Third-party iPhone search software on Android

In addition to the described method, third-party services will help you find the device. The unification of protocols for determining coordinates and data exchange allows different manufacturers of smartphones to develop universal applications for finding lost gadgets. Such programs are useful if you have both iOS and Android devices. for example, Samsung’s remote search application.

In addition to registering an Android smartphone, the program allows you to add the iPhone to the list of tracked devices. For an Apple smartphone, you need to go through standard authorization, just like when connecting to iCloud. Additional features will help you find your iPhone using Android:

  • Remote backup.
  • “Add Trustees”. register other users and devices from which you can track iPhone.
  • Maps to display the device.

If iPhone is in silent mode

One of the features in Find My iPhone is to play sound on your smartphone. The signal helps the owner to hear the device if the iPhone is lost nearby. Even if the phone is set to silent, this is not a problem for the app.

After logging in to the site, launch the Find iPhone program. Wait until the location is determined and the connection to the device is established. Now it is enough to select the “Play sound” function. the service will autonomously change the phone settings and give a sound signal.

How to find iPhone via Android

Apple’s Find My iPhone application helps you see your device on a map, sound an alarm or display a custom message on your gadget’s lock screen. However, the application is available only for iOS, and sometimes it is not possible to find the same gadget when you lose your smartphone. Then the user asks if it is possible to find an iPhone from Android. Our article is devoted to how to find an iPhone via Android, and describes the options for possible actions step by step.

If iPhone is disabled

In this case, you will not be able to find out the coordinates of the device or perform other actions. However, the application will help secure your data and restrict the smartphone’s operation the next time you turn it on. After logging into the website, activate the Lost Mode in the Find iPhone app and enter your contact number. As soon as the smartphone enters the network, the number or information you specified will be displayed on the screen, and other functions will be limited.

If no one has contacted you by contact information or the smartphone is out of reach, the option remains to contact the police for help and search for the iPhone by IMEI. This is the internal number of any mobile phone. You can find out the IMEI in the user manual or on the sticker on the box. If the box with the instructions is lost, it is better to clarify and write down the number in advance. Enter the number # in the phone and in response you will receive a numeric IMEI identifier.

Instructions for finding iPhone via Android

If a gadget is lost or stolen, you can remotely track it and block access to personal data. Apple provides alternative ways to find iPhone via Android phone without an iOS device.

We use the service

For this method, you do not need to install additional applications on your smartphone. Algorithm of actions will help you find iPhone iCloud from Android phone or even from PC.

  • Go to from a browser on your Android smartphone.
  • At the bottom of the additional browser menu bar, click on the image of three dots.
  • In the list that opens, select the “Full version” action.
  • The tab will display the iCloud authorization window. Enter your account’s Apple ID.
  • Among the available functions, find the shortcut “Find iPhone“, launch the application.
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The program will show where the iPhone is located if the gadget is turned on. If the smartphone is not available, the last recorded position will be displayed.

Find My search function

The Find iPhone app contains several useful features, but the main one is Find My. The service establishes a remote connection with the gadget and provides access to all the possibilities: determining the location, locking the device, giving a sound signal. Basic search methods will become available if the user has activated “Find iPhone” before losing the device. Let’s take a look at the steps to help you find an iPhone from an Android or computer.

A detailed description for finding an iPhone is provided in the article “How to find an iPhone”.

How to open (Find iPhone, iCloud Drive) on Android, iPhone and iPad allows users to access various features of Apple’s iCloud cloud service, including Find My iPhone, on any device with a browser installed. IPhone or iPad owners may have noticed that when they try to enter the site from a mobile device, instead of the usual authorization window, users are greeted with a page for launching local iOS applications for the iCloud service.

This is not very convenient in situations where users need access to the full range of iCloud services, or if they need to log into the web version of from someone else’s device to find their lost iPhone.

The problem is solved quite simply. Instead of logging into individual apps, you can access the login window directly from your iPhone, iPad or Android device using a browser.

How to open (Find iPhone) on iPhone and Android

Open your browser and enter the address in a new window or tab.

Ignoring the iOS iCloud page with app shortcuts, click on the Share button (an icon with a box with an up arrow).

In the menu that appears, select the option “Full version of the site”. will open in the desktop version, and the usual authorization window will appear on the screen.

The main disadvantage of using the web version of on mobile devices is inconvenient navigation and difficult scrolling. Sometimes, in order to open the required application, you have to flip the device to the horizontal orientation.

If your Phone or iPad does not have a modern version of iOS (9 and higher) or you do not want to use Safari for some reason, you can access using the mobile version of Chrome.

Note. The method described below also works for Android version of Chrome.

Open your browser and go to Then click on the button with the three dots in the upper right corner of the Chrome app.

Select the “Full Version” option in the dropdown menu to reload the page.

Accessing iCloud calendars and contacts on Android

Unfortunately, accessing your iCloud calendar or iPhone contacts on Android isn’t that easy. On your computer, open a web browser, go to, and sign in to your account. In the left pane, click the calendar icon. Next, you will be able to export the data. Click “copy”. Open a new browser tab and paste the copied URL. Change webcal at the beginning of the URL to http and press Enter. This will open a window with a request “Save file”. Agree. You may also need to rename it by changing the extension to SVK.

Now open a new browser window and log into Google Calendar. On the left side of the Google Calendar interface, click on the menu bar, select “Import Calendar”. Select the calendar file downloaded from iCloud. Click the Import button to download the file. Once the import is complete, you should be able to see the imported entries in the Google Calendar web interface and on your Android device. Contacts are imported according to the same principle.

How to access iCloud on Android smartphone

In the confrontation between Apple and Google on the field of mobile operating systems, each of the camps has long been trying to outplay the other, not only in terms of OS capabilities, but also in terms of services. Despite the fact that some of them are unified, the same iCloud, which is very convenient in all respects, is considered to be a “purely apple” product. But it is not so. You can still use iCloud on Android, albeit with some reservations. And now we will tell you how.

Apple’s iCloud includes many online services, including email, calendars, and cloud storage for files and photos. When you set up your iPhone or iPad, you are prompted to set up an iCloud account and back up data from your phone. If you’ve done so, you can access your data by signing into your account from another device. This is the path we will use.

ICloud email access

If you have an Apple email address, you can access your messages on your Android smartphone using the Gmail app.

  • Open Gmail and click the menu button in the upper left corner.
  • Then scroll down the page to the item “Add account”. “Other”.
  • Enter your iCloud email address and click Next.
  • Then enter the password and click “Next” again.

After that, Gmail will perform the synchronization process, and you can access your Inbox from the iCloud storage.

Accessing iCloud Photos on Android

Using your desktop PC, you can download the iCloud app, download photos, and then use them on Android. But there is also another way. If you have an iPhone or iPad, you can download the Google Photos app and sync all your photos. Then they will appear on your Android device automatically. over, new photos and videos will also be synchronized.

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How to open iCloud Mail in a browser on Android

Another thing is Apple’s Mail. After all, Android does not have a dedicated application, and in the web version of iCloud, access to it is impossible. It is not clear why, but all that is available to users when opening the site is only 4 services: notes, photos, cloud and “Find iPhone”.

However, it is quite possible to use Apple Mail on Android, albeit not as convenient as in classic applications:

  • Launch Chrome and go to;
  • Go through the authorization and confirm the login with the 2FA code;

To open mail, you need to switch to desktop mode

How to Access Apple iCloud from Android

find, iphone, icloud, android

It is clear that using mail in desktop mode on a smartphone screen is completely inconvenient. The interface design elements look too small. Despite the fact that getting on them, in general, is not difficult. the service reacts to pressing quite correctly, in fact it is a little confusing.

How to Use Find my iPhone and iCloud on Android!

find, iphone, icloud, android

However, I found a solution to this problem. You just need to turn on the auto-rotate screen and switch the smartphone to landscape orientation. Then all the elements will zoom in and out, so that it will be much more convenient for you to interact with the mail.

How to use iCloud Mail on Android

Android smartphones are used by many different people, including those who are not the only ones. Despite the seeming implausibility of such a combination, some iPhone owners always have a device based on the OS from Google in their arsenal. They have the hardest part, because they cannot make a choice in favor of one ecosystem and use only it, but are forced to combine. But if there are no problems at all with the use of Google’s own applications on iOS, then with access to Apple services on Android things are frankly so-so. However, there is always a way out.

ICloud Mail can also be used on Android

I recently talked about how to use the Login with Apple authorization system on Android. As it turned out, this is no more difficult than using systems more familiar to users of the “green robot” like “Login with Google” or “Login with VK”.

How to set up iCloud Mail on Android

This method is good if you need to get quick access to Apple Mail on your Android smartphone. And for permanent use, there is another, more convenient:

Create an application password. using it you will then enter your mail on Android

  • Write down the name of the service where you want to go through authorization in the future (for me it’s Mail for Android);
  • Now start Yandex.Mail (you can do it in any application);

The easiest way to add Apple mail to Yandex.Mail is

  • Select “Add account”, enter your Apple email address, and in the “Password” field, paste the combination you received earlier;
  • Click “Next” and wait for the sync to complete.

In some cases, when using Gmail, a connection error may occur due to security issues. In this case, try changing the encryption protocol. This should fix the problem. Otherwise, I recommend just using Yandex.Mail. In the end, in this case, we are only interested in the mail itself, and not the mobile client through which we get access to it.

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The Google Drive service became available back in 2012 and immediately attracted the attention of users with its functionality. Thanks to a large number of various kinds of integrations and the absence of ads, it has become one of the most popular Google services in principle. From the huge number of cloud spaces appearing on the horizon, the service from Google remains my choice to this day. But like any other platform, it has its drawbacks. In the article I will try to explain what capabilities this cloud storage has and why year after year I choose Google Drive.?

Surveillance on the Internet has long been considered commonplace. Therefore, most of us do not even attach any importance to this. Well, companies are spying on us and spying on us. In the end, in part, they do this in our best interest, providing in return access to their services without charging for it. However, few people know that the tracking function can be turned to your advantage in order to track the movements of your children or loved ones who fear for their safety. I tell you what we are talking about and how it works.

An alternative program for finding an Apple device

Samsung’s remote search function has largely moved ahead of the Apple branded company. The program provides the following features:

  • Authorization without two-factor authentication from one device.
  • Working with two geographic resources (maps). This option is convenient for those regions that have little information about geolocation.
  • Hints for new users. If the user is looking for his “iPhone” for the first time, then intuitive tips will help you to perform all the actions correctly.
  • The backup allows you to keep the latest data. To do this, the Internet must be turned on on the lost “iPhone”.
  • Adding Trustees. a new item that allows another user to track and signal devices.
  • To find an “iPhone” from an “Android” phone, you need to authorize the device through the Samsung website in the same way as through iCloud.

In the near future, Apple plans to surpass the competitor’s program with the new Apple-SIM security system. The function will resemble a chip that will be built into the “iPhone“, and in case of any loss or theft, the owner will immediately find his gadget without setting up geolocation and the Internet. Switching between operators will also be inside the phone and will not allow opening the cover to remove the SIM card. The corporation developed a similar innovation back in 2014, but the system had certain errors and required improvement.

Find out how to find an iPhone from Android: step-by-step instructions and tips

When developing modern gadgets, Apple developers make Accent for the safety of user data and device security. Apple products are integrated with the latest features that make it possible to find “iPhone” from “Android”.

Find My. location check function

One of the Apple device detection functions is Find My, which allows you to track a lost gadget by signal without connecting the police.

Find My. it is an integrated proprietary service for finding phones, computers and other modern Apple models. It is worth setting up and attaching your device in advance. To set up Find My, you need to go to the iCloud cloud storage settings and set your phone as a lost device, which can also be locked. This is one way to find “iPhone” quickly. iCloud from Android also allows you to get help finding your missing device.

How to find “iPhone” using

If you do not know how to find “iPhone” through an Android device using iCloud, use the instructions below:

  • Go to in a new tab on “Android”.
  • The user will be redirected to a page with a “Find iPhone” button, which will provide information about the linked Apple gadgets.
  • No need to pay attention to the iOS iCloud page. You must immediately go to the “Share” box.
  • A window with new shortcuts should appear. After that, you should select the button “Full version of the site”. The usual “cloud” will appear on the new page when you sign in to iCloud.
  • The system will ask for the ID and password of the lost “iPhone”.
  • If the activation is successful, the user will have full access to their phone and will be able to use the Find iPhone service from Android.

Full activation via iCloud takes two to five minutes. This allows you to quickly find “iPhone” from “Android“. It is important to note that the search is carried out only if the “Find” iPhone “function is activated on the Apple device, and the device itself is turned on and an Internet connection is established.

Lost iPhone silent mode: what to do?

Users of branded smartphones have developed life hacks with the help of which it becomes possible to find an “iPhone” from an “Android”, even if the silent mode is set.

You need to do the following:

  • Open Find iPhone.
  • Select “Last Geolocation” so that the system gives the result as quickly as possible.
  • Establish a connection with the desired device.
  • Enter password and ID.
  • Select the item “Play sound”. After that, the lost phone in offline mode will change the settings, then give a signal to the owner.

It is imperative that the user should connect all necessary Apple devices to iCloud.

Search for a disabled phone via “Android

IMEI is the basic phone number that helps to track the “iPhone” under all circumstances. In the factory settings, the “iPhone” has a 15- or 16-digit number, which can be recognized by the number: #. The function is active when the GPS data is turned on on the lost phone. The search is carried out over the network of the operator, which provides information about the location of the phone via a satellite signal.

This feature is not available to individuals, so it will take patience to find an “iPhone” on an Android phone. An application with a form and an explanation of the reason for the search is submitted to the police station. After its consideration, law enforcement agencies will connect a telecom operator and track the phone using GPS navigation. At least three days are allocated to process the request. If the loss is valuable, then it is better to start searching in other ways.

How to find “iPhone” through “Android”: application in the Play Market

You can find the “iPhone” using the applications provided by the Play Market. One such free application is Find iPhone. You will also need iCloud to activate iOS. The application runs on the “Android” platform, can track any Apple device in Google Maps. Findi Phone has the following functions:

  • turning on and off the sound on the phone;
  • work on multiple accounts;
  • in a street search, indicates the direction to a device with voice playback;
  • result accurate to street and house.

Working with the application is also possible online. While working, you can check the paired devices on the Apple website and view their status at the moment.

In the application, green indicates the exact location of the found “iPhone”, and gray indicates that the device was found, but the location cannot be established. If the device on the Android platform does not play the application, then you need to double-check the ability to establish a connection with active geolocations and turn them on if there was no Internet connection. It should be noted that the manufacturer is not an official Apple representative.

All applications are imperfect and various technical failures are possible. In England, there have been cases when an Apple user lost his gadget and tried to track it through alternative applications on “Android”. The maps pointed to his own house, but the gadget was lost in a nearby cafe. This can happen due to the fact that the system remembered the last synchronization of the phone and could not find a connection to the new location. To exclude such cases, you need to enable GPS data, Internet and iCloud binding on the iPhone in advance.