Search factors

To begin with, let’s outline a picture that will help determine the success of the search for a mobile phone. Users often forget about some factors, and it is often very difficult to find a lost gadget.

Factor Impact on search
How long have you noticed the loss? The earlier the user starts looking for the device, the higher the chances of finding it. Over time, an attacker can get rid of the SIM card, format or reflash the device.
Battery charge If the battery level is low, the device will go offline, and it will not be possible to find it using online services.
Device binding Most search tools for Samsung phones are based on linking to a Google account.
Android setup To determine the location of the phone, you need to configure the corresponding functions of the operating system, such as Search, Geolocation, Visibility.

Ways to find a missing smartphone

There are several ways to determine where a lost or stolen smartphone is located:

  • by phone number;
  • via the standard Android OS service. Device Manager, “Remote Management”;
  • through the Find My Mobile service built into the firmware of Samsung smartphones;
  • using additional software, which can be downloaded from absolutely free on the Play Market.

By phone number

The easiest way to search for a call to your phone number. You can do it from your home phone, ask your friends or relatives. In extreme cases, you can turn to a complete stranger. If the volume is set at sufficient volume and it is not too far away, then the issue will be solved simply.

Of course, this method will not work if the phone is intentionally stolen. The attacker will immediately discard the SIM card, and later, if he is also computer literate, he will format or reflash the device and the ability to find it using online methods will be lost.

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You can also try to find your phone through your cellular operator. But remember that it provides data on calls received from the phone after its disappearance only to law enforcement officials when submitting an application.

It is also important to remember that if your phone is lost, it is better to block your SIM card. Suddenly, the finder will want to call from your device to Africa or sex services, the owner, to whom the number is issued, will still pay for the calls.

Samsung search app

An alternative method of finding a smartphone is offered by its manufacturer, in this case Samsung. Find My Mobile application will help you with this. Find my mobile device. You can log in from another Android device. You can install the specified software for free through the Play Market.

In addition, in order to find the missing Samsung gadget, there is a search method through the manufacturer’s website. To do this, follow the link

In any case, you will be prompted to log in.

Having entered the application through our account, we will be able to find the lost device:

In the device menu, open the “Lock screen and protection” section.

Check if your gadget is linked to your Samsung account.

Make active the items “Remote control” and “Service Google Location”.

How to find your Samsung phone

Samsung mobile phones are comparable to Apple products in terms of functionality and price. Therefore, the loss of such a device will undoubtedly upset any user.

Fortunately, every owner can find a Samsung phone on their own without contacting law enforcement agencies. How to do this, you will learn from the article offered to your attention.

Through Google account

To search for a device through the site, log in to Google and go to the page

In the upper right corner, the model of all your mobile devices will be highlighted. Select the one you need and the service will start searching for it.

In addition to the search function, the site page has the ability to perform tasks such as:

  • call (ringing);
  • blocking;
  • clearing user information from the phone.

The first function is ringing. It is useful in that the phone will beep for five minutes. During this time, the owner or a random person can find the device.

This feature is also remarkable in that the signal will work even when the sound on the device is turned off.

By locking, you can set a password on your smartphone. over, it will work even if the gadget did not have such protection before the loss of such protection. In this case, you can display a short message on the screen, for example, to which number to call back the person who found him and, if you want, the reward assigned for the refund.

By cleaning, you will achieve complete confidentiality of your personal data. All account bindings will also be deleted, so after that it will not be possible to find the device through online services.

In order to find a device in this way, you must first configure it:

  • Go to the “Security” section through Samsung settings.
  • Open the Device Administrators tab.
  • Activate the item “Remote control” by checking the box next to it. In some OS versions, the required service is called “Device Manager” or Device Manager.


Try to keep your Samsung smartphone charged. Remember that it is almost impossible to determine a dead device using online methods. You will have to contact the police, but there is little confidence that she will find an expensive gadget.

How to find an Android phone using a computer

To find a phone using your Google account from a computer, go to the GooLGe website and log in to your account. This can be done by clicking in the upper right corner on the icon “Google Applications”, where to find the account icon and by clicking on it, enter your data in the login form.

To find your device with a PC, you must first log in to Google

After logging into your account, you need to scroll down the page. In the very last row of functions, you will see the Find My Phone tab. You there.
If several phones are linked to your account (for example, yours and your child’s), then at this stage you need to choose which one you are interested in.

After additional confirmation that this is your account, you will be prompted to choose a way to search for a smartphone: you can call it or find it on the map.

The first can work if the smartphone is lost somewhere in an apartment, office or, for example, in a car.

If you or someone close to you want to find the GooLGe phone on the map, you will need to use the second function. By the way, you can also see the device’s IMEI right there. To do this, you need to click on the icon with the letter I. How to use this information, we recently wrote.

You can ring the phone or find it on the map

Thus, you can not only find a smartphone, but also see the entire history of movements, which is sometimes very useful.

How to find an Android phone using a Google account

There can be many situations when you need to find a phone through a Google account, and the problem can affect both your own and someone else’s smartphone, for example, the device of an elderly relative or a child.

Every person at least once in your life has lost a phone and thought: “It would be nice if he left traces by which the device can be found.” And, oddly enough, these traces remain. not on the surface of the earth, of course, but in the memory of Google servers, if your device is controlled by the Android system.

Finding a phone using a Google account from a phone or computer is quite simple. however, it must meet a number of conditions:

  • the device must be turned on;
  • it must be logged into a Google account, and the smartphone must be tied to it;
  • at the time of the search on the smartphone, the Internet must be turned on;
  • the device must be registered in the Play Store, and the “Location” and “Find device” functions must be activated.

Only if these conditions are met will you be able to see where your lost device is. Otherwise, you will be able to understand as much as possible where he was the last time he went online.

How to find a phone using another smartphone

First, this can be done using the “Find My Device” application. After downloading and launching the application, you will see the host’s Google account to which this unit is linked. But you need to go to your own profile, so you need to click on the button “Login as a guest”.

To enter the program installed on someone else’s smartphone, you need to “Login as a guest”

Then you need to log in, proving that the account you want to log into is yours.

When the smartphone asks whether to provide your location data, allow it. As we remember, this is a sine qua non for your smartphone to be found.

If the smartphone was on the Internet at least some time ago, you will see where and when it was, to which network it was connected and how many percent of the battery was left.
Then you have to choose what to do: lock your smartphone, delete all data, or call it.

You can also try to find your device from someone else’s using the web interface of the Google portal. This may be relevant if the owner of the donor phone does not want you to install any applications on it.

If this is the case, you need to go online and go to the Google website through the built-in browser, or directly to You will see a mobile-friendly device search page where you need to log in. After that, you need to repeat all the steps as it is necessary to do to search for a smartphone through a computer.

Important. If you are logged into Google, just write “Where is my phone” in the search box and the search engine will show its location on the map

As you can see, Google has provided a good opportunity for lost gadgets to be found. In addition, we must be aware that when we diligently hide from “GooLGe surveillance” (I am not saying that it does not exist), we cut off the possibility of finding the phone through a Google account. You need to hide, of course, but wisely.

Mandatory conditions

First, we will consider the requirements, under which the described method of searching for a mobile phone will work 100%. These include the following:

  • information for authorization in the account that is linked to the mobile device;
  • included smartphone;
  • active internet connection;
  • unlocked access to the Play Market;
  • Android has GPS enabled.

How to find a phone using a Google account

If a Google account is tied to the smartphone, then if a number of conditions are met, it will be possible to find the equipment. This method does not always work, but if you find a loss in time, you can track the location, as well as perform a number of locks.

Let’s figure out how to find a phone using Google service. In this article, we will talk about how to find devices from a computer or smartphone only if you have a Google account without third-party profiles and services.

On the computer

To quickly use the map search, follow these steps:

  • Open and log in.
  • Go to After a couple of seconds, the main tethered device and an interactive map with a mark will appear on the screen.
  • From here, the current location of the device is determined, and a number of actions are performed to ensure security.

The table briefly describes the operations that can be performed with the device using this service:

Information The information block displays the approximate appearance of the model, full name, IMEI number, date of registration in the network. It also shows the current battery level, internet connection, and the latest online date. You can update data manually.
Map An interactive Google map showing an approximate location with a radius of up to 100 meters.
Actions Using the buttons on the left, you can do the following: Call the phone. For 2-3 minutes, the speaker will emit a short loud signal even in silent mode. Block. Automatically log out of your Google profile. Tracking will continue, but you can remotely add a phone number or leave a message to the finder (contact number and text). Clean the device. All data is deleted. Login confirmation required. All saved passwords, cache, applications, contacts, messages and so on are subject to destruction.

An alternative way to find out the location of a mobile phone:

  • Go to and enter your personal profile information.
  • Switch to the “Security” section and in the “Your devices” block click on the marked button.

Select the mapped device you want to find. Confirm the procedure by re-entering your account password. Now follow the instructions on the screen. If necessary, you can skip the steps with the “No, thanks” button.

Search Samsung via Google account or app

In detail, in all details, how to do this, it is written in the instructions. to find the location of the phone through Google account. In fact, in this case, you need to do everything the same as we did in the last chapter.

Go to the address., but this time enter the data from your Google account. Then follow the instructions from the first chapter.

The application can be downloaded from Google Play, it is called Find My Device. Install it on another smartphone or tablet. You need to log in using your account, if the device is not yours. log in as a guest with your data and just follow everything as in the instructions for the first chapter.

Find my mobile Samsung. search service

Official decision from Samsung itself. Functional service for finding devices of this brand.

  • An account from the Samsung must be linked on the phone or tablet
  • The device must be turned on
  • Internet should work
  • Location / Geolocation and Find My Mobile Device must be enabled

Go to and sign in to your account. You can do this both from a computer or laptop, or from another smartphone or tablet.

The page will immediately display the location of your smartphone or, if it is turned off, the last switch-on point. At the same time, the phone itself will receive a notification about the location request.

With a smartphone, you can remotely perform the following actions:

  • Call. on the smartphone, a signal will be played at the highest volume for a certain time
  • Block. the device will be blocked, while the search on the map will still work. Plus, Samsung Pay will be disabled and you can leave your contacts on the screen for communication
  • Track position. information about the location of the device will be shown on the map in real time
  • Delete data. everything that is on the smartphone will be erased, the SD card will also be cleared if it is not removed
  • Backup. data from your phone will be backed up to the cloud
  • Receive calls / messages. displays the last 50 calls and messages
  • Unlock. unlocks the device
  • Extend the working time
  • Select Trustees

Call your number from another phone. So you will understand. did anyone find it, does it work, or could it have been stolen altogether.

If Samsung is turned off, and there is still a charge on it, then it is most likely that it was simply stolen. In this case, immediately lock the device or delete all data altogether. Next, take the documents from him, HAVE the code and go to the police to write a statement. Do not forget to call your mobile operator and block your SIM card, or immediately go to their office and change it (the old one will be blocked).

If Samsung is turned on. look on the map where your device is currently located and go in search of it. If it is not blocked, block it first just in case. You need to search at least within a radius of 25 meters, as GPS may have such an error.

As soon as you arrive at the place, start sending a sound to your phone so that you can search for it.

Interesting! Only the police can search for your Samsung by IMEI, only they have these powers, therefore, when you file a report on loss or theft, be sure to provide them with this code. You can always see it on the receipt or box from the device. Additionally, add IMEI to the blacklist of the site.

Looking for the last location in Google Maps

Open the site following the link. and go to the chronology section. See the last places where your smartphone was. Here you can find useful information, if the smartphone was turned on recently and the dot is shown. go there and ask if anyone has found your phone.

Find Samsung Phone. How? TOP ways

Searching for a Samsung phone, unlike smartphones from other brands, has several advantages, the main one of which is its own search system, which works through a Samsung account.

So, in addition to the official methods of Android itself, you will have an alternative and functional way to find your device as soon as possible.

In the previous article, we took a closer look at how to transfer contacts from Samsung to Samsung. Now we will analyze in no less detail how to find a Samsung phone through a Samsung account and other methods. Also, the instruction is suitable for tablets of this brand.

Important! Details about searching for Android devices step by step are written in the article. find a phone. There you will find comprehensive information on this topic.

Samsung values ​​its users, so they made their own functional and effective service with advanced functions for remote control and phone search.

Find phone through Google account

Locating your lost phone using Google. the most efficient solution. It is only important that you log in to Google services at least once using your smartphone, and then information about the device from which the authorization was performed will be saved in your profile.

If this is ready, then you can freely track the location of the phone exactly up to 20 meters, or format the USB flash drive or block the phone with the display of a text notification to the attacker.

  • First, you need to log in to your computer using the same Google profile. as on the phone. After logging into your profile:
  • On this page. go down to the very bottom, and find the “Phone search” section, and select “Proceed”.
  • On this page, you need to select a specific phone that you are trying to find (there may be several of them if you have logged in from different devices). Click on it.
  • This page gives you a choice of what you can do with the device. Near the name of the device itself, there are two main functions. ping and track. The ringing function should be used at the moment when you are close to the lost device in order to hear it, because it is unknown. it can be in someone’s hands, or lie somewhere.
  • Before calling, you must select the function to track, and see the current location of the phone on the map. Search accuracy 20 meters in a radius. On the same page, functions for blocking the deletion of data are duplicated if necessary if you have not found the phone manually.
  • You can also see the logs of your device’s usage if it was actually stolen. Few people know about the possibilities to find a phone through a Google account from a computer, and therefore phones are usually returned to their rightful owners. On this page, you can see where the attacker went to in order to better identify the person.

If you do not have Google authorization, you need to find a receipt for the purchase of the phone, namely the IMEI code. It is a unique identifier for each phone and is used by the police in cooperation with the mobile operator. can pinpoint the exact location of the phone.

The tracking function is used not only to find a lost phone, but also to track the location of children, spouse, relatives and just loved ones. You just need to log in to your Google account and enable the GPS location function on your smartphone. Further actions are debugged as in the system. just follow the instructions above and you will be able to achieve the desired result.

Also, do not underestimate the lock function, because it locks the phone so that only the owner can unlock it. only he knows the unlock code. It is important for Honor that the IMEI does not change after a firmware update. That is, the ability to find a phone. is always there. You just need to act and believe in success, because such cases are not uncommon. If the Internet does not work on your phone, then the location determination will show the last known place of access to the Internet. And it will be possible to find the device only with the help of the appropriate officials.


Here you can track a person’s location by subscriber number.

Initial actions

To find Samsung due to its theft or loss, do not get lost, but take the first and most important steps. These include an appeal to law enforcement agencies or an independent search. So, when choosing the second option, you need to:

How to Find your Lost Phone Using Gmail account?

  • It is better to call a lost phone more than once. This will help make sure you don’t leave him at home or with friends.
  • Remember when you used the device for the last time or just held it in your hands.
  • Determine approximate locations where a Samsung mobile device is lost or stolen.
  • Walk through them.
  • If possible, then find a Samsung phone by IMEI.

In addition, you can go to pawnshops located near the approximate place of loss or theft, or contact resellers. Chances are slim, but worth a try.

What determines the success of finding a Samsung phone

To find your Samsung Galaxy phone, you need to use geolocation or another method. But for the result to be positive, Honor needs different factors. For instance:

  • time elapsed since theft, loss. Every minute counts, because if a telephone device is lost, it can be found by a person who does not want to return his find. In the event of theft, the thief will have time to remove the SIM card and it will no longer be possible to call the number;
  • find a Samsung phone through a Google account and other Google services, provided that the gadget is linked to them. If this is not done, then most likely it will not work to detect the loss through the PC;
  • the correct setting of the operating system and the installation of the necessary data. Almost all existing search methods require a smartphone to be configured in advance. Otherwise, the police cannot do without the help of the police, but it can be ineffective.

If the listed conditions are met, then it will be easy to find a stolen, lost Samsung phone through your account or using another method.

Search by IMEI

Thanks to this method, you can find your lost Samsung phone by its IMEI serial number. It is a 15-digit code assigned to each product before it appears on the market. It is problematic to change this combination on your own, so an ordinary user will not be able to cope with this task.

To find out your IMEI, you need to look at the box in which the device was sold, on the battery, or dial the combination #. But this method is not the most effective in case of theft, because the thief will immediately reset this parameter. Users often start calling the call center to find their Samsung phone if they have lost it, or to get information about it. Unfortunately, they have the right to provide such information only to police officers, and they will not be able to block the device remotely.

This method takes time and effort, but its effectiveness is not always justified. Therefore, if there is no special equipment, it is better not to use this method.

How to find a switched off phone

Another problem that a user of a Samsung smartphone faces is that the device is lost and at the same time it is turned off. In this case, only representatives of law enforcement agencies will be able to find the loss. You need to proceed as follows:

Without contacting the police, it will be impossible to find a thief or a missing person, because employees have access to a database with IMEI numbers.

Account search

The most common method is to search for Samsung phone by Google account. Such functionality is available to all owners of gadgets running on the Android OS, including the products of the South Korean manufacturer. To get back your “loss” you need to register a Google account and check the network connection.

The search will give a result if the device is active and the Internet is turned on. Otherwise, the efforts will be in vain.

  • log into your Google account on your computer and select the “Phone search” menu;
  • examine the list of devices that are assigned to the device profile;
  • select the desired model from the list;
  • pass authorization following the prompts.

After completing these steps, you can use one of two options: call the number or determine where it is via the Internet. In the first case, the device receives a call, with which you can determine whether it is on the street or at home. If the device is stolen, it will be possible to determine its approximate location.

But if it is turned off, then it is worth waiting for it to be turned on to make it easier to search. The disadvantage of the method is the error, which is 300 m. In other words, if a multi-storey building is shown on the map where the system directs after logging into the account, then it is almost impossible to find the loss. The only solution is to constantly update the program to monitor the movement of the device.

Search through apps

Thanks to the Find My Mobile app for Samsung, you can find your missing one very quickly. To do this, you need to access the gadget, find the place where it is located, or block it. You must have an active Samsung account on your phone to use this service. To do this, immediately after purchasing a smartphone, you need to download the program and register in it. In addition, a prerequisite is to allow Google to collect data and agree to the terms of use for wireless networks.

But you will be able to find a device from Samsung through your account, provided that the “send last location” function is active in the settings. In this case, before the device is turned off, it will send information about the last location to the server, so it will not be difficult to find the device.

If the gadget is not connected to the network or remote access is not enabled, then all efforts will be in vain.

In addition, with the help of Find My Mobile you can:

  • lock screen, on / off buttons and Samsung Pay;
  • call your device and if it is not far away, you will hear a loud call within a minute;
  • delete the information available on the device;
  • save backup to Samsung cloud service.

This is not the only application that helps to find a “lost”, but it is the most popular.

Ways to Find a Lost Samsung Phone in 2021

If you need to find a Samsung phone, then you need to explore possible ways to help recover the loss. You can search for a device by account, through the manufacturer’s website, programs and applications. There are other methods that can be used to detect and return a gadget. The main thing is to choose the option that suits you.

Using Google Photos to Find Your Lost Samsung

Google Photos can also help you find your missing Samsung smartphone.

To work with it you need the following:

  • Your lost device must have access to the Internet;
  • The option “Backup and sync” in Google Photo must be activated;
  • Someone needs to take pictures with your lost Samsung device.

How to trace a cell phone by using Google accounthow to locate Android phone.

In case your device has indeed been stolen, you can find it using the backup and sync feature in Google Photos. If you have activated this option in the app, then all images taken on your Samsung will be uploaded to your Google Photos account.

Why is it important? Because not only the image itself is loaded, but also the data about the place where it was taken. Therefore, if the thief did not log out of your Google account and took pictures with your phone’s camera, then new photos may appear in your Google Photos.

Obviously, this only works if the lost phone has an active internet connection. And you’ve given the app permission to use your location. Be careful if you can locate your lost Samsung, which may very well be the thief’s home address. Contact the police with this information to capture the intruder.

What you need to do to find a gadget:

  • Go to and sign in using your Google account information that your Samsung is registered with;
  • Check if the photos were taken after the device was lost;
  • If yes, then click on the image;
  • Now tap on the information icon in the upper right corner;
  • In the sidebar that appears, you can see information about the photo, including the location where it was taken.
    Search your phone with Google Photos

Find My Mobile service will help you find out the location of the lost Samsung

This system, native to Samsung phones, requires the following conditions to work:

  • Your phone must have access to the Internet;
  • You need to have a Samsung account and be registered with it;
  • This service must be configured on your phone, including activation of remote control.

If you have a device, then you may be able to find your lost phone using its own tracking service “Find my mobile”. For it to work, you need a Samsung account and a registered phone before you lost it. Therefore, try to remember if you have a Samsung account and if you have registered your device before. If not, then further steps are meaningless.

  • Go to and click on “Login” to enter your account;
  • Check the left sidebar and make sure your device is connected to your account;
  • Now all you have to do is select “Find my device” in the sidebar and click on the “Find” button. If your device is connected to the network and has remote control enabled, you will see its approximate location;
  • Find My Mobile Phone also allows you to perform other actions. For example, block the device, call it with a message and erase the data on it.
    Find your phone with Samsung’s “Find My Mobile”

Is it possible to track the phone if it is turned off

Most of the methods do not work with turned off devices, so the user can count on only a few options:

  • write a statement to law enforcement agencies;
  • contacting the cellular operator.

It is worth contacting the police only if the user is sure that the gadget has been stolen. Law enforcement officers do not search for lost phones, therefore, when filing an application, evidence is required that the mobile device was stolen by an intruder.

You should not contact law enforcement agencies if the mobile device has been lost within the user’s home or apartment. In this case, the report of the loss can be regarded as making a false call, which will cost the smartphone owner fines. The amount of recovery can vary from 1,000 to 200,000 rubles, depending on the funds spent on the search and the damage.

In addition to an application, a passport and an agreement on registration of cellular services, the user will also need an IMEI number. This is a special identification code of 15 values ​​that any smartphone possesses. To find out your own IMEI, you need to dial the fast number “#”. As a result, the numbers of interest will appear on the phone screen.

  • in the instructions or on the box of the purchased device;
  • inside smartphone.

The second way is to contact a cellular company providing mobile services. To do this, the user needs to collect the following documents:

  • SIM card holder’s passport.
  • Service agreement.
  • Smartphone IMEI, however, many cellular companies are able to track the SIM card without this parameter.

The call can be made in any cell phone salon of the user’s mobile company. If the owner of the smartphone provides all of the above data, then the salon employee will indicate the current location of the SIM card.

It is important to take into account the margin of error that exists when determining the location of a mobile device. In cities, it is about 100-200 meters; in rural areas, this value can increase to several kilometers.

Vyacheslav For several years he worked in the salons of cellular communication of two large operators. I am well versed in tariffs and I see all the pitfalls. I love gadgets, especially on Android. Question to an expert Is it possible to find a phone by IMEI on my own? There are many companies that offer to find a missing device by IMEI, but in most cases these are scammers whose purpose is to infect the user’s device with a virus. Do I have to pay a representative of the cellular company for providing information about the location of the phone? No, this service is completely free. You just need to prove that you are the owner of the SIM card. Can I ask the mobile operator for help in finding the place of the phone without presenting a contract for registration of services? Yes, but for this you need to know the number of this contract itself. If you do not have such information, then the representative of the cellular company has every right to refuse the search. How long does the police search for a missing phone? It all depends on the specific case. Basically, representatives of law enforcement agencies use the same means that have been described by us: they find out the IMEI of the device, contact the cellular operator. Therefore, the time spent depends on the efforts made and the luck of the operatives.

Using Google Photos functionality

This method will help in the event that the phone was stolen by intruders and the thief left it for himself to use.

The essence of the method is simple. find out if new photos were taken with the help of the gadget after the loss and see the location of these photos. However, in order to use the tracking function via Google photos, you need to connect the device to the file backup.

  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Find the section “Accounts” and select the desired Google account.
  • In the window that opens, activate the synchronization function of the data of interest. In our case, photos.

After activation, all photos taken on the device will be saved in the shared cloud storage, which can be accessed from any device.

To see if new photos have been taken with the missing phone, you must:

  • Visit Google Photos from any device.
  • Enter the data of the account to which the smartphone is linked.
  • View photos taken and find new ones.
  • Select a photo and click on the “i” icon (information).
  • The location of the device will be indicated on the right side of the screen.

Do not rush to take the smartphone away from the attacker yourself, it is better to report this information to law enforcement agencies.

Find Samsung phone via satellite online

When the phone is stolen, it becomes more difficult to find Samsung. Criminals often turn off the device, remove the SIM card so that it is not possible to establish the position of the device on the card by the card number. In such cases, the only way out is to seek help from the police. It is necessary to write a statement and indicate the IMEI number of the device.

It should be rewritten in advance, the required 15 digits are located under the battery. It can also be seen often on the phone box. Using this unique serial number, at the request of law enforcement agencies, a mobile provider can try to track down even a switched off cell phone. The system will show the last determined location of the device on the map. Further searches are carried out by police officers, who will then return the device. If he was found at the address of the victim’s residence, he faces a fine for false appeal.

How to find a phone by SIM card

Don’t want to waste time on statements? Contact the operators yourself. The accurate GPS system will help you track the signal received by the SIM card. As soon as the connection is recorded by the towers, the operators will name the exact location of the smartphone.

This operation is quite simple to do. You are required to:

  • a call to a mobile operator (employees will connect you with a consultant who will answer all questions);
  • indication of the mobile number and the card agreement, as well as the IMEI code.

As soon as the company receives the data, expect an early response.

Find Samsung by account

This is the first thing to know if you are wondering how to find Samsung yourself. This is the company’s internal device search service that operates through a Samsung account. All users should log into their Samsung account through the settings. If you are going through the procedure for the first time, then you need to perform a simple registration. Further, in automatic mode, the function of remote control of the device will turn on. Using your computer from your account, you can:

  • block the device;
  • turn on the signal at full volume;
  • show on the map the last determined location of the gadget;
  • completely delete all contents from memory (it will not be possible to restore afterwards).

How to find a stolen Samsung phone via the FindMyMobile app

Telecommunication company Samsung has its own analogue of the Google service “Android Remote Control” service. “FindMyMobile” service (in Russian localization “Find Phone”).

This function works according to the same principle as the analogue. First, you need to register a Samsung account and link it to your mobile device. This is done when the device is first launched or on the official website of the company.

However, the user’s mobile device must be connected to the service in question. This is done as follows:

  • Go to the phone menu “Settings”.
  • Find a tab titled “Biometrics and Security”.
  • Click on the service “Find phone”.
  • Enable function.
  • Enter Samsung account details.

The gadget is now connected to the Find My Phone service.

In case of loss of the device, the following should be done:

  • Go to the service site. findmymobile.Samsung
  • Sign in to your Samsung account.
  • Launch the function “Find my mobile device”.

The site screen will show a map with the location of the device user is interested in.

Also, the functionality of the “FindMyMobile” service includes blocking the unlocking of the device, making a call to a mobile device and backing up the owner’s data to a pre-selected cloud storage.