How to find a friend’s iPhone through the locator

Apple introduced the “Locator” application two years ago, but only now it turned into an advanced search instrument. Thanks to him, it is possible to find not only the lost iPhone, but even MacBook, Magsafe-Wallet, Airpods or third-party headphones. The main thing. hardware and software compatibility, and what exactly will look, is not so important, even though the bike. But few know that through the “Locator” you can find not only your device, but also the device of your friend, whether it is iPhone, iPad, Mac or something else.

Through the locator you can find not only your iPhone, but also a friend’s iPhone

I admit that you have already seen the “Help Friend” button, which appeared in the “Locator” application. Another thing is that few people generally present, what role she plays. And meanwhile, she removes one very serious restriction that allows you to find a device attached to someone else’s Apple ID account.

We are talking about the entry confirmation mechanism that comes to a trustee and verifies the user. Log in to ICloud without it to determine the location of the loss, will not work. But if you use the “locator” on your friend’s device, no verification will be required.

Search for your phone with the function “Find iPhone

If the mobile device was stolen or lost, but at the same time the “Find iPhone” function was activated on it, then such a device is easy to track. Just do the following:

  • Skip the link to the page and enter your personal account.
  • Go to “Find iPhone“.
  • Find your device using a similar function, which also provides geodata.
  • Once the device is found, you need to activate the function in the “Disposure Mode” settings. It will automatically block the device and any opportunities to carry out financial transactions, providing full security to all of your data.
  • Now you need to go into law enforcement agencies and declare a disappearance by providing the data you received and the serial number of the device.
  • For more confident security, use the function of remote data erasing, it is available on a similar site, which is presented above.
  • It is recommended to call the mobile operator and report a problem so that they blocked the ability to make calls and send messages.

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Important! Act quickly so that the attacker did not have time to take advantage. Search, remove photos and information from credit cards. How to enable and how to disable the necessary functions, everything is presented in this instruction

Now you know how to use the most optimal option that allows you to track the iPhone. And if you want to find the iPhone through the icloud from android, then there will be no problems with this, since this instruction requires only that you have the Internet at hand. And what kind of device you will use, does not matter.

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Device lock in Offline

There may be such a situation that the mobile phone is not connected to the Internet. This means that all the changes you made using the instructions described above can not immediately work. True, it should be borne in mind that to use the service or any mobile phone function will require the Internet.

And if you make all the changes, then when you first connect to online, all of them will be accepted, and the attacker will not still be able to use anyway

How to find the iPhone if it is turned off

Consider that the Power Reserve mechanism, allowing the iPhone to feed a disaster signal at the loss, is turned on forcibly not only if the smartphone discharged independently. It will start, even if you disabled the device forcibly, and in this case it will be possible to find it without forced inclusion.

To find a lost iPhone if it is updated to iOS 15.2 and uses the Power Reserve mechanism, it is possible in the same way as usual:

You can find iPhone through the locator or service icloud

If the lost iPhone was your only device, the search is performed through You will need to log in and do all the same actions as in Locator. If you are lucky, and someone will pass by your smartphone, it will give a distress signal, the device passersby will determine its location and send you.

Everything you want to advance to the estimated place to lose and pick up the iPhone, if it is still there. The main thing is to have time to do this in 5 hours, during which the iPhone can broadcast the signal about your location in real time. When 5 hours will leave, everything that you have, this is the point of the last place where it was discovered.

Search for a disabled phone through Android

IMEI. Basic phone number that helps track “iPhone” under any circumstances. In the factory settings at the “iPhone” 15- or a 16-numeric number that can be found by number: #. The function is active when the GPS data is turned on on the lost phone. The search is carried out over the operator’s network, which provides information about the location of the phone by satellite.

This feature is not available for individuals, so to find “iPhone” through the Android-phone, you will need to be patient. In the police station, a statement is applied with a blank and explanation of the reasons for searches. After his consideration, law enforcement agencies will connect the telecom operator and deposit the phone for GPS navigation. At least three days allocated to the request processing. If the loss is valuable, then it is better to start searching in other ways.

How to protect yourself from scammers

In the desire to find the lost iPhone should not forget about safety. Since the blocked Apple gadgets cannot be hacked (and, accordingly, to sell), unclean people can try to catch on the owner of the smartphone in other ways.

If an unfamiliar person called you, and said what was able to find the iPhone, which belongs to you, or to the phone number specified on the device’s screensaver with the help described at the beginning of the function, an SMS message came, be vigilant:

  • In case you are offered to simply return the lost gadget, do not agree to a meeting in a deserted place, or at night, or at least do not go alone.
  • People who ask at the beginning to translate them a reward. precisely scammers, ignore them, otherwise you just lose money.
  • If you are offered to buy a gadget at a personal meeting, also choose a crowded place and come with friends, and even better. with law enforcement officers: according to the law, similar actions are direct extortion.
  • Sometimes it happens that the owner of the lost gadget comes SMS, that its device is turned on, while to clarify the information, it is proposed to go to the site and enter the username and password Apple ID. It is also fraud. with fake pages resembling the official portal ICLOUD.COM criminals collect personal user data. If you enter information. forever deprive not only the phone, but also access to your account.
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If you enable the search from Apple in advance, and test it at home, then the question is how to find a lost iPhone, in most cases there will be no problem.

How to open the site icloud.COM (Find iPhone) on iPhone and Android

Open the browser and enter the address icloud.COM in a new window or tab.

Not paying attention to the iOS iCloud page with application shortcuts Click on the “Share” button (Icon with an image of an arrow box).

In the displayed menu, select the “Full Site Version” option.

find, iphone, icloud, android, track

icloud.COM will open in the desktop version, and the usual authorization window will appear on the screen.

The main disadvantage of using the web version of ICloud.COM on mobile devices is uncomfortable navigation and imperious scrolling. Sometimes, to open the necessary application you have to turn the device in horizontal orientation.

If your Phone or iPad is not installed in the modern version of iOS (9 and higher) or you for some reason do not want to use Safari, access ICloud.COM can be using the mobile version of Chrome.

Note. The method described below also works for the Android version of Chrome.

Open the browser and go to the ICLOUD Then click on the button with the image of three points in the upper right corner of the Chrome application.

Select the “Full Version” option in the drop-down menu to restart the page.

How to enable the “Find iPhone” function?

You have a new iPhone and you want to maximize yourself? Excellent, then you need to enable the “Find iPhone” function. Here are the instructions:

Note that the function “Find iPhone“It works only when the Internet is on. Otherwise, you will not be able to find the device on the map.

What to do if the iPhone search function is not configured?

Despite the fact that security should always stand in the first place, not all users think about her. Many simply do not protect their personal data until their smartphone is in foreign hands. If you did not activate the above option, and the device was lost or stolen, find it or simply remotely put the lock from the computer will not work. In this situation, it is necessary to quickly:

  • Change the password from the icloud account, make it you can on the company’s official website;
  • Change passwords from used accounts tied to a lost gadget, for example, passwords from the online bank, social networks, different services and others;
  • Call the mobile operator, the services of which you use, to block the Six Cart.
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Do not also neglect two-factor authorization.

You can also try to search for your device from a computer through special resources in the network that offer to break the device. Usually on such services there is a whole base of lost and stolen iPhone. In addition, there are often information about the found gadgets and faces that found it and want to return. For example, you can use the website Usually, such information is provided completely free of charge, so do not use the resources that help exclusively for money.

Finding the iPhone from a computer is quite easy, the most important thing is that the “Find iPhone” option has been connected. Without it, the chances are strongly reduced. So in advance to take care of the safety of your personal data and the safety of your mobile device, in the opposite, the consequences will be very serious, do not risk.

How to find “iPhone” through “Android“: application in Play Market

You can find “iPhone” using applications that Play Market. One of these free applications is Find iPhone. IOS will also need iCloud. The application works on the Android platform, can track on Google Maps any apple device. Findi Phone has the following functions:

  • Enable and disable audio on your phone;
  • work on several accounts;
  • In the search for the street indicates the direction to the device with voice reproduction;
  • Result with an accuracy of the street and at home.

Working with the application is also possible in online mode. During operation, you can check the attached devices on the Apple website and view their condition at the moment.

The green color application indicates the exact location of the found “iPhone”, and the gray says that the device is found, but the location cannot be installed. If the device on the “Android” platform does not play the application, it means that you need to double-check the possibility of installing a connection with active geolokations and enable them if there was no Internet connection. It should be noted that the manufacturer is not an official representative of Apple.

All applications are imperfect and different technical failures are possible. In England, cases were reported when Apple’s user lost his gadget and tried to track it through alternative applications on Android. Maps pointed to his own home, but the gadget was lost in a nearby cafe. This may occur due to the fact that the system remembered the last synchronization of the phone and could not find a connection with the new place. To exclude such cases, you need to enable in advance on “iPhone” GPS data, Internet and binding to iCloud.