (right-click) and tap on the Create version in ACC format item.

Open the Music tab. A duplicate track will appear in the list of tracks, trimmed at the time values ​​you specified.

To view the steps of the instruction, scroll through the gallery

Call the context menu of the just created (short version) composition and click Show Finder.

The Finder file manager will open with the exact directory of the song.

Call the context menu of the composition (short version) and open the Properties item. In the Name and extension line, change the value m4a to m4r, and at the same time give a new name to the file. Under this name, the file will be available in the iPhone settings menu.

After making the changes, press Enter and in the dialog box that opens, select Use m4r. Move the renamed track to any other folder (you can on the Desktop).

Go back to iTunes and remove the short song from the list by confirming Delete Song. Move. Move the song that was moved and renamed to m4a format back to iTunes. The file will disappear from the playlist immediately after moving.

In iTunes, open the Sounds tab, having previously enabled them in the panel (click on three points. check the box next to Sounds).

The created ringtone will be displayed in the Sounds category.

Connect iPhone with USB cable and sync Ringtones.

garage, band, make, iphone

After the syncing process is complete, disconnect your iPhone. Open Settings. Sounds. Sounds and vibration patterns. In the list you will find the ringtone you just created.

Installing a song from a computer via iTunes

An alternative option, how to put music on iPhone ringing through iTunes, is to use the version for the computer. It is better to update the program beforehand.

Launch iTunes and connect your smartphone to your PC using a cable, then click on its icon at the top of the program window. Next, you need to open the Sounds section. it is at the bottom of the list.

Open the folder on your computer where the prepared track is located (if you cannot find it, use the search on your computer), and drag it to the right panel of iTunes.

Life hack: If there is no sounds section, then transfer the file directly to the part of the list where the contents of your device are listed. After that, the desired item will appear automatically.

Please note that the file extension must be m4r. You can get it by renaming their m4a track or convert music in any format through online converters.

It remains to wait until the data is synchronized so that the downloaded ringtone will be displayed in the list on the device.

If you can’t install a ringtone on your iPhone as described above, check your iTunes settings. To do this, in Settings, select the Browse item, and then in the settings subsection, check the box “Process music and video manually”.

Apply settings and download again.

How to put ringtone on iPhone via iTunes from smartphone

The standard installation option offers to choose the appropriate melody from the music catalog directly from the device, be it iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 7 or the latest 8 and X. To do this, open Sounds in the settings section, and then go to the Ringtone item.

Before you can set the song to ring on the iPhone, you need to pay for the track. But then all that remains is to select it from the list of options available for the ringtone.

How to put music on a call on iPhone

Appliances from Apple are distinguished by a peculiar interface. not every owner of a status smartphone even knows how to put a ringtone on an iPhone. However, the developers have provided for a couple of ways, and third-party developers were in advance. Let’s see how easy it is to put a song on a call on an iPhone:

  • via iTunes from a smartphone or computer;
  • in Garage Band;
  • or using iTools.

Via Garage Band

Another option for how to set ringtone on iPhone is the Garage band app. By the way, unlike the previous options, here you can adjust the duration and select the desired place from the composition.

Launch the app and start a new project by clicking on the plus sign.

Make Ringtone For iPhone Using GarageBand. 2018 (Easy Method!)

You can choose any tool, you won’t need it anyway. To work with a file, switch to track mode by clicking on the button in the upper left corner next to the menu.

After that, you need to press the plus on the right to set the desired duration in measures.

By default, only 8 are offered, you can set, for example, 60 and save.

garage, band, make, iphone

Next, you need to go to loops by clicking on the loop on the right side of the toolbar.

In the section that opens, go to the Music subsection.

Drag the desired track onto the track without lifting your finger from the screen.

Important! You can only use songs that are saved directly to your device. Also, you cannot download a protected song.

Now drag the start and end markers so that only the desired section is left of the track. Then slide it to the beginning of the track. Please note that too long fragments will be automatically cut by the program.

Now you need to go to the My songs section and call the “Share” menu, keeping your finger on the track.

Next, you need to select the “Ringtone” option. To finish and install the ringtone on the iPhone through Garage Band, you need to specify how to name the resulting creation, and then export the result.

A summary menu will appear where you can set it as the default alarm or bind it to a specific contact.

The method is convenient in that it allows you to collect a signal to taste without additional devices and paid applications / music.

Melody replacement via iTools

Let’s consider another way how to change ringtone on iPhone. using the iTools program. Please note that iTunes must be installed to work correctly with the device.

Run the application and go to the Tools section.

Open the ringtone maker.

Load the desired track. you can select both from the computer (“Local music” button), and from the device itself. Wait for the visual representation of the sound to load and display. for long compositions this may take some time.

Then click “Play” and at the beginning and end of the fragment, click “Set. at the beginning. ” and “Const. to the end “respectively. You can also just drag the green marks if you know the right time.

The last step remains, how to change the ringtone on the iPhone. save the track to the device. After that, you can select it in the standard sound settings for the ringtone.

Using iTunes

I’ll tell you right away: this method does not work with songs purchased from iTunes. But if you purchased a track on Bandcamp or SoundCloud, then quite.

Open iTunes and drop the song of your choice there. After that, right-click on the track and select “Song Details”. After that, in the “Options” section, select any piece of the song no longer than 30 seconds:

Click OK and convert this song to AAC. You can do this along the path “File” “Conversion”:

After that, you will have a shortened version of your song. Click on it with the right mouse button and select “Show in Finder” (“Show in Explorer” if you are using Windows).

Then go back to iTunes and remove this “stub” of the song from it, but leave the file in place. Open the Finder folder where you have the converted, shortened version of your favorite song. It will be in.m4a format. Rename it so that the track resolution is m4r:

After that, connect your iPhone to your computer and in iTunes go to the device sync menu. On the left you will find the item “Sounds”. Just drag and drop your.m4r file there:

Buying a ringtone

It’s okay to buy content. Including buying ringtones. At least that’s what Apple thinks. This can be done in the settings of your iPhone:

But there is a problem: you can not make a ringtone from all songs. What to do if your favorite track isn’t there?

How to Change iPhone Ringtone Easily?

As it turned out, the simplest things to do on the iPhone are simple, but not so obvious. For example, changing the ringtone on a smartphone is not so easy. In this text, I will break down three possible ways to replace the ringtone on your iPhone.

Method without a computer

To do this, you need some kind of cloud storage, where you upload the song and the GarageBand program installed on the iPhone.

Download a track from the cloud to the GarageBand File Transfers folder in Files:

Then open GarageBand and create a new track. You can choose absolutely any tool. there is no difference.

Make an automatic number of measures right away by clicking on the plus in the upper right corner of the screen:

Then open the list of loops and in the “Files” section select the track you downloaded:

With a long tap, transfer it to the automatically created track:

Here you can trim the song however you like.

Then return to the list of GarageBand projects (upper left button) and with a long tap on the project with the future ringtone, call the context menu:

Click on Share. This window will open:

Click on “Ringtone” and call it what you want. Next, GarageBand will offer you to use it as a ringtone for all calls, only for a specific contact, or even for messages.

But if you want to change the ringtone, then you can do this along the path “Settings” “Sounds, tactile signals” “Ringtone”, where the song you created will be.

Bonus: how to turn off the flash on a call

I add, because it infuriates all the people around. Especially in the cinema:

This function is needed for visually impaired people who can see the flash. And only in this case, its use is justified.

How to make a ringtone in GarageBand for iOS

Minimum time spent and programs used.

Some iPhone owners often think about personalizing their devices. In addition to all kinds of protective covers, the design for the smartphone’s desktop is also selected, and standard melodies are replaced with their own ringtones. Most of the users download ready-made songs, someone purchases suitable files from the iTunes Store.

Expectations are usually met by self-created ringtones. There are many apps for this in the App Store, although everything can be done in standard GarageBand. The whole process will not take even a minute.

Create a ringtone

  • In the export menu, select the type of media file “Ringtone”;
  • Write down the name of the composition and click “Export”;
  • After completing the process, click “Use sound as”;
  • Specify what the received ringtone will be used for.

For owners of the iOS version of GarageBand, this method of creating ringtones can be considered the most optimal. There is an important nuance that requires attention: the application does not work with files that are not locally downloaded to the iPhone. Also, the program will not import digitally protected files. The entire Apple Music library turns out to be completely useless in this matter. Otherwise, GarageBand successfully copes with the task of creating new ringtones.

For the information we thank our reader Valentin Polyankovsky!

How to make ringtone on iPhone without PC

It’s very simple if you know how to do it.

There are several convenient ways to create and download ringtones on iPhone. But most of them require the use of a computer, which users cannot always afford. How to make a ringtone directly on the iPhone and immediately set it as a ringtone was described in this instruction.

Note that this method of creating ringtones on iPhone without a PC has existed for a very long time. However, not everyone could use it. This is because the GarageBand application, with which we will create a ringtone directly on the iPhone, was previously paid for most users. But for a relatively long time, Apple made it free for absolutely everyone, thanks to which the method described in this manual for creating a ringtone on an iPhone without a PC has become relevant for every user.

Also, before starting, it is necessary to note two disadvantages of this method. First, the GarageBand app weighs 1.44 GB, which is why not all users will be able to keep it installed on the device. And secondly, alas, you cannot cut a ringtone from a song from the Apple Music collection using GarageBand.

How to make ringtone on iPhone without PC

Install the GarageBand app on iPhone and launch it.

Go to the “Audio Recorder” menu by scrolling to it on the main screen of the application.

Click on the button with the image of the layers in the upper left corner (shown in the screenshot below).

Turn off the metronome by pressing the button with its image.

Click on the “” button to the right of the recording track.

In the “Song Section” window that opens, select “Section A” and activate the “Automatic” switch.

Click on the loop icon in the upper right corner of the screen, select the “Music” tab.

Find the song from which you want to make a ringtone, hold it with your finger and drag it to the track on the main screen of the application.

Click on the imported track to enter edit mode.

Change the length of the song by moving the edges of the beginning and end of the track. Please note that the duration of the ringtone should be 30 seconds.

For the most accurate ringtone creation, zoom in the track by stretching it with two fingers.

After the ringtone is created, click on the triangle (or the inscription “My songs”) in the upper left corner. You will be taken to a list of songs you created in GarageBand.

Press and hold on the created ringtone, click “Share” → “Ringtone”, specify the name of the ringtone and complete the operation by clicking “Export”.

Done! Your ringtone has become available for installation in the “Settings”. “Sounds” menu.

How to create iPhone ringtone right on the iPhone itself

With ringtones on the iPhone, everything is pretty bad: you can’t put the songs from the player on the call, the ringtones themselves need to be made on the computer, and even synchronized via the hated iTunes. However, there is one easy way to turn any song in your library into a ringtone or message sound right on your smartphone.

To do this, we need a DRM-free track, that is, not purchased from the iTunes Store, and GarageBand for iOS, which you probably have. And of course, you can’t do without a couple of minutes of free time.

So, open up GarageBand and create a new project.

Choosing any tool to get started.

Switch to track mode by pressing the corresponding button.

Click the plus sign in the upper right corner and get to the section menu.

Here we need to increase the number of ticks. Open section A options by clicking on its line.

By touching the arrow button, we swipe and bring the number of measures, say, up to 60. Click “Finish”.

Now go to the loops menu by clicking on the loop icon.

Make Ringtone For iPhone Using GarageBand. 2020 [Easy Method!]

Switch to the “Music” tab and select a song from which we will make a ringtone.

Hold your finger on the title and drag the track to a separate track.

Reducing the track from the beginning and from the end, adjust the desired fragment and move it to the zero mark.

If the section is longer than 30 seconds, GarageBand will trim it automatically.

Go to “My songs” and, holding your finger on our track, open the “Share” menu.

Select the “Ringtone” option, assign a name to it and click “Export”.

After the export is complete, the ringtone can be immediately set to a call, message, or assigned to a specific contact.

I hope that now you will be able to change ringtones more often and in crowded places the chimes of the standard “Introduction” will not be heard from all sides.