How to find out the IP address of the network printer?

Office equipment and home printing devices are often equipped with network adapters, which allows you to use them in a local network. As you know, there are several main ways to connect PC to the printer or All-In-One Printer:

The network address of the printer or IP address is a numerical value assigned to the printing equipment for its identification on the Internet. This allows the printer to exchange data with other network devices: computers, laptops, etc.D.

In the first case, the connection is carried out directly. If the computer does not see the printer, the reason is a faulty USB cable or the absence of drivers. About how to install drivers for the printer, read in our other material. To organize a connection between Wi-Fi or LAN devices, the user needs to know the IP address of the printer.

Take a simple example: in a small office in Kyiv 10 PC and 4 All-in-One Printer. To connect printers to the network, knowledge of the IP address will help you perform this process much faster. There are situations when an employee cannot understand why the network printer does not print, and the reason may be that All-In-One Printer is disabled from the network. We will tell you about several methods that will help determine the IP of the connected equipment.

HP Color LaserJet PRO M252dw Configure IP network settings,wifi defaultpassword ,menu

Express method-how to find out the IP address of the printer in 30 seconds.

Want to know the IP address of your printing equipment in less than a minute? Open Word or any other text editor. Click “Print” by choosing the correct printer. You can also open this window using a key combination: “Ctrl” “P”. The requested information will be indicated in the field that opens before the word “port.

We find out the IP address of the printer through the command line (CMD)

You can enter CMD in the search field or take turns click “Win” “R”.

In the opened program, enter the Printer Management. You will get into the “Devices and Prinaters” section.

IP addresses of printing equipment in Windows XP/7

Follow the way: “Start”. “Devices and Prinaters”.

Find a device connected to your PC and click it with the right mouse button to access the printer properties. On the “General” tab, you will see the value of the ip protocol.

If you have created a network printer, you can find its address in the Wi-Fi Router settings. Enter your accounting operator account and go to the DHCP customer table.

Another best way is to establish support programs. The most popular utilities:

  • 1 IPSCAN-I is a simple program that allows you to determine the availability of IP addresses;
  • 2 Lanscope-scan a local network in seconds, showing a list of IP devices;
  • 3 Advanced IP Scanner is an intuitively simple network scanner.

We learn the network address of copying equipment on Windows 10

To find out the IP address of the network printer, it is advisable to print a test page where the general data will indicate the values ​​of the port and address. In the printer settings, select the “General”. “test seal” tab.

You can also determine the IP address of the printer as follows:

Open the “parameters” found at the beginning.

How To Find IP Address Of Printer ��️

Find the device, go to its “properties”, then click “Web services”.

There is no PC at hand-how to quickly find out the IP address of the printer

In this case, you can again print the configurations of printing equipment, but without using PC. For each brand of printing equipment, the method of printing the configuration page will differ. For example, for some HP Laserjet printers, it is enough to press the Start button and hold it for 5 seconds.

To find out the network address of the Samsung brand printer, just hold the Print Screen functional key for 4 or 10 seconds. Print time depends on the model and a copy of the copy. Some printers have built-in LCD displays, with which the user can view all the necessary information about the settings.

Note: when the printer does not work and for some reason eliminates print errors, do not lose time. Seek professional help. Perhaps it is necessary to repair printing equipment. Our masters will resume the process of printing as soon as possible and help you configure your printer.

We hope that the advice was useful to you and helped you find out the IP address of the printer. Here you can save not only time, but also money by ordering a dressing of cartridges in the Tonfix service center. For all issues of cooperation, please contact the service managers for help.

How to look at the IP address of the printer using router settings

If the printer is connected to the Wi-Fi computer, you can see the address in the router settings. To do this, you need to find out the IP address of network equipment. Usually it is located on the rear panel of the router and looks like this: Then open any browser and enter these numbers into the address line. The router settings integration should open. Some manufacturers of network equipment, in addition to the digital address, also have a secondary alphabetical. For example, Tenda has Other manufacturers have something similar.

To access the router settings, you will need to enter an account login and password. Often the login is “admin”, and the password is also indicated on the rear panel of the network device. You will need to find a section with connected devices. Depending on the pattern of the router, it can be in different places. This category is usually called “devices”. In it you will find all the gadgets connected to the router. Usually IP address is written next to each of them.

Where and how to see

You can see the IP device on the panel that it is equipped. Often such a panel is placed on the front of the case. The necessary data will be spelled out in the settings section.

In different equipment models, the menu item may be called: “Network”, “Settings”, “Options”, “Network”, “Options”, “Settings”, etc.P.

Printer properties

  • Go to the “Start” menu.
  • Click the “control panel” and then “Devices and printers”.
  • Click once by the right mouse button on the device, select “Properties”.
  • Open the Web Services located next to the General and Equipment tabs. At the bottom of the window, IP and MAC address data are indicated.

IP value is also in the column “location”.

In any version of the OS (Windows 7, 8 and 10), the list of connected equipment can be recognized as simultaneously pressing the Winr keys and input in the Control Printers team dialog box.

Search for the IP address of the printer in Windows 10

If you cannot get a configuration page from your printer or if your printer does not have a display, you can use your computer to find a printer IP address. Follow the instructions below.

Step (1): First of all, go to the Start menu, and then enter the “control panel” in the search field. Now from the search results, click on the control panel to open it.

Step (2). In the control panel window, select the “View devices and printers” parameter, which is located in the “Equipment and Sound” section.

Step (3): Here you will see all the printers and other devices that are connected to your computer with Windows 10.

Step (4): Now click the right-button mouse on the printer, the IP address of which you want to find and select the option of the printer’s properties.

Step (5): In the Printer Dialog box, go to the General tab, and you will see the IP address of your printer in the location section.

Step (6): If you still cannot find the printer IP address, go to the Porta tab and select the port for which the checkmark is enabled. Finally, click on the “Configure Port” button.

Step (7): Now he must show you the name of the printer or the IP address of your printer.

Thus, you can easily find out the printer IP address on a laptop or desktop computer with Windows 10.

Find the IP address of the printer by access to the router

As we mentioned earlier, few modern printers use Wi-Fi to connect to your network. Thus, if your printer uses DHCP (a protocol of the dynamic configuration of the host) and you have the right to access your router, you can easily find the IP address of your printer on the DHCP state page of your router.

Here’s how to find a printer IP address in Windows 10 using access to the router:

Step (1): First open any web browser on a computer with Windows 10 and enter in the address line, and then press the Enter key.

Important note: the IP address of the router depends on the company and the brand of the router. Thus, your router may have another IP address.

Step (2): Now enter your router, entering the user name and the password of the router.

Step (3). After entering the system, find the DHCP customers table or find any link to the list of DHCP customers in the “Status” section → “Local Network”.

Step (4): Now open the DHCP customer table or a list of customers, and the IP address of your printer should be indicated there.

Many computer users like this method for determining the printer IP address by accessing the router web-integrator.

So, these are the three most active methods that you can try to find a printer IP address on a computer with Windows 10 when you need it.

We hope that this leadership of “how to find the IP address of the printer in Windows 10” helped you get the answer to your question, where is the IP address of my printer and much more.

Determine the IP address of the printer

First of all, you should clarify why you still need to find out the IP address of the printing device. In most cases, those users that are connected to the network are trying to determine it, where several printers are involved at once. Therefore, in order to send the document to print on the necessary device, you will need to find out its address.

Information about the network

The printer menu has such a section as “Information about the network”. It contains all the information you are interested in. To go to the menu on the device itself, click on the corresponding button, which most often has a gear icon. There, move to the category of “configuration report” and find the line IPV4 addresses.

On peripheral equipment, in which there is no special screen to view the menu, the main functional information about the product will occur, so you should insert the paper into the compartment and open the cover so that the process successfully starts.

Text editors

Most documents are sent to print directly from text editors. Using such programs, you can find out the location of the equipment. To do this, go to the “Print” menu, select the required periphery and pay attention to the value of the parameter “Port”. In the case of a network connection, the correct IP address will be displayed there.

Printer properties in Windows

Now let’s look at the method a little more complicated. To carry out it, you will need to perform several actions:

The only problem you may encounter when performing this method is the absence of a printer in the “Device Manager”. In this case, use the method 5 from the article on the link below. There you will find a detailed guide on how to add new equipment to Windows.

In addition, when there are problems with the detection of the printer, we advise you to familiarize yourself with the following material. There you will find a detailed description of the solution of such a problem.

Network parameters

If the computer is connected via a network cable or uses Wi-Fi, information about it can be found in the parameters of the home or network of the enterprise. You only need to make a few manipulations from you:

    Through the “Start” menu, go to the “control panel”.

Proper connection of print equipment via Wi-Fi has its own characteristics and difficulties. Therefore, in order to do everything without errors, we advise you to contact our other material at the following link:

This is where our article is coming to an end. You were familiarized with four available options for determining the IP address of the network printer. As you can see, this procedure is completely simple, the entire process is carried out in literally a few actions, so you should not have difficulties with this task.

Look at the printer

Find the name of the product on the outer side of the printer. Often the name is placed in the corners on the front side, in the center or in the upper left corner.


If the name of the product is difficult to find on the outer side of the printer, look at the label from behind or below the printer, as well as in the field of access to cartridges.

Method 2. trial page

In the printing mode of the trial page on the paper sheet, detailed information about the settings of the device is displayed, including the network address in the lines “Port” and “Placing”. You can print information using one of the following actions.

  • By pressing the combination of keys on the control panel of the printing device. You can clarify the call call in the documentation for a specific model.
  • On the computer open the Windowsr window, and perform Control Printers. In the “Devices and Prinaters” tab, find the label of the printing apparatus. Open the menu (click by the right mouse button) → “Printer Products” → “Printing Page”.

On this test page, you can easily notice the address at which your device is located on the network. Next, study the information in the lines called “port” and “placement”.

Find out the IP address of the printer through CMD

All the most popular text processors (Word, WordPad, Writer Open Office and T.D.) have the ability to print files. When printing, you can also get information about the exact location of the printer in the local network.

When you print the document, Word shows the network address of the printer in the ‘port’ information window ‘Port’. All you need to do is open or create a document in the program. Then click Ctrlp or go to the menu file → Print to open a window with the necessary information.

How to find an IP address of the printer using the software from the developer

Many developers create unique programs compatible only with their products. They are intended not only to eliminate various problems, but also to provide the user with comprehensive information about its device. Such programs, of course, can be downloaded from official sites. Almost all manufacturers of office equipment (Canon, Epson, Kyocera, Brother and others) have their own software. There are also universal solutions such as NetViewer, IPSCAN, LANSCOPE. If you cannot find an official tool, you can use one of these. However, there is no guarantee that they will display the correct information, so they should only be used if other methods do not help.

To find out someone’s data, just get access to equipment. If you have the opportunity to enter the system from another computer, you can find out the address. The principle of all manipulations will be the same for each printer. Try one of the methods described above. Continue attempts until you get the necessary information.

If you do not have access to the computer, you can install special programs and applications that will allow you to scan other systems. They can be found on the Internet and downloaded into your system. Then follow the tips on the screen to find the address of the printer you are interested in.

In addition, it is useful to know the name under which the device is registered on the network. Sometimes to obtain access may be required to enter a name. To find out how the printer is registered, follow the following actions:

  • Turn on the computer and go to the main menu. On the “Devices” tab, select “Printers and Scanners”.
  • Choose the device of interest to you from the list of proposed devices in the dialog box that appears.
  • Click with the right mouse button on its image or signature.
  • Select “Management” or “Properties” from the list of possible actions. Any of these options will bring you to the main menu of the printer and display information about it.
  • Open the “General” tab. A network name of the printer will appear in the corresponding window with the inscription, under which it can be identified on the Internet.

For access, a name or address is required; For convenience, you can use the way described above and enter the name.

Find out on a computer

If the printer is connected and works through the computer, the data will be obtained through the properties of the device. The instruction is suitable for Windows 10 and earlier versions of the operating system. It will be possible to find out the network address of any printer, regardless of the brand (HP, Canon, Epson, Kyocera, Brother, and so on).

  • On the keyboard, first press the Windows key, and then the Rab of R;
  • A window with the name “Perform” will open;
  • Enter the “Check Printers” command and click OK;
  • The section “Devices and printers” systems will open;
  • In the list of all devices, find the icon of the desired printer, click on it with the right mouse button and select the “properties”;
  • Go to the “Web Service” tab;
  • Look at the IP address in the lines “IP address” and “web page”. If necessary, rewrite the MAC address and the full name of the model with which the printer works on the network.

The IP address is also on the “General” tab in the pop-up menu “Printer properties”. The name of the host will be found in the line “Location”.

Sometimes the listed tabs are absent. So you will have to look for information about IP in other ways.

through additional software

This method is suitable only for the owners of modern printers, in whom the support of drivers was originally included in the kit. The kit should also include a specialized utility. Using these superstructures, the user can look for a printer on the network, control the ink consumption and, if necessary, eliminate the displayed errors.

Such software is developed directly by manufacturers, but regardless of the printer company, the essence of the main programs is approximately the same. It is in this software proposed to the printer that you can find the right address.

How to determine the network address of the printer using a command line

Open “Devices and Printers” from “Perform”

  • Open the menu “Perform” by pressing Win R or clicking the “Start” menu with the right mouse button and selecting it from the list.
  • Enter the printer command control and click Enter (you can enter this command in the address line of the conductor or on the command line).

Printer settings

By connecting the printer to the PC, it can be configured to perform certain scenarios. To change the default values, you need to go into the “Parameters” or find on your computer any application for working with documents that has its own settings section. In the end, you can configure several key parameters:

Be sure to study the Windows 10 tools, as well as the functionality of the applications with which you interact with the printer. There you will definitely find a lot of interesting things to optimize the work of your device.

The third way

If the task of how to find out the IP address is still relevant for you, then print a test sheet. For this purpose, open the properties of your device, go to the “General” tab and click on the corresponding button. On the printed page in several places you can find the current IP address of your printer.

Another answer to the question of how to find out the IP printer is related to the use of a text editor. As a rule, each such program has a function of printing documents. Therefore, with its help you can get information that is associated with the network location of the device.

For example, in Word you just need to call the press menu and go to the “port” line. It is there that the IP assigned to your device from the system is indicated.

The fifth way

Install a special application from a CD attached to the printer, which is designed to monitor the condition of the cartridge, cleaning the head for printing, etc.P. After installing such software, you just need to start it and open the section with the parameters. There are a number of buttons that are responsible for various options. To get an answer to your question, you need to click on any of them.

In addition to the described methods, you can use the special software designed to scan the network. For example, an excellent option is the Advanced IP Scanner network scanner, which favorably differs from some other options in that it has a Russian intese and is completely free. After the scanning procedure is completed, you will receive a whole list of devices connected to the network, including your printer.