The instruction manual for the Full HD 1080p DVR begins with a descrIPtion. This camera has an excellent 5 megapixel performance. Its viewing angle is 100-120, which makes it possible to securely capture all the events happening around. The GPS-module allows you to use satellite navigation with reference to. Thus, in the event of an accident, you can be guaranteed to receive compensation from the insurance company in full. There is a loop recording function for smooth operation.

In this case, after the memory card is full, the next files are overwritten. It is possible to connect a USB cable. All such recorders allow the use of micro-cd cards up to 32 GB.

Full HD 1080p Dash Cam DescrIPtion



The device is controlled using buttons. With their help, you can configure all the parameters available in the device. The interface is intuitive. This allows even an inexperienced person to make adjustments. The following accessories are included in the package:

  • registrar;

You should start by formatting the memory card into the recorder. For intensive use, we recommend formatting once a month. The card is inserted and removed when the recorder is off. It should be installed without much effort. If the Card does not insert, check its correct position.

The recorder is designed to operate from a car charger. For this, it is connected to the cigarette lighter. It is also possible to charge via a USB cable connected to a computer.

The mode turns on simultaneously with the power supply. Some models allow the use of the delay start function. In this case, the start-up will be performed 10-20 seconds after the power is applied. Shooting is controlled using buttons on the body. With their help, you can zoom in / out, change the viewing angle. It is also possible to take a photo without stopping the recording. There is a separate photo mode.

Press the Mode button to enter playback mode. The choice of files for viewing is made using the appropriate keys. Playback starts with the OK button. The Right and Left buttons help to slow down the image or vice versa to speed up it. The corresponding symbols appear on the display.

Full HD 1080p DVR operating instructions. Briefly about the main

Nowadays, cameras with high resolution are becoming more common. Therefore, the instruction manual of the Full HD 1080p recorder is a must. This will allow you to use the device taking into account its maximum capabilities. The use of such equIPment will facilitate the search for a particIPant in an accident, because the level of shooting allows you to see the numbers at a considerable distance. If you are faced with the task of choosing the most efficient device for recording your trIPs, then it makes sense to pay attention to this group of cameras. They are usually not expensive. Their fluctuate in the middle range.

  • DescrIPtion
  • Instructions
  • Charging
  • Menu


You can customize the device the most convenient for you. This allows the recorder to be used most effectively. First of all, you should pay attention to the following characteristics:

  • Resolution. The higher this indicator, the better the recording will be. It is not recommended to use the maximum quality with a small memory card installed;
  • Date and time, timestamp;
  • Cyclic recording. It is usually recommended to split files for 5 minutes;
  • Scenario. The shooting mode is selected here. It is best to choose a car. In this case, the recorder will independently select the appropriate mode, depending on the lighting;
  • Show coordinates. This will allow, if necessary, to prove that you were in the exact place.

Conclusion. Modern recorders are quite complex devices. Despite the efforts of manufacturers to make the interface as clear as possible, the abundance of functions makes the management rather difficult. Therefore, the instruction manual of the Full HD 1080p recorder will allow you to use the camera functionality correctly. This way you will be able to set it up correctly, which is the main thing to work correctly.

DescrIPtion of Full HD 1080p DVR with WDR function

Car enthusiasts are often interested in: WDR. what is it in the recorder, why is this system needed.

It is possible that even the best car recorders can shoot poor quality. The frame may turn out to be too light due to the strong light flux, and, conversely, with a lack of light, the shooting will turn out to be dark. This happens due to the fact that the camera must simultaneously capture both light and dark areas.

What is WDR in an auto registrar

Considering that the recorder works in difficult lighting conditions, then most of the captured frames should turn out to be unclear. Both intense light flux and its lack of light contribute to poor-quality shooting.

This problem is solved with the help of the modern WDR function, which began to be installed in recorders. The word WDR stands for Wide Dinamic Range (translated as extended dynamic range). Thanks to this system, the camera combines 2 frames with different shutter speeds.

Further. how this function works. Shooting the first frame, the camera maintains the minimum time. Due to this, the flow of light does NOT have time to light up the image. The next shot, on the contrary, is taken with a maximum exposure, during which the camera has time to capture all the dark areas. As a result, 2 images are obtained: the first is adapted for lighted objects, and the second is for darkened ones. When they are combined, there will be a high-quality frame without flaws with balanced contrast across the entire surface.

The picture may be of poor quality when filming in the evening or at night, as well as from the dazzling light of oncoming car headlights.Taken by a recorder without the WDR function, it will turn out to be impossible to view.

By recent times, only high-end professional car recorders and surveillance systems have supplied such an expansion. Nowadays, almost all devices, even the most inexpensive ones, have the WDR function.

In some modern recorders, along with the wide dynamic range system, gamma correction is used, thanks to which the recording becomes even more comfortable when viewing.

WDR auto recorder Full HD 1080p

Let’s consider the WDR system using the example of a Full HD 1080p car recorder. This device is suitable for those who value the most efficient shooting. Full HD 1080p is perfect for our weather conditions. Thanks to this function, the illumination of shooting in places with different lighting is corrected.

It happens automatically.

Registrar Technical Manual:

  • Manufacturer. China;
  • Properties. automatic WDR function to the recorder;
  • Camera. 5 megapixels;
  • Memory card. mocro SD;
  • Shooting mode. day / night;
  • Menu language. in Russian.

Instructions are attached to the device, according to which the buyer can easily configure all the necessary functions of the device:

  • Resolution is a very important indicator, since the quality of shooting depends on it, respectively, the higher it is, the better the recording will be;
  • Date and time setting;
  • Cyclic recording (files are usually divided into 5 minutes);
  • The shooting mode is usually set to automatic, so that the recorder itself selects the appropriate lighting;
  • Availability of coordinates. if necessary, you need to prove your place of stay.

WDR is called HDR for high dynamic range. There is another way to use the WDR function, which is PIXIM technology. The human eye sees much better than a surveillance camera. In a conventional camera, the picture quality deteriorates greatly, and with this technology, the optimal light illumination is selected for each pixel.

Turning the portable recorder on and off

To turn on the recorder. Press, hold for 3 seconds and release the “power” button. In this case, the blue LED will light up and will be constantly on. This means that the camera has turned on and entered the state of waiting for further commands. To turn off the recorder. Press again for 3 seconds and release the “power” button, the blue LED will turn off. This means that the camera’s power has turned off. Also, if after turning on the recorder for 1 minute, no further commands are received. Then it will automatically shut down (Auto power off function).

Continuous recording mode

In standby state (LED is solid blue). Press and release the “OK” button 1 time, the red LED will blink 3 times and go out together with the blue one. This means that recording has started. To stop recording. Press the “OK” button once again, the blue LED will light up and remain on. This means that the camera has saved the recording and entered the standby state.

DescrIPtion Portable recorder Boblov F2 Full HD 1080P (100032). Main features of the portable recorder

  • 4 recording modes: continuous recording, motion recording, button photography and sound recording (voice recorder function)
  • 3 options for recording resolution: 1920 x 1080/1280 x 720/720 x 480 (selectable in the settings).
  • Wide camera angle. 140 degrees
  • Possibility to install cyclic overwrite. THOSE. When the memory card is full, the old files will be erased and new ones will be written in their place.
  • Automatic file saving when recording continuously. Every 10 minutes. If recording by motion. File duration. 2 minutes.
  • Enabling / disabling the function of displaying date and time in a file.
  • Photo resolution: 2560 x 1920 pixels
  • Audio quality: 512 Kbps
  • Automatic shutdown function: when the battery is low. The portable recorder saves the current recording and turns off automatically. Likewise, if within 1 minute after switching on, no further commands follow. It will also turn off automatically.
  • The capacity of the built-in 850 mAh battery is enough to save about 6 hours of shooting
  • Can record even while charging, such as from a power bank
  • Several types of mounts. Can be attached to a. clothing with a clIP, or any flat surface
  • Supports micro SD memory cards up to 128GB

Photo mode

In standby state (LED is solid blue). Press the “mode” button 1 time, the red LED will flash and go out and the photo will be saved on the memory card

Portable digital recorder with photo and voice recorder

This year, the Chinese company Boblov launched a budget model of a portable recorder on the market, which has as many as 4 recording modes. It can record with sound in Full HD 1080P quality, both continuously and in motion, take photos, as well as record audio, performing the function of a voice recorder. This same recorder has 2 additional functions. It is a loop overwrite when the memory card is full and a recording function while charging, for example from a power bank.

The portable recorder does not have its own memory, but writes a file to a micro SD memory card (not included in the delivery set). The maximum amount of memory supported. 128 GB. The recorder also has a clIP on the front panel, which makes it convenient to mount the recorder on a shirt or jeans. so that the mini recorder itself is in your. and only the camera lens looks out.

The portable recorder has a large enough built-in battery, 850 mAh, which is enough for continuous recording for 6 hours. It can be used in various situations: as a wearable camera, as an Action Camera, thanks to several types of mounts included in the kit. It can be attached to almost any flat surface to a helmet or to clothing.


  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080/1280 x 720/720 x 480 (selectable in settings)
  • Recording speed: 30 frames / second
  • File format: MOV
  • Photo resolution: 2560 x 1920 pixels, format. Jpeg
  • Sound recording quality: 512 Kbps, file format. Wav
  • Viewing angle: 140 degrees
  • Micro SD memory card capacity: 8 128 GB
  • Power: Built-in 850mAh lithium polymer battery
  • Full charge time: about 2 hours
  • Additional functions: loop recording, recording while charging
  • Body material: rubberized plastic
  • Dimensions: 75 x 30 x 17mm
  • Weight: 35 grams

TOP 5 DVRs with Full HD 1080p extension and instruction manual

Full HD 1080p recorder is a device for recording in high resolution what is happening on the road while driving.

Lexand LR57

Lexand LR57 is a small recorder that supports Full HD 1080p recording and playback. The body of this device is made of durable metal, which increases its service life. The camera can be rotated 360 and captures high resolution even in low light conditions. A vacuum suction cup is used here as a mount, and does not leave marks on the windshield of the car.

Specifications and parameters of Lexand LR57:

Camera angle 170
Length of 3, 5 or 10 minutes
codec H.264
Display diagonal 3 “
Movie recording format MOV
Available memory card size 32 GB
Maximum recording resolution 19201080
Frames per second at maximum settings thirty
Number of channels for sound recording 1
Number of recording channels 1
Vehicle on-board network voltage 12 in

Silverstone F1 A80-GPS Sky

Silverstone F1 A80-GPS Sky is a car recorder with a dual-core Novatek 96658 processor. Thanks to a camera with a multi-layer glass photosensitive lens, the device can shoot high-resolutions both in the daytime and at night. Due to the built-in rechargeable battery with a capacity of 420 mAh, the device can work offline for about half an hour. Among the features, we can highlight the presence of an inverted image option, which allows you to install the gadget on the car dashboard.

Technical characteristics of the car recorder:

Parkcity DVR HD-592

Parkcity DVR HD-592 is a miniature high definition recorder. The body of this device is made of black plastic. A special bracket equIPped with a vacuum suction cup is used as a mount. The G-sensor, motion indicator, microphone and speaker are installed here. The user has access to the photo mode, automatic start recording and loop recording, the duration of which can be adjusted manually.

Specifications DVR 1080p HD-592:

Camera angle 110
Length of 3 or 5 minutes
codec H.264
Display diagonal 1.5 “
Movie recording format MP4
Available memory card size 32 GB
Maximum recording resolution 19201080
Frames per second at maximum settings thirty
Number of channels for sound recording 1
Number of recording channels 1
Vehicle on-board network voltage 12 in

Top Models

Among the manufacturers presented on the market, the following models can be distinguished:

  • Parkcity DVR HD-592;
  • Trendvision Mini 2CH;
  • Intego VX-415MR;
  • Lexand LR57;
  • Silverstone F1 A80-GPS Sky.

Trendvision Mini 2CH

Trendvision Mini 2CH is a Full HD 1080p car DVR. This device can shoot in high definition at 60 frames per second. The device is equIPped with 2 cameras, which allows the driver to get a complete picture of what is happening while the vehicle is moving. The gadget is equIPped with a Novatek NT96663 processor and a Sony Exmor IMX290 matrix. All footage is saved on a micro-SD card in MPEG4 format. The camera of this car recorder is equIPped with a photosensitive matrix and a glass lens.

Specifications and parameters of TrendVision Mini 2CH:

Intego VX-415MR

Intego VX-415MR is a car recorder made in the form of a rearview mirror with a touch screen display. All the necessary settings can be set using the virtual keyboard, because The screen is equIPped with Touch Screen technology. The user has access to the parking option, loop recording, automatic switching on of the device and switching off by timer, recording the event in a separate file, night shooting mode. The registrar itself is mounted on the rear-view glass using small brackets. Uninterrupted operation of all elements is ensured by the JL AC1217 processor.

Technical data and characteristics Intego VX-415MR:

Memory capacity 32 GB
voltage 12 in
Movie resolution 19201080
number of cameras 2
viewing angle 120
Touchscreen diagonal 4.3 “
Loop recording duration 1 minute
Display resolution 640480
Working temperature -20 45 C
Frames per second thirty
Sound recording channels 1

User’s manual

The delivery set of each car DVR with the ability to shoot with Full HD resolution includes an instruction manual in Russian.

The user manual contains the following sections:

  • General descrIPtion of the gadget design;
  • Model specifications;
  • First connection and configuration of the main parameters of the recorder;
  • DescrIPtion of the available operating modes;
  • Recommendations for use, installation and storage.

Then you can proceed to setting the settings. For starters, it is recommended to set the duration and resolution of the, brightness, contrast and exposure of the image. In order to start recording, you need to press the button located on the side of the case.