How to track the iPhone

How to track the location of the iPhone by phone number or using the “Find Friends” service. “Lighthouse” from operators. How to find iPhone using special applications. What to do for iphone security?

The need to track the place where the smartphone is located may arise in such cases:

How To Turn Off Find My iPhone From Computer With

  • the iPhone is in the child, and relatives want to find out where he is now.
  • The phone was lost and attempts are made to find it.
  • It was stolen and you need to catch a thief.

There are various search methods. But they are available only to those who are an iPhone user.

The function “Find iPhone

This function is always present on the iPhone. To use it, you need to perform such actions:

  • Open the settings.
  • Go to the icloud section. You need to specify your username and password in the system.
  • Select the “Find iPhone” option and activate it by moving the switch to the right.

After that, the function will be activated and it can be used when looking for a phone.

If this procedure is not carried out in advance, then in the case of the gadget’s disappearance, it will not work to use it. If the function was turned on, then it will work only if geolocation will be turned on.

The following will tell you how exactly the search is used using this method. To do this, you can use several ways. The simplest is the use of a specialized application. To do this, you will need to ask a relative or acquaintance of the iPhone, download and install with his resolution the specialized application “Find iPhone”. To enter the system, you will need to indicate your Apple ID. Next, you need to take the following actions:

find, iphone, icloud, turned
  • After starting the program in automatic mode, scan will be performed.
  • You need to wait for its end.
  • The proposed map will marked the location of the device that needs to be found.

If necessary, the user is given the opportunity to press the alarming button. Additionally, it is possible to find the route to the desired point. So that it is shown on the map, you need to click on the icon with the image of the car.

If there is no opportunity to temporarily lend someone else’s iPhone, then your gadget can be found using a desktop computer or laptop. To do this, it will be enough to use the browser. In this case, to find the phone, you need to take the following actions:

  • Launch a browser and go to the site icloud.
  • You need to enter your Apple id.
  • Choose “Find iPhone”.
  • A map will be shown, on which a special icon will be noted the location of the smartphone.

The possibility of laying the optimal route to this place is available. The search will be successful only on condition that geolocation is included.

How to find iPhone by phone number without search function

Sometimes there is a need to find another iPhone. It is impossible to do this in standard ways. In some cases, you can use other search methods. There are resources on the Internet that allow you to search by phone number.

Little is known about them, therefore it is difficult to say whether it makes sense in their use. Perhaps, in extreme cases, it is possible to contact them. One of these sites is.Phone-Location. In order to use his services, you need to go through the registration procedure.

In some cases, the Google Timeline service can help. If the Google account was used on the lost phone, then data on the location of the gadget will be saved. To do this, follow the link and log in. After that, it will be possible to open the card and see when and where the iPhone was located. To do this, you need to know the login and password of the account, which was used at the stolen application.

Be careful and try not to lose your gadget, because even the most perfect technology does not guarantee its return. After the purchase, the first thing is to activate the “Find iPhone” function: in unforeseen circumstances, the chances of a successful outcome will remain. Take measures immediately after detecting the loss.

Be persistent in interaction with law enforcement officers and communication operators: these structures are usually not interested in finding your mobile apparatus. Take all the measures described above to ensure a thorough and productive search.

Find iPhone by IMEI or phone number

IMEI. This is a unique phone code. it is assigned to the apparatus by the manufacturer. It is almost impossible to change this code yourself. To recognize it enough to dial a combination of keys #06 #.

There are special services for iPhone on IMEI on the network. The principle of their action is similar to the previously described. The user indicates the unique iPhone code and activates the search according to geolocation. In practice, finding iPhone in this way is almost impossible since:

  • Extremely rare, but attackers still manage to change IMEI.
  • To search for iPhone, access to special equipment and databases of operators. Such information is available only to law enforcement agencies.

The only way to find iPhone using code. This is an ad on the Lostolen service. This is the IMEI base base. Their owners publish information about the lost phone and indicate the amount of remuneration. Participants in the secondary market often check the devices for information in the database.


There are no search tools in Apple offices. Maximum than they can help. provide a computer to search for loss through the “Find iPhone” function. Other tools do not have offices.

There are no third-party programs to search for the missing iPhone. Use icloud or mobile application “Find iPhone”. By the way, if it is not on another device, download it from the App Store.

Other ways to find iPhone

If you could not find the missing phone online, you will have to resort to offline consumers. These include trips to the mobile operator or the police with writing an application, as well as the request of their friends to help find the iPhone or call it from another device. Consider each method in more detail.

Application to the mobile operator

If you want to track your phone using IMEI, the only working way is to contact a mobile operator. First of all, you need to call the operator and ask to block the phone number. Then you need to ask the mobile operator together with the police to track the location of the smartphone by IMEI.

Ideally, this method must be combined with writing a statement to law enforcement agencies. True, the search for a phone may drag on, so you can try another way.

An alternative option is to try sending SMS to a stolen device and offering to return the phone for a “generous reward”. Agree with a thief is not the most pleasant pleasure, but if the phone is not turned off yet, you may return your smartphone as quickly as possible, parting with a certain amount of money.

Application to the police

Turning to the lawyers of the order for help, you can write a statement about the theft. So you will oblige employees to institute criminal proceedings.

Indicate that the damage from the loss is significant. This will increase the chances that you will pay attention to your business.

Indicate your IMEI and contact details. After that, expect a call.

Ideally, your iPhone will be transferred to the department that will follow it. every time the phone connects to the network, it shows his IMEI. If the device is turned on, its location will be determined. After that, employees of the bodies will go to the fraudster and take away his phone from him.

In practice, the search can drag on for a long time. it all depends on your degree of “ties” with law enforcement officers. The presence of acquaintances or friends in the police sharply increases the chances of getting the phone back as soon as possible.

Alerts of friends

If you have the opportunity to attract friends to search, you can share the location of the device with them. To do this, go to the “locator”, open the “people” tab, click on “Share Geopolition”.

After that, specify the name and phone number of your friend. At the end, click the “Send” button to share the data.

Call your room

You can also call your own iPhone from another phone.

  • Open the “Phone” application;
  • Go to the “Favorites” tab;
  • Add the desired phone number by clicking on a plus in the upper right corner;
  • Select the action “Call” in a pop.up form. You can also send an SMS message or make a video call.

Using the above tips, you will significantly increase your chances of finding a lost smartphone. Good luck!

How to find iPhone using the icloud service

It will not work to track the location of the off, but you can see the last location when the phone was still active. In this case, ICLOUD COM can be used. In the list of devices, the iPhone will be reflected. That is, opposite it will be a gray mark. The map will be displayed where the gadget was the last time until it was turned off.

The function with which you can see the last location of the phone is on devices with iOS 8 and all subsequent. Therefore, the old models will not be able to find according to this method.

Attention! This function also needs to be configured.

To do this, go to the ICLOD website, in the “Find iPhone” section, we activate the “Send the last location” button.

Using a computer

To find the device through PC, you also need to enter icloud. We must not forget that you will need to enter the Apple ID and password. Next, you need to follow the instructions:

  • We go to “Find iPhone”.
  • In the application menu, select “All devices”.
  • We find and choose a lost gadget;
  • In a couple of seconds on the map you can see where the mobile was the last time.

It is possible that the iPhone was simply lost, stayed in a cafe, with friends. Useful in this case will be the function of the sound signal. Also, on the phone screen, thanks to the regime, a message will be displayed, the one who finds the mobile will definitely see it.

Attention! It is better to write in SMS how to contact the owner.

The gadget will remain blocked. The loss mode is better to activate immediately after the loss of the device. If important data that should not fall into the hands of the attackers are stored on the gadget, you can erase them.

Manipulations that can be carried out using any computer will be enough to block the device, find it, or delete important data. Activation of the loss mode does not affect the geolocation of the device.

From another iPhone

During the theft, or the loss of the gadget, the proximity may not be PC. But in such a situation, the one who also owns the iPhone can help.

You can ask friends and acquaintances and try to find iPhone through another iPhone. On a strange phone, we go to the device search application. After starting, you need to undergo authorization using your data. A map will appear on the screen on which the location of the phone will be indicated. According to these data, you can start looking for a smartphone.

How to find iPhone?

How to find a phone if I lost. use all available ways:

Each of the options carries certain features.

Using the icloud service

Using iCloud, you can see the location of the lost iPhone on the map.

The procedure includes several stages:

On the basis of the formed request on the screen, the location of the device will be indicated.

We are looking for from a computer

As in the previous case, you need to use iCloud. A simple procedure through the computer includes several stages via the Internet:

find, iphone, icloud, turned

Any browser opens on the computer.

  • Indicate icoud in the address
  • The “Find iPhone” section opens.
  • A unique ID iPhone code is entered.
  • Transition to the category of my devices.
  • Search for a lost gadget.

After a few seconds, its current location will be indicated. If it is turned off, for example, the battery is discharged, the program will indicate a loss of communication.

Additional functions of the service are customary to include:

  • Sound playback. using the option, you can turn on the music on the phone in remote mode. This is a great option if the lost gadget is in the grass or somewhere at home;
  • The loss mode. the corresponding message will be displayed on the iPhone screen. It will be able to see those who found the lost phone. Despite its lock, you can indicate in the notification the contact details of the one who has lost. This will quickly contact and return the loss. The message will come immediately to the screen, which is a significant advantage;
  • Wipe the iPhone. it is optimal if the one who has lost the device kept important personal data on it. This will minimize the risks of their access to scammers.

Help: functions provide the opportunity to find the device as quickly as possible the one who has lost. It is recommended to activate the loss mode immediately after identifying iPhone loss.

Search with another iPhone

If there is no way to use the computer, it’s enough to ask for help from someone who is also the owner of the iPhone, find the iPhone from the iPad. In this case, the procedure is standard:

  • Open the “Find the device” application.
  • Enter Apple ID and password for the lost phone
  • See its location on the map. If the battery is discharged, a message will be indicated on the absence of e communications.

How to find lost or stolen iPhone in Hindi

Reference: for using the application, payment is not charged.

Find iPhone by IMEI

Immediately after detecting the fact of the loss of a mobile device, it is recommended to the owner to enter the relevant information to a specially designed EMEI base of stolen/lost smartphones. To do this, use a specialized site.

The procedure includes several main stages:

  • You need to go to the Sndeep website.Info.
  • On the main page you must go to the section “Add to the list of lost or stolen”.
  • Filling out a small questionnaire (owner name, email address, amount of reward for return).
  • Registration of the fact of loss.
find, iphone, icloud, turned

Help: do not relate to this method as an ineffective. According to statistics. over 20 thousand checks on EMEI passes in just a day. There is a high probability of returning.

Additional services are customary to include Missingphones.Org. Due to the fact that it is English.language, the probability of finding iPhone is equal to zero with it.

Contacting the police and to the operator of communication

It is not recommended to immediately apply to law enforcement agencies, since they are not experts on Apple gadgets. the lost gadget is unlikely to return. At the same time, they will ask to turn off the loss mode, which automatically makes the inability to find the device yourself. Search is limited by EMEI or phone number.

Mobile operators in practice will not affect the result, if you lose the phone. only block the SIM card due to loss.


Apple does not have any specialized tools for the search, lost iPhone. The only way out of the current situation that offices managers see is to provide a computer with their consultations in order to perform all the above actions.

Reference: Apple’s office is inappropriate due to the lack of any result if it turned out to be lost. Perennial practice is this confirmation. no one found the lost gadget yet.

Find My iPhone Appendix

The main tool for searching for the device is the Find My Phone function. It should be noted right away that finding iPhone in the off state is impossible without preliminary tuning. The function also shows the location of the mobile before it was turned off, or the last one when the device was active again.

Is it possible to find iPhone if it is discharged? It is possible, but it will be more difficult since only the last location of the gadget will be displayed when there was a connection to the Internet. The easiest way to find the device is the Find iPhone function. If you do not configure it first, the chances of finding the gadget are significantly reduced. In any case, you need to immediately contact law enforcement agencies and a mobile operator.