How to unlock the Samsung phone

Sometimes, trying to protect the smartphone as best as possible, the owners themselves fall into the trap. You have to keep a large number of passwords and codes in my head, which over time are still forgotten. In this case, a person cannot unlock the phone, and you have to look for a way out of this situation.

In addition, periodically, smartphones themselves close their access due to malfunctions in the system. In this situation, it is not the user who has forgotten the password, but the gadget’s software is to blame. In fact, such a problem does not differ from the above, so it is possible to correct the error in the same ways in both cases.

How to unlock the Samsung smartphone if you forgot the password

There are many ways to unlock the Samsung smartphone without using a password. The choice depends on the abilities of a particular person and the model of the gadget himself.

Find My Mobile service

Samsung manufacturers offer their customers to use the Find My Mobile service if the password or graphic key was forgotten. Its use will help to unlock the smartphone tied to the Samsung account and connected to the wireless Internet.

In order to return the ability to use the gadget freely, you need:

  • Go to the service website.
  • Fill out the entry form (email address and password must correspond to the account tied to a blocked gadget).
  • Press the key to “enter”.
  • Click on the found phone in the upper left corner. If there are several, use the runner to search for the desired device.
  • Opposite the list of devices is a menu, here you need to select the “” item to see all the features of the program.
  • Click on the “Unlock device” item and enter the password from the account.

After repeated password input, the smartphone is unlocked.

Important! If earlier the gadget was not connected to the service account or the password from it was forgotten, you will have to use another way to unlock.

Additional PIN code

Some smartphone models support the function of an additional pin code with which you can unlock the device. It is better to set such a code immediately after buying a device in order to maximize the likelihood of problems with its unlocking.

In order to make the opportunity to use an additional protective combination, it is enough to carry out the main password several times incorrectly. After that, the inscription “Additional PIN code” will appear on the screen, as a result of pressing the field for entering.

Reset to factory settings

One of the most effective ways to reset the forgotten password is to restore the gadget to factory settings. The procedure does not take much time and requires minimal skills and knowledge. In order to “reset” the phone, it follows:

  • Turn off the gadget.
  • Set the call buttons to Recovery menu. The combination depends on the device model. Most often, it is necessary to simultaneously press and hold the keys: “inclusions” and “volume increase”. In models with “Home” or “Bixby” buttons, they are also clamped to turn on the flashing menu.
  • Release the power button immediately after the inscription with the Samsung logo on the mobile screen.
  • Continue to keep the rest of the combination keys for 10-15 seconds.
  • If necessary, repeat steps 2-4 (if the reset menu never appears).
  • In the text menu that appears, select the “Wipe Data/Factory Reset” section using the volume key.
  • Press the inclusion key to confirm the choice.
  • Select the “Yes. Delete All User Data” using similar keys.
  • Click on the power button immediately after the end of the removal procedure to select the “Reboot System Now” section.

The device will turn on and will work as usual. But it is worth remembering that all the user settings will be removed along with the password, including the contents of the folder with files.

Important! Before resetting data, it is recommended to untie the gadget from the Google account, if the data for entering it was forgotten, otherwise it will be problematic to turn on the phone.

DR program.Fone

Dr.Fone is a convenient and easy to use a program that will open access to a blocked gadget in just a few minutes. In order to check the software in action, it must be downloaded to the computer using a safe and proven source. Next, you need to follow a clear algorithm:

  • Run the program.
  • Connect the turned off device to the PC using a USB cable.
  • Go into download mode, holding the keying key, volume down and “home” (if any). The combination may vary depending on the device model.

The program will independently perform all the necessary actions, the user will only have to turn off the smartphone from the computer. After turning on, the lock from the device will be removed.

Important! The program does not have a free platform and is not suitable for all smartphone models. Before downloading the application, make sure that the locked device is suitable for its software.


In a situation where all methods of unlocking were tried, but it was not possible to get rid of the password, you can resort to flashing the device. This is a rather radical way that can disable the phone finally and irrevocably.

It is impossible to reflash a smartphone without a special program that will provide a Root-right user, expanding its capabilities. With their help, you can make changes to the operating system, increase the internal memory, and also remove the lock. With proper use after flashing, you can get a new gadget with advanced functionality, the use of which is not limited by password.

To reflash the device, you need:

  • Find a flashing program on the Internet, which will suit a specific model of the gadget and its version of the operating system. It is recommended to take this information only on the official website of the manufacturer.
  • Download the selected program on PC, start it.
  • Connect a locked gadget.
  • Clearly follow the instructions on the screen.
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Additional PIN code or Google account-only for smartphones and tablets with Android 5.0 and below

After 5 incorrect attempts, the item “Additional PIN code” will appear. Click on it and enter a code of 4 digits that you indicated when you came up with a graphic key.

If you do not remember the PIN code, click on “unlock in Google” (“forgot the graphic key?”) And enter the email address and Google password. The same mail should be added on the device that you unlock.

If the buttons “unlock in Google” (“forgot the graphic key?”) No, then the Google account is not added on the device, use other methods.

If you do not remember the password, restore it through a special form and enter it on the device. If the password has not been restored, use other methods.

Rollback to factory settings

The harsh way to unlock the phone: when using this method, all available data, files, programs and settings will be lost. In a word, the password will be dropped, but there will be nothing more to hide. Nevertheless, this method is quite good if it is possible to transfer all the data to the PC or the device is completely new. And it’s completely good if there is some kind of system error that blocks any necessary actions in the smartphone.

To unlock the Samsung brand device through Hard Reset can be as follows:

  • The fully turned off smartphone simultaneously clamps the return keys to the home screen, shutdown and volume increase.
  • After the logo appears on the button screen, you can release.
  • In the menu that opens, you must find the “Factory Reset” line using the volume adjustment buttons and select it with a single click of the shutdown button.

After turning on, the device will be the same as after buying.

Unlock using the Google account

In the event that you forgot the graphic key, you can drop it and set the new one by confirming your identity with a password. If you do not remember the password itself, then you will need access to the Google personal account used on this device. In general, follow the instructions below.This method works only on those smartphones that operate on the Android 5 operational system.0 or below.

How to Unlock Samsung Phone Forgot Password without Losing Data [2021]

The second method requires access to the Samsung account, which is added on your device. If it is not, then skip and move on to the next sentence. The device should also be the Internet, because it will request data check on Samsung servers, as well as a computer with access to the World Wide Web.

  • Click “Enter” and then enter your email address, at which the Samsung account is registered, and then the password to it.
  • Click the “entrance” and wait for the state check and determination of the location. The process can take several minutes.
  • If you have several smartphones, then you need to choose the right one and click on the “unlock” option below.

The main reasons for removing the password from the Samsung phone

The reasons to find out how to remove the password on the old Samsung can be several:

  • You constantly forget PIN;
  • You gave the smartphone to relatives who are difficult to enter the key;
  • They gave you a smartphone or you bought it with your hands;
  • The key was installed by chance and absolutely not needed;
  • The smartphone screen is damaged, due to which the touchscreen reacts poorly to touch.

Another reason is the presence of an outdated smartphone that has already developed a sufficient period, and the touchscreen reacts with failures. The introduction of a password in such a situation becomes a true torment.

How to remove locking if I forgot the password from the Samsung phone

Forgeting the graphic drawing is not scary. It is much more difficult to unlock the main screen if you forgot the password on your Samsung Galaxy A01 Core, A11, A30 another smartphone. But even in such a seemingly hopeless situation, there are several ways to unlock the password on the phone at home.

Through the Google account

Each Samsung smartphone has the protection of the manufacturer of the device, as well as the Android security system. Owners of old models Samsung J5, J2 Core, J2 Prime and J3 can remove the screen lock without data loss through the Google account.

Important. The method works only on models with Android 5 and below.

Here’s how to unlock the phone if you forgot the password:

  • Enter the password on Android or Samsung Graphic Key until you see the message “Unlock in Google”.
  • Click on the button that appears.
  • Indicate the email address tied to Google’s account.

After entering all the necessary data, you will be able to unlock the smartphone. And if the owner forgot the password from the Google account, then he can always restore access through a special form.

Find My Mobile

Today, the owners of Samsung J2 Core, J2 Prime, J4 and other old models are a few people. On most modern devices, whether Samsung Galaxy A01 Core or Samsung S8 installed an operating system of new Android 5. This means that opening the phone screen through the authorization in the Google account will not work.

How to unlock the Samsung graphics password or digital code in this case? In fact, even easier than in the option that was described earlier. Each owner of the Samsung smartphone from A10 to Samsung S8 is invited to register an additional account. It has nothing to do with Google, but is Samsung’s property. The presence of an additional account allows you to unlock the Samsung Galaxy Tab 6 tablet, as well as any smartphone without loss of data.

Below is a detailed description of how to unlock the phone if you forgot the password:

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How To Unlock Forgotten Pin/Password On Android Mobile Without Losing Data

To unlock the device, you will need to comply with two conditions: you have a Samsung account, and access to the Internet is activated on the phone.

The advantage of this method is that it works on all smartphones of the company, whether it be the old Samsung duos or much more modern models like the Samsung A50, A51 or A32. There are shortcomings in the person of two important conditions, but in general, the option is optimal.

Perhaps you will not be able to unlock the smartphone if the Samsung account password forgotten. But even in such a situation, the developers have provided the ability to unlock the phone without loss of data. To do this, in the Find My Mobile service, click on the “Find out your identifier or password” button and follow further instructions.

forgot, password, phone, unlock

Password reset methods

Samsung gadgets, like other models of smartphones and tablets, work on the Android operating system. The principle of unlocking devices in all cases is almost the same.

Through Google

If a person has forgotten the password, you can unlock the Samsung phone through Google’s personal account. In order for the unlock using the Google account successfully, it is necessary to fulfill several conditions:

The use of a general Google account is very convenient in that if necessary, you can control the gadget remotely, for example, from a computer.

  • On the Google website they are activated under their username.
  • In the section “My devices” find the desired device.
  • Among the settings, select the “passwords” item and click on the line of defense reset.

If you overload the Samsung smartphone after performing such manipulations, turn on the device, then the main screen will appear, but without a window for entering a password.

Using an additional pin code

Despite the similarity of all mobile gadgets, there is the possibility of entering an additional PIN code of the phone blocking precisely for Samsung. Its creation is forcibly when the user initially activates the protection with a graphic key.

If you can’t enter the correct graphic key, then you should choose the line “additional. PIN “. The start screen will open.

You can use additional unlock code for the Samsung phone only when protecting the device using a graphic key. In other cases, the option is not relevant.


This option, like firmware, is used as a last resort when other methods do not help. The meaning is to reset the user settings of the device to factory parameters.

On a note!

When using the Google account, the most personal data (contacts) are kept in your personal account, and important media files can be saved by backup copying in the cloudy storage.

You can initiate the Hard Resset tool from settings, but when blocking the device, when the user forgot the password on the Samsung phone, this can be done using buttons on the case.

  • The smartphone is turned off.
  • Three buttons are clamped at the same time: increasing volume, power and return to the working screen (“home”). If the last key is not provided, then the first 2.
  • The power button is released when the company’s logo appears on the screen, the rest are held for about 15 seconds.
  • The recovery inscription will appear on the screen where they select the Factory Reset item.
  • Moving along the menu items occurs by volume buttons, and the choice is power.
  • After cleaning the internal memory, a menu again appears where the reboot system now select.

After performing this procedure, the smartphone will start from scratch, as after buying.

Reinstalling firmware

Carrying over the flashing yourself is dangerous. It is better to entrust this procedure to a qualified master from the service center. Independent firmware can lead to big problems. With errors, you can even burn the internal parts or establish an inoperative in.

In the presence of special skills and experience, they use the universal ODIN or Smart Switch product product. After flashing, the device will be completely clean, no personal information will be preserved. Before the flashing, carefully read the instructions of the program, as there are a lot of nuances.

Through user recovery

In this way, only those users in whom the mobile gadget supports the installation of the SD card will be able to use. Recently, this is a rarity, since the proposed internal memory is enough by the manufacturer.

On a note!

Unlocking the Samsung phone through user recovery refers to more advanced methods. Initially, a special ZIP archive Pattern Password Disable must be downloaded to the flash drive.

What else to try

If none of the following methods helped to solve the problem, contact specialized forums where the owners of your gadget model are present.

Contacting the service is usually considered the last means of solving problems with unlocking. But few users know that upon presentation of documents on the phone and checks from the outlet that sold it, they can count on quick professional assistance. In certain cases, the work is done free of charge.