How to find a stolen phone yourself. Do phones find if stolen

The cellular device for many people becomes repository of personal data, important information and just a gadget that every day uses. Sometimes inattention, a person can lose it or an attacker to steal. In such cases, you should know how to find your phone that you need to do in advance with your device.

This is the most unpleasant situation that can happen if the mobile was stolen. The attackers immediately remove the SIM card, turn off the device. It strongly reduces the list of ways to return mobile. If you managed to turn off the cell, then you have only one way, how to find the phone off. contact the law enforcement agencies. For this you need:

  • Find a box from the device, check from the store, take a passport.
  • Come to the police station with your passport, write a statement.
  • To identify the phone, you should write the IMEI code, which is unique for each specific apparatus.
  • Wait for the state service to fulfill his duties.

The number of mobile thefts is strongly declined after the devices began to have a more affordable price, but the facts of the embezzlement still many. Police will try through the operator to find cellular, but really find them extremely rare. It should be morally prepared for the fact that you have to purchase a new cellular. The situation is quite different if you lost the phone, he sat down and turned off, but the card remained inside. Provider will be able to determine the location of the device and you will be returned to the gadget.

How to find the missing phone via the Internet

Each company that participates in the development and creation of a smartphone, is trying to protect a person in every possible way from possible theft, hacking of the device or situations where the device may abide. Therefore, special services have been created that help track the lost apparatus through Google, Android or Apple website. All of them imply on the device, the Internet and the ability to enter the network from the computer.

Function “Find iPhone”

Since 2011, Apple has seen a special function to its operating system. “Find iPhone”. It is activated on the phone itself and allows you to do the following during the loss or theft of the smartphone:

  • activate the “disappearance mode”, which will block the device;
  • Delete information from memory;
  • make the phone publish a signal that will help to detect it if it is somewhere nearby.
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This item is activated. Must be in advance on the next path: “Settings”, then go to the iCloud section, from it to go to the “Find iPhone” section and switch the button to “ON”. From now on, the satellite will track the location of the device, and the owner will be able to block the phone through the website, using your account, which must be created in advance and activated.

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Find a phone on Android through a computer

The main competitor Apple among Android operating systems takes care of its users no less and also offers several ways to find your lost phone on the satellite via the Internet or with the help of special programs. They do not violate legislation, do not require special appeal to the Ministry of Internal Affairs or to the telecom operator, but to prepare for such a situation should be predetermined.

With the help of special programs through Google

Android Device Manager is one of those programs that helps find your device when the Internet and GPS program is enabled. Download the application in the official store from Google for free. The program provides the ability to perform the same actions as the “Find iPhone” function: block access to the machine, make a signal or determine the location. You only need to go to / android / deviceManager and perform the necessary actions.

For the correct operation of this application on your phone, a Google account must be activated on your phone, which is included as follows:

  • Go to the “Settings” section;
  • Select “Security”;
  • Click on “Device Administrators”;
  • Put the box opposite the “Device Manager;
  • In the window that appears, confirm the ability to remote action with the device.

Can I find the phone on IMEI

Code can find a gadget in several ways. Without an outside intervention is difficult to change IMEI. In some regions it is illegal, so you can be sure that with the help of the code you will define the location of the gadget. If you are not interested in returning a gadget, but do not want outsiders to have access to data, contact your cellular network to block your smartphone and expand locking on other mobile operators.

You can find out the coordinates of the lost smartphone by yourself using special services on the Internet, through various applications and programs for Android and Apple IOS operating systems. In the event of theft of mobile, it is better to contact the law enforcement agencies, write a statement and specify the unique IMEI identification number.


People often wonder how to find the phone by imei through the satellite for free. Search for a smartphone through a GPS satellite is a cinema fiction, in real life it is impracticable. You can track the IMEI phone via the Internet if the mobile is tied to Google account:

  • Go to Google Account Personal Cabinet.
  • On the main page, locate the “Phone Search” option, click “Get Started”.
  • Select the device, after which the approximate location of the smartphone will appear on the map.

To find iPhone by IMEI, you need to connect the iCloud service and activate the “Find iPhone” option. If the smartphone is lost to determine its location, you need to go to the ICLOUD website.COM, enter access data: password and apple ID. With the help of the service you can see not only where the smartphone is located, but and how it moves. Also on the site you can block iPhone.

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Airdroid application

If the question is how to find the phone on IMEI on your own, even relevant, then use the analogue of the Google account. the AIRDROID application, you can install it from the Google Play gallery. The program implements remote device management, the ability to complete and block data. In the case of theft, an attacker can take control of the application.

Lost Android program

Another program for searching for IMEI phone is called “Lost Android”. The application is more powerful. Install from Google Play. List of several remote functions implemented in Lost Android:

  • search device on the map;
  • blocking / unlocking;
  • View and copy of data (contacts, messages, photos);
  • Turn on / off beeps, vibration, screen;
  • SIM Card Replacement Notifications.

Statement in the police

Tracking of lost gadgets are engaged in law enforcement agencies. If the fact of theft of a smartphone happened, you must contact the police and write a statement. It needs to specify IMEI code. After appeal, employees will send a request to the operator of your mobile network. Unfortunately, the police responds very slowly on this kind of appeal. In addition, cellular operators are often refused to block the phone until the fact of theft will not be confirmed.

Sites for checking IMEI

Online services are unlikely to help find the phone on IMEI, but will allow you to check the serial number of the gadget before buying from the hands. Portal database replenish real users who have been stolen by smartphones or other devices.

But one way, how to find the phone on IMEI online still exists:

  • Go to the database site (for example, SNDEEPINFO).
  • Click on the model and series of your gadget.
  • Click “Add to List Lost or Stolen”.
  • Fill in all fields by specifying a real e-mail to communicate and the amount of remuneration.

Change the smartphone identifier is very difficult, but still really. In this case, even knowing how to track the phone on IMEI, it will be impossible to find the device.

How to find a phone via imei on computer?

IMPORTANT: It is worth remembering that the thief can change the IMEI device with the help of special programs, so it is necessary to search for the search immediately after the loss.

What is imei phone android (II)

IMEI is a special phone code consisting of 15 digits. It is usually located on the case of the device under the battery. But in order to see it not be sure to pull out the battery. Just just dial the combination # and the number will appear on the mobile screen.

What to do and how to find a mobile phone on IMEI?

In order for with the loss or theft to track the location of the IMEI phone, you must contact the appropriate authorities (police or police), write a statement and attach documents proving the purchase of this device (for example, a check with a store or a warranty card where IMEI apparatus is specified ).

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In the future, law enforcement officers request information about the location and moving the phone at the mobile operator. Based on the information they can conduct investigative activities.

The procedure here is described in a very simplified form. In practice, the whole process occupy a mass of time, and the likelihood of success is extremely small.

Program for searching for IMEI phone for free

First, in no case do not transfer our personal data to third parties. Do not install programs from unknown sources that promise to quickly find the phone on IMEI online. this is most often fraudsters. However, the ways still exist, and they can help find the device, albeit with 100% probability.

For Google Users This is a Google Find My Device service. To use them, such conditions must be met:

  • smartphone enabled;
  • On the device must be logged in to your Google account;
  • The device must be connected to the Internet by Wi-Fi or through the mobile operator;
  • The device must be enabled on the location function;
  • In the security settings or in the “Protection and Location” section, the “Find Device” function must be activated.

The problem is that this method is suitable only for those people who are configured in advance and prepared a smartphone in case of theft or loss. Postfactum to find a phone via the Internet in this way will not work.

Important! Any applications and programs from dubious sources that promise to find the phone on IMEI through satellite or just online are fraudulent. In no case do not pay such services in advance, and do not transfer them important personal data, passwords or other information.

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How to find a stolen phone on IMEI in Kazakhstan for free?

A very convenient and modern way to track the phone was introduced in Kazakhstan. With the help of the program “Kaz-GPS”, track the favor of a lost or stolen phone can be found on the whole globe.

The application has special protection from theft of “Antigor”, which will send information about the information about the coordinates of the apparatus for the previously specified phone number.

In Kazakhstan, find the phone with GPS monitoring

If the SIM card is changing on the phone, then without a specific code, which only knows the owner, the phone cannot be unlocked. The application is so universally that, specifying IMEI, you can not only remotely manage the functions of the phone, but also to control the child’s child or workout. the phone, with the configured function will show all its movement.

Despite the extremely necessary functions, the company does not use the application as a way of earning. the application is absolutely free and each can take advantage of.