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One of the most frequently asked questions “My iPhone works, even calls, but he has a black screen. What to do?”. This often happens when the device is dropped. In the simplest cases you just need to reboot the smartphone. But sometimes it happens even with a careful attitude to the device, and the standard board does not always help. The root of the problem may be in updating the beta version or in contradiction between third-party applications. So you need a consultation of a specialist, but note that there is no one hundred percent solution, options are possible. So…

IPhone went out the screen, but it works. what to do

  • Fix the black screen through hard iPhone reset
  • How to fix the black screen on the iPhone using iTunes
  • Eliminate the black screen problem on the iPhone using Tenorshare Reiboot

Fix the black screen through hard iPhone reset

Start better from the simplest option. The procedure is common to all smartphones, the difference only in a combination of buttons depending on the model:

On iPhone 5 and 6 models and their versions require a long simultaneous pressing of two buttons: “POWER” (Enable / disable) and “Home” (home) about 10 seconds before the logo appears (apple).

On the iPhone 7 and 7 plus the same action, but with the “POWER” and “VOLUME DOWN” buttons (Volume Reduction).

On versions of 8/8 Plus consistently click and release alternately “Volume Up” and “Volume Down” (Volume Reduction), then press “POWER / SLEEP” (Turn off / Sleep) to Apple’s logo.

On versions 11 / xs / x, press and hold the zoom button or decrease the volume and the side button until the “Turn off” slider appears.

If these actions did not help, then go to the next item.

How to fix the black screen on the iPhone using iTunes

When the reboot does not help, an option with a discharge of a smartphone to factory settings remains. You can choose any version, preferably the last, personal data is restored from the backup, but the entire subsequent content may be lost. Traditionally, this is done using the iTunes program and the restart of the device itself.

Start the iTunes application on your computer. Connect a smartphone to a computer via a USB cable.

If the device is displayed on the computer, you can make the current backup to save the last additions: “Settings” “Overview” “Create a copy now”. At the end, check the correctness of saving by date and time of the last copy.

To reset to factory settings, click here the “Restore [Device]” button (marked in red). On request to confirm once again click “Restore”. Next, the program reinstalls the latest version of iOS, the device is automatically restarted. Now you can configure it as a new and return the saved data to the “Restore from the copy” button.

ipad, does, work, screen

If the device is not displayed, restart the iPhone depending on its model (see the previous item) and continue to hold the buttons before turning on the recovery mode and image appearance:

Next, a message should appear on the computer:

Select “Update”. In this case, an attempt is made to reinstall the IOS OS without removing personal data. Do not interfere with the program work, the download will take less than 15 minutes, otherwise the device will finish working itself in error mode. Then you should repeat the paragraphs 2 and 4, or contact special applications, such as Tenorshare Reiboot.

Fix the black screen on the iPhone using Tenorshare Reiboot

Very high-quality application that works with any Apple iOS device (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) in operating systems from iOS 7 and including iOS 12. The application is available in two versions: “Tenorshare ReiBoot” and “Tenorshare Reiboot Pro”.

Tenorshare Reiboot is the best free program that allows you to solve the most common problems, such as hanging on iTunes (log in to recovery mode) and return to the IOS device (“Exit the recovery mode”). These operations are literally in one click with the preservation of personal data and without a password request. Tenorshare Reiboot Pro additionally solves the problem of black (blue, frozen and t.D.) screen and enlightenment on the logo, reset and unlocking and more than 50 crisis cases that even iTunes do not cope with. This is done without the need for password knowledge by comfortable downloading and installing the selected package of the latest version of the factory firmware (“Fix the operating system” mode). Unfortunately, in some critical cases, the latest data may be lost. So to eliminate the black screen:

You need to download and install the latest version of the program on your computer. Run the program and connect the iPhone to a computer using a USB cable.

After recognizing the device, click the button “Repair the operating system (solve all iOS freezes)”.

In this mode, click “Deep Recovery”. Note that in this function, which is used exclusively in difficult situations, data saving is impossible.

Click “Start”. In the case when the iPhone is not recognized automatically, the program can request to restart the gadget according to the instructions, depending on the type of device.

After recognition of the device, it will be proposed to select the firmware version (by default. the latest available on the official Apple website), as well as the place of temporary save package. You can specify the version already available on this computer. After selecting, click “Download”.

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Downloading will take some time, then use “Fix Now”.

After reinstalling the gadget, click “Finish” and exit the application.

Now your iPhone is ready to work. In the presence of a backup, you can return the content saved in it.

Outcome: If the work of the smartphone is restored, please note that the simultaneous operation of the two functions can cope with the effect of the black screen:

“Settings” “Screen and Brightness” “Raising for activation”;

iPhone or iPad hung, does not turn on and does not respond to buttons (there may be a black screen)

Common problem. Fully charged iPhone (iPad) finished (the program hung) or turned off at all. Pressing on the screen or side button, unfortunately for nothing on and do not start the device.

Don’t worry! In 99%, nothing terrible happened, the smartphone automatically switched to the so-called “save mode”, it happens, in case you very rarely restart the device.

It should be noted that, depending on the device, resuscitation methods may differ. So.

I dropped the iPhone into the water. What to do?

Immediately remove the smartphone out of the water and turn it off if it does not turn off myself. If you do not have an iPhone, just as quickly open the case cover and pull out the battery.

You can exhale, but you can not relax. During these seconds, the fate of the device was solved. The enabled device under water could survive the most powerful short circuit, and if water got inside the case, these circuits can (and be) to repeat until you disable the power. Since it is impossible to get the battery from the iPhone, your situation remains extremely difficult. Even in the off state, the energy source remains inside, which is not necessary to receive commands from you to exchange with water pulses and fry a pair of chip on the motherboard. The score still goes to hours and minutes.

Thoroughly wipe the device, removing all the visible water. If you do not own the necessary tools to parse the iPhone case, cancel the case and send to the service center without delay. And not the one is in official stores of operators and hypermarkets. Go there. a faithful way forever say goodbye to the device data on it and, of course, money.

You need to go directly to the repairmen. On the way, watch the smartphone not turn on back without your knowledge. In no case do not wrap it in the towels and in general in any fabric: so you will increase the humidity inside the case, which will raise the chances of farewell with the gadget several times. Feet in hand. and forward.

Passing the device to the hands of qualified specialists. not indifferent consultants of sellers stores, and the repairmen themselves. you can exhale and wait for the call. And wait for at least tomorrow. Maybe a week. Each case is unique: someone is lucky, and water does not penetrate the motherboard. In such cases, quite thorough cleaning and drying. And someone will die some microprocessor on the board, and then the repair time stretches for days, sometimes the weeks due to the search for the necessary components for replacement.

Do not hurry to get upset. The most important thing is in the current situation you did everything right. But what if you do not have the opportunity to immediately go to the service? Suddenly wait until tomorrow? From this point on, the fantasy of home-grown geniuses can master you. On the Internet what is just not recommended in such cases. Head usually do not think at all.

The most common cause

I will start with the most frequent, and at the same time the most obvious and easy to solve the problem.

ipad, does, work, screen

So, usually does not turn on iPad due to the lack of charge. That is, the battery is simply discharged after a complete discharge.

  • First, the chargers can break, and they do it without any manifestations, but simply cease to work. People put their iPad mini, iPad 2 or another model for charging, even not paying attention to the absence of a zipper icon on the screen. Then they take the device in a few hours, and it no longer turns on. If it is in the charger, it is very easy to determine. Take another charging and connect it to the tablet, or try to charge the other apple device with the same charging, for example, iPhone. Immediately it will be clear, “Charging” is to blame or not.
  • Secondly, check whether the socket or the extension can work to which the tablet computer is connected. It is possible that the source of energy is defective, and not charging or iPad. I’m not talking about checking whether there is electricity indoors.
  • Thirdly, make sure that the charger connector on the tablet, and the port itself at the end of the charging USB cable is not clogged. Apple uses materials that are difficult to climb, but there are situations when the garbage literally sticks out. For example, if accidentally pour sticky fluid on a mobile device or charging, dust and debris accumulated a lot in a few days. In general, look at the input for charging on the machine, and to the port on the charger wire, and if you find clogging, eliminate it.

I disassembled all the reasons and ways to solve them when iPad mini, iPad 2 or the other model does not turn on due to the lack of energy in the battery. Unfortunately, there are problems in another nature.


If the device is turned on, but freezes during the download process, there may be several reasons for this. From the correct diagnostics of the root problem, the problem of solving the problem depends, so it is important to at least approximately establish the cause.

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Operating system update error

This is the main reason, because of which the iPad does not turn on and the apple is lit. Failures in updating the IOS operating system can occur both by the fault of the user and because of the unsuccessful update issued.

Important! In order not to deal with the problem in which the iPad does not turn on, you only need to install the current operating system updates. Also, the tablet should not be turned off during the update.

Full discharge

Another common reason, when the apple logo on the display is displayed, and then the device turns off. the full discharge of the battery.

Most users are followed by the charge of the tablet and put it to charge about once a day, but if the charger has failed, it can not be noticed.

When charging breaks, the tablet does not receive energy, and when you turn on the apple and goes out the screen. The charger does not work either USB cord or adapter. often is the USB cable, which twisted and receives external damage.

The adapter can overcome or literally fall apart, if it is poor-quality equipment.

Check what exactly the problem can be connected another adapter and / or cable. Then will then buy a charger. The original Apple cable costs about 1800, and the adapter will cost about 2200.

ipad, does, work, screen

Hardware problem

Under the hardware problem implies damage and outputs of the components of the mobile device. If the iPad dropped, got on it, were inaccurately exploited and so on, it can stop correctly loading and operating.

If one of the above or similar was with your device, then at home will not repair it. You should contact the service center, and it is desirable that it is official from Apple or partners.


Internal elements of the tablet may burn due to moisture from entering, as it provokes the reaction of conductive elements. In this case, the device will continue to turn on at all, and it will have to replace components and repair the device.

Touch screen still does not work?

If the iPhone or iPad touch screen does not work, and none of the above methods helped, we recommend making backup copies of data stored on the device and restore iOS via iTunes. Make backup copies does not hurt and in case you decide to contact the repair shop, because the service specialists will also begin to resuscitate the device from the recovery process.

If the screen is hung, and the Apple logo is displayed on it. this is another problem (in detail described in this material), and it is not connected with the display. Solve this problem will also help restore the device using iTunes on a computer.

Glass displays

There is no doubt. the most frequent breakage in Apple tablets. Have not kept, crushed, dropped. No matter how strong there was a glass in Apple’s tablet, it will burst with a strong impact on the edge or, which is much worse, the fall.

All iPad models are fought equally well. But are repaired differently. The owners of all old ipids can sleep well: their glass can be replaced separately from the display. That is, if you unsuccessfully dropped the tablet, you can do with low blood. replace only protective glass, it is quite fast and inexpensive (relatively) process for almost all iPad models.

Owners of iPad Air 2 such privilege do not possess. Their glass is tightly connected with the display as in the latest iPhone models. If you drop, you will have to change the whole “briquette”.

glass can burst. Over polteristi. Causes four:

  • factory marriage. air microbubbles when heating the tablet is expanding and reduced glass around;
  • poor-quality repairs. cheap Chinese glasses have the property badly tolerate temperature differences;
  • Battery Swimming. The battery plate presses on the display, which bursts with an unharmed glass;
  • The deformation of the housing. the crack may not appear immediately, but unexpectedly.

It is also common non-critical factory marriage: glass “squals” at a pressure in the side parts of the case. This feature of bilateral scotch, which is punctured glass. On the sides of it less, so cavities are formed.

If the gap is not visible, Apple will refuse to warranty replacement of the device for a new. Unfortunately, sliding sooner or late dust between glass and matrix. Here you can do with contact with the service where the dust completely blows out. It is not expensive.

Avoid: straight hands, protective and shockproof covers. SMART COVER, by the way, will not save. If dust fell under the glass, you can blow it in the service.

Replacing the glass yourself is recommended only if there are very straight hands;) Small fragments of glass, too, should be blown out of the case, otherwise IPAD will turn into a rattle.

All iPad models except iPad Air 2. Here the price tag is completely different. 17900, nothing to do.

What to do if the phone dropped, but he did not crash

What do you think will happen to the phone if you drop it? Probably, he can break the screen. If the rear wall is glass, then it can be broken and she. With the probability of its damage even higher than the screen, since the rear window is just glass, while the front is part of a thick sandwich, which is significantly more difficult to deform.

And can crash camera phone. Especially if this is a new iPhone. I already talked in a separate item that the iPhone 11 camera and the newer is strongly exposed to risk when falling. Most of all risk owners of large and heavy PRO and PRO MAX versions.

The probability of split a large and heavy phone is higher than a small and lightweight.

The camera is divided due to the protruding edge, which is the Achilles fifth of the entire lens. Interestingly, the fact that users often do not notice that the camera crashed until the photo starts to do. But it is better to replace the damaged optical element as soon as possible before dust falls, dirt and water, which can fail the whole chamber. Our friends from the Apple Pro service center are often faced with such damage and told us a lot about it.

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But back to the more frequent situation. The phone fell, but there is no visible damage. Is it worth worrying in this case? In fact, with a large probability, nothing deadly happened. But it is necessary to understand that the drop in the phone is the deformation of the hull. Sometimes it is enough to appear external damage (chips, cracks, dents). Usually it does not reach it, but the internal components of modern devices are much more tender than external. These are the finest plumes, antennas, spike places and whole electronic components.

They can be damaged when falling. For example, our friends from the Apple Pro service center told us about situations when they came to them with a complaint that NFC did not work in the phone. As a result, it turned out that a couple of days ago, the gadget fell and he was damaged antenna. The user was then greatly surprised that the phone is on the kind of purpose, but inside it broke.

The camera of new iPhone is broken much more often, cham in old.

This applies not only to the antenna, but also to other components, including Face ID. I do not urge you after each fall to hand over a phone for a complete diagnosis, but to remember the circumstances of the fall and posting for the work of all the functions of the device will definitely not be. Perhaps this information will reduce the cost of repair if it comes to it. The master simply does not need to check everything.

Common causes and methods of struggle

If the iPad does not turn on, the first thing to do is put it for charging. In fact, this is the most common cause. The fact is that, in normal conditions, you see the level of charge of the device right on the screen, but if the battery is discharged completely, the device will not even be able to start to inform you about it. In this situation, you need to connect the charger (of course, knowingly working), and wait a few minutes. On the screen, after the primary charging of the battery to a state when the iPad can turn on, nothing will be, but an image of a discharged battery will appear on its completion. Let him fill the charge, and, after that, the tablet can be turned on. Actually, you can do it immediately as soon as you see this icon, but it is not recommended to do this. If this option worked for you, then you are lucky. Is that a few days should be supervised to the battery. if she degraded from time to time and keeps badly charge, you may have to contact an authorized service center for its replacement.

How to enable iPad if it is not discharged, but still does not respond to buttons. a little different matter. It is possible that it is caused by banal freezing, and then a forced reboot can help. Tighten the power and “home” button at the same time for 10-15 seconds. Apple logo should appear on the screen. This command, bypassing the level of the operating system, turns off and includes a device. Action occurs at the iron level; In this case, the user data stored in the device’s memory, on the shaped hard disk (if you operate with familiar computer terms), but those that were stored in RAM, that is, the data running at the time of rebooting applications will be.

Such an operation can solve most problems arising from iPad. The fact is that most of the program errors are treated with the notorious “turn off and enable”, since this illudive algorithm restarts the execution of the program, and at the same time, the conditions for the occurrence of an error may not be repeated. But, you need to understand that not every error is treated in such a simple way. Let’s say if the iPad does not turn on, which is caused by a damaged system file, make such a reboot meaningless. Each time the operating system is launched, it will request this file and turn off with the same error.

Then will help restore the system through iTunes. This universal software allows you to spend many actions with your device, among them there are both we need in this situation. Connect iPad to a computer using a wire. Then, when running the program, clamp the “Home” keys and power on, but keep longer than in the previous case. 20-25 seconds. Apple logo will appear on the screen, which will change the system recovery symbol. At the same time, a pop-up window will appear in iTunes with the request, what to do with your iPad: Restore or update. Click on the “Update” button, it will start the procedure for reinstalling the operating system while saving your user data. Now it remains only to wait for the end of work.

If the process takes more than 15 minutes, iPad (like iPad 2) goes into sleep mode and does not turn on. What to do in this situation, we have already described: just repeat the same actions without turning off the device from the computer. Performing an interrupted task will continue from the previous place, since the iPad saves the system status in sleep mode.