Through the iPhone camera

With the advent of iOS 11, the iPhone has a QR code scanning function without third-party programs and various resources. Apple devices have learned to recognize this combination and display a link to a resource, an application page, contacts, images and much more in a banner. It is enough to activate the option in the settings, bring the device to the code. and the QR is scanned.

If for some reason your smartphone has been updated to iOS 11 and higher, but still does not recognize the code, this means that you simply did not activate this function in the settings (it is active by default). To do this, follow the instructions:

  • Go to the “Settings” application;
  • Then go to the “Camera” section;
    find, code, iphone
  • Find the “Scan QR Code” option and move the slider to the active state (swipe to the right).

If the option is active, then make the iPhone consider the matrix combination. For this:

  • Open the “Camera” application in any convenient way: through the control point, on the home screen or in the applications menu;
  • Point the rear camera to the center of the QR code, focus the device on the picture;
  • In the notification center at the top, click on the banner that appears. By default, codes are opened in the Safari browser (or the application will launch, to which the QR-code is attached: for example, mail, contacts, notes,).

Via Google Chrome

Quite a useful feature for owners of the Google Chrome browser. It is noteworthy that Safari still does not have such an option. The recognition option appeared in version 56.0.2924.79, so make sure that all the latest updates are installed on your smartphone.

For smartphones with 3D Touch and Haptic Touch, recognition is identical, provided that you have iOS 13 and newer firmware. It is in the new version that all functions are implemented at the same level as in the original 3D Touch. If your smartphone is not updated to version 13 and does not have 3D Touch (for example, iPhone 5S or SE), then skip this instruction and go directly to the next one.

For those who have 3D Touch or have Haptic Touch with iOS 13 preinstalled, then enough:

  • Download the Google Chrome browser from the App Store if you haven’t already;
  • Find the application icon on the main menu of the screen;
  • Perform a finger hold gesture on an icon. A menu will appear in which you need to select “Scan QR code” (Scan QR code).

For those who have Haptic Touch with outdated firmware (iOS 12 and below):

  • Open the Spotlight search engine (swipe right on the home screen or drag down in the middle to do this).
  • Type in “QR Code” in the search engine. In the list of results that appears, find the Google Chrome browser and tap on it.

The remaining steps of the instruction are the same for both methods: when you open the camera, a frame with a white outline will appear. It is necessary to place a matrix combination in this contour exactly in the middle. After the smartphone recognizes the link, the content will open in Google Chrome. If the link to the site is encrypted in the code, the Safari browser may open on some versions.

Important note: this feature works only on iPhone and is not available for use on iPod or iPad.

How to scan QR?

We have collected options for you both using standard iOS tools and third-party applications, because not all versions of the operating system will have the necessary options. Choose the option that suits you best.

How to scan a QR code on an iPhone

QR Code (short for Quick Response Code, that is, Quick Response Code) is a unique matrix combination that was created in 1994, but has only recently become widespread. A variety of information can be hidden under such a code: from links to the site, email addresses and other contact information to pictures, tickets, coupon codes. In this case, you do not have to remember or write down the address: just bring your iPhone to the coveted code, and then instantly what you need will open in the browser or application.

You can scan a QR combination in several ways, both standard (using standard applications and tools) and using special programs that can be found in the App Store. The methods differ due to different versions of iOS and its capabilities. In the article, you will definitely find the most suitable matrix code recognition method for your firmware. The material contains all possible and available ways to do this in a few clicks.

QR Code Reader QR Scanner

This app used to be a paid app and cost almost 5. The developer has changed the distribution rules and offers users to download the QR Code Reader QR Scanner program absolutely free. over, there are no internal purchases, like advertising.

  • Scanning codes of all types;
  • After reading the QR code, you can go to the site and learn more about the product than is written on the package;
  • Lightning-fast recognition;
  • You don’t need the Internet to scan something;
  • Flashlight support: Reading codes is available with backlit in the dark;
  • Viewing the history of scanned codes.


Victoria’s Secret Advertising Campaign Using QR Codes

In addition, many modern museums use QR codes to store data about their exhibits, although now this technology will be gradually replaced by iBeacon. But the difference between QR codes and iBeacon is that the data encoded into a QR code can be read from a long distance, while iBeacon requires a personal presence in the area of ​​the beacon’s coverage.

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With third-party iPhone apps, you can scan and create your own QR codes

The well-known pixel square was born in 1994 in Japan, when it became clear that the barcode technologies existing at that time could not contain the required amount of data and were simply outdated.

QR codes were created by Denso-Wave and have gained immense popularity around the world due to several important factors:

How to scan QR codes on iPhone

At the moment, iOS does not have a built-in QR code decoding function, but this is not a big problem, as there are tons of applications that allow you to both scan QR codes on the iPhone and create your own.

The free Scanvi app allows you to download both barcodes and QR codes. Scanning is very fast, by launching the application you need to point the camera at the QR code. If the code contains a website, Scanvi will open it in the built-in browser or display embedded text in the code. All previously scanned codes are stored in the application memory, so they can be accessed later. All previously scanned data can be sent to yourself or friends by email or iMessage.

In order to create your own QR codes, use the QR App, it can also scan, but unlike the previous application, it does not save your finds in the list. QR App is also compatible with extended iOS 8, thanks to this you can generate your QR code from the window of any text application.

For example, open a notepad, create a text, click the share button, in the window that appears, next to the copy and print functions, click on the button and enable the QR App extension.

Update: With the arrival of iOS 11, you can now simply take a picture of the QR code with the regular camera app. But before that, you need to go to the iOS Camera settings and enable scanning of QR codes.

How to scan codes for social networks and apps

What’s the best way to use QR code on iPhone? Before presenting your smartphone to the codes, you must make sure that they are taken from reliable sources. There is a separate type of fraud known as “attagging”, which is represented by the substitution of questionable data on top of verified.

The new encoding can be sent to a potentially dangerous resource containing utilities that can receive and decrypt the personal data of the owner of the gadget. On the territory of Russia, such “gifts” without preliminary verification launched paid SMS-messages, each cost more than a hundred rubles.

How to scan VK code on iPhone

To download information, you need a smartphone with the VK mobile application installed and a couple of minutes of time. The procedure is carried out step by step:

  • Social network application is launched on mobile.
  • On its main page, where “History” is located, you need to click on the camera icon on the left.
  • After transferring the shooting props to an active state, it is brought to the code of interest.
  • Almost at the same moment, the user will see all the available information.

If a link to an Internet resource is hidden under the icons, then two buttons will appear on the device display:

  • “Open link”, when you click it, the page will open in the browser.
  • “Save to bookmarks”, when this option is selected, the system will send the page to the bookmarks of the device (you can return to it later).

Important! The developers of the application can make a gift in the form of a funny package with stickers for carrying out a download of encodings.

The functionality is not limited to this. it makes it possible to download the code of your own page and share it with friends (for quick search). This method is suitable for people who do not want to waste their time on a long search for the right users.

To carry out the procedure, you need to follow a couple of steps:

  • After launching the mobile application on a smartphone, you need to go to your own profile.
  • Click the encoding icon located at the top on the right side.
  • After the actions, a QR code will open, hiding the link to the profile.

You can download it or press the “share” button. In the latter case, the user will be prompted:

  • send an image to friends;
  • add to album or documents;
  • transfer to the wall;
  • enter into a message and send to a specific person.

Important! After completing all the manipulations and saving the encoding containing the link to the personal profile, the image can be displayed in the smartphone and given to others to read. This method speeds up the search on the social network and makes it easier to add to the group of friends.

How to scan barcodes with an iPhone camera

The Camera application has recently begun to recognize barcodes. The technology is present on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The new function is simple, to get the result you need to go through several stages:

  • Enter “Settings”.
  • Move to “Camera” and activate “QR Code Photo Scan”.
  • Launch the “Camera” application and specify in which shooting mode it operates. Preference is given to standard or square images.
  • The lens must be aimed at the image that you want to determine.
  • After the end of the procedure, information about the data contained in it is displayed.

In the notification received from the system, there will be a proposal for further actions with the information: a call (if there was a hidden mobile number) or go to the page (if it contained a relevant link).

The company’s developers have tried to make the recognition function as convenient and safe for the device as possible. When a suspicious link comes up leading to a malicious site, you can refuse to go to it. The process can take place both from physical media and from the display of a monitor of a personal computer or any other device.

The indicated encodings are a convenient and capacious storage of large information volumes. The encrypted information can be easily viewed using any of the gadgets, including those from Apple.

Due to its peculiar appearance (large squares, not stripes), the download does not require a linear input type, it can pass at any angle. For codes, you do not need to separately purchase complex equipment, a modern mobile is enough. Each of them can store a little more than 7000 digital characters, several thousand letters or hieroglyphs.

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Important! The only thing that any type of scanner requires is free access to take photos.

How to download the app by QR code on iPhone:

How you can scan a QR code on iPhone

Before looking for software, you need to make sure that the desired function is absent on the gadget itself. For this, a number of simple steps are taken:

  • Checking the software version.
  • The item “Settings” is selected.
  • Then you should go to the “Camera”.
  • Check that there is no built-in utility.

The app store offers a fair amount of software. Of the common ones you can find:

  • TapReader. Its features include the need to create a user account, which gives access to the online storage of scanned images. At the same time, it also has a local archive, the processed data can be stored directly in the device’s memory.
  • QR-Scanner is one of the most popular scanners that have a simplified image recognition process. The software saves the history of all scanned encodings, which makes it easier to work with them later. Significant disadvantages of the utility include an outdated and lackluster interface.
  • i-Nigma is suitable for device owners who like a large amount of additional functions in the application. The utility has many settings, it has a soundtrack, it is able not only to save decrypted encodings in the memory of tablets with cell phones, but also to send them to certain people on social networks. The scanner is capable of working with all common security codes.
  • QR App is specially designed to decode images. When working, it scans itself and will be able to read them when it enters the field of view of the camera. For the process to start, the application must run in the background, and it sends all specific encodings to the device’s memory. The main problem is attempts to launch the Safari browser (when a page address is found) or make a call (to a recognized phone number). Therefore, the software should not be allowed to run in a constant background.

Working with utilities in the iPhone SE or S follows the standard algorithm:

  • Encoding reader must be enabled.
  • When you start the file for the first time, you need to give access to shooting.
  • A frame will appear in the center of the screen, in which the code is placed.
  • After decryption, information will appear hidden behind black squares (when linking to a page, it can open automatically, the procedure depends on the type of utility used).

Important! When choosing software, it is necessary to pay attention to an important detail: there must be a subsection “History” in it. It allows you to access encrypted information without re-reading the encoding.

How to scan Messenger code on iPhone

Every picture of a personal profile on Messenger is surrounded by incomprehensible dashes and dots. This is Messenger’s own encoding, similar to the standard QR code. It contains information that can be easily unlocked with one of the iPhone apps.

To add a new contact using codes, just follow simple steps:

  • Login to the messenger.
  • Click on the image of the person you want to add.
  • Click on the inscription “scan the code”.
  • Hold the device so that its peephole fits into a circle.
  • After a while, the user will be added to the contact list.

Important! To see someone else’s encoding, you need to click on the icon located in the upper corner on the right side or go from the column “People” to “Scan code“, move to “My code”.

A barcode and QR scanner is an essential addition to any mobile device. QR codes can carry a huge amount of useful information. Many contests often use this encryption method and you cannot participate in them without such an application. Due to the high speed of work and regular patches from the developers, the application has gained great popularity among users of devices on Android.

QR code is a two-dimensional barcode. It looks like a picture with a pattern of square dots, and can be recognized by a mobile phone camera. This is what the QR code looks like containing a link to the page of this article.

To use a QR code using a mobile phone, you first need to install a scanner on it (if you do not have one as standard). There are many similar applications. I for example use Barcode Scanner.

To scan the QR code, launch the program, point the phone camera lens at the picture with the code. The camera will try to focus on the picture (if you have autofocus), and will try to detect 4 large dots in the picture (it will mark them in yellow).

How To Scan QR Codes On iPhone

By them, she recognizes the image. As soon as the capture of points occurs, the decrypted information will be displayed on the screen. You will be offered functions for working with it. To follow the link, click on the “Open browser” button.

If this is a link to an app on the Google Play Store, you will be prompted to open it with the corresponding app.

In this way, you can install the applications mentioned in the articles of our site.


Compatibility: Android 4.x, Android 5.x, Android 6.x, Android 7.x, Android 8.x

Find app by barcode Android

A barcode and QR scanner allows Android to recognize barcodes and display the resulting image on the device’s screen. It takes only a few seconds to process the data, but the app needs access to the phone’s camera to work properly.


  • The program is able to recognize information in the URL and ISBN format in just one click, in parallel, data on the type of scanned content is collected, which makes it easier to buy the necessary things at better prices.
  • The app is capable of generating QR codes by encrypting data such as email addresses, phone numbers, clipboard, bookmarks, and contact books. Subsequently, they can be saved and shared with friends via social networks, or connected to a printer to print.
  • Decoding can refer directly to web addresses.
  • The entire history of decryptions is saved in a special log, thanks to which the user is able to restore the necessary data at any time if it has been lost.

Barcode and QR scanner can be used to send important and confidential information by simply encrypting the data into the barcode. After receiving its image, it is enough to simply delete.

Also, the program is open source, which allows anyone to change and modify some of the application’s functions on their own. But it should be noted that the developers will not be held responsible if the application stops working after the changes made by the user.

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This application will help you decipher one-dimensional and two-dimensional codes using the camera of your Android device.

Using the Barcode Scanner application, you can at any time receive information transmitted to you or uploaded to the website in the form of a code. The application has the function of autofocus, automatic decoding of codes, as well as fast recognition.

In order to decipher the code, just point the camera of the device at it and bring it at a distance of 10 centimeters. The results of all scans will be saved in history for quick access to decrypted data.

A nice feature of the application is the presence of a batch scan function. This means you can scan multiple codes at the same time.

In addition, using the Barcode Scanner application, you can quickly share links, email addresses, phonebook contacts, text messages, applications, clipboard data, calendar events and much more, quickly converting them into two-dimensional code. Send such a code to your friends and they will be able to decrypt it by also installing the Barcode Scanner application.

How to Scan QR Code on iPhone �� | NO APP NEEDED

Install one of the most user-friendly barcode reader and generator apps on your Android today.

Code scan

Starting with iOS 11, a QR scanner appeared in the built-in camera app. To activate it, go to the “Camera” section in the settings. Move the “QR Code Scan” switch to the “On” position.

Start the camera and make sure you are in normal photo shooting mode.

There are many applications in the App Store that scan QR codes, you will quickly figure out how to use them on the iPhone. Another thing is that most programs have built-in ads and outdated design. This does not interfere with the task of scanning the code, but still I want to use a convenient application, and not a strange hack.

The choice of application is a matter of taste, but we still recommend a few good scanners. For example, QR Scanner from Kaspersky Lab UK Limited. What I like about this application:

  • Free distribution.
  • Compatible with all versions starting from iOS 7.
  • Doesn’t bother with advertising.
  • Prohibits transition to dangerous sites by QR-code.

To scan the code, you just need to launch the application and point the camera at the QR image. After a short wait, encrypted information will appear on the screen. most often this is a link to a website page.

If you use Chrome for iOS as your main web browser, you can do without a third-party code decryption application. the QR scanner is built into the browser from Google. The function appeared after the next Chrome update, the developers for some reason did not focus on it, so many users do not know about this feature.

Requires 3D Touch to launch scanner from desktop.

  • Press hard on the Chrome icon.
  • Select Launch QR Code Scan Tool.
  • Aim the camera lens at the image and wait for the scan to complete.

You can use a different method to launch your Chrome extension. Call Spotlight with a swipe down and enter the query “QR” in the search bar.

What is QR

The matrix code was introduced by the Japanese company Denso-Wave in 1994, and since then has been actively used to encrypt various information. The amount of information that can be put into a QR image is much larger than the data in a conventional barcode with numbers. In addition, QR can be scanned by any device that has a camera and a special application.

If, looking at the barcode, it is possible to determine at least the country of manufacture by numbers, then QR is the language of machines. Therefore, it requires a phone and software to process and interpret it.

Scan and Generate QR Codes on iPhone

You see QR codes, but you don’t know how to use the iPhone? It is enough to install a scanner on your smartphone, which can not only read, but also generate new codes. Apps with similar functionality work on all iPhone models that have a camera.

Generating code

If you need to create a QR code by encrypting the necessary information in it, you can do this without the help of a computer. There are two options: use special web services or install applications with appropriate functionality on the iPhone. At the same time, the question, QR codes on which iPhone can be created, is not worth it. any more or less modern model will do.

Of course, code generation apps can read them, so if you constantly have to interact with QR, then such programs will solve all the questions. Let’s look at two examples: Qrafter and QR Reader.

To generate a code in Qrafter, go to the “Generate” tab and select the type of information you want to encrypt. link, contact, location, message, Wi-Fi, etc. You can also create regular barcodes in Qrafter. The application is localized into Russian, and of the shortcomings, one can only note the constantly appearing advertising. If the banner at the bottom is not so annoying, then the window periodically covering the entire screen is able to freak out.

If you don’t want to face a lot of ads, choose the QR Reader app. This program offers more types of codes and profiles of popular social networks, and advertisements here are shown in noticeably fewer numbers. To create a code, open the “Creator” tab and click on the plus sign in the left corner. Select the type of code, enter the information and click “Create”. The resulting image can be quickly sent, saved or printed.

The only drawback of the application is the lack of Russian-language localization. However, the interface is implemented with extreme simplicity, so you can deal with it without knowing English.