Instructions on how to find a serial computer number with Windows

The serial number is a unique code for identifying your computer device to prevent the purchase of fake, fake or used products if the user wants to know the information from the manufacturer by this serial number. Each laptop will have a separate serial number. If you need to install the driver or provide warranty service information, you will need this serial number. Nevertheless, some people do not know how to look for serial numbers on laptops, please follow the article below.

Note for users, how to check the serial number below, can be suitable for different laptop models.

Serial number on the camera housing, car case:

For some laptops, we can easily check the serial number directly on the camera case if it is printed on a small sticker in the lower part of the machine. On some other laptops, this information is printed directly on the cover of the device. If the battery of the device is removable, its serial number can be printed on a small sticker inside the battery compartment under the battery block.

For desktop models, we need to find the position from the back, from above or on both sides of the case. However, we need to open the case, because the serial number indicated on the label is inside the case

If you still have an original box with a device, try finding a label because you can write a serial number on it.

How to find a computer number of a computer

There are situations when the user needs to find out the serial number of his computer. For example, if you need to fill out a registration form, one of the points of which. This is a serial computer number. Often this form is filled in when registering purchased components on the official website of the developer company.

In laptops, the serial number can be recognized in several ways. One of them. It’s just to see the documentation for the portable device. Often it is indicated in the warranty sheet to the laptop and almost always. on the back of the mobile computer. There are times when the serial number can be found under the battery. To do this, remove the battery and see the number in the compartment.

As for the serial number of a stationary computer, it is determined by the ID of your system board. In order to find out the serial number of the home PC, you will need the AIDA64 Extreme Edition program. Download it from the Internet. The program is commercial, but there is a free time period of use, which is one month.

Install the application on your computer. Run it. Wait for some time while the program collects information about your system. In the main menu window, click on the “system board”. In the next window, also select the “System board”.

A window will open in which there will be detailed information about your motherboard. This information will be divided into several sections. Find a section called “Properties of the system board”. In the properties of the system board there is a line ID. This is the serial number of your computer.

You can also find out the serial number using a set of utilities Tuneup Utilities. Download the program from the Internet and install on your computer. Run the application. Wait for the completion of the system scanning. This process can be a little long, but it is carried out only after the first launch of the program.

In the main menu of the program, select “Correction of Problems”, then. “Show system information”. After that, go to the “System devices” section. It contains information about the serial number of your computer.

How to check the computer model using a command line

  • Open the Start menu.
  • Enter the CMD search and click on the upper result to open the command line window.
  • Type the next command and click the input:

WMIC CSproduct Get Name, Identifyingnumber

We described the instructions for working with Windows 10, but they are also suitable for Windows For Windows 7, only information about the system and command line are working.

How to Find Your Computer’s Serial Number From Within Windows

Determine the serial number on equipment or box

Sometimes you cannot open your computer due to errors or any problems that prompted you to contact the support service or order the replacement of parts. In this case, you can try to find the serial number on the sticker on the rear panel of the computer or on the packaging box in which it was.

If you use a laptop, you may need to completely extract the battery to see the serial number.

You can also try to find a purchase receipt if you still have. Most often the serial number is indicated in the receipt. If you bought your computer via the Internet, there is a high probability that you will find a serial number in a receipt sent to you by e.mail.

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Sticker. Documentation

The easiest way is to find a sticker on the system of the system unit. Eminent manufacturers of computer technology on the PC case without fail indicate. You can also find out the serial PC number in the documentation for the system unit. Again, this can only be done if the computer is made by a well-known manufacturer. Small firms that only specialize in the assembly of computing systems, such data do not indicate.

This is a more universal way to find out the serial number of the computer. Windows of any version has means for such a diagnosis. At the first stage, you need to start the command line utility. To do this, you just need to press the “win” key combination “r”. At the next stage, we recruit the command in the window opened: “CMD”. After that, you need to dial in the set of the set: “WMIC BIOS Get Serialnumber”. Next, press the input. At the next stage, there will be a message with the information of interest to us in the same window.

Specialized software

Another way to find out the serial number of the computer. This is the use of specialized programs. Again, such software works on special computing systems. For example, HP has HP Support utility. It allows you to find out the serial number of the computing system, but can only function on the computers of this manufacturer.

The easiest way (search for stickers)

Turn the device so that the back cover is opened to your attention. Here you must find a sticker. If it was not found on the back cover, then we do the following:

We turn the laptop and remove the battery

We look at the numbers that go after the words “Serial Number”

So it turns out that over time, information can be erased here. Gradually disappear letters and numbers. In this case, we will turn to other methods.

System Information Organization or HP Support Assistant

In order to know what is my HP laptop model, you can use the “System Information” utility or resort to the use of the HP Support Assistant program.

PROCESS “Information about the system”:

  • To call the “System Information” utility, click on the keyboard the following combination of the Fnesc key;
  • After pressing the key combinations, the “System Information” window will appear on the screen. The following information will be presented in the utility window: the name and number of the laptop. The name will reflect information about many types of laptop models. The number just opposite in more detail reflects information about the laptop brand.

HP Support Assistant utility:

  • In order to call the HP Support Assistant utility, you must click on the keyboard a combination of the WinQ keys. You can also find the program through the “Start” and enter in the search “HP”;
  • Then the utility must be launched. In the program window, information about the model will be displayed at the bottom.

You can also see more detailed information about the characteristics of the laptop in the “My Computer” tab “. “Information about the system”. Another option to install a laptop brand can be a visit to the support site.

The method is perfect to find out the model by serial number:

  • We go to the support site;
  • Next, in the “Manual Warranty Verification” window, enter data on the country of residence, serial number and product number;
  • Next, click on the “Send” tab;
  • After a few seconds of waiting on the screen, the “GP Product Result” page should appear, where information about the model of your laptop will be presented.

Search for serial number on the case

You can find a unique laptop number right on the device case or on the original box, if it is preserved, of course. This is convenient when the computer does not start at all, but you need to see the technical characteristics or get the support of the manufacturer. We will analyze where to look for a serial number on Lenovo and other laptops, if the box is no longer preserved.


Most laptops on the case or under the battery have a special sticker. Here you can find basic information about the model and manufacturer, as well as the serial number itself. To find a unique code, carefully inspect the case of the device for the presence of a sticker. It is usually located on the bottom. To do this, you need to turn the device with a lid up.

The unique number of the device is marked by the inscription “Serial Number”, “S/N” or “Serial number”. A combination of numbers and letters, following the inscription, is a serial laptop number.

Under the battery

If there is no sticker on the case, then it can be located under the battery. There is also information on the battery itself. Modern laptops do not allow you to quickly remove the battery. In older models, it is enough to press on the latches and pull out the battery, pulling it up.

On the case itself

On some devices, the serial number is written directly on the case. It is usually located on the bottom. In addition to the code, there is usually information about the manufacturer, models and other data necessary to identify the laptop.


If there are no stickers, and all the inscriptions are erased, then you can find out the serial number of the device through BIOS. Entrance to the base system is carried out in different ways, depending on the manufacturer of the laptop and model. For example, in Lenovo, in order to go to the BIOS, it is necessary to pinch the FN and F2 keys while loading the operating system.

There is also a universal way to enter the BIOS, which is suitable for users of the Windows 10 operating system:

    Go to the parameters of the system through the “Start” menu. To do this, select the gear icon located in the panel on the left.

After that, the laptop will be rebooted and the BIOS/UEFI base system will be automatically transition to the base system. The serial number is usually located in the main window, which opens by default, so you will not have to cross the tabs. As a rule, the code is indicated in the line “Serial Number”.

BIOS versions may vary, therefore, in some cases, to view the serial number, it will be required in the main “Main” window using the keys to go to the “Serial Number Information” item, then click on Enter. To find out the unique device code.

The inscription on the sticker

Sticker is placed on the back of the laptop.

How to find the Monitor Model and Serial Number Windows 10

As a rule, it is glued to the lid. But a situation is possible when the sticker is either erased on the outer side of the PC or there is no. In this case, the actions are as follows:

  • Work on the laptop ends, it is de.energized.
  • PC is turning over, the battery is removed.
  • Small-to-digital codes and inscriptions are placed under the battery with small print, but the serial number in this abundance is easily identified: it follows the line Number (which translates). We look at the numbers that go after the words “Serial Number”.

Advice! The discovered digital value should be either remembered or fixed on paper so that you do not remove the battery from time to time.

This method is elementary, but, unfortunately, does not give a 100% guarantee that the digital code is well read and not erased. In the case of fiasco, other methods will help.

The method is relevant for any version of Windows, starting from the “seven” and above.

Click the RWIN combination. In the introductory line, print CMD and open the console utility of the OK key.

Print the WMIC BIOS Get Serialnumber (without quotation marks) and press Enter.

Copy to the exchange buffer and save the highlighted serial number.

Features of the location of the number on certain models


On the Lenovo IDectre model, a unique code is located on the lower PC case. For viewing, just turn the computer over. Format of this number: 2 letters and 8 digits. On other Lenovo models: 2 letters and 12 digits. Look for the designation s/n.

Install HP Support Assistant.

On a note! Use only the latest version of this application.

Launch the program and in the “My Devices” section we find and open our computer. Perhaps the list will consist of several devices, but we choose the one that is needed at the moment. After clicking on the icon, all information will open, below you will see the desired code.

Instead of the result

You can determine the laptop model or other information in the same ways by changing commands. For example, in the command line called using Winr buttons, you will need to enter. WMIC CSproduct Get Name. Or in the “Execution” window, just call “MSINFO32” or “DXDIAG” information.

The easiest way is the sticker on the case. Carefully study the case of the entire PC, you just have not noticed or viewed it. Of course, if the sticker has failed for some reason, you should choose another method.