5 ways how to flip the image from your WEB-camera in skype

Today I want to share my experience with you.

Yesterday I agreed to speak with my mother and sister on Skype. Mom has just arrived in Moscow to visit my sister Rimma and her husband Kamil.

Rimma gave birth to her first child, a boy, two months ago. They called him Karim.

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So. We phoned yesterday, and I have an inverted image on Skype!

Eliminate this problem in a couple of minutes It didn’t work out, so we decided that it was possible to communicate like this

We talked. all perfectly! But I could not just leave it like that and decided to fix this mistake. Initially I thought that I would solve this problem in a couple of minutes, but in the end it took more than an hour.

So, in this article I will tell you how the image of a WEB-camera in skype is inverted.

Basic ways

  • Skype settings
  • Install the driver from the official site
  • Editing the registry
  • Editing a file with the.Inf extension in the driver folder
  • ManyCam program

It was in this sequence that I tried all the methods. Only the last method helped me. And I really did NOT want to use it: I do not like to install programs on my laptop unnecessarily.

Settings in Skype itself

This is the easiest option. Even in the process of talking on Skype, I tried to flip the image in this way.

What do we have to do:

  • Go to Tools section further settings
  • Click on Video Settings
  • You see the image from the WEB-camera, it is inverted. Click on Webcam Settings
  • Perhaps you have a parameter responsible for the rotation of the camera, but I have such a comment.

You may be more fortunate. And you, put one tick, solve the problem. But I’m out of luck.

Internet connoisseurs say it depends on the webcam model or driver.

Installing the driver from the official website

This option is also quite simple, but it already takes a little more time and there are several nuances.

First you need to know the Pid ID for your camera. To find it out:

  • Go to Device Manager
  • Right click on your webcam
  • Go to the Details tab
  • There you can see this Pid. Remember it or write it down, or rather copy it

And one more thing: remove the old driver through the device manager.

For example, I have an ASUS laptop.

  • I visit the official ASUS website.
  • Specify your laptop model N50Vc
  • Specify the operating system (Windows 7, for some reason Windows 10 is not in the list)
  • I open the tab with drivers for the webcam
  • I am looking for the required driver by Pid ID (I use the Ctrl F keyboard shortcut to search)
  • Downloading it and Installing
  • I restart my computer

That’s all. It will help someone, but it did not help me.

Registry Editing (RegEdit)

This method is already more interesting, at least for me, because I do not like to climb the registry and in general I do not really understand this. But I found the instructions on YouTube, everything is simple and clear there.

You will need the RegEdit application. This is a standard application. You can run it either through the Run command or through search.

By the way, this is what I like about my windows 10: from the search next to the “Start” button, you can quickly find any application.

  • Go to the RegEdit application.
  • Go to the Edit menu, then Search
  • We are looking for the word Flip (you need to find the autoflip parameter, flip_horizontal, flip_vertical or something like that)
  • Click on the found parameter
  • Changing the value from 1 to 0 or from 0 to 1
  • Done

But I could not change this parameter, an error was thrown. I don’t know what the reason is. Launched RegEdit as administrator. It didn’t work, so let’s move on

Editing a file with the.Inf extension in the driver folder

I would call this method a hybrid of the previous two.

Here is his algorithm:

  • Download the driver from the official site
  • Unpack the archive
  • Find a file with the extension.Inf in the folder and open it
  • We search for the word “flip”
  • Replace values ​​from 1 to 0 or from 0 to 1
  • Save changes
  • Old driver Uninstall
  • Install the new driver
  • Restart your computer

But that didn’t help me either: (

I had to turn to the last method, which I initially specifically tried to avoid.

flip, camera, image

ManyCam program

I just downloaded this program on the Internet, I could not find any official site.

Readers, I remind you to be careful when downloading anything from the Internet. Be sure to use antivirus software with updated databases.

By the way, my Windows 10 did not trust this ManyCam program, I had to take responsibility and install it anyway.

Then everything is very simple:

  • Launching the ManyCam program
  • Rotate the video from the WEB-camera the way you need
  • We return to skype in the video settings
  • Select the virtual web camera ManyCam from the list
  • Done!

This way helped me.

Now this miracle program hangs in my tray.

As you may have noticed, there are quite a few ways to flip the image from the WEB-camera, but they do not give a 100% guarantee of success. Therefore, try and you will definitely succeed.

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How to flip a web image. cameras?

Good day everyone, Dear Friends!

I, as usual, advice all of you to welcome on my blog!

Tell me if this situation happened to you. after reinstalling the operating system, your web. did the camera show an inverted image? Or maybe NOT inverted, but the display was mirrored, that is, from right to left? The latter is less common, but still it happens. In today’s article, we’ll talk about how to get our web back. camera, or rather, an image from the web. cameras to normal position.

Inverted skype image

Most likely, you may have noticed similar changes in your web. cameras in the Skype program, which is designed just the same for video calls. Perhaps the problem is in the settings of Skype itself? Worth checking.

We go to “Tools”. “Settings”. Video settings. Here you will see your inverted image

Under the image, click the button “Web Settings. cameras “and in the opened” Properties “window we can see all available settings

Here, depending on your “problem”, you can choose one or both options:

Image Mirror Flip. an option that changes the mirror image from left to right;

Image Vertical Flip. an option that is responsible just for the “flip” of the image from top to bottom.

Set the necessary settings, keeping everything and enjoy the normal display.

BUT! We may NOT see THESE settings. They are simply not available. As, for example, in my case

If in the case of Skype we only had to dig deeper into the settings of the program itself, then this is not really a problem. In the second case, the reason lies in the incorrectly installed driver, or, rather, in the incorrect driver of our inverted web. cameras.

How to flip a web image. cameras?

We’ll have to work with pens.

Read further carefully, because errors are unacceptable here, otherwise you risk that the process will have to start over.

Well, download the latest driver from our web. cameras. I wrote here how to find a suitable driver. Or you can use the special program UpdateMyDrivers. Do you have a driver disc? Then you will need to copy the entire folder with files to your computer and make all the changes there. On disk, you simply will not be able to save the edits that we make. By the way, try installing the native driver from the disk, it should also help and then you can not read the article.

And we will change the program code in one of the files.

Hope you downloaded the required driver? For those who downloaded it from the Internet, most likely the folder is in a rar or zip archive. here you need to unzip it into a separately created folder. The picture is clickable.

Next, open this folder and look for a file with the.Inf extension. For the web. cameras installed on ASUS laptops, for the most part, this file is called snp2uvc.Inf.

Note. The display of file extensions is disabled in modern Windows operating systems. To enable it, it is enough in ANY folder, in the upper left corner, click the “Organize” button. Select the “Folder and Search Options” menu item. Go to the “View” tab and find the term “Hide extensions for registered file types” in the long list. Remove the checkbox from this period, click “Apply” and “OK”.

Did you find the file with the.Inf extension? Excellent! Open it with Notepad (right-click on it, select the “Open with” menu item and select Notepad itself in the window that opens). Pictures are clickable.

Now the fun begins! We need to find all the timelines that contain the Flip parameter. This is done simply: press the key combination CTRL F. In the window that opens, write the word “flip” (without quotes) and press the button “Search next”. The picture is clickable.

As you can see, the parameter itself is automatically highlighted (highlighted) in blue and the number “1” is at the end of the line. Which we need to change to “0”. just erases one and write zero. Next, we repeat the search procedure for a term with the flip parameter, in each line Do the same until the search “tells” us something like “there are no more records with this parameter”.

Then, keeping everything, clicked in the upper left corner “File”. “Save”.

Everything. Then we start directly installing the driver. In total, you should get something like this (the picture is clickable.):

  • In your specific case, the Initial digits in the flip parameters can be zeros, then we change them accordingly to ones. The rest of the procedure is the same. In my case, to “flip” the image of the web. camera required to make changes in two lines, in your case there may be more or less.
  • As I said above. Repeat the procedure for searching for the flip parameter until the search “cannot” find any more similar terms. And one more thing. If you need to change the mirroring, then the procedure is the same, only the parameter changes. You need to search NOT for flip, but Mirror and also change values.

Everything. That’s all for today, Friends! Tell me, did you manage to fix the “inverted web. camera “? Share in the comments.

An inverted webcam image on an ASUS laptop. what to do?

After OS update, some ASUS notebook models have an issue where the built-in webcam starts to record upside-down image. This behavior is only seen on Windows 10 computers that have been updated from a previous OS version. Find out more about how the camera is flipped on an ASUS laptop.

An inverted screen is often associated with a compatibility issue. Despite the fact that ASUS and Microsoft are working closely to fix driver inconsistencies in Windows 10, there are some laptop models on which users continue to experience this problem. Namely the models that use outdated Chicony drivers.

Install pending updated

Microsoft has already released several updates that fix the problem. To install them, follow these steps.

Open Windows Update with ms-settings: windowsupdate from the Win R dialog.

Click on the “Check for Updates” button to install all pending packages. If the system prompts a reboot, perform it, but be sure to return to installing the remaining packages.

When Windows is updated, open the camera and see if the image is upside-down.

Driver update

After upgrading to Windows 10, it is possible that drivers for some reason were not updated during this process and remain from the previous version of the OS. As a result, due to car products compatibility issues, watching an inverted image when broadcast from a camera. Follow the instructions to update your device.

Go to the “Device Manager” command devmgmt.Msc from the Win R dialog box.

In the list that opens, expand the “Imaging Devices” tab and double-click the built-in camera.

On the Details tab, click on the drop-down list of properties and select the “Hardware ID” option. Copy the value to e.g. Notepad.

Then go to the official ASUS laptop model support page and find out the name of the camera driver. Load the driver closest to the found Hardware ID.

Once downloaded, go back to Device Manager, Right click on your webcam and select Update. Then Click on “Search this computer”.

Then click on “Browse”, specify the folder with the downloaded files and follow the instructions on the screen until the installation is complete.

Reboot your PC and check how the image is being transferred. You may have to try several different drivers before you find one that fixes the inverted image.

Using a third party application

If the previous methods failed to fix the inverted image from the ASUS front camera, try using a third-party app. This decision is relevant in cases where ASUS has stopped supporting the used laptop model. For this we use the ManyCam program, which is available in the free version.

Download it from the official site. Run the downloaded file and follow the instructions on the screen. Open the program and wait for it to initialize. Use the bar at the top of the screen to access camera settings .

On the Image tab in the “Flip Back” section, use the buttons to set the device orientation.

The only drawback is that before implementation, you need to launch the application each time to flip the camera image.

Flip the camera on an ASUS laptop

On notebooks from ASUS quite often there is a problem with the functioning of the webcam. The essence of the problem is that the image is turned upside down. It is caused only by the incorrect operation of the driver, but there are three ways to solve it. In this article, we’ll go over all the methods. We recommend starting the correction from the first, moving on to the next options, if it does not work.

Flip the camera on an ASUS laptop

As mentioned above, the problem appears due to the wrong webcam driver. The most logical option would be to reinstall it, but this is not always effective. However, let’s take everything in order.

Reinstalling the driver

Some users install the software components using third-party software or download inappropriate, old versions that are on the official website of the manufacturer. Therefore, first of all, we advise you to remove the old software and install the correct, fresh files. First, let’s uninstall:

  • Open “Control Panel” from the “Start” menu.

Go to the “Device Manager” section.

Expand the category “Sound, video and game devices”, find the camera there, right-click on it and select “Delete”.

This completes the removal of the equipment. The only thing left to do is to find the program and reinstall it. Our other article at the link below will help you with this. In it you will find a detailed description of all available ways to find and download software to the laptop webcam from ASUS.

Changing the driver manually

If the first option does not bring any results and the image from the camera is still inverted, before installing the driver, you will need to manually set certain parameters for the files to solve this problem. This can be done as follows:

  • First uninstall the old software and download the new archive from the official site. All these actions are described in detail above.
  • Now we need to lower the level of security of accounts so that in the future there is no conflict with the drivers. Open “Start” and go to “Control Panel”.

Navigate to the Change User Account Control Settings menu.

Drag the slider down and save your changes.

Open the downloaded directory through any convenient archiver, find and run the only INF file. The name may change depending on the laptop model and the specified operating system, but the format remains the same.

In Notepad, expand the “Edit” menu and select “Find Next”.

In the term enter flip and click on “Find Next”.

There will be a line in which you need to change the last number to 1 or 0, depending on what was set by default. Click “Find Next” again to find the rest of the terms with the same parameter, repeat the same action in them.

Finished editing, don’t forget to save the file and update the archive before closing. After that, reopen it and Install.


The only solution in case of ineffectiveness of the previous methods is to use third-party software that is suitable for Skype and other similar communication services. This software can independently flip the webcam image. You will find detailed instructions on how to work in it in our other article at the link below.

Today we tried to tell as much as possible about how to fix problems with an inverted camera on an ASUS laptop. We hope that this material was useful to the owner of the aforementioned devices and the process of fixing the problem was successful.