How to locate by phone number

At any time, it may be necessary to find a person who does not take the phone, especially the child or the elderly parents. The easiest way to do it by phone number. The method is used both ordinary people and law enforcement officers. It works even with cellular on which there is no Internet.

Control the location of a person without his consent will not work. This is permitted only by law enforcement officers. For ordinary people such actions are illegal. To find the phone at its number, you will need to first create a “connection” between gadgets through the application or services of the cellular operator.

  • Via geolocation, IP address. Data is sent over the Internet with high accuracy. So all programs for smartphones work. They must be present at both gadgets: who is watching, and the one who controls. The phone should be turned on for this, and the geolocation function on it is active.
  • On signals from cellular tips. This is based on the search by number in telecom operators and in the police. Works even for devices that are not connected to the Internet.

How to determine the location of a person by phone number

Each of the leading mobile operators in Russia provides its programs and conditions, thanks to which you can find out where a mobile phone is located on a digital code. Information about the movement of the monitoring device of the providers is sent in the form of SMS or graphically (on the map), however, it is necessary to install a special application (for iPhone, android or computer). You can download the utility from the Internet portal company providing communication services. Learn how to determine the location by phone number using the services of the leading operators.

Geolocation by phone number MTS

In the company Mobile TeleSystems LLC, the ability to locate is presented with Locator’s service. This option does not require special, complex settings. The obvious advantage is the fact that the determinant of location by the MTS phone number can work with other networks, that is, to see where the subscriber is located if the Beeline or MegaFon operators are connected. First connection free for 14 days. Monthly cost of the “Locator” option is 100 p. per month, and for correct work requires a GPRS connection.

Geolocation by phone number2

This service (“GEOPOIS”) can be connected exclusively to tele2 subscribers, since other operators are not supported. This fact is a big minus as the one that the tracked subscriber must be in the home region during the search. Instructions for connecting geolocation by phone number tele2 can be obtained in the cabin-store, the operator or through the USSD request 11901 #. The cost of “geopaisk”. 60 p. per month. After the option is activated, you can use functions:

  • To start tracking, press 1191Sifer code (format. 7xxxxxxxx).
  • In order to find out the location of the location, dial 1192cifer code (format. 7xxxxxxxx).

Geolocation by phone number Beeline

Another location detection service. “Coordinates” from Bilayna. It has the same minus that he is geolocation from tele2. the inability to break the address of the location of subscribers of other operators. To connect geolocation by phone number Beeline, you must confirm the permission of detection from the owner of the original cellular (calculation of up to five people at a time). The service fee is 1.7 p. per day after the free first week of use. Activate “Coordinates” is possible in two ways:

  • Empty short text message (named and cell phone numbers) 4770 (for example, Oleg 79657654321).
  • Call 0665.
  • Look at the company’s website.

You can manage the service using text commands by sending them to 4770:

  • Location data request. the “where” command, and after the “name”.
  • Removing from the list of tracked. the “Delete” command, and after the “name”.
  • Disable service. command “Off”.

Geolocation by phone number megaphone

The last operator who can help find the necessary subscriber is a megaphone, and the service is called. “Radar” (with the application-application named) and is divided into three versions:

  • Lite: use for free, tracking one user, the ability to determine once a day.
  • Standard: Use 3 R. per day, tracking five subscribers, the possibility of unlimited definition per day.
  • Plus: Using 7 p. per day, tracking up to five people, the possibility of unlimited definition on the day tracking route.

Thanks to the geozzy at the megaphone phone number, you can find out where the tracked person is even if he has a Beeline or MTS network. The option is managed by multiple simple commands:

  • Connection: Lite. 56656 #, Standard. 566 # or 102 #, plus. 256 #.
  • Management: Lite. No, Standard. 1113 # or 505192 #, plus. 5669 # or 5053790 #.

How to find a mobile phone location?

There are several online ways of finding a person’s location by mobile phone number. Some of these methods were used in the online TVPoisk service developed by Internet wanted list. It provides us with a sufficient amount of information for finding both a smartphone and a conventional push-button mobile phone.

The method of the approximate location of the mobile phone can be installed by sending a HLR query to it through the SMS center. Such a request will allow you to get information about the location of the switch (no phone), in the area of ​​which the phone is used, as well as information about its status (the device is enabled or disabled at the time of verification).

How it works? Home Location Registry or HLR) Database contains information about all subscribers attributed to it. Having found a subscriber in one of the HLR, the cellular network redirect the call to the associated switching center (Mobile Switching Center or MSC), which in turn requests information from the guest register location (VLR), which contains data on the last base station to which connected mobile phone. After that, the base station controller (Base Station Controller or BSC) is associated with base stations within the transmitted LAC, and the call is sent to the desired cell (Cell-ID or SID).

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The disadvantage of this method: the HLR request will give us a very approximate location of the phone and its owner. just the name of the city or region. And even having received such data, it is impossible to be 100% sure that the device is located in the detected zone. All the facilities of the construction of each operator of their telephone networks. So, the switch operator tele2, the only one for the whole of Russia, is located in g. Rostov. Therefore, in any city, neither the telephone number was located, the SMS Center “will find” it in Rostov. A completely different situation is found in most European countries, where switches are installed in all regional centers and major cities. Such a strict network helps to obtain accurate information about cities, which, in turn, allows you to organize control over the movement of any mobile phone between them. Get information about the activity of phone numbers and regions of its registration.

Method location smart phone. Smartphone, like a computer, can be installed by setting and analyzing its IP address. Review the device’s IP address will help Sniffer, and check the data obtained. Services for checking domains and IP addresses. We form a sniffer, we guide it to the device that we want to track and get in response to its IP address. Verification of the IP address allows you to set the city in which the gadget is being checked.

The disadvantage of this method: Currently, none of the above services has an absolutely reliable and maximum full database of IP location data. So in this case, there is a possibility of not to obtain accurate information. Set the location of the phone by its IP address.

The way the phone’s location can also be determined by HTML5 Geolocation technologies. Such modern technologies are used to geo identifying visitors of Internet resources and mobile applications users. How it works? Suppose you downloaded to your smartphone Pokemon GO. For the needs of the game, the program will definitely ask you to consent to establish your exact location. And if the consent is received, then every 5 seconds the application will request and transmit data on the location of your mobile device to your server.

Next, HTML5 GEOLOCATION technology will try to set the location of the device using one of the following methods. The first method calculates your position based on the relative proximity to some single cellular operator tower (LBS). The second method involves obtaining accurate coordinates using the GPS receiving receiver available on all modern phones. The third method sets the location of the device connected to the Wi-Fi public network, based on a publicly accessible posting card Wi-Fi routers. Finally, the fourth method detects a location by the IP address, no different way from the method described above, set the exact location of the mobile phone via the Internet.

The method of the most reliable way to find the location of mobile phones is concentrated in the hands of telecommunications companies that enjoy law enforcement agencies. We are talking about the establishment of the exact location of the mobile phone by calculating the triangulation, T.E. Now the zone in which the subscriber is already limited to the distance of the base station, but the simplex between several base stations (it is often a triangle whose vertices are set by the coordinates of base stations). At the same time, the accuracy of the detection of a mobile phone in the city reaches up to 50 meters. Calculation of triangulation and setting of location by base stations can be done manually using the database of disposal of cellular communication operators. Get information about the location of the base station.

Method Lochotron. Over the past two years, many services were made on the Internet, which allegedly establish a mobile phone location worldwide. In fact, and in fact are fraudsters. They sell their victims not current data on the location of the mobile phone, but an insecured discharge from the numbering plan of mobile and urban telecom operators. Access to this register in Russia is provided free of charge for all. Get information about the Region of the Registration of the phone number.

Search through the operator

Most accurately can determine the geoposition of a person by phone number can telecom operator. Only the snag is that it has the right to do this under the following circumstances: on request from police or other competent authorities, and this is a rather long process. For the spent time, the phone’s phone can be discharged or an attacker will have time to hide.

With the help of a special service

Mobile service providers are often offering special services to find out the location of the phone owner (legally with his consent).

Almost any mobile operator considers it provides a service for the direction finding numbers (that is, the location of the mobile phone on the SIM card). The option is paid, but inexpensive. Its connection occurs through the subscriber‘s personal account or operator salon.

We list the names of this service from well-known Russian operators:

You can find out the location data using SMS to your mobile phone or through a special program.

Important moment: providing this service, providers use a search by base stations, that is, the coordinates will also be with a great error (in the city 100-200 meters, in the forest or industrial zone without a step and will not look at all). In addition, the service does not work when the mobile phone is turned off.

Search via Google accounts or Apple

Check the location of a person by number or find the gadget itself if it is stolen or lost, you can online using the built-in Google and ICloud functions.

Disadvantage: These features are working, provided that geolocation and remote control are included in the artistic mobile device. In the case of a child, parents have the default access to the account.

With Google services, you need to pass 3 stages:

go to the menu, click “My Account” and stroll down the page;

Service Requests access to Google Account and Protective Code. After the data is introduced, it will determine the exact location of the device. To implement this method, the user number must be associated with the account, and the phone should operate GPS. Otherwise the system will not be able to find anything.

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Applications for searching for a person by the location of his phone

Tell about programs designed specifically to find out where the smartphone is located.

Find My Friends

This free and easy-to-use app has a wide functionality for clear tracking of people by their mobile number. User service also has the ability to create a circle where people entering there will be able to not only see each other, but also to communicate.


The application not only can track the movement of a child (or an adult), but can serve as a radio-nanny or Internet radio, forming feedback. In addition, the service has a good Soft Support Team.

Sygic Family Locator

At first it seemed that the program was not remarkable. It is equipped with a SOS button, a GPS search for people by number and built-in messenger. But in 2016, the developers made a marketing and technological breakthrough. the service algorithm has learned to independently send relatives information about departures and landings of aircraft on which the subject flew.

Now you know about fairly simple and efficient ways, how to find a phone. To determine its location, not enough to drive a mobile number in the browser search bar. There are different situations in life and there are times when it is extremely necessary to find a close person to find a close person.

Quick search for a person through cellular operator

The development of modern technologies made it possible to define a person’s location by phone number. Technical innovations are the inclusion of the GPS search system in mobile phones, expanding the ability to detect a mobile phone based on the antennas. A person’s search service is a collection of information from telecommunication companies providing customer tracking services.

Mobile locator from Beeline

By connecting this service Beeline, you will have the opportunity to determine your location, your loved ones, friends. To take advantage of it, you need to send an empty message to the number 5166 or dial 09853. It is necessary to obtain the consent of relatives and friends to the fact that you will receive their location coordinates. After that, in the service management menu, you need to select “Find Subscribers”, enter the person number, the location of which you want to know. Further, the client receives a request for consent.

“Navigator” at MegaFon

This service from the mobile operator MegaFon helps determine the location of the person by phone number. To do this, you should get a resolution from the subscriber whose coordinates you want to know. Connect the Navigator service on the Operator’s website or using the 566 # command. In response you will come SMS with instructions. The cost of use you will learn on the website or in the cabin of the operator.

“GEOPOIS” from tele2

“GEOPOIS” from the mobile operator of tele2 in Russia is a service that determines the location of the person by phone number. It is activated by USSD request 11901 #. To connect the tracking, a team of 11917xxxxxxxxxxxx is recruited. For information about the location of the phone, you must send a request 11927xxxxxxxxxxxx. Remember that the service is paid and does not work in all regions. In Moscow, St. Petersburg and other big cities are easiest to find a person.

“Locator” at MTS

To use the Locator service from MTS to determine the location of the person by number, you must send SMS to 6677, in which the phone is specified, the subscriber name. If a person agrees to determine the coordinates, you get a message about it. So the service will be connected. To refuse it, send to the number 6677 message with the text off.

Check out ways to unlock the iPhone if you forgot the password.

MegaFon. Radar Service

In MegaFon, a similar service is called “Radar”. Its essence is simple. A subscriber location is monitored through the station network. For such a search, a network of all operators is involved, so tracking a person when the phone is turned on is very simple.

But, unlike the rest of the operators, in the megaphone created a whole line of tariffs to detect the subscriber:

  • “Radar Lite”. Lightweight version of this option. With it, you can track the location of one subscriber once a day.
  • “Radar”. With this option, you can track up to five subscribers per day. And you can learn the location as much as possible. Cost. 3 rubles.
  • “Radar”. The most expensive option option. Worth 7 per day. With it, you can determine the subscriber’s route and install geosone, when you leave the SMS, you will come.

Important: “Radar” often ordered parents to track their children. But, instead of a daily payment 7, you can buy a special gadget for your child. children’s “smart” clock with a GPS receiver. With such hours, you can contact the child and track its movement route.

Connect the “MegaFon Radar” through the Radar page.Megafon.RU or with short commands. Read about them below.

To track the location of the subscriber through the MegaFon Radar service, you can use a special application that can be downloaded on the operator’s website.

Non-working way. track phone on IMEI

We have repeatedly written that the tracking of the subscriber without his consent, knowing his IMIE. is impossible. This is myth and no more. It is possible to implement only in purely exceptional cases and only with the involvement of special bodies and services, on special requests.

But still, almost every day our consultants write and ask: “And how can I find out the location of a person without his knowledge of the phone?”. Once again answer: “You can’t do this in any way”.

Options for tracking a person by phone

Option 1. Myth about imei phone

We specifically started our review from this myth, which was firmly rooted in our brains. Many claim to find the location of the phone on the map can be through it IMEI. We declare categorically. on your own (simple person) it is impossible to do this, only with the help of police and special services.

If you write in short, IMEI is a number that is assigned to the device when assembling it. He is unique and contains information about when this apparatus was assembled, where and by whom. It can be found on the packaging box, in the phone itself under the battery and in the settings. Also typing # and clicking on the “call”, it will be released on the screen.

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Here everything is extremely simple. When the phone starts calling, the mobile communication provider “sees” it is through this number and a signal from the SIM card. But Mobile operator will not be able to track the phone only by IMEI. This will only be able to make special bodies that will take this information, and further will hold their search.

find, subscriber, location, phone, number, cell

Please remember if you have a desire or you want to find out how to set the location of the phone through IMEI. it can not be done on your own, only with the help of the police. And if you found on the Internet services that offer for money to track the phone i have, then it is definitely fraudsters. If they, of course, have an entrance to the IMEI database of stolen phones, which is pretty doubtful.

Option 2. Myth about without installing programs

We continue to destroy myths. Myth 2 “Perhaps tracking a cell phone without installing programs”. No impossible. Before you know something, you must first make some actions: go, fly, read, enable, see and t.D. So with the programs. Before watching, the program must be activated. Either on your phone or on target or there and there at the same time. It is already depends on the service.

If you meet such services that provide certain persons on the Internet, then feel free to close their website. it is definitely fraudsters. Meet times and forever. it is impossible to organize the phone tracking via the Internet without installing programs or connect the phone to geolocation services.

Here to find a wife at the phone number for free you can, since the overwhelming majority of services provide a free trial period. But to track your wife at the phone number without installation and activation is technically impossible.

Option 3. Through mobile operators

Almost all mobile operators have services that allow you to keep track of the phone location by number. These are narrow-controlled services that will show only the coordinates on the map. Provided with the consent of the Subscriber.


MTS has three services: “Search”, “Designer” and “Child under the supervision”. With the help of the “Dangle” service you can follow the phone number online for free for the first 5 days, the search for “search” will work for a full 2 ​​weeks.


Kyivstart has a “beacon” service. You dial the number of the desired phone and add it to the list of your contacts. This subscriber will receive SMS, he must agree and so you can track someone else’s phone on the number for free. Previously connect something unnecessary.


Tele2 such a service is called “Geopoisk”. Tracks android devices and iOS. There is parental control, with which it will be possible not only to track the child in GPS, but also block the entrance to the Internet or on certain sites.


Beeline called its “Locator” service. You can set the definition every 5 minutes. Payable every day. Surplusing on the number online for free the first 7 days.


And MegaFon is “Radar”. Tracks not only its subscribers, but also a number of other mobile operators. Can be followed immediately for 5 phone numbers. The price depends on the number of monitored devices.

With the help of these services you can really find a GPS phone. this is online tracking. It is only necessary to take into account the fact that it works exclusively with the global positioning system, and if the GPS is disabled, the coordinate shift will become impossible.

If Viber is installed on the phone

You can organize tracking of people through the geometry of this messenger. You will be able to find out where the man is at the moment. By the way, it is very easy to do it:

Turn on the target phone Definition of location. Settings. Privacy and Security. Serence. Viber. Shift the slider.

On the target phone, smoothly, as on your, a geolocation card will appear. During the active action of the interlocutor (I will write a message, download photos and t.D.) you will see its location.

But, you need to take into account one fact with which it is impossible to fight and do something for the better. even though the surveillance at the phone number is free and will be displayed at each of its actions in Viber, but the coordinate accuracy can be quite approximate. Sometimes not only another street, but even another city. Nothing can be done with it. it works so.

If Telegram is installed

Versions 4.4 and above can be followed by the phone number in real time. For this you need:

Thus, you can get the current coordinates of your interlocutor or send it to him “broadcast my geoction”. If the interlocutor goes to you to meet, then within 15 minutes, 1 hour or 8 hours in a row (you can independently set the period) you can track its move online.

find, subscriber, location, phone, number, cell

If Whatsapp is set

Now about how to set tracking by phone number if WhatsApp is installed on it. You can track the frozen label (t.E. Certain coordinates), and you can follow the route in real time:

So you can follow the phone number online on the map. It will not work secretly, as it’s all done together with the interlocutor.

Now you know: what to track the movement of a person on a mobile over the Internet can be using REPTILICUS. just 1 time set it to the desired phone!

You also learned how to track the movement of a person by phone number. go and connect paid services of mobile operators. Works exclusively when connected GPS.

After reading our review, you learned about one way, how can you track location through the phone. on installed messengers and social networks.

You will definitely use these knowledge if you really need to track the phone and its location on the map. Just keep in mind that by installing the REPTICICUS program, you will get another: recording telephone conversations and voice messages, all the correspondence and photos (which sends or receives a person on your phone), all saved contacts and installed applications, you can also record the environment and remotely take pictures from the camera. It will be a complete surveillance for the phone, and not a banal location definition.