Lost the phone. what to do. Instructions on how to find Android and iPhone

The loss of the phone is almost equal to the disaster. However, in many cases, you can quickly find lost. Especially if the owner himself takes some measures.

So you have lost your phone. Or there are suspicions that he was stolen. What do you need to do in the first place?

Blok SIM cards

SIM card in Russia is sold only upon presentation of a passport. Most of the personality identification systems on the Internet are attached to it. Therefore, as soon as you find that the phone is lost or stolen. immediately contact the operator and demand to block your card until the search is completed. This can be done both with a personal visit to the operator’s office, and when applying online applications using systems that allow you to accurately establish the personality of the applicant.

Ren off bank cards

Online banking is usually built on providing access to an account. This is done on the basis of information about the phone number specified in the bank data at the conclusion of the service contract. Therefore, if you have lost your phone. contact your bank as soon as possible and block the opportunity to receive SMS with notifications to the number that you indicated when concluding the contract. You can do this online through your personal account on the bank’s website, but better. by contacting the office with its passport to establish a person.

Change passwords to all social networks and Internet banks

From the moment the phone is lost. you need to assume that he is in the hands of the attackers. Even if you have lost it yourself and find it tomorrow, who fell over for the lining of your favorite jacket-remember: in online services, a healthy paranoia is your best friend.

  • If any accounts in social networks are tied to the phone-immediately remove. Then, through your accounts, criminals will not be able to distribute criminally punishable information.
  • If Internet banking is tied to the phone-contact the offices of banks and give an order to untie your contacts from a particular SIM card. Even if the phone is found tomorrow, do not risk, it is better to start a new card than to trust the compromised old.

Appeal to the police

You can’t only contact the police, but also need. Yes, unfortunately, there are not many phones after loss or theft. However, the appeal will allow you:

  • To prove that a specific phone has left your possession, and now you are not responsible for its use (and this is important: mobile phones have been used as source of illegal actions of terrorists for more than a dozen years);
  • Get the device back if it is found during investigative actions or operational-search measures. The police often happen that they were looking for evidence in the same case. they found another.

So you need to submit an application anyway. Even if specific police officers are against, you can appeal the refusal to accept the application through the prosecutor’s office or the court, and the document itself can be sent by mail by registered letter. and then police officers will not be able to ignore it.

Had to. There was nothing serious-then there were no problems with access to sites and online banking did not have to, but I follow the news about ways to ensure security for my data

Google account

Any device on the Android operating system is tied to the owner’s personal account. This procedure is held at the first launch of the gadget when the initial settings screen appear. Binding is needed to synchronize the device, create a backup, and for remote access and control.

Through Google, a user from a regular computer or laptop can find a smartphone. But this will need to access the Internet on another device:

  • Go to the browser for the official page for searching for a device.
  • In the upper right corner, select the account to which the device is tied or enter your username and password.
  • Update the page. All devices that are tied to this profile will appear in the field.
  • Click on the image and name of the lost device.

A map will appear in the new window, with an approximate location of the device. In addition, the integration will offer three alternative functions: a 5-minute call to search for the device, block the gadget, deleting data from the phone.

If the device is not tied to the account, then it will not work to find it in the indicated way. It is worth noting that the method works in the presence of two additional conditions, which will be discussed below.

Remote control Android

Using services connected through an account, you can control the device. Several functions are available for this:

  • Building. within 5 minutes, a signal will be made on the device at full volume, even if a soundless mode with vibration is turned on;
  • Blocking-is made using previously installed PIN code, graphic or digital passwords, or it blocks the phone screen with the possibility of showing any text on it;
  • Cleaning. deleting all user data and settings on the device, excluding those on the memory card (after that, use the “Find the device” function).

how to find lost stolen phone ? track stolen mobile phone using gmail account | track phone location

Other ways to search for a phone at home and on the street

The easiest way to independently find the lost tube is to return to the place where the loss was discovered. Perhaps she fell out of her to grass. Look for it on the desktop, look at the table boxes, visit your colleague office. If it is lost at home, use the “Find device” service from Google. Activate the call and you will hear where the lost tube lies. Use the same method when looking for a phone on the street. he will identify an attacker.

Keep a smartphone in the inner s of clothes. it is impossible to climb there. Well protect against theft of anti.shaft backpacks. Holding the phone in a work bag, hold over your hand-this will help you feel that someone is trying to get into it. Do not leave a smartphone in prominent places, including on an office table or on a table in a cafe. Also take preventive measures. install software for remote lock and search.


The application will help to find the lost phone disconnected from the Internet. Management is carried out online and through SMS. If an attacker installs another SIM card, the application will inform a new number. There is a remote switching function of the GPS SMS team-turn on, get the exact coordinates of the tube.

  • Leads a journal of incoming and outgoing calls.
  • Writes sound from a microphone.
  • Gives a loud signal on command. help to find a phone in a crowd of people.
  • Tracks the smartphone on the map.

All operations are carried out secretly, the attacker will not notice anything. Lack of application. Root rights are required, installation and configuration can only be advanced users.

CM Security: Protection and Antivirus

This application does not know how to look for lost phones. But it will be able to stop an attempt to turn off the smartphone or transfer it to aircraft mode. In response to these actions, the device will turn on a loud sound signal, issuing an attacker. The application will also give a signal with an unauthorized attempt to pull a smartphone from a

Paid functionality. 75 USD/month. When paying for the year, the cost of the month will be 27.42 USD.

How to track a phone through a Google account?

But to find your lost or stolen phone on Android, to which the Google account was prudently tied, even if it is turned off the location of the location. It is no more difficult to do this than to remove the graphic key; Everything that is required of the owner is a computer, laptop, tablet or other smartphone connected to the Internet, account data and a little patience.

The user who has lost the device and wants to find out where it is now, must first recall if he made synchronization with a Google account. If you didn’t have time, I didn’t want or forgot, you can forget about the following ways, go for a new phone and try not to repeat the same mistakes-then you will have the opportunity to deal with other pressing problems: restore remote photos on Android or find the best program-catalog of films and TV shows.

With a satellite

To look on the Google map, where Samsung, Lenovo, ASUS or any other Android smartphone has the misfortune, you need:

  • In the field that opened, the user can familiarize himself with the latest actions on the device and understand whether it is stolen or still turned off and forgotten.
  • If the geolocation on the smartphone is enabled, on the new page the owner will see the map with the location of the apparatus. In addition, he will be able to find out the current level of battery charge and the name of the network to which the device is connected.
  • If the geolocation on the device is disabled, it will not work on the map: the online service will give an appropriate warning, and the user will have to look for other search options.

Tip: if several devices tied to one Google account is lost, the owner can track the location of each of them in one window, simply switching from one tab to another.

The dialing of the apparatus

If, according to the image on the Google map, it turns out that the smartphone on Android is in the owner of the owner’s direct access, but it still does not go out, you should, without closing the previously described page, use another useful function, which is called: “call”.

This can be done as follows:

You can nickname both one phone and several at the same time. The service is provided by Google absolutely free and can be used as many times as user is required.

Important: both options work only if the smartphone is turned on. otherwise Google will show a notification about the impossibility of detecting the device.

find, phone, google, number

Blocking the device

Another option, available on the same page and recommended if the device was stolen or lost and is far from the owner, is blocking:

  • Leave for the founder or attacker a message motivating to action and containing contact details. mail, phone number, address and so on, then click on the “Blok” button. All entered information will be displayed on the smartphone screen.

Tip: if you find or return the phone is not possible, the owner can only erase personal data. you can do this using the corresponding button at the bottom of the same page.

How to find an Android telephone using a computer

To find the phone through the Google account from the computer, go to the Goolge website and get back in your account. This can be done by clicking in the upper right corner on the Google Appendix icon, where to find the account icon and, clicking on it, enter your data into the entrance form.

find, phone, google, number

Find Information from a Phone Number Using OSINT Tools [Tutorial]

To find your device with PC, you must first log in to Google

Entering the account, you need to squeeze the page down. In the very last row of functions, you will see the “Telephone Search” tab “. You there. If several phones are tied to your account (for example, yours and your child), then at this stage you need to choose which one interests you.

After additional confirmation that this is your account, you will be offered to choose a method of searching for a smartphone: you can call it or find it on the map.

The first may work if the smartphone is lost somewhere in the apartment, office or, for example, in the car of the car.

If you or you are close to find the Goolge phone on the map, you will need to use the second function. By the way, you can see IMEI devices right there. To do this, click on the icon with the letter I. How to use this information, we recently wrote.

You can call the phone or find it on the map

Thus, you can not only find a smartphone, but also see the whole history of movements, which is sometimes very useful.

How to determine the location of the lost Android Gazethet

The actions described below are performed through a computer or other mobile device connected to the Internet.

The whereabouts of your device will be displayed on the map of the area.

  • Calling the phone. When activating the call, the device will call within 5 minutes (even at zero volume), attracting the attention of people. However, this helps more if you do not remember where it was put, but in the case of loss or theft of a call, it can worsen the situation. Not all devices also support it.
  • Blocking. Return to the previous page and open the section “Blok the phone”. If desired, change the standard message. Click “block”.
  • Delete user data from the internal memory of the gadget (excluding the memory card). Choose this option if you are sure that the phone has fallen into the wrong hands and the attacker can use the information on it to someone to the detriment. For example, it will begin to send harmful in your contacts or get access to electronic wallets. If you agree to delete, click the “Yes, erase” button, but search on the map, blocking and calling will not be available after that.

Google Search Services Like Search for Phones are also being developed by mobile device manufacturers. The principle of operation and a set of capabilities are the same or slightly larger. For example, Samsung offers users of their smartphones as follows:

  • Determination of location by map.
  • Remote lock.
  • Erasing confidential data.
  • Call (loud reproduction of a call melody for 1 minute to attract the attention of others).
  • Access to the call log.
  • Alerts of extracting the SIM card of the owner.
  • Remote translation of the device into “Emergency mode”. reducing the brightness of the screen with the disconnection of most functions and applications to save battery charge. So that the lost phone remains as long as possible in the visibility zone.

We block the device

Blocking the stolen phone is carried out through the above service. Autominate, select the device, click “Blok the phone”. Indicate in the blocking settings the message displayed on the screen of the locked device. The number for feedback with the owner is also indicated here. Also indicate the password unlock. Click the “block” button. all further actions with the device will become impossible.

The above service works via the Internet. If it is disconnected, block or clean the phone will not work. The attacker will fulfill the overall discharge and will be able to use the tube as if nothing had happened. A way out of the situation is an appeal to the police. This will require the owner’s passport, the phone box and the check from the store. IMEI codes are indicated on the box and check. they need police to send a request to operators.

After a while, the operators will return the answer-it indicates whose SIM card is installed in the smartphone at the moment. It is this person (even if he is innocent) will answer before the law. The stolen device will return it to the legal owner. Please note that the police can find not only a smartphone, but also a simple phone.

The police do not like requests for stolen mobile phones, although they have all the tools for finding stolen tubes.